From IMDB:   The Real Housewives of New Jersey is a reality television program on the Bravo network which originally followed the lives of five women in and around several upscale communities in Northern New Jersey. It is the network’s fourth installation of The Real Housewives of… series, following The Real Housewives of Orange CountyThe Real Housewives of New York City and The Real Housewives of Atlanta.[1] This series had the highest-rated episode ever out of the entire franchise at its second season reunion show.

Production History

The show’s first season premiered on May 12, 2009. The five housewives featured on the program were Teresa GiudiceJacqueline LauritaCaroline ManzoDina Manzo, and Danielle Staub. For the first time in the franchise, the series follows housewives who are related to one another: sisters Caroline and Dina are married to brothers Albert and Tommy Manzo, and Jacqueline Laurita is married to Caroline and Dina’s brother, Chris Laurita. The series began airing in the UK on Channel 4 on Tuesday 1 September 2009 at 10:35pm.[3]and finished on November 3, 2009

The show premiered its second season on May 3, 2010. Dina Manzo left the show after the seventh episode of the second season. On August 31, 2010 Bravo officially renewed the series for a third season.[4] On September 2, 2010 rumors began that Teresa’s sister-in-law Melissa Gorga has been added as the replacement for Dina Manzo but a rep from the show stated, “We’ve announced the show is coming back, but haven’t made any announcements about casting yet.”[5] On September 7, 2010, it was announced that Danielle Staub was not returning to the show.[6] The Show has been picked up for a 3rd Season and filming began on September 3, 2010.

Housewife History:

Season 1 Season 2 Season 3
Jacqueline Laurita Jacqueline Laurita Jacqueline Laurita
Caroline Manzo Caroline Manzo Caroline Manzo
Teresa Giudice Teresa Giudice Teresa Giudice
Danielle Staub Danielle Staub Melissa Gorga
Dina Manzo Dina Manzo Kathy Wakile
Kim Granatell


The Real Housewives of New Jersey is the highest-rated series of the The Real Housewives of… franchise.[2]  Season One ranked as the highest-rated first season series of the franchise ever, totaling a number of viewers at 2.55 million. The season one finale was the most watched telecast of the Housewives franchise ever among all key demos at the time of its airing.[33]  The second season’s finale part one gathered 3.9 million viewers, making it the highest-rated episode of the season at the time of its airing

Episode guide


Ep # Title Airdate
S-01 Preview Special April 7, 2009
5-6 minutes of highlights for each cast member.

[edit]Season 1

Ep # Title Airdate
1 Thicker Than Water May 12, 2009
2 Mama Knows Best May 19, 2009
3 Not One of Us May 26, 2009
4 Black & White and Read All Over June 2, 2009
Dina’s discovery of “the book” has Danielle worried that Dina is trying to alienate her from Jacqueline. Danielle cops to some of the truth revealed in the book, but not all of it, which has Jacqueline confused as to what to believe. Jacqueline notices subtle shunning on Dina’s part, pressuring her to break off her friendship. Teresa is finishing the renovations on her mansion. Teresa’s husband has some words for Danielle at a gala event.
5 Casinos and C-Cups June 9, 2009
Dina invites Caroline and Teresa to Atlantic City, but not Jacqueline. Jacqueline, sensing she is not welcome as she has not cut ties with Danielle yet, takes the opportunity to spend time at home with her daughter Ashley, who is improving her grades at summer school. However, when the teenager acts ungrateful and bratty at a photo shoot Jacqueline scheduled to expand her portfolio, Jacqueline feels less than motherly and decides to withhold the car that she secretly bought for Ashley. Teresa learns that Danielle’s boyfriend is taking someone else to her beach house. Danielle finds herself with no allies after her shady boyfriend breaks up with her, and Danielle’s birthday ends with an argument with Jacqueline. Teresa, after getting feedback from her friends and family and taking into account her own bodily insecurities, decides to go ahead with breast implant surgery.
6 Final Dinner June 16, 2009
Teresa invites The Manzos, The Lauritas, and The Staubs to join them for a dinner party. Tensions rise when Danielle places the infamous book, ‘Cop Without A Badge’ on the table to confront allegations and rumors. This suddenly turns into a argument between the women and concludes with the infamous table flip by Teresa.
7 The Last Supper June 23, 2009
The directors’ cut of what wasn’t shown on the “Final Dinner”
8 Reunion: Part 1 June 30, 2009
In the beginning, Teresa and Danielle are sitting together on one couch, while the Laurita/Manzo sisters are on the other couch. It is announced that Teresa and Jacqueline are pregnant; Jacqueline is due the following week AND Teresa is due in September 2009. The episode ended in a cliffhanger, with Caroline accusing Danielle of having planned something ominous for Dina.
9 Reunion: Part 2 July 7, 2009
The housewives were in an uproar about the book, and Caroline confronted Danielle about something she had planned to harm Dina. Exactly what Danielle had allegedly planned was not revealed, and Danielle refused to admit she knows anything about it.
10 The Lost Footage July 14, 2009
Extended footage of favorite fights, funny moments, and additional insights into the women’s home lives.

[edit]Season 2

Ep # Title Airdate
1 Water Under The Table May 3, 2010
In the Season 2 premiere, Teresa gets her girls ready for their first day of school, Jacqueline has a baby boy, and Caroline throws a bash for the local Sheriff. Jacqueline’s husband tells her he would prefer she not see Danielle again and that he doesn’t want her in their house. When Danielle hears of the party, she insists it means nothing to her but starts out on a drive-by of Caroline’s house. Her daughters make her abandon the drive-by.
2 Generation Vexed May 10, 2010
Jacqueline and her daughter Ashley discuss Ashley’s bad girl behavior. Caroline and Teresa question Jacqueline’s continued association with Danielle. When Lauren starts dating Albie’s best friend Vito, it causes friction in the Manzo clan, but Caroline does her best to let her babies work it out themselves. Danielle’s daughter Christine gets featured on the cover of [Daily], and she and Teresa’s daughter Gia are invited to walk the runway during [NYC Fashion Week]. Danielle arranges a luncheon of her close friends to celebrate Christine’s success, and she invites Dina and Jacqueline. Although they both apparently declined her invitation ahead of time, during the luncheon Danielle draws her guests’ attention to Jacqueline and Dina’s absence.
3 Catty-Walk May 17, 2010
The drama continues when Danielle accuses Jacqueline of not being her own woman, further alienating Jacqueline. Dina is tired of the negativity and sees a Zen expert to purge Danielle from her life. Meanwhile, a pregnant Teresa and a determined Danielle see their daughters model in Fashion Week, but mishaps unfold on the runway and both daughters’ fashion careers are in doubt.
4 Babies, Bubbles and Bubbies May 24, 2010
Teresa and Joe welcome their fourth bambina and Teresa asks Dina to be the baby’s godmother. Chris Manzo gets an inside look at his dream business, and Jacqueline gets a look inside her husband’s safe. Jacqueline will have no more to do with Danielle. The Brownstone prepares for a charity event, but the Manzo-Laurita family don’t know that a friend has asked Danielle to present the check. Danielle prepares by arranging for an ex-convict friend to accompany her as “back-up.” Caroline is aghast when she hears Danielle will attend.
5 Into the Lion’s Den May 31, 2010
Teresa and Joe bring the new baby home from the hospital. Jacqueline meets Ashley’s boyfriend’s mother, while Caroline’s son and daughter go to dinner with the couple. Danielle arrives at the Brownstone charity event with Kim G., and an entourage including a Hell’s Angel. As she was not invited to bring so many people, no table space is available and the event organizers (not the Manzos) ask that she and her entourage leave. Danielle claims that the Manzos penalized the young girl whose medical treatment was the object of the event and hints that the Manzos made a “big mistake” in offending her entourage, even though she was not supposed to bring them.
6 It’s Not Me, It’s You June 7, 2010
After the Brownstone event, Danielle gets what she says is a threatening text from Jacqueline’s daughter Ashley, and ponders legal action. Teresa’s daughter Gia fails a film audition and starts dialect coaching for a Jersey accent. Kim G. criticizes Danielle’s choice of “escorts” to the charity event, and with Jacqueline at a beauty shop, Kim vents frustration at Danielle’s behavior. At a family dinner, the Manzo-Lauritas and Giudices toast getting Danielle out of their lives. Dina asks to meet Danielle to discuss their relationship; Danielle fears an “ambush” and has her ex-con on hand. The discussion gets off to a bad start.
7 Play at Your Own Risk June 14, 2010
Dina and Danielle’s meeting ends in argument. Danielle and friends including Kim G. mock a text Dina sent Danielle. Kim asks Jacqueline about Ashley and Danielle’s Facebook war. The Manzos go pumpkin-picking with the Giudices, Ashley and her boyfriend, who is asked to a family poker game where the men will “initiate” him. At the game Jacqueline tells Danielle’s ex, Steve, that she objects to his sale of Danielle’s sex tape. Steve explains that the tape is of Danielle alone, and that she herself dropped legal action to stop the sale. Derek holds up well, but a fight between Jacqueline and Ashley interrupts the game. Danielle and friends go for a pole-dancing lesson so she can feel sexy when dating. Dina decides to leave the series to get rid of Danielle and spend more time with her family.Dina Manzo’s final episode.
8 Bubbies Gone Bad June 21, 2010
Teresa, Caroline and Jacqueline have lunch and regret Dina’s absence. Caroline’s daughter Lauren finishes beauty school, but Caroline’s son Albie may not be able to continue his legal studies. Ashley considers moving home but is daunted by her stepfather Chris’ anger at her fight with Jacqueline at the poker game, and by the rules he imposes if she wants to live at home again. Danielle has surgery to correct her third breast implant operation. Teresa and Joe’s housewarming party is disrupted when Kim G. discusses Danielle though the Manzo-Laurita women don’t want to talk about her.
9 Posche Spite June 28, 2010
Caroline discusses Albie with her sisters. Kim D. asks Teresa and Jacqueline to a Posche fashion show Danielle may attend. Danielle hears that Kim D. asked them, claims the Posche desk clerk insulted her and won’t shop there again. Caroline wants her husband to retire but he offers only to reduce his hours. Danielle arrives late for the show with Kim G. and a bodyguard. Kim D. sits with Teresa and Jacqueline at the show, so Danielle insists Kim set up the show to insult her. After the show, Teresa tries to talk with Danielle. Kim G. tries to keep everyone calm but Danielle responds badly to Teresa.
10 Country Clubbed July 12, 2010
Teresa and Danielle’s exchange ends in a wild chase through the country club. Ashley pulls out some of Danielle’s extensions. Danielle calls the police. Ashley makes a Facebook comment on the incident. Jacqueline and Chris warn Ashley that another incident will get her thrown out of the house. Danielle’s energist calls Jacqueline to remove negative energies, with doubtful results. Danielle mulls legal action against Ashley. Albie’s lawyer gives him hopeful news about law school.
11 Staub Wounds July 19, 2010
Danielle presses charges against Ashley, and takes boxing instruction to protect herself. Caroline and Jacqueline feel Danielle is going after one of their children just because they rejected her friendship. Kim “G.” is with Danielle at the courthouse and promises to support her in court, but then visits Jacqueline, who says it’s wrong to play both sides as Kim appears to be doing. Albie can continue his law studies, but may have to attend an out-of-state school.
12 Youth Will Be Served July 26, 2010
Teresa and Joe celebrate their tenth wedding anniversary in true Giudice style, despite money woes Joe admits to Chris. Joe’s new business gets help from some very hands-on customers and his little princesses learn a tough lesson in the process. Ashley gets a summons to answer Danielle’s complaint against her and intends to countersue Danielle, but Jacqueline and Chris think not. Danielle focuses on Christine’s sweet 16, which is a success. While his law school applications are pending, Albie enters the police academy.
13 Don’t Drink the Holy Water August 2, 2010
Dina Manzo returns as Audriana Giudice is christened in a typical Giudice festival. Chris Manzo has his 1-year anniversary as a Brownstone worker. Danielle confides to Kim G. that she wants to find her birth mother, and Danielle takes her daughter Christine for a first adult doctor’s visit. A chance remark by Christine tips off Danielle that Kim G. is friendly with the Manzo-Lauritas and Teresa, even to the point of revealing to Teresa what was told to her in confidence. Danielle tells another friend to avoid Kim. On hearing this, Kim apologizes to Jacqueline for ignoring her advice about Danielle. Danielle asks Kim G. to a restaurant meeting and after a furious public dispute, the two part ways.
14 The Chanels of Venice August 9, 2010
Joe Giudice has a one-car accident and is charged with DUI (to Danielle’s delight). Teresa, Caroline and Jacqueline and extended families fly to Venice, where Teresa manages to find a chance to spend. On their cruise ship for Naples the generational mix is complicated, and even Caroline and Albert become babysitters for the young Giudices, who are not entirely cooperative. Jacqueline overindulges the first night out and misses Milania Giudice’s fourth birthday party, at which Milania falls asleep at dinner and wakes up cranky, refusing her birthday cake.
15 Hills Are Alive with Giudice August 16, 2010
16 The Heads of Family Will Roll August 23, 2010
At a family dinner, Caroline announces that she will try to save Ashley from criminal charges and try to mediate directly with Danielle. Danielle is surprised to see Caroline has her phone number and is skeptical of the idea, but agrees to meet her. The meeting starts off quietly, but deteriorates when Danielle says that she will not drop the charges and that Ashley should pay for her mistake. Things get worse when Danielle lists the times she feels Caroline’s family wronged her. Caroline asks what she has done to Danielle; when Danielle cannot name a reason, she reverses the question with Caroline stating that her entire family is an extension of her and therefore Danielle wounded Caroline. Danielle leaves when Caroline says, “When I said you were garbage, I meant that you were garbage.” Both women tell their families that the fight between them is over.
17 Reunion: Part 1 August 30, 2010
The women meet for the first time in over a year at the Borgata Hotel and Casino in Atlantic City. Tempers soon explode over a dispute regarding Ashley. When Danielle makes a remark about Teresa’s nephew, Teresa bolts from her couch and yells at Danielle not to bring up her family. Danielle walks off-set, further angering Teresa; Caroline chastises her for “giving [Danielle] what she wanted.” The “ominous thing” regarding Dina is revealed; Danielle allegedly tried to have Child Protective Services take Dina’s daughter Lexi. Danielle smugly makes a comment about “having her lawyers” put a gag order on Dina not allowing her to discuss the issue, which enrages the other women as they feel Danielle can comment but Dina cannot defend herself. Danielle is taken to task for various comments, ranging from her pronunciation of “women” to the way Teresa dresses her kids to how Danielle’s sex tapes may embarrass her young daughters via classmates’ taunts. Danielle claims that the show edits the cast to appear as certain types of people; Caroline responds that they are all who they are and the editing doesn’t change that.
18 Reunion: Part 2 September 6, 2010