ALI SHAZRI… owner of home in which Russell Armstrong was found…

Additional pictures can be found on Google images, page 2,%20CA%2090077Share&orq=14380+Mulholland+Drive+%0ALos+Angeles-Beverly+Crest,+CA+90077%0AShare&biw=1111&bih=556&sei=uHwHT_upBcGbiALH5u3CCQ

(images may be no longer available on website.)

Who is Ali Shazri?

Why is Ali Shazri important???  Ali Shazri is 72 years old.  A 72 year old man was climbing through windows as reported by Francisco Martin in interviews when describing how Russell was found?

Randy Edwards mentioned he had information from the owner of the house that he could not disclose.    What does Ali know?

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  1. Excellent point about the 72 year old homeowner climbing thru the window. If the cops didn’t question that then they are shaaaaaady as hell.


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