Russell Armstrong… 

SH spoke with Russell Armstrong’s ex-wife and ex-fiance December 6, 2011


…and HERE.

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  1. I can not believe what the ex is saying, is she for real? When asked was Russell abusive she says ” not to that extent”… so to what extent was he abusive that it’s excusable? It’s painful to not only hear this excuse but for people to protect him and not Taylor and Kennedy is just crummy and heartbreaking… or let’s say… abusive?

    • Taylor does not need to be protected. She’s vicious and attacks anyone who gets in her way or calls her out on things she has said. Just catch a few of her “scenes” on RHOBH when she goes totally apeshit on everyone in the room. She needs to be put in a straight jacket and hauled off to the nearest padded cell. She would be “protected” then and so would the rest of society.

  2. I haven’t seen this video but find it odd she’s so distraught but has no tears until she stops talking about how tragic it was to find him and what kid asks if you are happy in this life? odd. Also whose first thought when they find a dead loved one is to call a Dr? There must be something going on with this dr.

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