Danielle Staub

You either love me or hate me, there is no in between with me.”

Birth Name: Beverly Ann Merrill/aka: Angela Minnelli/aka:  Beverly Minnelli
Hometown: New Jersey
Husband: Kevin Maher and  Thomas N. Staub 

Danielle Staub is a divorcee and the mother of two daughters, Christine (born in 1994) and Jillian (born in 1998) Staub. She portrays herself as a caring mother with good intentions. She is athletic and enjoys exercising with her daughters.

Danielle is the only cast member who entered filming as a relative stranger to the other cast members. (Caroline, Dina, and Jacqueline are related by blood and marriage, and Teresa is a long-time Manzo family friend.) Shortly before filming, Staub moved to nearby Wayne, New Jersey and (according to fellow cast mates) was immediately received with suspicion. Gossip swirled that she was a “husband stealer” and gold digger, and had been engaged nineteen times. She was also known to be under financial stress after divorcing her wealthy second husband, Thomas N. Staub (CFO of Aerobics, Inc.) who failed to follow through with alimony and child support payments.

Her colorful past was the main focus of Season one, eliciting distrust and anger from cast mates, most of all protective Caroline Manzo. Staub was the most provocative character on the show, causing much conflict among her cast mates as she attempted to become part of the Manzo-Laurita-Giudice circle. She proclaimed herself to be Jacqueline’s best friend while trying to turn Jacqueline against her sisters-in-law, Caroline and Dina. Season two saw an escalation of the tension between Danielle and the other Housewives and their families, notably her pressing charges against Jacqueline’s daughter Ashley for assault and harassment; Ashley had pulled out Danielle’s hair extensions at the end of an altercation where Ashley thought Danielle had hit Jacqueline.

After weeks of speculation, it was confirmed by Bravo that Staub would not be returning to the show for season 3. No exact reason for the departure was announced.  

Danielle’s new endeavor, ‘Social‘, will premiere on February 9, 2011 on WealthTV.

Website:  http://www.danielle-staub.com/