RANDY EDWARDS… Readers Questions… Randy’s Answers…

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  1. MicaBrown says:

    Was Russell planning to divorce Taylor?

    • Randy Edwards says:

      Russ really loved Taylor. They were in Dallas two weeks before she filed. He was totally devastated when she filed. The Russell Bravo portrayed was not the real Russ. He always wanted a family and for some reason was snowed by Taylor. He had no plans to divorce her.

      • Randy Edwards says:

        Having said that I think he would have eventually divorced her because he did tell me he knew for a fact she was having a lesbian relationship. He told me this after Taylor had filed. Looking back I don’t know if he was as devastated by that or the fact that he felt cast members and producers were his friends and they totally made him out to look like someone he wasn’t. I watched the first episode ever and only watched half of another because it was so far from reality I was embarassed for him.

        • kas says:

          WOW ! He must have been devastated as he slowly began to put the pieces together of the “distorted ” puzzle of his “so called character” and “actions” which Shana created.and spread to everyone who would listen. I can’t imagine how hurt and betrayed he must have felt. This is really sad and disgusting.

        • magdella says:

          This would also explain why Taylor tried to start rumors about him being gay after he killed himself, to deflect from her lesbian activities. That’s always her M.O.
          Thank you for being here and sharing.

  2. gail says:

    First of all I would like to say my heart goes out to you and people that were friends and family of Russell’s . Is there an ongoing investigation that may vindicate Russell’s death as a murder as opposed to a suicide? The circumstances regarding Russell and his business associate both being alleged suicides sets off many red flags to quite a few people. Any light you could shed on this would be well appreciated.

    I am no fan of Taylor’s and feel she set Russell up from the beginning since she started on RhoBh. Do people who know her think her behavior is quite the opposite when it comes to her alleged claims of the brutal domestic violence that she claims to have been a victim of at the hands of Russell? If domestic violence was involved, my personal opinion is that most of it would have been Russell trying to fend off her attacks on him as she has shown herself on the show to be quite the volatile aggressive attacker of her castmates as well as a liar who can’t keep her stories straight.

    Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions.

    • waves says:

      ITA with gail’s personal opinion re: SHAFT’s volatile, physically aggressive behavior that is so well-documented in RHOBH footage.

      My question: Did Russell know the full extent of SHAFT’s diabolical lies before his untimely death?

      Thank-you, Randy, for being willing to come to this site to help to explain Russell’s side of things because he can no longer defend himself.

      • I assume Shaft is Shana, lol. Russ didn’t know until the very end who she really was. For instance she told him she had never been married which is a lie. In our last conversation he told me everyone was piling on. I asked who is everyone? I asked if it was TMZ and he said “everyone”. He followed by saying all these people he thought were his friends weren’t.

        Shana says she knew nothing of the finances but Russ only agreed to do the show in the first place because they needed the money. There were a few people who I cannot name because I was told in confidence who warned him about her and he never believed it until the last few days of his life.

    • Randy Edwards says:

      You are on the money about Taylor attacking Russ. Before she realized I was doing it, I was posting some attacks I knew about and were witnessed on her facebook page. If they were not true I think I would have heard from her lawyer. She has blocked me from posting which I expected. Russ said she would just come at him out of control and frequently. I think more will come out soon about her aggressive behavior but I cannot elaborate at this time. As you probably know this has been very hard on Russ’ family and without going into detail the answer to your question is yes.I think you can expect the investigation or lack of to at least be looked at closer.

      I know for a fact there are plans to have the evidence looked at again. Russ had bruises and scratches on his body and there were pillows in the windows. The coroner declared suicide without an investigation. Sounds really fishy to me. Thanks for your comments. It has been a really hard time for everyone close to Russ.

      • Made Piley says:

        Why did he allow SHAFT to treat his sons like crap?

      • gail says:

        Do you know the person that went to the house to look for Russell when they found him? Reports said that when he entered and didn’t find Russell, Taylor said to look further. My gut instinct tells me she knew what he would find, do you or Russell’s family feel the same way? Her hysterics on the 911 call made it seem as though she needed hospitalized from grief, yet reports say she was in the house for a relatively long time and took everything Russell had there. She can’t have it both ways. Is she really that good at projecting feelings that she is not really feeling?

        • I don’t know him but have friends that do and Russ’ family know him. He was totally grief stricken. Taylor went back the next day and took everything in Russ’ bedroom and office including money that was clearly marked for one of his kids’ school. I am confident Taylor was not involved because I know a few things I can’t talk about that I was told in confidence.

          • Made Piley says:

            Are we talking about the home owner Mohamed or the jackass on the 911 call?

              • Made Piley says:

                Ok good cause the phone caller dude was a douche to the tenth power.

                • gail says:

                  i was actually asking about the 911 caller and Taylor’s hysterics that can be heard in the phone call. She went from sounding like she needed to be admitted to a mental ward to cleaning out the house of Russell’s belongings. Seems very odd to me, she apparently is quite the actress isn’t she?

                  Made Piley was Mohamed Lisa V’s friend, Mohamed?

                  • Made Piley says:

                    No different Mohamed.

                    • Trekkersays:

                      I’m sorry, I’m totally confused trying to follow here. Wasn’t Mohamed (Lisa’s friend) the one who said Russell wasn’t invited to Pandi’s party? Is that the same Mohamed who owned the house Russell died in?

              • shadow says:

                Another thing that bothers me is that the person who went with Taylor to the house is also one of the last people who “friended” Alan Schram on his FB account. It seems that was one of the last things Schram did on FB before he too died. If nothing else, that’s an extremely odd coincidence.

                Were Russell and Alan “business partners” as well as members of T21 or has their relationship (business or otherwise) been enlarged for other reasons?

  3. mumugrl says:

    What do you want people to know about Taylor that they don’t currently?

    • Taylor has had 5 name changes. She said she was never married and was married to Jeremy Sipes, She moved to LA from Florida. They both changed their name six months before they moved. She introduced herself to multiple people I know as being part of the “Ford” family as in Henry Ford. She made it hard on Russ to see his family and friends once they were married. One of my friends Jim who Russ and I have known since we were 18 visited them two years ago and Shana told Jim’s girlfriend to never have kids it was the biggest mistake she ever made.

      She said she knew nothing of the finances but the only reason Russ agreed to it was their financial situation. Russ told me she attacked him on many occasions. Once she choaked him as they were driving down the road with kids in the car. She says he choaked her for not giving the kids vegetables with their pizza and one of them doesn’t eat anything but cheese pizza. When Russ’ family members would visit she would often lock herself in the bedroom the whole time. She yelled and screamed at Russ so much when his grandmother visited his grandmother left after two days. She had so many name changes it raised a red flag when Russ filed bankruptcy as to who she really was and had to do a sworn declaration, Shana implied on Dr. Phil that Bravo had paid for her birthday party and Kennedy’s birthday which was not true and again she knew their financial situation and I would love for her to challenge me on this fact.

      I have posted most of this information on her facebook before she blocked me and on the RHWOB facebook. In the last few weeks of Russ’ life he indicated to more than one person Shana was addicted to xtc. That one I have no proof of. I just know he told more than one of his friends or family.

      • Made Piley says:

        “They both changed their name six months before they moved.” Who Russ and SHAFT or Jeremy and SHAFT? Did Russel meet her in Florida?

        • Shaft and a girl named Jennifer. Most likely her girlfriend. This was a while after her and Jeremy.

          • Made Piley says:

            I think we had a poster on here a while ago talking about meeting them (Russel and SHAFT) in Florida. I cant remember the specifics but I was left with the impression that both of them were pushing the Ford family line pretty hard. I just cant fathom that Russel didnt know that was all a big bunch of malarkey. As well as him not knowing about the other marriage? Doesn’t fit the venture capitalist mold to be THAT blind sided.

          • Russ met her right after she moved to LA. He has been in California for around 20 years.

          • bitten says:

            Randy is correct about the relationship of a women in Florida. I posted that info yesterday about the woman in Florida Traylor had a relationship with. He’s also correct when he said Traylor made it difficult for his family to visit. I also said that Russell’s parents would no longer come to see their son in his on home because of Traylor’s verbal abuse to them.. Traylor would lock herself in the bedroom when the boy’s came to stay.

            Once when Russell’s mother was there at the same time as the boys, Russ’s Mom had fixed the boy’s some dinner. Traylor came out of her bedroom and demanded to know what Russell’s mother was doing. Traylor was so upset that Russ’s Mom made dinner for the boys Traylor went to the sink and started frantically scrubing a pan in the sink. Russell’s Mom said Traylor stayed at the sink scrubbing in an out-of-control manner until the boys and Russell’s Mother finished eating. If that’s not rage I don’t know what is.

            • Bubbies says:

              I’m sorry your grandson and his father were subjected to this woman. I’m so sorry for the loss you and Randy have suffered.

            • kas says:

              Even knowing for a long time with all my being that she was a sicko, who planned , manipulated and hurt so many for her own gain.. all this still blows my mind. And at times I am at a loss for words. She is evil personified and it is so sad for all who either ignored the signs or could not see them , prove them and alert others to believe what was going on or simply were taken in and used and hurt by her.

              To Randy and Bitten.. our hearts and prayers go out to you . Thank you for taking the time to enlighten us.

              • bitten says:

                Kas, me and my daughter knew right away what she was, what we call black. You know, dark soul. We could feel it. We did try to warn certain people of her. We said be careful, watch your back. We did so to deaf ears. Talk about severe frustration on our part…you people have no idea.

            • gail says:

              Bitten, may i ask what post that you posted it on yesterday, assuming it was one of SH posts of course. I don’t think i have left this site or the moa vs mwn ( or whaterver, the two mosquitoes) I would like to catch up on what i missed on that post. Thank you. You and Randy are being so generous to offer up real truth about the man Russell was vs the portrayal of him on the show and how right on the mark we all were (with even more disgusting detail coming out ) about the black widow Shana.

      • bitten says:

        Thanks Randy for clarifying that to the readers here. My daughter confronted Russell on that issue as well. While Kennedy got a lavish over the top party. Well, needless to say Russell’s boys went without. So, here we are with the same pattern over and over again. Me-me- me, it’s all about me, Traylor.

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  4. Inquisitive1 says:

    How did Russell feel about Taylor’s previous claims of being a Ford family heiress?

  5. cyn1 says:

    Why after last season did Russell continue to agree to do the show this year?
    Did he have any concerns as to how his appearance would affect his family?

    • Great Question. I was hoping someone would ask this. Russ wasn’t going to because they had made him the ass of the show. They told him he would be shown in a better light. That’s the reason for the counseling sessions. I don’t watch the show but I am told there were other things they did which he was told would change people’s perception of him but Bravo basically lied and turned it all around and made him their whipping boy again. Hence: “people I thought were my friends weren’t”. Great question!

  6. SLUT PIG says:

    In the Last Limo Ride, why did Russell say ” now that i am a good boy “?

    • No idea. You have to remember whatever he was referring to was probably edited out or he may have been referring to the fact they said he would be shown in a better light. I don’t watch the show. As I said in another answer I have not watched two full shows ever. After the premier the first season I couldn’t watch it because that was not my best friend Rusty Armstrong. It was obvious they were telling him what to say. Looking back they were making him the bad guy on show one.

  7. Prostitutionwhore says:

    What was your impression of Taylor when you FIRST met her?

  8. mssuburbia says:

    1. How did Shanna/Shana/Taylor treat Russell in your presence?

    2. Did Russell ever ask you for marriage advice, or express despair, with respect to Taylor? Can you elaborate on “yes” or “no”?

    3. Can you recall any instances where you witnessed Russell behaving in a way that would refute the “violent abuser” allegations made against him? Was, Taylor, in fact, degrading, belittling or abusive toward Russell?

    4. What were Russell’s plans for the future, and when did he last express them to you?

    • Shana was fine the first time I met her but she was in a house full of strangers who all knew Russ. After that she was always off signing autographs while Russ and I spoke. Russ never asked me for marriage advice. I have never been married. I did not witness Taylor acting like an ass but his family did. Russ was moving back to Dallas. He told me, other friends and family this the last week he was alive.

      • Bubbies says:

        Do you think Taylor knew that and was trying to stop him?

      • bitten says:

        Randy is correct. Russell was looking forward to moving back to Texas with his dad. He was excited about spending some time with family. His Dad had gone out and stocked the house up with groceries in anticipation of Russell’s arrival.

        • Bubbies says:

          With every new revelation this just gets increasingly more heartbreaking. This also increases my suspicion about ”suicide”. Would he be making plans for the future if he knew he didn’t have one? From what has been revealed about his deep love for his family, it seems that he wouldn’t want to do that to his father.

          • bitten says:

            Bubbies, Traylor said that Russell had been taking meds for depression. However, there wasn’t any prescription bottles found at the scene. Of any kind!!!!! Yet another web of Traylor’s has been woven….hummm!

        • kas says:

          Ahh bitten.. this is just so sad. It’s ironic that Shana’s behaviour.. the need to control all situations, any information about their relationship or her’s with others.. everything she did.. was what an ABUSER does.. not a victim !

          • bitten says:

            Kas, I wrote down below how an abusers isolates there victims from family and friends. Which is what Traylor did to Russell. He never suspected the train he was living with run him down.

        • gail says:

          I do hope he was planning on bringing Kennedy with him to Texas.

  9. sara says:

    was everything ok between Russel and taylor before doing the RHoBH? or was it always sort of spiraling out of control?

  10. Debra says:

    My deepest sympathy to you for losing your lifelong friend. What I have been wondering for some time is exactly where did the two meet and how did she “pursue” him to finally get him to date her?

  11. TangyOrange says:

    How does Taylor now afford the BH lifestyle including exorbitant attorney fees? Even the divorce attorneys would need to be paid for their time.

  12. Trekker says:

    Are there any arrangements or are there negotiations ongoing to allow Kennedy to see Russell’s parents/sister regularly so she can know/be involved with his side of the family?

    • Taylor has not contacted the family

      • gail says:

        In South Carolina theres is such a thing as a grandparents law, It was used my my niece by marriage’s family, I informed them of the law as my nephew denied all visitation after the sudden unexpected death of his wife. She died of a heart attack 20 days after turning 30. Her family filed for visitation as that was the only grandchild of the only child they had,

        Visitation was granted to the grandparents actually the great grandmother, i will explain further down) and they were allowed what could be conceived as the same type of visitation rights a divorced ex wife or husband would be granted in a divorce decree. Once my nephew remarried (to a sixteen year old girl) at the age of 34 and she started popping out a baby a year, the greatgrandmother received much more liberal visitation as her daughter (the grandmother) was found dead on the morning the case was suppose to be taking place in court. Since the new child bride ( yes, i find a 34 year old man marrying a 16 year old girl rather disturbing myself) was building her own family , the oldest child , the one i referred to above spent much more time with the maternal great grandmother than he ever did with dad and new step child mom.

        My point being, perhaps Russell’s family’s state have a similar law , where grandparents are allowed legal visitation rights that would have to be followed according to the law and they get to have visitation with Kennedy.

      • Trekker says:

        That is too sad for Kennedy. I was hoping Russell’s family would reach out to Kennedy but I assume Taylor has thwarted their attempts. Hopefully when Kennedy is older she will seek out Russell’s family.

  13. What was it that bonded you and Russell as childhood friends?

    • I first met Russ in little league at 11. We both moved to Carrollton Texas the same year. By the time we were 15 we openly proclaimed we were best friends. We were bonded because we were always together. His family moved 20 miles away the end of our freshman year but we were together almost every weekend. We joined the gym I now own together at 18, we took our first road trip together, We tok our HS graduation trip together, he went to U of Hawaii Hilo. I went there for 2 weeks and he came to summer school one session In Lubbock and lived with me. I lived with him and his girlfriend in Boca Raton when I got out of grad school. The list is long but we experienced many things for the first time together.

  14. gail says:

    Do you know anything about Taylor’s ex, Jeremy Sipes and if you do what do you know about him. I haven’t been able to find out anything about them as a couple.Was she using the Ford family name when she met Russell and if she did, did he really believe that she was a member of that family when Russell became involved with Taylor?

  15. gail says:

    Dwight Coates and Taylor seem to have quite a long history together. Do you know if the two of them were scamming people together before she and Russell became a couple, and was Russell aware of all of Taylor’s name changes before she became involved with Russell?

    • I don’t know that name. I have a lot of information on Taylor but that’s new to me. Maybe I just need to go back through my paperwork. I would like to hear more about that. Maybe we can be put in contact with one another.

      • gail says:

        Dwight Coates was on a few episodes of RHOBH. He was in attendence at Taylor’s birthday party of the Mad Hatter for Kennedy, he spoke with Russell, he will be on the next episode where the woman are all talking together on a couch about Russell and Taylor being asked to leave, He is in a video they have posted, on the far right. I can’t think of the name of the company but he and Taylor are both involved with it.

        I believe someone stated on the first year, he was said to have been Taylor’s half brother, then in another as a friend or family friend. The information is in one of SH’s posts. That is why i looked up the info.

      • Trekker says:

        At Kennedy’s 4th bd party Dwight was listed as Taylor’s half-brother. Later in season 1 He was later listed as Taylor’s good friend. (She said in the bd party epi that she couldn’t imagine life without him.) He is also said to work for her, as well. She doesn’t appear to have any real friends so I would assume he is just another seeking 15 minutes of fame at any cost.

  16. Headhunter says:

    Are you aware of any life insurance policy that was in effect? I guess that’s a little tricky to answer legally. Taylor stated that her and Kennedy were to be taken care of “for a long time”. Were you aware of those intentions?

  17. Nikki says:

    Thank you for taking the time to answer the many questions that the readers of this site have!
    I have two questions that I’m hoping you might answer:
    1. Did you ever see signs of abuse (such as bruising or scratches) on Russell that looked like they might have been inflicted by Taylor? Especially scratches. She seems to lose control of herself quite often, and goes from one extreme to another, emotionally speaking. It would not surprise me to know that she instigated violence, from which Russell would then have to defend himself.
    2. Have you ever met any of Taylor’s family, old friends, or former co-workers? Did Russell ever say anything about them? I wonder why there really haven’t been that many people that have come out of the woodwork regarding knowing her?
    I think that you honor Russell (who may not be perfect, but is NOT the person that Taylor is twisting him into appearing to be!) by defending him with truthful answers. Thank you!

    • I live in Dallas. I didn’t see Russ day to day. In fact after they were married I saw him twice in 5 years. We talked and text weekly. I can tell you there will be proof of abuse at another date from another source.

      • kas says:

        Proof of abuse to whom ? Him or her ?

        • bitten says:

          Abusers show their true colors when they isolate people they abuse. Traylor had isolated Russell from his family and friends. She couldn’t stand when the boys would come for their visitation time with their Father. If you don’t believe me look it up. It’s one of the prime clues abusers do.

          • kas says:

            As I stated in an above post bitten ,she behaved like an abuser. I do believe you ! I asked the above question because I was curious if some other lying sack of poop was going to come out with “evidence” to support her..which would make me sick. I wondered if some will come out to support Russell.

        • Her, there were witnesses

          • I assume that you mean witnesses to her abuse of Russell, but I think your answer may be interpreted as meaning “to support her accusations by the way the questions were posed. Would you mind clarifying your response?

            • kas says:

              I’d also like that clarified.. but I have a feeling it might mean that SHE might have someone backing up some of her claims. I hope that I am wrong. But, in light of the timelines we have all checked into on this site and photos of events she was at during that timeline, I think if she does have some back-up , that source shpuld be put to the same scrutiny as we put her to.

              Ms SH , are you still considering to trying to do a timeline with photographic and dated “evidence” ? I know you had mentioned it in a post awhile back. Or did your head blow up ? Just kidding ! ;-)

              • kas: Not only did MY head blow up, but Becky was frozen in front of the whiteboard repeating “Shana… Shana… Shana…” It is truly a full-time job… assembling clips, comparing statements…

                Why do you think I took a bit of time off after the “insider” post a few days ago. And then all hell breaks loose! Ah… good times, good times!! LOL!! TFC!! SH

  18. Bubbies says:

    Did Russell marry Shana/Taylor out of a sense of obligation due to the pregnancy?

    Did Russell ever mention Tiger 21 or Alan Schram?

  19. sara says:

    clearly Russell was a caring father, but which parent was more involved in the day to day raising of kennedy? or is/was that mostly left to a nanny?

    were Russell and taylor very affectionate to each other? if so was there a clear decline in that?

    did Russell really drive the bus in their relationship? ever?

    have you had any contact with taylor since Russell`s passing?

    im very sorry for your loss of a friend. i hope that while you are answering these questions you do not feel that we have crossed a line and are hounding you, or being too invasive.

    thanks for doing this.

    • bitten says:

      The day to day raising of Kennedy was given from the house keeper/nanny. Traylor reall y didn’t want to have kids. My daughter’s house keeper use to accompany Griffin to his Fathers house when he was younger. Griffin was extremely uncomfortable at his Dad’s house thus my daughters house keeper who was very close to Griffin would be with him.. Griffin felt safe and was safe in her presence. She took care of Griffin at his Dad’s home as if Griffin were her own son. She would tell us how Traylor was never there and that Traylor’s house keeper was the main care giver for Kennedy. This women hasn’t worked for my daughter in a couple of years. However, she still calls my daughter to wish Griffin a Happy Birthday and to tell him she loves him. To bad Kennedy’s own Mother wasn’t as caring.

  20. perci57 says:

    We know Russell was not a saint, but in having met his match with bombastic Trailer Trash, how and why would he ever want to CONTINUE ANY kind of relationship with that WENCH, or did she have some other kind of crap on him we are not aware of., real or imagined, to “pull the rug out from under him” so to speak!!!

    Would also hope, in light of the MMR lawsuit that the authorities are pursuing wherever the off shore accounts are.

    Very much appreciate you taking the time to spend here, we all just want the grifter Taylor OUTED, and no matter however Russells’ business dealings turned out, we know from seeing her on TV and at all her bookings, promotions, etc., she NEVER had any bruises whatsover, so if you can, please put to bed any rumor of these so called beatings. I for one, totally would never believe a word out of her mouth, or be even able to be in her presence ……..Totally think she was ABUSING Russell or at least agitating him to the point where he would just have to get away from her or else. He just was too easygoing, and his relationship with Kennedy showed way different than that of which Trailer conveyed to the audience.

    Thank you Randy, and if you have any word on how or where Kennedy is, hopefully away from the vile, subhuman excuse of existence, would just like to know she is safe and cared for lovingly and not used as a pawn!

    Thank you again, and hope that you and all friends and family will continue to get peace and closure as the REAL story unfolds!

  21. gessie says:

    Is it true that Russell was covered in bruises in the autopsy report?
    It seemed to me that Russell was dominated by Taylor. Was she a demanding narcissist who drove him to poverty and despair?
    Do you think Taylor ever loved Russell or was it a business arrangement?
    What did Russell tell you in your last conversations which made you think that he would not commit suicide?

  22. TangyOrange says:

    Had Taylor already started using Kennedy Caroline in her scams, intimating she was somehow connected to THE Kennedy Family? It was very bold/stupid/ridiculous of Taylor to prance around proclaiming KC was the GodDaughter of Adrienne Maloof. Was Russell encouraging that? Randy, I appreciate your time with us. Especially with the tragedy of the loss of your friend so fresh, you must feel a bit disloyal to speak of this right now. Completely understandable. Not even knowing Russell, I feel compelled to defend him against Taylor.

    Again, thank you for your time.

    • Debra says:

      I just want to say, that the whole “Kennedy Caroline” things pings big time on my scammer radar. I hope the investigators are seeking any connection with those “off-shore” accounts and variations of that name, affiliated with “Taylor” (or whoever she is).

  23. steview says:

    What did you know/learn about Taylor over the years? She can be very charming and witty on camera, but what was Taylor like behind the scenes? There have been people posting to this site that she treated others/less important people poorly, even Russell’s other children. Do you know what Russell’s boys are being told about their Dad? And thank you MS.SH for providing this forum.

  24. gail says:

    Do you know any of Taylor’s family and if you do, do you know why they are not defending their daughter against all of the negative information against Taylor ?

    Was Taylor responsible for all of the ugly leaks that came out after Russell’s death including the one in the form of a tell all book that was suppose to “out” him in a most defamatory nature?

    Have you seen or are you aware of anything truly substantial that would prove that the pictures of Taylor having the “black eye” and broken jaw after “being beaten” by Russell are fabrications of Taylor’s manipulative imagination?

    What is your opinion about Taylor’s book that is coming out and all of the interviews she has been doing since Russell has passed away ? She is attempting to cash in on the loss of the father of his children that have been left behind. Russell cannot speak out in defense of himself, do you feel by speaking out , that you are helping to defend him for the sake of his children?

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  25. gail says:

    What is the most important information that has been in the tabloids regarding Russell’s life would you most most like to be able to dispute?

    Are you constantly in touch with Russell’s family , his ex’s, his children, his parents? They must be so grief stricken at the loss of Russell and the way that Taylor is using his passing as a platform to use to her advantage?

    Are Russell’s parents trying to get custody of Kennedy, she needs to be in a warm and loving environment and Taylor is not emotionally (in my opinion) capable of ever putting their little girl first. She needs an environment where she is allowed to grieve the loss of her Daddy, to be with people that will allow her to remember him in a kind and loving manner.

    What is the real story behind Snowball, it is my belief that Taylor played that to the hilt and Kennedy never really had an allergic reaction to the dog. I believe Taylor felt upstaged and took the dog away from Kennedy to hurt Russell since that was the only thing about that party that Kennedy was happy about.

    Is Kennedy as withdrawn and unhappy in real life as she appears to be on the show? I can’t even fathom how Russell’s family feels about the statements Taylor has made in reference to Russell on the day they found them, when Taylor told the world Kennedy asked “did Daddy do something stupid (or dumb), i have heard both versions.

    This must be very hard for you. I am on Russell’s side and hope everything that Taylor has done to hurt him and his family comes out and Russell is vindicated against what Taylor portrayed Russell to be, then she needs to go crawl under a rock in a jail cell where she belongs, just mho.

  26. MsLeDiva says:

    Every question that I wanted to ask is already posted. So I’m just going to sit back, sip on my drink and wait for the other shoe(s) to drop about SHAFT

  27. gail says:

    Do you know any of the other housewife”s from RHBH and did any of them reach out to Russell’s family to support them after Russell passed away

    • Not only did none of them contact Russ’ family Shana has NEVER contacted Russ’ parents or sister.

      • bitten says:

        Randy, Traylor hasn’t even talked to either of Russ’ boys. She didn’t call the Moms to let them know of what had happened to Russ. The Moms got the news from other sources…

      • mssuburbia says:

        Did anyone ever talk about the liklihood that Kennedy has Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS)? If you’re unfamiliar with it, please do some research on it. It may explain some of Shana’s contempt toward Kennedy and jealousy of Russ’ boys. Shana is a master projector. I think you should always look at the her three fingers pointing back, because they reveal her own sources of shame.

  28. BravNO says:

    Thanks for answering questions. Is anyone considering filing suit against Bravo for their inaccurate presentation of the marriage? Are any of Russells family suing Taylor for a protion of the estate for Russell’s other children? Have any of the other housewives contacted the family?

  29. Made Piley says:

    Mr Edwards, I appreciate you taking the time to answer questions today. I am sorry for your loss. Hope this new year brings you much peace.

  30. sararhspeaks says:

    First time poster but a long time lurker – yes every question I had has been addressed as well – I too offer my condolences at the loss of your friend ! I can’t fathom kicking up my heels at New Years as Taylor did last night so soon after the loss of her daughter’s father regardless of the state of their marriage when he died – I believe in “what goes around comes around” but it’s very difficult to watch it all unfold. I have faith in the force – Taylor certainly hasn’t fooled us here at SH – I hope that gives you and Russell’s family and friends some comfort !! I wish you peace !

    • Me either. I was asleep before 11. I am writing a book about my life working in a gym. I have worked, trained and owned gyms since 1985. I joined the gym I have owned since ’97 with Rusty in 1982. I was writing it before he died. when I think of the funnest times in my life almost everyone includes Rusty. The chapter with him will show a much different person that what Bravo did.

      I would talk to friends who didn’t know he and I were close that hated him from watching the show and I would tell them. He is the exact opposite from that. I question everything I see on television now and the only reality show I have ever cared for is “Cops”. (:

  31. Bubbies says:

    Do you know if Shaft reads about herself online? Have you ever been contacted by her or anyone ‘representing’ her?

  32. Randy, Were you the one that commented that Traylor’s eye injury was from being hit by a football? Sorry for your loss. He sounded like a good friend.

  33. Robin says:

    Mr. Edwards, to your best knowledge, exactly what did Russell see in Taylor? Why was he smitten enough to marry her?

  34. Mythunker says:

    I have no questions. Everyone here is very clever and I’m sure nearly all subjects of interest will be covered
    I just wanted thank you, Randy and extend my sincere condolences for your loss I hope your grief is soothed and that the truth behind all this is revealed. If it is vindication that you desire, I hope you receive it.

  35. I think the list is all-inclusive, but if there is anything you wanted to share about your friend that wasn’t covered by all of these questions?

  36. cyn1 says:

    What is the outcome that is hoped by Russel’s family to come out of this tragedy?

  37. BitterKitten says:

    Randy: Thank you so much for answering questions. Your relationship with Russell was a true friendship and it is so heartbreaking to read your words. I love Ms SH and have been one of her readers since starting SH… do you know her at all?? Just wondering. Thank you, Randy.

  38. TangyOrange says:

    This has been one of the most intriguing reads. Thanks!

  39. Mary says:

    @Randy Edwards

    My sincere condolences for your loss.

    Can you comment on Russel’s and Barbara’s marriage and divorce? Because as I understand whole “case” that Russel was abuser, rests on Russel admitting that there was violent episode in their marriage. What is a truth and what a spin?

    Also how do you comment documents that Radar posted?
    Especially the ones that concern Aiden. Is there a way to track who gave that documents to Radar? Any a way to protect Aiden & Griffin at this late date?

    Thank you for all answers you gave!

  40. duffy says:

    Randy, most of my questions have been answered by you already…thank you so much for taking your time to come to SH….I do have one question in reqards to Shana’s FB, I did read one of your posts to her before you were blocked about their visit to Dallas and you had sent them photos of you and Russ when you were younger. She never answered….

    Do you know if she gave those photos to Russ??? That broke my heart. At that moment, I knew really what a horrible person she was and that was before all the yucky nasty stuff began to come out…. I believe it was a few weeks before he passed and if I remember correctly, you two had a good time getting to see each other. I am glad for you if that was the case.

  41. betsey says:

    How did Rusell find out Taylor was a lesbian?
    Do you believe his suicide was the result of his extensive financial problems?
    I am sorry for the loss of your friend. Good luck with your book…

    • He said he got it from a good source.

      • Debra says:

        I have noticed during the “Premiere” video when Taylor is wearing the backless dress and on some substance (?) causing “teeth clenching” that her body language (to me, anyway) looks as though she wants to grab Kyle and give her a big huge lip-locking smooch. I noticed it long before any lesbian allegations were made, so I completely believe that she has those tendencies. And that, I’m sure, is why she made those stories up about Russell’s sexuality.

        • Sistah T says:

          I agree. Shana is a lesbian with some messed up mental issues.

          She and Kyle seep excess testosterone and androgen from their pores and should just get buzz cuts and start living the truth.

          Could see Brandi or Camille with Mauricio.

  42. bitten says:

    I would like to shed some more light to everyone about Traylor. There was a lengthy background check run on Traylor at the end of 2004. The time when she came into Russell’s life. That’s when it was discovered she had been married before. There was 2 different birthday’s listed and 2 different social security #’s. A call was placed to Traylor’s mother Marla in Aliso Viejo. Marla was told it was an investigator doing a back ground check on her daughter Shana/Taylor. Marla was asked which Birth-date was correct, one date was confirmed. Then Marla was asked which social was correct, she didn’t know the answer to that question.

    Then she was asked was your daughter married before. Marla’s answer to that was no. The investigator said they were looking at the court documents as they speak. That she had been married to a Jeremy Dan Sipes. She was asked again, how could you not know that your daughter had been married and divorced. Marla still denied that her daughter had been married.

    My question would be, what is the mother of Traylor Park Trash covering up and why?

    • Prostitutionwhore says:

      Like mother, like daughter. Marla obviously knew what a scam her daughter was.

    • Bubbies says:

      There’s really only 2 possibilities. 1. She may not have known. Shaft lies to everyone, including her own mother. 2. Apple didn’t fall far from the tree. But it is very curious why the mother would lie.

      • betsey says:

        It takes a real special kinda mother to raise someone as messed up as Taylor.

        • kas says:

          Ya got that right betsey ! Her mom must be a sick ticket just like her. And in the end, poor Kennedy is going to wind up just as wacked ..with the kind of “parenting” and “guidence” she is recieving. Try as I might, I do not see a good future for that child, only one wrought with emotional and probably mental health issues. Her life will be like a remake to “Mommie Dearest”, because I really believe , she too, is a tool in Shana’s quest for fame and money and will become an inconvenience in the future to her.

      • mssuburbia says:

        BPDs come from very narcissistic mothers, and in most cases, childhood sexual abuse. I think that mother and daughter are keeping each other’s secrets.

    • shadow says:

      IMHO he has a lot of info about her and possibly vice versa and they agreed to keep his name out of it.

  43. Randy: THANK YOU for taking the time to answer SH readers questions. You can stay as long as you wish; however, I’m certain that you are a bit worn from re-visiting the events that occurred re Russell.

    If at any time you wish to continue, this post will be here.

    Again, THANK YOU.

  44. TangyOrange says:

    Imagine all we turn up as lay investigators. Nothing compared to what the FEDS have access to. Now, will they allow her to slide or not? Drum roll please.

  45. Mary says:

    I’m glad Russel’s family and friends are working on getting the truth out there.
    Personally as a viewer of RHOBH, but also as one who wants truth and not another Bravo produced spin, I would like for all revelations that are announced to be public before making of reunion show so Taylor could face some questions for all viewers of the show to see.
    But I guess, that is not very likely as reunion show should be on air in January (31th I think).
    And it will not be live…
    Anyone knows has a clue when will actually Bravo tape The Reunion?

  46. cutie pie says:

    Long time poster on RH…new poster to this site..is “bitten” Russell’s mom??? Why does there seem to be a disconnect in the posts between Randy and Bitten..they seem not to acknowledge on another…is there a reason for that?

    Thank you all for all the excellent questions…Thank you SH for such an informative post.

    • cutie: “Long time poster on RH?” Huh?? Since you are new here, I will answer your question; however, future questions will not be tolerated. Ya gotta be quick on SH!

      “Bitten” is Russell Armstrong’s ex-fiance’s mother. A “disconnect in the posts”… do you mean a gap in each of their comments? That’s just the way it turns out… no control over that. This post was for Randy Edwards specifically… for him to answer SH readers questions re his childhood friend, Russell Armstrong. TFC!! SH

      • cutie pie says:

        sorry SH..meant RT…you know me as coslopogus on twitter…Thanks for the answer…that clears things up…it may take me time to get up to snuff…

  47. PottyMouthMommy says:

    the format of this was done flawlessly. so easy to follow and some great answers. thanks SH!

        • bitten says:

          SH, thanks for defending me to CutiePie. Also wanted to mention that I have not personally met Randy, But have known of him for several years. I wrote under some of his comments to confirm he was on the mark and telling the truth. The same truth I know.

          Thanks Again SH……my hero

  1. Sistah T says:

    Dear Randy,
    I so appreciate your friendship to Russell and how you are speaking up for him and honoring his memory. It is especially sad that we all feel the need to defend him from his black widow. During season 1, many people turned on Russell right out of the gate, but I never did. I found him genuine. I don’t know if it is because my dad is a Texan that I get the personality or that I just recognized a quiet sincerity about him. At any rate, I am very saddened that his life has ended, and I thank you for taking the time to honor him by telling the truth as you know it.

    I hope that Russell’s family and friends realize how many people are on Russell’s and his family’s side here. We know Shana Hughes is a malignant liar, and I hope with all of my heart that she reads every word on this site. I want so badly to take away that “voice” Shana claims she found because she has done nothing with that “voice” but destroy countless people’s lives with it, destroy a man and his memory after his death, hurt his children, and annoy the hell out of those of us unfortunate enough to enjoy a series she is cast on who have to see the lies and the people (other housewives, Bravo) who do not have the morals to say enough is enough.

    Thank you so much for answering our questions. You are much appreciated.

    Best wishes to you in the new year,
    Sistah T

  2. loo says:

    Randy I so terrible sorry for your lost. I feel like a smacked a$$ because I really felt like there was truth to the abuse story from Shana. I am so saddened and ashamed to find out the Russel was the real victim and deserving of any sympathy. It’s all so heart wrenchingly sad.

  3. BugSuit says:

    Thank you so much SH for arranging this question and answer session. It was really interesting.

  4. me: It was NOT an attack! And YOU are threatening ME?? NO ONE threatens me. When there’s an attack by SH, readers and commenters freeze… well, they grab their popcorn first, and then sit back and are entertained by the “attack.” So, trust me… that was hardly an “attack!” And, actually, I do not “attack”… I simply have a little “talk” with the offender!

    Now, we good?? TFC!! SH

    • LOL!!! None of us are commenting…just waiting. Popcorns ready!

    • duffy says:

      Hey Ms SH…I’m sure you were just like me before you created this site …commenting on HW…seeing all those that post…seeing those that are “out there…so you are very well aware of the trolls the were around on the HW site (oh yes, restraining order type)…so…I’ve not posted in a few days because I’ve had that feeling and I’m sure you have too and you’ve been careful with Mr. SH right by you and older posters that are very careful with backgrounds in way more than my stupid insurance corporate BS…but I’m putting my foot in now…I recognize someone from the ol’ HW boards who was banned for stalking…it’s a pattern & words….

      I’m sure you know…she/he/it been here before and I’m sure you get it out of here…This way of questioning was genious, Randy was gracious….the trail Traylor leaves cannot be erased…you know, with my 2012 resolutions? May God have pity on her soul…He judges none of us different….although, she doesnt think she has done no wrong so, AGAIN, May GOD have pity on her soul!

  5. Glenda, (MS.SH. Good witch of the north and blogs) Please let us know when we can all come out and sing?

  6. Mythunker says:

    Thank you! Man, that irritatingly familiar style grates at my nerves.

  7. Jester says:

    Great chat today. Thank you!

  8. me: Well, if word hasn’t gotten around by now… TFC (the second one!) SH

    • kas says:

      Haha Ms SH , you sent “me” right back to her “home base” to report your “agressive manner” to her buds ! I knew that I recognized that name from another site and also knew she’d complain about it , rather than understand this blog site ain’t a free -for -all , like the commenters over there are used to. (with the bug infestation and critter’s out of their cages, running rampant here the other day being an anomaly ! LOL !)

  9. duffy says:

    yeah, I was glad for R-day…it was a really good day and I feel so bad for him Bitten, and the whol entire family & friends of Russell!….on the other hand, I want to get back to our reality I miss everyone….can we click the glittery red shoes and close our eyes and say…I wish I was as SH home…I wish I was at SH home…I missed CC/MC, MP MT, Romo AOM, Miss Sub, Lisa, Ames, Dani96, Deb, Kas..everyone..Everyone! …hell, I’m fallin’ apart cuz my Tebow Broco’s are dumb a&&es losing to the Chiefs in the 4th….,.BLAH! 7 to 3????????? I’m going a Charlie Brown right now AaAAAAARRRGGGHHAAAUUUUGGGGHHHHH!

  10. Masquito On Acid.B.K.A Gaffe says:

    Randy Edwards
    I’m sure that you were aware that Russell was on several depression pills as well as anxiety pills. Which Mrs Armstrong took on a daily basis.
    The discovery was made by one of the cast. After they went into Mrs. Armstrong purse for something & noticed the very same pills Taylor was taking was not proscribed to her but to her husband. Among other things of illegal substance that Mrs. Armstrong carried around into her purse/bag.

    Now in regards to the “good boy” comment that was made in the limo.
    That was due to an off the screen incident and showdown that went on between them& the other housewives spouses! So when he said he will be a good boy it was meant
    That he wouldn’t engage in any more altercation with the ladies nor their husbands.

    Now Mr Randy Edwards& Mrs Bitten
    Can you tell me what happened on the night of that white party after they left.
    An altercation took place& one of them reached out to whom?

    To the poster who has accused me of stalking another site& was banned,Clearly you are out of your league and are confusing me with someone else.

    • MOA: How in the hell do you expect Randy Edwards and/or Bitten to answer a question re scenes that took place while filming RHOBH?? Why don’t YOU just tell us all??

      It sounds to me as if you are attempting to discredit Mr. Edwards and “bitten”… sorry, but I stand by Randy Edwards and “bitten”s words.SH

      • Masquito On Acid.B.K.A Gaffe says:

        I’m not trying to discredit
        I answered some of the questions they failed to provide your readers.

        They questioned the what the “good boy” comment meant
        Then Randy&bitten said he wasn’t on any depression pills.
        I was simply pointing out that he was not only on depression pills, but was also prescribed anxiety pills.
        These are things Randy&Bitten should be aware off. After all Randy was his Friend.

        Now as far as the show making him the bad guy. That was never the case. All cast members sign contracts to shoot certain scenes& agree to their story lines.
        That is something them& all the other cast members agreed to.
        They are assigned off story line editors. Those off the screen storyline editors always has to go over each storyline with each cast member.

        Sorry moderator. Just clearing up some stuff. :)

        • MOA: According to the coroners report, there were NO drugs found in his body… no medications. He did, however, ask friends for anti-anxiety medication, which they did not provide.

          Why would another cast member be in Shana’s purse? And long enough to find a pill bottle and actually read the writing on the bottle? And, who would that cast member be?? SH

          • Masquito On Acid.B.K.A Gaffe says:

            Because they wanted to know&was curious as to what it is she was always reaching into her purse for! They know it was pills but wanted to know what kind it was!

            She was asked on several occasions what she was always reaching in and taking. She would always say “Tylenol” the cast member wasn’t stupid enough to believe that’s what it was&decided to go into her purse.

            They saw the many bottles& saw bottles was not only prescribed to her husband but to other people none wasn’t in her name!

            And why do you think he asked his friends for those very same anxiety pills? Because he was used to taking them!
            They were prescribed to him!

            • MOA: If he were prescribed them, he would have not asked a friend for them. He would simply make a phone call to the doctor’s office for a refill or a prescription. Going into someone’s purse without permission is against the rules! I don’t care how many bottles you say she was toting around. Who would do something like that?? That is a very unlikely scenario. SH

              • mythunker says:

                SH – With all due respect, someone in my house would steal my pills and I was refused refills because of the amount that was requested. I was also subject to many other barriers in ever receiving any types of new prescriptions and/or refills.
                Perhaps highly unlikely, but possible. Hope that makes sense..
                I am not trying to stick up for the bugger, just have had an experience that made me speak up.

                • mamarj says:

                  I have to agree, if the castmates were concerned for Tayliar and had every right with the episodes we have seen, I can see a few of the castmates snooping to see what was up with her. The problem is MOA has lost all credibility by some of his/her recent comments- “challenging” Randy and Bitten. That is totally uncalled for since they were hundreds of miles away. Plus, they only knew what Russell told them. And just an FYI MOA, men don’t go around sharing with friends they are taking antidepressant meds! BUT as Ms SH states, how do we even know the scenario you are presenting with Tayliar and her purse is even true. If you have something to say about the aftermath of the white party either say it, buzz off…

                  Lastly, if Russell was prescribe meds wouldn’t it be just like that vile Tayliar to drive him into depression, then take his meds!!!! Oh, I can’t stand her!!!

                • Made Piley says:

                  Lawamercy we just delt with this very issue out of a family member that got out of rehab on the 20th proceeded to get arrested 3 times by Christmas. The final one was when this family member came in my home on Christmas day and stole my momma’s medication and some Jewlrey. My momma is smart enough to know that when she comes to visit she has to pack it all up and take it with her. Anyway its a mess and that SHAFT-like person I keep bishin about… was along for the ride. As it turns out we had no clue these two took anything until they were arrested while parked on federal property going thru the loot.

              • Nikki says:

                Ms. SH, I have some health issues that require schedule 2 drugs to be taken as needed.
                My doctor warned me that he would NOT participate in early refills in case of loss, theft, etc., due to the possibility of abuse of these meds. He told me to lock or hide my meds, as family members, friends, and employees have been known to siphon off pills or out and out steal entire bottles. I was shocked when he told me this. However, I found that it was true. Am I stupid much? Sadly, it seems so. I didn’t think like a thief. Now ALL my meds are locked or hidden (not in my purse, nor my make-up bag, SHAFT!).
                I think SHAFT freaked out over her missing make-up bag in CO because of this. A couple of other posters mentioned this before as well. She is probably an abuser of both Rx drugs and ETOH, and was experiencing a ‘crash’ or was about to experience a crash that she wanted to avoid. You can only be a phoney for so long, especially on camera. Can y’all imagine how MANY of her ‘crashes’, meltdowns, tantrums, etc. that we don’t see?
                Since she is a thief, I’m sure she thought someone had stolen her stash. Not to mention, there is at LEAST one of the ladies on this show that has an addiction problem. Also, I work closely with women in ‘society’ that abuse prescribed ADD meds so that they can keep their weight down and be super achievers. I would describe them as “Ritalin thin”. Others might describe them as “riding the ‘A-train”. You never see them eat. And they all say something like “Oh my gosh, I eat ALL the time!”. NOT! One of my clients had such low body weight that she has permanently thinned her hair, and is now wig-bound. She’s only 29!
                I’m not sticking up for MOA, just adding my two cents worth. You just don’t think like a thief, that’s all! And be proud of it, Ms. SH!

                • mssuburbia says:

                  You got my attention! Makes sense.

                • mssuburbia says:

                  Oh, and (probably everyone knows this already), but Adderall (“A-train”) and Ritalin are METH. Just wanted to make sure that that is “crystal” clear.

                  • kittycat k says:

                    Adderall is DextroAmphetamine salts. Ritalin is Methylphenidate. Meth is Methamphetamine. While they all are psychostimulants to certain degrees, they are completely different chemical compounds that work in totally different ways.

                    Adderall and Ritalin are dopamine and norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors, meaning they work with the amount of neurotransmitters you’ve already got. Meth, however, causes you to produce enormous amounts of dopamine, leading to neuron and receptor death and neurotoxicity.

                    So while all three are stimulants and all three are approved by the FDA for treatment of ADHD, only one of them is Meth, and that is METH.

                    • I beg to differ. It’s all generically referred to as “meth” on the street. It all has street value, and is highly-abused. It’s methaphetamine, however you slice it. Drug company marketing and propaganda don’t change that fact. And here you go:http://mental-health.emedtv.com/methamphetamine/what-is-methamphetamine-used-for.html

                    • Honeybadgerdontcaresays:

                      Kk thanks for the education. Hopefully something I will never need to worry about. I guess I was not aware prior to Ms Sub’s comments about the “meth” relationship.

                    • RomoSheDiNTsays:

                      Actually there are other versions of meth on the streets. Crank is very popular bc it’s more affordable. Unlike meth, it’s a powder bc it’s cut. The pure form of meth is crystallized, not a powder.

                    • Right, but I’m referring to the prescription kind: the kind that suburban housewives (not me!) are known to abuse in the way that was described by Nikki. Tying it into Brandi’s comment about Kim (who’s apparently not the only one).

                • BelowSeaLevel says:

                  OMG! You are so right! It happened to me a couple of months ago. The bottle suddenly looked low. I don’t know which person it was since I have needed around-the-clock care until recently. The worst part is, he wouldn’t write a new rx. Take note to what Nikki is saying. Absolutely lock up if you ever get in a position to need pain relief.

                  • duffy says:

                    I have to agree with the misuse & abuse….I know of at least 3 “housewives that “you know, when I have a back ache, I just pop one of hubby’s “perKs”….I was like, huh? She actually said that to me in passing conversation. The husband was perfectly fine with it…..I also know a mom that uses her son’s ADD medication for weight loss….

                  • gail says:

                    Yep absolutely the truth. my medications are ones I had to sign a contract for with two different doctor, drugs tests have to prove the amount used is in my system, If I run out before time, no refills. Have to visit the doctor every 4 months and refills can be called into the pharmacy, but for one particular medication I have to go to the doctor’s office every month to pick up that particular prescription.
                    They are very strict and actually do have contracts for you to sign, If you miss an appointment, your contract is broken, there are many other reasons that your contract can be broken. Upon receiving the one i have to pick up monthly from the doctor’s office, when I was put on that medication I was told to lock them up and not to even talk about taking it as people that are aware that you have it will break into your home to get their hands on it !

                    Of course in Shana’s case, I have no doubt that she could very easily manipulate the system and get prescriptions in anyone’s name she wanted to. There are people that I am aware of right here in my community that wrote their own prescriptions on pads stolen from doctor’s offices, unfortunately some of the names used on those prescriptions did not even realize their identity had been used and when the law caught up, they were arrested as well. If that can happen here, imagine what Shana could be capable of with the “skills” at her level of scanning and conning people.

                    Now some doctors use computer generated prescriptions in their offices rather than the pad they use to use.

                    • Wow! I feel like we have all been on the same train. Sad. I believe anti-anxiety falls under the “no early refill” category. It is surprising that a good con artist would just be carrying around prescription bottles with other people’s names. I used to never worry about what I carried my prescriptions in if I needed to bring them with me. My husband, a chronic pain patient, is very careful about not carrying pills without the prescription bottle even though he meticulously locks them away (it’s quite the production on the rare occasion he goes anywhere for an extended period). He knows that having the medication without the prescription bottle (even with a valid prescription) could get him arrested on the spot.

                • Nikki: You are correct in that I do not have the mind of a thief. I’m not naive to think, however, that this does not happen. It was just a bit surprising that one of the HWs would actually do that in front of others; and the info coming from that particular source made it even more difficult to believe.

                  The cosmetics-bag-in-Colorado freakout by Shana does fall in line with the rumor of her having a great liking for ecs****. TFC!! SH

              • Observer2 says:

                Unless, perhaps, he had just gotten a refill that had come up “missing,” and the doctor wouldn’t refill it yet.

                Come to think of it, I seem to recall Taylor saying Russell was taking medication for depression. If so, that means she knew Russell was depressed, WHY would she take his depression medication away from him? Especially at a very vulnerable time in his life? Hmmmmm…

        • lisa says:

          Something tells me Russell did not agree to be filmed as a violently abusive/portrayed man who broke his wifes bones and maim’d her..sorry No way in heck I will ever believe that. maybe Posters on other sites will believe that but here i think we are a bit more smarter then that.

          • Masquito On Acid.B.K.A Gaffe says:

            Were did you see the show portrayed Russell as breaking bones his wife bones & being abusive. In what series did you catch that?

            What they agreed to film was their problems they were having in their marriage&agreed to film a session with a shrink.

            You lost me when you say.” something tells you they didn’t agree ”

            Again all cast members are assigned to an off the screen storyline editor. Before filming starts these off the screen storyline editors will go over the storylines with each cast member to see if everyone is In agreement or have any objections to their story lines before filming starts.

            • lisa says:

              Your kidding me right…HELLO TAYLOR HERSELF SAID SHE WAS BEING BEATEN BY HIM and violently abused Sorry dude you just lost all credibility with me

              • lisa says:

                and i didnt say THEY I said RUSSELL no doubt Taylor didnt care about painting her husband as a abusive violent man.

                Maybe its you who needs to tune into the show you claim you work on

              • Masquito On Acid.B.K.A Gaffesays:

                Nothing was portrayed like what you said
                You said you have a hard time elieving he agreed to be shown as a husband breaking bones or abusing his wife
                Your words not mine.
                I simply said there was no episode nor there was no scene of the show showing anyone breaking bones, nor was there any scenes of anyone abusing anyone.

                • lisa says:

                  If you say so Now buzz along skeeter You no longer have any creditably with me..

                  Oh and you are right abuse wasnt shown but it sure as hell was alluded to by Taylor herself but [perhaps you called in sick the day the Tea party was filmed you know when Camille told what Taylor had told her…

                • MissE says:

                  stop being an idiot, it is and has been implied, and millions of viewers know that. You’re incredibly annoying and condescending. Crawl back under your hole.

        • gail says:

          The comment was “now that I am a good boy ” I believe, not that he will be a good boy, Randy did not see Russell on a daily or regular basis, i doubt if his contact with his friend contained what medications he was taking, That isn’t something most people would chat about when that talk with friends. just mho.

          • Masquito On Acid.B.K.A Gaffe says:

            Again the “good boy” comment made in the limo
            Was in regards to an off the screen blowup& show down that took place off screen. Between him&the other cast members.

            He was going to be “a good boy” and not engage into any more altercations with them. At some point he stopped& refrain from the back&forth stuff that was going on between all of them

            So “Gail” It isn’t something most people wouldn’t talk about when they talk with friends?
            Yet he knew to say he wasn’t on any kind of pills?
            If that’s something they wouldn’t talk about
            How would&can he be certain he weren’t prescribed any anxiety or depression pills?

            • gail says:

              no need to put quotations around my name, my name is Gail. Perhaps Perhaps it was another one of those pill happy doctors who would put anyone’s name on a bottle ,after today I would not be surprised to find out that Taylor had prescriptions in his name he knew nothing about. Not like it didn’t happen before. If indeed Russell was taking medication, you have made my point, it was not a chat he had with his friend. I don’t call up people and say, guess what medicine I was prescribed today.

              • mythunker says:

                You truly don’t? I reach for my phone and call everyone on my favorites list as soon as I come home from the doctor and before I even head to the pharmacy to fill the script! I’m alone in this?… ;)

              • Masquito On Acid.B.K.A Gaffesays:

                I put the ” around your name.
                Because I assumed your name was just your cyber/Internet name.

              • Debra says:

                Didn’t Taylor freak out about her missing make-up bag during one of her numerous “break-downs” while in Colorado at Camille’s? I admit I just kept that episode on as back ground noise, I can only take so much of her screechfests. But I do recall something like that, and the camera panning to it in a corner, maybe? That was probably her stash.

                • MicaBrown says:

                  I thought the same thing. What did she have in that make up bag that was so darn important to her? I knew it had to be her stash of drugs. She always acts so wild and crazy. I think it is really “funny” that Brandy was suspicious of Kim always going into the bathroom at Dana’s party and thought Kim was doing crystal meth when she should be suspicious of whack-job Traylor Trash who is always going off into some type of histrionics at every get-together. Isn’t that evidence of some type of drug use??? Brandy, where has your radar been all of those times when Traylor Trash goes off? What about when she went nutso at your get-together at the beach house?? That was not a big clue? What about the other housewives? Talk about dumb AND clueless!

                  • lisa says:

                    well its not pot she is smoking cuz that gives you the munchies and we know tayliar dosnt eat

                    not that i know anything about smoking pot…nope not me

                • gessie says:

                  You sly detective, you! Bingo!

            • steview says:

              MOS……I bet you don’t know many Texans……You should try and do more research before calling out what friends share and will not share with each other. The part of the country a person is from speaks volumes about how they interact with their friends, bless your little heart.

          • Jupiters Mother says:

            Gail…..ITA on discussing medications with friends, particularly when the meds are antidepressants and anxiety meds and the friends are men. I would think that most men would not be willing to admit that they need any such meds; that they would, in fact, feel ashamed, even though they should not feel this way. I certainly don’t know what meds, if any, most of my friends take.

        • You need to put the bottle down and read my answers again. Then get back with me.

          • Masquito On Acid.B.K.A Gaffe says:

            I’m not drinking at the moment.
            But I did read you& Bitten comments.
            I have been taking notes from your answers here
            To see if anything matches what we have.
            There seems to be a lot of contridictions on your end Edwards.
            We can contact you in the week
            To make any clarifications
            As you know the investigation is still open on Mrs Armstrong & all & everything needs to be put on the table

    • Flying Pest, I think Randy has left the building.

      • Masquito On Acid.B.K.A Gaffe says:

        Well I hope I didn’t run Him off
        As this could be a very interesting turn of events.
        With me challenging Him,Bittens, or Mosq Net.

        © STOOPIDHOUSEWIVES AND STOOPIDHOUSEWIVES.COM 2012 Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this blog’s author and/or owner via STOOPIDHOUSEWIVES@GMAIL.COM is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to STOOPIDHOUSEWIVES.COM with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.

        • MOA: How could you “challenge” anything Randy Edwards or “bitten” have said? They are free to speak their minds about what they PERSONALLY know. If you feel that you must “challenge” them re anything that took place on the show, that is truly illogical. There will be no “challenge” of their words. SH

          • I actually never said Russ was not taking medication. How would I know? It does not surprise me he was taking medication for anxiety. He was human and going through a very stressfull time. Now Acid head or whatever your handle is. As I said I live in Dallas. Russ’ home town. The Cowboys have an important game about to be played so I have more important issues than to be grilled by someone who like many others thinks they know more about my life long best friend than I do. To everyone else, it has been a pleasure. What turn of events is she talking about? Anyone know?

          • Masquito On Acid.B.K.A Gaffe says:

            You are correct they are free to speak as they wish! But what has come to revelations here was not given to the network
            What’s been revealed here could have been given in regards to the open investigation on Mrs. Armstrong
            I have offered up to contact him vise versa so every&all can be put on the table

            • mssuburbia says:

              Please, no one email the bug or give him any contact info.

              • Yearite says:

                I haven’t been around for a few days. I was just wondering why we didn’t rally together and “boycott” MOA as in no responses and no acknowledgment. mssub, i only replied here ‘cuz im too lazy to scroll more =P

                • mssuburbia says:

                  I enjoyed playing with him for a while, until his “funny” degenerated into offending Randy and coming across as . . . whackadoo (not the good kind). I don’t KNOW anything; I’ve been tossing around theories, making observations and playing with him.

            • MOA: You are not contacting anyone via this site! See ya.

            • gail says:

              Why would Russell turn to the network. Didn’t you say when he was in the therapy session, they held up a card telling them to go further into what they were discussing, perhaps Russell wasn’t aware they would take things to the level they did. Not only that but apparently his wife was painting a very ugly portrait off camera of her husband and was busted while filming was taking place. If you read what Randy truly said, he was unaware of everything Taylor was saying about him, until he caught on towards the very end of his life.

              He did what anyone would do in his situation, he turned to his true friend and family.

              • mamarj says:

                That is what is so very sad, it really appears, Russell did not know what TayLIAR was doing behind his back until the White Party. I am convinced TayLIAR harmed herself with the black eye. She knew the sh– was hitting the fan. She had told all these horrific lies, now Russell was putting the pieces together and she knew it would come down to her word against his. So she inflicted a self injury, took a picture and there you go. It is very odd, there are no prior photo shots of injuries. Just sayin

            • bitten says:

              MOA, didn’t know that were doing an investigation. All that had to be done was a very extensive background check by a private investigator. Or trying the obvious, da contacting ex’s.You don’t know jack MOA. You only know what has gone on since the housewives has started. I could have told the net work that Traylor Park Trash had a drug problem years ago. How do I know that, from ex-boyfriend up close and personal. That’s why this guy dumped her a$$. She was on EXTC and cocaine back then splashed with a drinking problem. As far as the prescriptions go. being the lying sack o s..t that Traylor is. It wouldn’t surprise me that she got those drugs for herself and had the doctor make them out with Russ’s name on the bottles. Because that’s how she manipulates and weaves her web. Read the coroners report, no meds were found at the scene.

              • gail says:

                It would not surprise me if she stole prescription pads and wrote out her own prescriptions in Russell or anyone else’s name. Not like she didn’t have access to places with prescription pads,

              • MicaBrown says:

                HOW did she ever get on the show? I thought Bravo did a better job of checking people out. Apparently NOT!

              • shadow says:

                This is blowing my mind to think about–who wrote Russells anti-depressants? Was it the sockless one? After Russell’s death stories came out that he had stopped taking his meds to control his anger issues which had been working for him. The meds named are taken by millions of people for depression and anxiety, not “anger issues”. A big red flag went up when that story came out, as if someone was trying to use that to prove the alleged abuse. I am seriously starting to wonder if they were prescribed to Russell without his knowledge and be very interested in knowing who wrote them. Anyone who would write an anti-depressant med would give an anti-anxiety too. So why would Russell ask his friend for them if he had someone who would prescribe them? Very fishy–and I hope the coroner will investigate.

        • Yea!!! Interesting if you and that flying insect protector, would say something worth reading instead of talking in riddles and trying to up one another. I’m Done!

    • duffy says:

      MOA, excuse me? If you are referring to me as the poster who is accusing YOU of stalking another site & is banned?????….Uhh…ummmm, NO…..so….back off! Clearly I am not out of my league, clearly I am not confusing YOU with someone else and clearly YOU thing you are are WAY to big for your pants, Are we crystal clear? Let’s remember this is reality tv and if you are who you say you are you are working for REALITY TV! I don’t give a sh*t about you.l if you kindly notice, I have not posted in that last few days and have not engaged with you…………..so BUG off! Get it? I am talking about someone else! Now I hope I am CRYSTAL CLEAR?

    • bitten says:

      Listen up MOA, I have known Russell for the past 13 years….personal years. I am not privy to what goes on during filming. Do you know what has gone on in Russell’s personal life for the last 13 years? Because I do and so does Randy. Randy lives in Texas and me in Northern Ca. Frankly I can’t stand LA LA LAND. You must have a small appendage to try and make yourself feel inpotant, “no that’s not a miss spell” on this site.

      • mssuburbia says:

        Bitten, please don’t take anything he says to heart. He means to upset you. He’s an internet prankster who deliberately spereads misinformation on blog sites. A true insider would not do what he’s doing here. I thought he was a comedian with boundaries, but he has none.

        • lisa says:

          Bitten Mss is right He didnt know anything at all about the show My only regret is i didnt catch on sooner My mistake next time i wont be taken in.so easy
          I appreciated You coming her and answering question and posting I I think its important for all sides to be heard and not let Taylor have the Last/only word.

          • bitten says:

            Thank you Lisa and MSS, you are right about MOA. He isn’t worth getting my feathers ruffled over. But man I can’t stand people who think they are important and spout crap from there mouths. Especially when when such a horrific tragedy has taken place. Shame on you MOA…go away.

  11. mamarj says:

    New poster here but agree with everyone’s opinion regarding Tayliar. I do wonder in regards to MOA’s remarks about everyone getting a script so to speak by producers. Russell had told friends (from what I have read), that he was lied by the show. But I wonder if maybe the plot got horribly out of control- meaning Tayliar took the plot and took it to a whole new level and Russell and the producers got taken down a dark path due to her viciousness. I can picture Kyle going through Tayliars purse, she did Kim’s at game night, although this was her sister. This is all just so horribly sad, I lost a son to suicide and for those who loved Russell, they will forever ask questions. I wish Russell would have stuck around so he could see how much support he really has and see that we saw thru Tayliars BS!!!!

    • duffy says:

      Mamarj, I’m very sorry for the loss of your son….there are no words and this site has really brought us comfort by sharing our thoughts & experiences of all that has happened althought we think the HW’s are Stoopid….what they’ve gone through is real & that part is real for us….welcome & may you have peace in 2012!

    • magdella says:

      I agree. It seems as though Taylor took things to a much darker level. That’s how it appears so far.
      Kyle went through Taylor’s purse? Interesting. Perhaps MOA is Kyle Richards or Dana Milkey. Very well could be.

      • mssuburbia says:

        “Perhaps MOA is Kyle Richards or Dana Milkey.” No chance. At all.

        • magdella says:

          But how would s/he know about the prescription bottles? You think s/he is just making up stories?

          • mssuburbia says:

            Yes, in some instances, he’s making up stories 100%. He’s compiled gossip from other places on the internet, information about production (in general), and added in his own embellishments. He picks up on personality cues and weaknesses; he manipulates. He’s brilliant and hilarious as a writer, storyteller, social experimenter and comedian; but unfortunately, he needs to work on boundaries. I hope he reins it in and keeps it funny. He’s a blast when he’s on top of his game.

            • magdella says:

              Ah, didn’t know that much about him. Darn, I’d love to think of Kyle and Taylor reading this site.

              • mssuburbia says:

                I don’t either. I apparently still have a lot to learn about internet weirdos. It seems that there may be a whole colony of them–inspired by some of the same work that, I thought, was original. MOA’s “Winter Wonderland” song probably has more truth in it than anything else he’s posted here.

                • duffy says:

                  Well, if he/she/it had the fun it think’s it had or thought it got under our skin, it will be back with a different name w/a different email…probably is now just playing nice then it will strike again causing a ruckous …you’ll know if it’s the same one because their posts will be very similar in tone, like it’s songs & imagination “riddles”….I don’t know if RM was the same dragon that’s head was cut off & came back angrier. I had signed off so I didnt see most of what happened but to be so horriffic to everyone, specifically Randy & Cyn1 was just awful….I’m very sorry that happened…

    • BelowSeaLevel says:

      Dear Mamarj,

      I am devastated reading your post. I cannot imagine the pain you are going through. I pray every day that I never will, but we never, ever know what the future holds for us or those we love the most, our children. Please know I am praying for your strength. I am so very saddened and hope there are memories in your heart that get you through the day.

      • mamarj says:

        Thank you very much BSL. I lost my son eight 1/2 years ago so my wounds are not fresh like the Russell family and his dear friend Randy. I try to focus on honoring my son’s great qualities. Russells family friends seem to be on top of making sure to honor Russell’s good qualities and I am really impressed with the strength and integrity they have shown.

        I will share, it is important for us to uplift Randy and Bitten and their family as most have done on this site. They do not need to hear unkind things about Russell. People think after a few months people need to move forward but as probably most have experienced in life, that is not how grief works. Grief experts, say takes 5-7 yrs to “reconcile” the passing of a family member.

        My screen name is mama rj. this stands for mama- riley and jax, my two new mini schnauzner furry sons. It is wonderful to be a mommy again!!!

        • lisa says:

          MAMA i hope you find peace someday and welcome your 2 new furbabies
          my cousins had a schnauzner as did my aunt the pups were son and mom
          they were great dogs

        • cyn1 says:

          I understand completely it is 10 years since I lost my daughter. The first year is a blur and I think it isn’t until the 2nd year reality sets in. For my survival focusing on the positive and making something positive come from her leaving us meant everything to me. I think Rusty’s leaving will change the lives of many in the future. I believe he has given many of us the conscience that was missing in watching reality TV. A lost morality is found out of a man’s desperation and loss.

          • BelowSeaLevel says:

            Cynthia, I am so sorry. I had no idea. I am just so sorry for your loss.

          • mamarj says:

            Yes, hopefully, the family in time will have opportunities for outreach. I just copied this information below for Randy: I copied from The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.
            •Every 14.6 minutes someone in the United States dies by suicide.
            •Nearly 1,000,000 people make a suicide attempt every year.
            •90% of people who die by suicide have a diagnosable and treatable psychiatric disorder at the time of their death.
            •Most people with mental illness do not die by suicide.
            •Recent data puts yearly medical costs for suicide at nearly $100,000,000.00 (2005)
            •Men are nearly 4 times more likely to die by suicide than women. Women attempt suicide 3 times as often as men. Click here to view.
            •Suicide rates are highest for people between the ages of 40 and 59. Click here to view.

            Randy, maybe in your book, the chapter dedicated to your time spent with Russell, you could add a sucide hotline number or weblink to to this organization. I think Russell would like something like that because he truly wanted to help those suffering.I saw it on one episode last season. He was trying to get the word out about a rehab center that helped his sister. He was very tender in this episode.

            • mamarj says:

              Randy, I only mention the above in case AFTER the investigation is completed, and suicide continues to be ruled as the cause of death. I am really mad those cops did not do a more thorough investigation :o (.

        • BelowSeaLevel says:

          Are Riley and Jax brothers? I always wish I could have sibling pups, but have only been able to handle one at a time in the past. They sound cute!

          Glad you are spending time here. It is kind of you to share from your experiences.

          • mamarj says:

            Hi BSL, they are brothers in spirit. They are 6 mo and 3 months old. I love them so much. Just in watching the show, I see how Russell was victimized so cruelly by TayLIAR and with BRAVO not putting a stop to it. He must have felt so betrayed. I also feel like I experienced Russell’s pain, the pain to end life during my grief period. That pain is unbearable and sadly, you really don’t think about the hurt it would expose others too. It is only because you are in such complete darkness and pain, it is hard to look behyond that. Now… I did not attempt but I wanted to at moments during those first two years. So if Russell did complete suicide, I understand the pain he must have been in.

  12. Rosalie Marie, says:

    Randy, have you ever witnessed Taylor and Russell arguing? What was the arguement about? What do you think of Taylor’s accusations of abuse against Russell and what do you think Russell would say in his defense if he were here today? Sorry, I got carried away with the questions like I do my comments. lol

    • cyn1 says:

      Perhaps you should calm down a bit and reread the Q&A’s above. He has answered that question.

      • cyn1 says:

        Right now I’m so very angry with your comments I can spit or shout shame on you. I can tell by your harsh tone that you have not experienced the loss that the Armstrong’s have. I will admit this is personal for me. It is so easy to be indignant when it doesn’t touch your life. If it has touched your life and you can’t muster up the least bit of empathy then your loss was for naught. You continue to bully and then apologize only to continue more of the same. I am not an angry person and I am disappointed that your comments have brought that out in me. Which tells me that for a while my time her is done.

        • Mythunker says:

          Oh Cyn… I honestly have trouble coming up with the proper words to say to you, Mamarj or adgirl. I didn’t want to respond and sound trite or… Because I can’t even wrap my head around going through what any of you have gone through
          I am deeply sorry for all the hurt you have endured
          I also feel saddened that one rotten apple can ruin a bunch of good folks. This post contained many sensitive and heartfelt words from so many other commenters. I sure do hope you can see that we are all not heartless. It seems that person was banned. SH runs a tight ship, but it is an extremely difficult task to monitor so much information.
          I enjoy commenting with you. I like you and hope you reconsider your departure.

        • BelowSeaLevel says:

          Cynthia, please stay with us. Please, seriously, do not let someone like that sitting behind a monitor make you leave. I understand the outrage and anger and sadness, but there are nice people here and I think you know you are part of this blog community. Please don’t ever let someone like that person make you leave.

      • Let’s quit beating around the bush. Rosalie Marie was way off-base. None of us approves or condones her comments that undoubtedly hurt Randy and can’t even be defended. This was HIS time. Spending his time here and sharing his thoughts was his GIFT to us. My comment to RM was erased too, but I don’t know why. Maybe it was inadvertantly deleted. I won’t apologize for it; I’ll repeat it: An anti-Russell soapbox was inappopriate on this thread because Randy is Russell’s BEST FRIEND. Have some compassion and respect.

        Cyn and BSL, if you leave, we will be sad . . . and then we will hunt you down and bring you back. :) Please don’t let one bad apple (okay, maybe two) spoil it. Please? It takes a group effort to keep the atmosphere the way we like it here.

        • Firefly or Bubbies. You choose. says:


        • BelowSeaLevel says:

          Okay, so thank goodness for moderation. I came back because I wanted to be sure I said something…and I was testing if the ban on me had been enforced yet.

          WTF is this: “Sorry, I got carried away with the questions like I do my comments. lol”

          Please, no one respond to any idiot that writes “sorry…lol” hahaha, sorry, but you are an idiot…lol So, are you funny? No. I know you post here because it is one of the nicest places on the ‘net and you get away being an azz longer than you can other places, or other people just ignore you here…who knows.

          There are certain pains that no human being should endure. There are certain pains we cannot possibly be prepared for…ever. There are certain pains that should we poke in that spot, we earn a spot in h**l for doing it.

  13. kvp says:

    I’m missing something thought Randy was going to answer ? on Tuesday?

  14. Jupiters Mother says:

    Randy, I got here pretty late today and missed out on the Q & A but I would like you to know that I felt from the beginning that Russell was an inherently kind and gentle soul. Although I have read enough online about his and Taylor’s wheeling and dealing to believe that he may have swindled some people I never for a moment believed the picture that BRAVO painted of him and his character.

    If the eyes really are the mirror of the soul, it was clear to me when I looked into his eyes; yes even through the television, that he had a gentle soul. it was also very clear to me from the first episode that Traylor Trash was a phoney faker with a shrill and grating voice and a ridiculous flapping maw that the grating voice came out of. In fact, back in season one I submitted comments more than once to her blog at the BRAVO site criticizing her for the way she treated him and her other odious behavior but, of course, those comments were never posted. I felt very empathetic towards Russell whenever I saw him on film and I wanted him to know that he had at least one person in his corner who could see his goodness.

    The news that Russell had taken his own life came as a huge shock to me. Like millions of others I googled away for days afterwards trying to unearth some information that might help me make some sense out of this sad situation. Hopefully soon all the lies and deception of this hideous woman will be revealed for all to see. Meanwhile I’m grateful to Ms. SH for providing this forum and to you and Bitten for showing up to answer questions and provide insight. I hope this exercise has helped you in the healing process and I hope that the knowledge that many viewers felt Russell was a decent human being will somewhat comfort his family.

  15. BelowSeaLevel says:

    Hello! Is everyone having a happy start to their new year? It is amazing what one can miss in two or three days on SH. I attempted to start reading this, but I think I will start fresh by stopping and just saying “Hi” to Ms. SH and all of the good people that post on here.

    I know one has to be quick here, but in case I happen to ask a question about something that went down over the past three days, be nice to me guys, okay?

    • duffy says:

      Hellow BLS! Glad to have you back in 2012! And we will always we lovely to you with all of your wonderful questions & incite! I believe the skeeter has left (MS SH squatted it away) and I think we are free to be fee to be ourselves again…!:)

      • BelowSeaLevel says:

        awww…you are so sweet, Duffy! It is really, really weird because I have been on here so much and you get to know the personalities of everyone and then it just goes…weird. Oh well, I think I will stick to those I know and love best. Glad to see you here, Duffy! I love your awesome red lips and fancy green hair! I must know your shade of red! Happy New Year, btw!

    • mythunker says:

      Oh goodie. Well I’m glad you missed me making an a$$hat out of myself.
      I’m happy to answer any questions you might for clarity. It is a lot to go through. I promise to stick to the fact and only the facts, ma’am. :)

      • BelowSeaLevel says:

        Hi, you cutie! So how is the new year starting for the cutest person on the blog? I missed a lot, apparently. After reading about 20 posts, I decided to just stop and start from here. I am sure you did not say anything inappropriate! If you did, just say you were hung over. I know no one will ever get mad at you!

        It is nice to be back. I rang in the new year working on a project. We just finished the first phase and thank goodness for Google docs. Have you ever used that? I could stay in p.j. and have everyone else on their laptops with me without emailing revisions. Sorry, that’s boring. Oh goodness, I’m off topic.

        Anyways, I am glad to be here. I am glad to have missed whatever went down.

        • mythunker says:

          How-dee-so, BSL!
          I have my “wack-a-do” moments. I just hope I didn’t come across worse than in it seemed in my head. I’m sure plenty have and will get mad me though, but the hangover made me do it!
          I absolutely love technology. It has made this world so much more interesting and easier to navigate! I’m sure your project turned nearly as amazing as you are. :)
          Romo – Oh dear. I love kids but they are walking germ factories. Hope all will be well in your los ojos region soon!

          • mssuburbia says:

            I think you came across as witty, sharp, and perfectly appropriate. Your responses cracked me up. Happy New Year!

          • My Thunker — you were brilliant. “Wack-a-do” works quite well for you. As I said previously, I would rather read your “insider” information any day!

          • BelowSeaLevel says:

            Hello, cutie! I am so upset with someone posting here because it hurt someone nice. I am so upset. I left a message and was thinking, okay, this is my last hoorah because I am going to be outta here and banned. I got moderated, so I guess I’ll be here for at least a little while longer.

            Forgive me, but I am too emotional to stay right now. I love you! Bless you Cyn and Mamarj!

            • Mythunker says:

              Oh dear, BSL! I hope to see your lovely round orange bat self soon! I totally understand the feeling. I’ve had to take breaks myself because I am sensitive like you. I must have different triggers or just in a thick skinned mood? It’s been off kilter here lately. I’m sure we shall return to normal normal soon? Seems like we’re sort of in limbo right now… Normal with a dash of off kilter. I hope Cyn changes her mind. I like her.

      • RomoSheDiNT says:

        See what I mean bc I missed that part too, MyT. ;-)

    • RomoSheDiNT says:

      What’s up BSL? I hope you’re having a wonderful New Year too! To answer your question about mine; I have pink eye… I caught it from my kiddo :-/ So it’s a bit icky over here. Lol
      Also, if it makes you feel any better; I’ve been checking in SH everyday and I get lost too here and there. It’s all good. ;-)

      • BelowSeaLevel says:

        Hiya Romo! It was a working holiday with 3 hrs sleep a night and sitting at the computer, so I am extremely unhappy with swelling..it won’t go down. I have a reprieve ’til Tues with p.t., so I’ll probably hook up my phone to the charger and stay in bed to try to read some of this. Honestly, though, I don’t think I’ll ever catch up.

        “Who” has not shown up, but since he’s floating down the Mississippi on a canoe or something like that, he’s gonna take a while. Pink eye? Really? Awww…that’s not fair to catch it now! I love you, but I think I’ll wait to get a hug and kiss for a few days; is that alright? Is it almost over?

        I hope it will be a sweet and happy new year for you! I am hopeful for good days ahead! Mwah!

        • RomoSheDiNT says:

          Yes pink eye as an adult ain’t cute! My son picked it up at a playdate and I just knew I was gonna get it next… I hope your swelling goes down and you get to feeling better soon. So instead of Where’s Waldo we gotta Where’s Who? Thing going on, eh? Bet he’s in an airboat makin his way over to ya. Lol

  16. duffy says:

    Hi Rosalie Marie, I dont know if you had time to read the posts tonight with Russ’s friend…of course it’s one view but you will never get anyone who will still up for Taylor….do I think he is an innocent in the entire scenario? No, finanacially? He had issues….As a dad? From all that knew him? He was a great dad! he made time for the boys games, birday parites just like his daugher Kennedy…now the disconnect was that according to his friend Randy & ex’s wife, the boys were not allowed over to Taylor’s house. She did not want to be the step mom. she hid in her bathroom. Her made yelled at the boys calling them “El Diablo”…One of the bosy shared taht big birthday party at the ranch shown in Season 2 this year on RHOBH…Kennedy got a horse & horse cake, the son, the son got a cake from COSTCO….It sounds like there are alot of questions surrounding when Taylor & Russell met since her name was still Taylor Ford & she was married….whos’ baby is is?????all the paperwork for legaling changin their names was done in 2005…same year they were married…..It sounds like he had a plan to move to Texas awa from this before this happened…a plan…the one thing that sticks out is her going on the talk circuits with that little girl saying…”my daughter kept asking me if daddy did someting stupid”…….yeah, there’s= alot of unanswered questions but is her behaviour is of that of a grieiving widow? screaming at the ex-wives?, thinking of the kids?….naw….

  17. MPaige says:

    Happy New Year all! I’m a long time reader and rare poster, but I wanted to thank SH for exposing us readers to the hot mess that is Shana or whatever her name is! I really have enjoyed reading the past week’s posts and more importantly, the comments. My boyfriend thinks I am nuts for being so into (well possibly obsessed), the housewives shows. This community of readers makes me feel like I’m not alone in my obsession- so thanks all!

    Does anyone know if any news programs are doing an investigation on the housewives shows? I wonder if a show like 60 minutes has ever thought of doing an investigation into the twisted backgrounds of some of the housewives, the reality of their lives versus how it is portrayed on tv, and the impacts the show has had on their lives. With regards to Taylor specifically, it would be fascinating to have someone investigate her statements, then prove they are all lies. Maybe one of the commenters here has a friend in the news business and can direct them to this site.

    Does anyone else think this sounds like a good idea? Or am I in wishful thinking land? LOL

    • Debra says:

      I think that’s a great idea. Dominick Dunne used to really write some really insightful articles for Vanity Fair when he was alive. He would’ve loved to investigate this, I’m sure. Especially with the Hollywood connections. Hopefully someone will be inspired by his work and take over.

      • Bubbies says:

        Most surprising us it hasn’t been ‘ripped from the headlines’ and made into a law & order episode. They turn everything into an episode. Who would play Shaft? Jocelyn Wildenstein?

        • lisa says:

          law and order is off the air now, they would have to give it a sexual theme to put it on the remaining law and order show which deals with sex based crimes

          • Bubbies says:

            That shows you how much television I watch. I didn’t even know it wasn’t on!

          • cyn1 says:

            Behind mansion walls would be a better fit, stolen voices or hopefully I almost got away with it. These are all factual fact finding shows. Unfortunately I think fatal attractions may be the best fit!

            © STOOPIDHOUSEWIVES AND STOOPIDHOUSEWIVES.COM 2012 Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this blog’s author and/or owner via STOOPIDHOUSEWIVES@GMAIL.COM is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to STOOPIDHOUSEWIVES.COM with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.

      • Candace says:

        Dominick Dunne would have been the perfect person to do an investigation like that! Hadn’t thought about him for awhile. Good call.

        BTW, I called MoA as a major freak after only a few posts. Nothing entertaining about him. I didn’t want to see him have a platform or make the posters waste their time even reading his droppings.

        Peace to all Russell’s friends or family who may read here. Blessings to you and may you feel your loved one near you.

    • Bubbies says:

      I think it is a wonderful idea for an investigative piece. I agree this does have Dominick Dunne appeal. Puzzling it hasn’t been examined yet. Maybe a story is in the works?

  18. Hoverbug says:

    To you RM perhaps, but not to his friend.

  19. lisa says:

    Ok i gotta say this….do you know anything about suicide have you ever been so despondent you wanted to die well I have and trust me the last thing on my mind was the people i would have left behind People who want to die often feel those left behind would be better off without them. when i was suicidal I thought well with me dead my Ex could find a better mother for her because i didnt feel i was good enough.

    Suicide is complex I suggest you do a l;ittle research before you start calling people names.

    I feel sorry for anyone who feels dying is there only option and THAT includes Russell.

  20. sammie says:

    agreed, and just for the record. i was invited to kennedys bday party, and the invitation didnt mention anything about russells two boys.

  21. Adgirl says:

    Hello, I don’t post on this site, but I do read it often.
    Thanks for trying to get to the bottom of the mystery of Russell’s death. My former husband also died by suspicious suicide. Our children are still devasted (they are older than Russell’s kids). Of course my ex’s estranged wife also was quick to take control of the situation. The family is still extremely sad even after nearly 3 years. There were no answers, explanations or conversations about the circumstances. No meaningful mementos were given to his children. It’s like he never existed. Poof!
    I feel terrible for Russell’s family. They aren’t alone in their misery.

  22. cyn1 says:

    I suggest you educate yourself on sever depression, men and suicide. Like most suicide victims if he could have thought clearly we wouldn’t be talking about this now. No one know the darkness and despair one feels in order to take their own lives. In most cases they believe those they leave behind will be better off without them. Nothing is ever Black or white or as simple as we believe. Loving his children had nothing to do with it, if it was indeed suicide.

  23. Expalin the bruises on Russ, the scratches on his body and the pillows in the window. PIG

    • BelowSeaLevel says:

      I am confused.

      • adam12 says:

        hi BSL!! someone was saying very unnecessary and ugly things on this thread, that were anathema to the purpose of the post. those entries were removed, but some of the comments to them remain.
        i’m not very good with words, so i hope this helped a bit :)

        • BelowSeaLevel says:

          Thank you, adam! It does help a lot because now I know that if there is a comment that seems to be hanging, I’ll know that there was an inappropriate comment before it. Thanks, Adam, it does help! Sorry there was something that led to that. I appreciate Randy coming on here.

      • BelowSeaLevel says:

        To clarify, I hope that isn’t coming across as disrespectful in any way, I am just confused if that is a response from a question or a comment from earlier. I am trying to catch up.

      • gail says:

        I just went back into my email and was able to read the apparently deleted posts of negativity and vile name calling that was done by another poster about Russell. I believe that Randy may have commented on that poster. What was written was disgusting and vile, most certainly not appropriate for a post designed to allow Mr. Edwards to tell his story about his friend and be kind enough to answer our questions all day.

        • BelowSeaLevel says:

          Thanks, that explains a lot. It is confusing when a response to a nasty post is the only one there.

          May the nasty poster get back ten-fold what they like dishing out to people they don’t even know.

  24. It’s easy to say everyone would be mad at a dead man who can’t defend himself if he were alive. It’s easy to call a dead man a pig when we have no idea if he was murdered or not. Shame on you who pass judgement. You are just like Shana. I agree things would be different if Russ were here because he would be able to defend himself against Shana and trash like you who bash dead men. Go Cowboys!

    • adam12 says:

      right on Randy!

    • Bubbies says:

      I’m sorry people would post such disgusting and irresponsible comments about a person. Especially someone they didn’t know personally. I know it stings but know these idiotic beliefs are the minority. We’ve all made mistakes. The only difference is the size of our skeletons. Those of us who get that aren’t passing judgment on your dear friend.

    • Made Piley says:

      Go Cowboys! indeed ;)

    • mamarj says:

      Randy, hello to a fellow Texan! I have watched all the RHOBH seasons and I want you to know, from the beginning I always liked Russell. I thought maybe he was shy and as we moved into this season, I grew to like him more. I know if he where here, I would be posting words of encouragement on his facebook and telling him, I didn’t believe a word from TayLIAR. I laughed when I saw the espisode with a “threat to sue”. I was thinking to myself, those Beverly Hills folks must not have heard the sayin “Don’t Mess with Texas”. They must not know Texas mean us, the Texans!! God Bless you and the Armstrong family. You all are in my thoughts and prayers.

      • Russ just sucked on camera. I saw other stuff he did that was unrelated to the show. He had worked with a coach he told me. It is easy to edit a person bad on camera to make them look like they are an ass or no personality. Thanks for your words.

    • Honeybadgerdontcare says:

      Sorry about the cowboys, but the Eagles were better than them and the Giants. Better luck next year!

  25. Dalai Mama says:

    Lurked most of the day reading. Well done all. The grammatically and syntactically challenged Skeeter never stood a chance. Since he is not welcome back perhaps he can use this new free time to enter into a basic writing and composition class, perhaps 5th or 6th grade level.
    The rest of you were a delight to read. Again I say, well done all, well done SH.

  26. SanoRiley says:

    For Bitten and Randy: No words typed here can express my sentiments enough for your loss of a dear friend and loved one. I hope you will all turn to eachother for comfort in remembering Russell fondly, as he so deserved.

    A have a question that I do not believe has been asked: Did either of you find it odd that Lisa said Taylor had shared “her story” about Russell with her (Lisa) the first night they met? I found that to be incredibly odd that Shana was already loading both barrels of the gun, so to speak. If memory serves me correct, she met Lisa approximately the same time there were questions re: Shana’s misrepresentation of her “Ford” family name.

    Thanks–and I wish each of you a better year to come.

    • bitten says:

      SR, odd yes for us do dump our personal life out so quickly. But we are talking about a sociopath here. Traylor is constantly weaving her web. She was already setting her wheels in motion to portray Russell as the bad guy. Abusers alienate the person they are trying to abuse.

      • Firefly or Bubbies. You choose…they both light up the night! Badumpbum! says:

        She alienated him and then set out on a campaign to vilify him to anyone who’d listen. She set out to destroy the poor man. I know it’s a shallow comfort but hopefully it brings some solice to you, Randy, and everyone else who knew and loved Russell that people are seeing Shaft for the liar/manipulator that she really is.

    • I don’t watch the show. Bitten and I don’t know each other but we know who one another is.

  27. vicki says:

    Dear SH and readers
    I have been reading this site everyday for the last few weeks, twhch has helped keep me sane literally. I was amazed at the friendly rapport you share with each other and realised it was similar to face to face, work or social group, one has to be around a bit before acceptance. So I have learnt a valuable lesson here, (I wont go too deep).
    Last night I found my self feeling enraged at what Taylor has done and fired off on twitter realising the power of social media to alert more people, which I have not done, I hardly use twitter. I live in Australia and I find it mind boggling how Taylor can get away with her shanannigans, show her face, not feel humiliated etc, most alarmingly be supported by friends. Media outlest taking her photos and interviews, hiring her also help enable her. This site has raised importantly issues and questions through research regarding Taylor, so I don’t get why an eposee is not conduted to be aired in the mainstream media.
    So my point is thank you for providing a safe outlet Mr Edwards and Bitten to voice the truth to the world and acknowledge him.
    Thanky you for allowing me to engage as it has helped keep my mind actively, gives msomething to look forward to, and teach me as I make my way to the light.
    Pretty amazing SH your site started off as place to chat about a show, is contributing to expose Taylor and s persuade public opinion.
    I always remember when Russell gave kennedy the dog, he and Kennedy were so happy, I always said due to experience an abusive man would have kept the dog, full stop, Now I see that Taylor would have yelled and screamed at Russell for getting the dog, This scene has always stuck in my mind.
    So thank you SH, Bitten and Mr Edwards your voice is being heard.

    • Sistah T says:

      That was a very good post. Glad you are here too. It is very discouraging that there is a person like Shana Hughes running freely in society. That is today’s culture I’m afraid. Sixty years ago, she would have been committed and her child would be safe. It is disheartening to know that there are some who support her psychopathic behavior and we all watch in horror and fear for the child. I do hope there are some journalists willing to uncover the crazy that is “taylor armstrong.” I can, though, understand their walking on egg shells. She is a scary, evil person and she would hurt that baby in a heart beat.

      • steview says:

        I’m with u SisT…..To see how others are trying to support traylor is so unforgivable. There are children’s lives at stake here…..doesn’t anyone care. Russell’s boys at least have good people in their lives, but until someone gets traylor the mental health support she needs, Kennedy will continue to be at risk. I have first hand knowledge of that kind of life and my scares go very deep. Just sitting back and wondering when traylor will emplode has been difficult especially when you hear traylor say seemingly nice things about Kennedy, like she use to say nice things about Russell. I suspect she see Kennedy as her next meal ticket.

      • Debra says:

        My feelings exactly. I don’t think she is as attached to her daughter as she wants us to believe. Snowball exposed Taylor for what she is. And as far as any of us (who are “in the know” about DV) believing that an “abused woman” living her life “walking on eggshells”, would berate her husband over and over, about a puppy–she’s definitely on some kind of drugs. What was the big deal about a small dog anyway? For a woman who has a live-in maid, assistant, etc. Insisting on getting rid of it was extremely selfish on her part. I don’t believe a word about Kennedy’s “allergies”, especially after her last gift of a horse.
        After reading that one of her stepsons wanted to shoot arrows at a picture of her, she must have been a really rotten person to incite such hatred in a small child.

      • vicki says:

        Thank you for your acknowledgement Sistah T.
        Next time I will proof read. I realise why I loose so many marks on my uni essays. Also meant to write Exposee.

  28. vicki says:

    I also wanted to ask, SH what are your feelings on posting links to your site via twitter, will it affect your credibility as I don’t want to appear to be a nutter.

  29. TangyOrange says:

    Taylor seems like a compulsive gambler to me. Is that one of the problems in the relationship?

  30. RomoSheDiNT says:

    Are there any single mothers in the house that like to party on XTC? Did the father of your child also pass away suddenly not too long ago? … I think CPS needs to know about Traylor trash.

  31. nancyadopt says:

    i have been MIA the past 3 days…please don’t hate me for asking, but where can I read the Q and A by Russell’s friend. I am so heartbroken for Russell’s family. I know what it is like to be in a totally dark place and surrounded by an evil person with more clout to spread lies about you. I know what it is like to feel hopeless. Russell took his life because he didn’t feel like he had an out..and from what i have seen, the publicity juggernaut that is Bravo wouldn’t have let him tell his side……..plus he made some horrible decisions of his own, financially, to help support Taylor. I could see easily why he did it, and now I want Taylor to suffer the repercussions.

    Please advise where the comments are.
    Happy 2012. I have totally given up wishing for a better year than the last for 30 years, but just that we are all blessed to survive it in one piece.

  32. Stlrfan8 says:

    Randy, Bitten, Russell’s children, Russell’s family… My heart goes out to all of you for the loss of your friend, father, son, brother… Words will never be expressed that will be able to bring you total relief from your grief. Please know that we all appreciate having heard from Randy and Bitten today (despite a few idiot commenters). I wasn’t here for the initial conversation, but I just read through the comments that haven’t been deleted and appreciate you even more.

    Also, I’m terribly sorry to hear about the personal losses of some of our SH commenters. For you… please accept my condolences as well.

  33. melissa says:

    tried to read everything on here but too much to read. did anyone ask about the abuse allegations from russell’s ex-wife? not on either side, just curious.

    • melissa: Welcome! Barbara’s documented case has been discussed. Again, there are no “sides” or “teams” on SH! I would suggest doing a search on SH… or look in the ‘categories’ pull down menu. TFC! SH

  34. lisa says:

    Can you imagine what would happen if Tayliars PR people posted here

  35. Mythunker says:

    And good grief.

  36. Rosalie Marie, says:

    lol! They would be chewed up and spit out! lol

  37. Prostitutionwhore says:

    I agree.

  38. adam12 says:

    me too. unnecessary and impolite.

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  39. Hoverbug says:

    RM, I do understand your point. That does not keep me from feeling sympathetic towards Russell’s family and friends, nor does it stop me from feeling sorry for a man who felt pushed to the brink by unfolding events, be them by his own making or not. We humans are multifaceted. The Russell his family knew was not Russell the entrepreneur. He was father, brother, son and friend.

  40. lisa says:

    There are cases of people who were kind gentle people who ended up being serial killers or scam artist..Russell wasnt perfect no one is saying so he did awful things in his pursuit of money But he was a father and loved his kids and people loved him to include Randy and Russell’s children.

  41. adam12 says:

    why don’t you just jot down these curses/thoughts in your journal? this post was earmarked for Mr. Edwards to address our questions, (which he has done very
    kindly) and not assembled to accommodate your thoughts on how a mans life should
    have been led! a little respect
    for Ms. SH, Mr. Edwards, AND the departed isn’t much to expect,no?

  42. Hoverbug says:

    RM this is beginning to sound personal.

  43. gail says:

    Am i missing something, i see responses to RM but no posts?

  44. lisa says:

    some of us know a thing or two about suicide and would never call a victim of it any name, im truly sorry this happened
    its my pet peeve when someone does

  45. adam12 says:

    i’m sure they were taken down due to poorly positioned vitriol. you;re no lesser for not having viewed them, i promise!

  46. gail says:

    I found what had been posted in my emails, so glad that they have been removed from the site, unfortunately from Randy’s post, i believe that he may have been able to read them as well.

  47. BelowSeaLevel says:

    lol! lol! I am an idiot! lol! lol! I am an idiot! lol! lol!

  48. Firefly or Bubbies. You choose…they both light up the night! Badumpbum! says:

    Don’t know how to respond to you except… Lol

  49. BelowSeaLevel says:

    okay, now I do look like an idiot.

  50. BelowSeaLevel says:

    I wish I could “Like” my comment. It is my most favoritest piece of work ever.

  51. Firefly or Bubbies. You choose…they both light up the night! Badumpbum! says:

    I don’t think so! I’m equally as appalled by the hateful comments but your post made me laugh. I knew you were doing it as an eye roll gesture to the other poster but the way you did it struck me as humorous. Hope you didn’t think I was mocking you.

  52. belowsealevel says:

    I am on my phone & cant see the link…what was it? Is this a droid problem?

  53. belowsealevel says:

    Bubbies, your response cracked me up. I was upset, but when i saw your response, i couldnt help but laugh

  54. Bubbies says:

    Then my work here is done. Lolz :)

  55. duffy says:

    BSL, I’d hit that “like” but about a bajjillion times! hee hee! that made me LOL! :) Good stuff! I’m an idiot too…”boink”…LOL!

  56. BelowSeaLevel says:


  57. I knew Russ the entrepreneur well. So did most of his “close” friends

  58. Mythunker says:

    Randy, was he actually in the tiger 21 club or was that just a rumor?
    Again, I feel awful that you were subjected to any derogatory statements on here. The Internet is a tricky thing and I hope you recognize all the genuine sympathy and appreciation that was shown here.

  59. Hoverbug says:

    Sorry Randy,
    Hope my comment did not offend, my point was that those who are near and dear to us are just that. We know them in a more personal sense then just what might be on their resume. The whole person not just the business man. It was in response to something negative posted. Meant it well. Just put it badly perhaps.

  60. BelowSeaLevel says:

    There’s a link on the masthead–Randy Edwards. I assume it would be there for easy viewing.