Taylor Armstrong

“It may look like I have it all, but I want more.”

From Bravotv.com:

Taylor Armstrong was born in Oklahoma and married husband Russel in 2005. The couple have a daughter, Kennedy, together. Armstrong was the victim of domestic violence when she was a child. Armstrong continuously jokes that she wants to look “young” so her boring husband, Russel, won’t divorce her, forcing her to return to Oklahoma.

Taylor’s bio… in her own words:

My journey from Oklahoma to Beverly Hills has been quite an adventure. Thankfully, I have had many supportive women guiding my way. My Grandmother was my first powerful influence. She taught me to be thankful and to celebrate life. I wish she were here to enjoy the ride as I join forces with five other strong women as The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

I moved to Beverly Hills to operate a textile business (Nusport… filed as a NV corporation… here) and fulfill my goal of owning my own company. I caught the “entrepreneurial bug” while working with a start-up ecommerce company based in Florida. I learned a good deal about the corporate world working for both Pfizer and Medtronic, and was ready for a venture of my own.

I met my husband, Russell, in 2004 and we were married in 2005. I came all the way to Beverly Hills and then, married a Texan. The following year, we were blessed with our daughter, Kennedy. I sold my business to enjoy Motherhood and experienced the most rewarding years of my life. Kennedy is now in school and I have returned to my entrepreneurial pursuits. I handle business development in my role as President of eImplement, Inc., a management consulting firm I co-founded. I have a few other exciting ventures underway as well.”

Business Bio:

Taylor Armstrong – Founder/President. Mrs. Armstrong is the co-founder and President of eImplement, Inc., a management consulting firm specializing in ERP solutions for SAP and Oracle, IT Infrastructure Planning and Content Management. The primary goal of eImplement is to further empower Fortune 1000 companies to better utilize their existing tools through strategic planning and upgrades in core modules and sub areas such as COPA, COGS and Dynamic Forecasting.

Mrs. Armstrong is a partner of Patchi Chocolate USA, a founding shareholder of FamilyFilter.com and a Director of Crescent Financial Partners, Inc., a Los Angeles based private merchant banking firm. Prior to launching her entrepreneurial career, Mrs. Armstrong worked as a Sales Representative for both Pfizer Pharmaceuticals and Medtronic. Mrs. Armstrong is an active supporter of the 1736 Family Crisis Center, b InTune Foundation, Big Brothers and Sisters and United Friends of the Children.

Company Websitehttp://www.eimplement.com/management.html

Website:  http://www.taylorarmstrong.com/home

Facebook:  http://www.facebook.com/pages/Taylor-Armstrong/114421708612766

Twitter:  http://twitter.com/#!/tayloratweets

Official Fan site: http://www.taylorarmstrongfansite.com/

RHOBH Facebook:  http://www.facebook.com/RealHousewivesofBeverlyHills

28 comments on “Taylor Armstrong

  1. What a bunch of BS about Taylor. This woman never worked. She had the men she dated support her financially and told people that she worked. None of the men she dated would marry her because they all knew she was a Gold-Digger. Finally, she talked Russell into marrying her – and it’s obvious that he regrets that decision!
    Taylor lies and says she is a management consultant, which is the biggest joke.
    When she moved to Los Angeles, she changed her name from Shana Hughes to Taylor Ford and often told people that she was from the Ford Motor Family in Oklahoma.
    Taylor is a Social Climber who is Desperate for fame, attention, and social status. She befriends people who can “benefit her socially” – she is rude to, and ignores, those who “can not help her socially”. Taylor is fake, pretentious, shallow, and is a master manipulator.
    If you watch the entire season of RHBH you will see that Taylor was the catalyst for the argument between Camille & Kyle and also the horrible argument between Kyle & her sister, Kim.
    Beverly Hills Resident


    • You got that right! Taylor started the argument between Kyle and Camille and the only ones who saw it were Kim and Lisa! Lisa has been spot on about Taylor all along. Taylor is as fake as they come. There is something about her that is very fake and plastic. She is shallow and constantly doing more work on her ugly face. No amount of restalyn or Botox can fix her fake personality or her shallowness. I do not believe Russell ever hit her or even raised his voice to her. She is a disgusting liar and I hope karma takes away every penny she has made off of the death of her poor husband Russell. He was just a very gentle, intelligent, introverted lost soul in a sea of extroverted, selfish, judgmental self-absorbed jerks, including and especially his wife Taylor. The only thing wrong with Russell was his taste in women! He may have been a little odd, but that is just who he was and she knew that when she married him! She used him for his money, had his child and then she was locked into his money for life…she makes me sick to even look at her let alone listen to her faker fake personality.


      • Not all his women were in bad taste, I dated him right before Taylor got her greedy dog paws on him. She got pregnant so he felt forced to marry her. i know this because we remained dear friends until his death. I actually spoke with him the week before he died. He told me that she was going to crucify him so that she could become more famous. All she wanted was money and fame. She is full of lies and now she has a book of lies coming out, that should be the title, Shana “a true story of lies”, lol. I hope she just disappears.


        • Thanks for sharing Nickie. I figured Traylor for the scummy get-herself-knocked-up-type. Since you knew and loved Russel, can you shed any light on where he would have stood on this birthday party business?


          • If you talking in regards to all the money she spent? If so the one thing I can tell you about Russell is that he is also a social climber or was. He was all about business and making money. I even found an investor and the investor lost all his money and I still feel terrible about it because at that time I trusted Russell. All I can say is he surrounded himself with influential people. He one time took me to a small party at this huge mansion, it was like 90,000 sq ft, I got lost going to the bathroom. He ended up screwing that man to, his name is Bob L. but I wont put his last name up on this site. Don’t need him getting mad at me as he is a billionair but Russell screwed him out of alot of money. He was very unethical in regards to business but he wasn’t abusive towards women and children. He showed nothing but kindness. I think she abused him to be honest.


  2. Taylor is a disgusting, selfish, ignorant person. She is a con artist and a fast talker.

    Look at the body language the husband can’t stand her. Changed her name several times, never worked, and is greedy.

    Treated kim richards very poorly because kim can’t help taylor climb the social ladder.

    Remove Taylor Armstrong from RHOBH.

    In addition, why is Paul, the plastic surgeon always on camera and was on 9021plastic surgeons. Does he work? Paul looks like a lazy nebish to me.


  3. I’ve been in an abusive situation and while that doesn’t make me an authority on Taylor’s situation, she was constantly provoking Russell by making small digs at him in their therapy sessions, by telling Russell about Camille and Lisa and their bringing up the stories she’d told them about her abuse, and most of all, she kept her young daughter in that situation – AND – she did it while having the funds and the means to extricate herself and her child from that situation, which is an escape hatch many women don’t have. I believe her anger at Camille isn’t about about the abuse but because it blew the lid off Taylor’s game. She said in that after program with Andy Cohen that abuse can’t end until the abused start talking, and then turned around and blasted Camille for ‘outing’ her abuse. She’s playing both sides of the fence, and what really makes me mad, she’s casting a light of doubt on all the other women out there who are actually suffering and are afraid to tell people because they’re afraid of not being believed. There is such a thing as karma and, my Lord, it’s going to be rough on her some day. I hope I’m wrong about all this, but I’ve seen this woman get caught in lies constantly. What someone should do is to map all the times Taylor said she was abused to her shoot dates. Someone could talk to the producers and the makeup artists on set and see if there was evidence to back those things up. Me thinks probably not.


  4. Am I the only one crazy enough to think SHAFT gave herself the eye injury resulting in surgery? Think about it, she had been proclaiming this horrific abuse all season, the housewives were starting to question to her “where are the marks” and lastly at the white party, Kyle asked Russell if he was aware of what SHAFT had been saying. I believe it was shortly after the white party that this injury appeared. I think this crazy bitch would do anything for attention, no matter the cost!!!


    • Years ago I had a friend who was in an abusive relationship. One evening during a violent episode, she ran to a neighbor and called authorities. When they showed up, her boyfriend explained to the police that HE was the one being abused and had a black eye to show for it. The cops ended up citing both of them for domestic abuse. My friend found out later that her boyfriend had taken a frying pan and hit himself in the face when he discovered she had called the police. Taylor creating her own injuries was my first reaction when I saw her bruising. I also wondered if anyone else thought the same…


  5. Maybe I’ve been watching too much Dr. Phil’s (and others) campaign against domestic violence but I am just not understanding all the generally negative feelings expressed on here toward Taylor. A “gold digger”? Maybe. “Shallow?” ok, yes. But a “con artist” who self-inflicted injury to get attention? Really? Thankfully, no one has ever hit me-was not even spanked as a kid so while it’s hard for me to see/understand why she (or any abused woman) would stay, the reality is that a lot of women DO. Taylor is quite candid in her sharing how she was raised in a violent household as a kid where a lot of abuse took place and I think enough studies show that that’s a “cycle” that’s not easy to break. I can get past the name changing and the over-the-top birthday parties and why Camille and Adrienne had their doubts because Taylor was inconsistent and not forthcoming in telling them the truth but my God, have a little compassion for a woman who was married to a man who not only abused her but also beat his first wife and an ex girlfriend and had absolutely no idea how to handle the situation. And pray that Kennedy will get the help she needs to end this violence.


    • And the proof of this abuse is what? Because from what i have seen its just taylors word and well thats not worth anything since she was a con artist and well known liar
      from way back.
      and while yes he did have a past with his ex both women stayed close to Russell as he went to rehap and got help for his anger issues and also his kids were in his life all the way up until his death(well when Taylor allowed them to be around that is) so they must have not been to scared of russell and was satified his issues were dealt with and under control enough tto give him unsupervised visits. It was one of his ex wives Russell reached out to just days before his death for help.

      so sorry My compassion does not extent to liars and grifters and those that lie about abuse.


    • I feel the difficulty is that a person that is abused does not go to every single “friend” in a group for years and claim she is being abused by him and never see a mark. Mind you that they can be hidden but normally the abuser does not let them have much independence due to the secrets. She clammed up on the conversation in the limo but it was obvious she was changing the story when relaid to Russell. His face said a ton.

      The woman lied about Adrienne being the godmother of Kennedy. She tried turning the tables on Lisa so many times with Kyle. She thought she was a good manipulator.

      Look at all the footage. It’s not a whole story but it is telling about each of them.

      So she changed her name a ton but the lies? The all of a sudden display of abuse? The law suits?

      Google her and way too many people have a story to tell about the couple. That’s just the ones speaking out imagine those that just want to forget them?!

      I don’t want to see her anymore!

      Her story of abuse as a child rings false also. Then her story in her book? It was juvenile and read untrue as well. When those things happen it leaves a mark! Mentally and physically.

      I feel for the daughter and Russels two sons. This woman could have walked away with the knowledge to save her children and his the shame of it all.

      We will never know. But I pray if she is as fake as I fell that it will come back ten fold!

      My theories ….my opinion….I will not watch if she is back on or of she is involved with Anything.

      Sidebar: the DV must feel humiliated.


  6. I don’t think anyone said Traylor’s injury was self inflicted. She was very careful explaining that she and Russell had a fight and she “got” hurt, not that Russell hit her.
    Camille had said we don’t see sign of abuse and then Taylor shows up with signs of abuse. There are people who can say they saw traylor hit Russell, not the other way around.
    From Your lips to God’s ear about Kennedy.


  7. Her lips are sick. They look exactly like a giant fish. I’ve honestly never seen such a crazy looking face, unlike anything that God ever made. It’s disgusting. Her blabber mouth opens to talk only aout one thing: herself.. Honestly, she is so fake even when talking about Kennedy and that’s a rough thing to say about a mother – but it’s clear she does not care about Kennedy as muh as herself. Taylor is truly a pig and her face is doggish even if the lips are all about fish absolutely disgusting. Never before have I written on a blog about somebody’s face, but i honestly never saw anything as gross as Taylors face. It inspires disgust and horror.


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