RUSSELL… Elgindy, Haro, Vinatiera


Anthony Elgindy claims to be a crusader, fighting fraud on Wall Street. But, this so-called good guy is running an insider trading scam…and his partner is a crooked FBI agent…

By January of 1992, Mr. Elgindy was hooked up with another bucket shop, this time as co-owner of Armstrong McKinley & Associates.  Armstrong McKinley soon began to unravel and, overwhelmed by concerns over the firm’s dubious business practices, Mr. Elgindy suffered a breakdown. He shuttered the brokerage’s San Diego operation in June of 1993 and checked himself into a hospital where he was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and severe depression.

While reportedly disabled by his condition from June of 1993 to January of 1995 and receiving disability insurance payments, Mr. Elgindy worked for a couple of months at Bear Stearns in 1994 and then spent five months at Barron Chase. He did not bother reporting his employment to the insurance company that was cutting his disability cheques, something that would come back to haunt him.  In 1999, Mr. Elgindy was indicted for fraud in Texas in connection with receiving disability insurance payments while employed by Bear Stearns and Barron Chase in 1994 and 1995.  He pled guilty in early 2000 to one count of mail fraud involving $55,000 in fraudulently obtained disability payments. While Mr. Elgindy reportedly did not expect to serve any jail time, in June of 2000 he was sent to the slammer for four months, followed by four months of home detention and three years probation.

What reason did Elgindy give for his disability:

In January 1992, Mr. Elgindy accepted a position at a new firm located in the same
building as Thomas James.  It was called Armstrong McKinley.  The president, Russell 
Armstrong, recruited Mr. Elgindy and offered him an opportunity to be a partner at Armstrong 
McKinley.  In May of 1992, Armstrong McKinley moved its offices to Texas, so Anthony and
Mary brought their son Adam to Texas and bought their first home in the suburbs of Dallas.
(PSR ¶ 177.)  By December of 1992, Mr. Elgindy and Russell Armstrong had a falling out over
Armstrong’s business practices in the San Diego office.  Mr. Elgindy took over the business and
tried to continue it but concerns about Armstrong McKinley’s practices in San Diego
overwhelmed him and he suffered an emotional breakdown.  He decided to shut down all
operations of Armstrong McKinley in June of 1993.  (TX PSR ¶ 58, 68.)  He then checked
himself into Charter Hospital in Grapevine, Texas.  There he was first diagnosed with and began
outpatient treatment for bipolar disorder and severe depression.  (TX PSR ¶ 58 (indicating
diagnosis by Dr. R.D. Bennett of Bipolar Disorder on June 23, 1993 and Major Depression on
October 22, 1994); PSR ¶ 185.)  He regularly attended therapy with Dr. Bennett through
December 1994.  (TX PSR ¶ 58; PSR ¶ 185.)
Mr. Elgindy was disabled by this condition from June 1993 until January 1995.  (TX PSR
¶ 68.)  During this period, Mr. Elgindy received disability insurance payments from Mass Mutual
Insurance Company.  While receiving disability payments, Mr. Elgindy worked at Bear Stearns
for two months in 1994 and worked for Barron Chase for approximately 5 months in 1994-95.
(TX PSR ¶¶ 68-69; PSR ¶¶ 155, 200-201.)  He received compensation from Bear Stearns and
Barron Chase, but did not inform Mass Mutual.  He later settled a civil claim by Mass Mutual for
the disability payments he received while employed by Bear Stearns and Barron Chase.  (TX
Case 1:02-cr-00589-RJD     Document 502-1     Filed 12/23/2005     Page 17 of 117
PSR Addendum; PSR ¶ 155.)  This conduct in 1994 and 1995 led to his federal indictment in
Texas in 1999 and plea of guilty in 2000 to one count of mail fraud involving approximately
$55,000 in improperly received payments, for which he served 4 months in prison from June 6 to
October 6, 2000, and 4 months home detention.  (PSR ¶ 154.)

Federal sentencing court papers:
Summary of Elgindy and Russell Armstrong relationship:


Case Number: YS013544
Filing Date: 08/10/2004
Case Type: Civil Harassment (General Jurisdiction)
Status: Dismissed – Other 08/31/2004

Future Hearings 

FITZPATRICK BRIAN – Attorney for Defendant
HARO CLAUDIA – Defendant
Documents Filed (Filing dates listed in descending order)
08/31/2004 Substitution of Attorney
Filed by Defendant
08/31/2004 Request for Dismissal
Filed by Attorney for Defendant
08/23/2004 Proof of Service
Filed by Plaintiff
Filed by Attorney for Plaintiff
08/23/2004 Declaration (OF RUSSELL ARMSTRONG )
Filed by Attorney for Plaintiff
08/10/2004 Pet for Injunctive Ord-Harrassment
Filed by Attorney for Plaintiff
08/10/2004 Pet for Injunctive Ord-Harrassment
Filed by Defendant
Proceedings Held (Proceeding dates listed in descending order)
09/02/2004 at 08:30 am in Department H, John A. Slawson, Presiding
OSC re Prelim. Inj. and TRO – No appearance(s), off calendar


This story is about: a defamation suit, a securities fraud suit, and an unfortunate and unexplained airplane crash that left all the passengers and pilot dead.

First, there is this “defamation suit”, filed by Russell Armstrong on March 20, 2003 against a Anthony Vinatieri, aka Anthony Sawin)  and 25 “Does”.  Russell Armstrong is asking for damages in the amount of $5 million.

The name “Tony Vinatieri” shows up in a complaint filed against Brighton Opportunity Fund, which also names Russell Armstrong and the Armstrong Family Trust.   This is the suit that includes Muhammed Hadid, who hosted a dinner party on RHOBH last season and is a friend of Lisa Vanderpump.

On page 5, #21, Vinatieri is listed as an agent for the plaintiffs, OVS Inc. and Churchhill Reinsurance.  The plaintiffs claim that they invested in Brighton Opportunity Fund and their money was misused in several ways.  These alleged misuse of funds begins on page5 #21- Page 10, #33.


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