YOLANDA HADID FOSTER… Bio and Links… Net Worth

                                      Yolanda and David Foster…

Yolanda Hadid Foster, born January 11, 1964, is the fourth wife of Grammy Award–winning Canadian producer and songwriter David Foster, who is the ‘master of pop kitsch’ according to Rolling Stone.

90210: Yolanda Hadid, pictured with husband, music producer David Foster, is set to join the cast of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Yolanda Hadid, pictured with husband, music producer David Foster, is set to join the cast of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Yolanda, married the 62-year-old David Foster in a 11/11/11 ceremony in front of guests including Barbra Streisand, Oprah Winfrey, Kate Hudson, Michael Buble, Heidi Klum, and Muhammad Ali.

Yolanda has three children with Mohamed Hadid:  Jelena, Isabella and Anwar.

Insiders have described the Dutch blonde as  ‘just what the show needs.’

‘Yolanda is going to make an excellent addition to the cast and she can definitely hold her ground if the claws come out; she is no shrinking violet,’ a source says.

Hadid is already close to Housewives star Lisa Vanderpump having previously been married to her friend, Mohamed Hadid.

                                            Lisa Vanderpump, Adrienne Maloof, Ken Todd, Mohamed Hadid

David Foster popped the question at Mohamed Hadid’s home in Bel Air — the very same place where he first spotted Yolanda Hadid four years ago. “He pulled out a 14-carat dazzling sparkler from jeweler Martin Katz, and the entire party erupted in applause,” said one observer.

David Foster and Yolanda Hadid

David Foster and Yolanda Hadid

Foster, who’s won 15 Grammys and been nominated for an Oscar, has been married three times before and has five daughters. He was wed to singer/songwriter B.J. Cook, then to former model Rebecca Dyer. His most recent marriage, to former beauty queen Linda Thompson, the ex-wife of Bruce Jenner, ended in 2005.  They collaborated on writing songs, including Whitney Houston‘s “I Have Nothing.”

Dutch model Hadid is a mother of three and the former wife of real-estate developer and ex-neighbor of RHOBH’s Mohamed Hadid.

May 2012… filming RHOBH at Lisa Vanderpump’s SUR restaurant…

From CelebrityNetWorth:

Dutch model and reality television personality, Yolanda Hadid, has an estimated net worth of $15 million as of 2012, with a salary of $100,000 per season of Bravo’s The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. She joined the season of The Real Housewives of Orange County, a reality television series on the Bravo cable network, which premiered October 14, 2010.

According to revealed court documents, Yolanda received a settlement in her divorced with Mohamed Hadid in 2003. The settlement included a $6 million house in Malibu, a mansion in Santa Barbara, several cars including her Escalade and Range Rover, $30,000 in monthly child support and a whopping $3.6 million cash payout. She is now married to Canadian record producer, David Foster, who has produced for some of the most popular and highest selling recording artists in the world, including people like Michael Jackson, Whitney Huston, Mariah Carey, and more.

Yolanda Hadid Foster Twitter

Yolanda Hadid Foster Facebook Page

Yolanda Hadid Foster Website

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210 comments on “YOLANDA HADID FOSTER… Bio and Links… Net Worth

    • Yolanda is disgusting. Rude Classless with a big mouth. Yolanda is a big trouble maker.and game player . David will wake up and he will be onto his 5 marrage. Yolanda is gross

      • Yolanda is great! Just what the show needed. She is strong, a breath of fresh air and does her own thing. She also was great to stand by Brandi when the cast was so mean to her in the beginning- with the exception of Lisa. But Yolanda spoke up for her. Thank goodness Faye is no longer on, I was going to quit watching the show, becos she was so annoying!

  1. That comment to Mauricio about a “young girl dating Paul” was awful! Definitely showed her nasty side!

    • I agree Yolanda is a trouble maker and mean. PULL UP JOANNA KRUPPA IS MOHAMED STILL SLEEPING WITH HER . I THINK they should bring Joanna Krupa on to the show you will really see Yolada true colors come out.

  2. I suspect Joanna has had it w/the Old Guys and their Viagra……

    She wants a young stallion to keep her happy now, after all David & Mohammed are older now, Yolanda has her own money and can see her being very content w/her 3 kids, and her Malibu home….David won’t stray, he has finally settled in, he is king, not a dummy……

  3. I am saying Joanna want a hot young guy to keep her happy, those Old Men are history…..she got what she wanted and now she wants a guy her age who can keep us w/her…

  4. I beleive Mohammed weakness are women, the more beautiful the weaker and he’s very flirty. David wants a beatiful women that also appreciates him. I love love that when he do attends a function with her he doesn’t hang around for te drama. If she was a OC housewife they would nagged her to death about him not being around.

  5. well, come on that’s what they do get a younger man or women to piss the other one off. Who wouldn’t want a doctor and a plastic surgeon “ta boot”. Yolanda only knows of Adrienne from what Brandi and Lisa has told her, so you know it’s one sided. Maurico called Lisa out when she tried to imply Klye and him had ditched her & Ken after he sold their house….nayurally if wives of feuding you’re hanging out as much.

  6. I remember seeing her on covers of magazines when i was younger, Now I hear she’s younger than me. I don’t care what see says she’s the older of the bunch. I think she had lip injections.

  7. W H O A, I don’t think we know any of these women enough to tal about their hygiene…(well maybe Brandi, I believe she carry condoms & santizer at all time)…teehee just kidding.

  8. @Victoria CALM DOWN, girl you got me LMBO. R U an associate, a fanor Lisa Vanderpumps daughter. You seem to have some inside scoop. You really have some deep issue with this lady. u r too funny…loveit.

  9. Looks to me….Yolanda & David are fine, she respects his work, goes with him when she can, he in turn supports her, he is a smart man knowing he has a lovely wife & home to come too….he is not getting any younger either…ppl try to find a problem where there is none…silly

  10. Please get Yolanda OFF the show…. We all HATE her…she’s a trouble maker, mean girl and can not speak English properly…nor can she decorate. She’s a pathetic excuse as an addition to the others…..GET HER OFF THE SHOW!!!!!!

      • Seriously, Dutch is her first language and English her second but I bet you a million that she can string a more grammatically correct sentence together than the semi- paragraph above, crazy punctuation and all.

      • I have to agree i LOVE Yolanda! She seems like the only one that can put these women in their place besides Brandi she really just don’t care what they say! I just love Yolanda there’s something about her!!!!

    • Okay Kyle/Kim, we’ll get right on that. I really like Yolanda, a woman with back bone and compassion. Kyle/Kim are the pot stirrers along with Adrienne. Been married for almost 24 years and I pretty much have done what Yolanda has done (in terms of taking care of my husband). For some it works and for others not, but don’t be a hater.
      I speak proper English but my parents and most of my relatives don’t, they try but that doesn’t make them any less than anyone else. Sometimes no matter how long one tries sometimes “the tongue won’t turn”. I really object to your disdain for foreigners. Grow up

  11. Yolanda is sickening to watch! Not one nice thing comes out of her mouth, she sticks her big fake lips in other people’s business…. Where it doesn’t belong.

        • I think so too. Yolonda has unique lips. I don’t think she paid for those at all. I like them though but they are not your standard hollyweird lips. I think her lips are beautiful in their uniqueness. Almost mesmerizing.

  12. Yolanda is a jealous, rude, insulting, has been. If you think she married her last two marriages for passion, or lov at first sight you are crazy. Yolanda is a pompous, money hungry phony. No wonder Johanna Krupp put her in her PLACE. Of course it would not take much to beat Yolanda.
    Yolanda works so hard at obtaining CLASS . CLASS is something you either have it naturally or you do not have it at all, you can’t learn it!
    Klyle Richards has more class in her little finger than Yolanda has in her entire body,
    It’s amazing who did YOLANDA hit it off with—–BRANDI . Mohamed finds Brandi scum.
    Yolanda and Brandi what a pair,

  13. @Robin I just don’t understand why she insist that Klye is lying about what she said in Paris. Maybe Yolanda didn’t mean it the way it came out, but she did say Lisa doesn’t give a s— about Kim. Yo should explain to Lisa what she meant at the time and apologize to Kyle on or off camera for accusing her of lying. Yolanda, Lisa and Brandi are becoming the mean girls. Lisa is the undercurrent, Yolanda the board and Brandi is riding the waves.

  14. Yolanda is a snob & thinks she’s better than everyone else, troublemake big time! Her companions Bradi is just a raging alcoholic…she’s concerned because paparazzi said Kyle called her a bully but yet she makes out with the “ugly” Witch Carlton & gets drunk at the drop of a hat…what a motherly example she is…Lisa is just shameful & doesn’t know who to be friends with, I’ve lost all my respect for her….Two-faced she is!! I think I’m getting to the point that there merely irritating me instead of entertaining me…If I don’t see the show it doesn’t matter to me any longer….There all just a bunch of over privilidged women that don’t know what it’s like to be just ordinary folk….Their poor children….

  15. Yolanda is fake and a chicken, better than leatherface though. also she is boring. At least she conveys some principles, but I don´t think that she herself really sticks to it though. For that she is just too rude.
    Just saw her daughter´s pic, they only look good with her mouth closed, when she opens the mouth she looks surprisingly stupid.

  16. Yolonda is ugly as f now old and needs to quit.. And their all jealous of joyce, i love watching them hate on joyce shes so pretty,, shout out to all the pretty girlz!!

  17. I don’t have too much problem with Yolanda’s looks except for her eyes that are constantly squinting, but absolutely NO ONE is as ugly as Carlton! Her face is leathery and sunken. She needs a total makeover from head to toe. No wonder she’s so hateful. We would all be hateful if we looked like her!

  18. I like Yolanda style (when she dresses up). She wears things that flatters her form.
    I really liked her at first but she has bought into the drama. Brandi is showing her true colors, she a loose cannon or she’s a victim of huff and mouth disease. Carlton loves the fair hair girls (BLONDES) and so does witches.

  19. So sick of Yolanda. She has become a mean, hateful troublemaker, who cannot pronounce “th” if her life depended on it. Sick of her saying dis and dat. She sounds ignorant. Looks like a tranny with beady eyes, straw hair, and big trout lips. Get rid of her!

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