10 comments on “SHANA ON TODAY 2.11.12

  1. Welcome to the new buzzword… love addiction. I wish that she would just stop talking about how much she loved him and the murder/suicide scenario. He didn’t kill her, and her orbit blowout story is full of holes. In the two years that she was on RHOBH, she never did anything for him that demonstrated love that I can recall.


  2. @ SH – Thanks for the video upload! :)

    “Let’s see… I haven’t dragged Russell’s name in the mud deep enough… What other crap can I say about him…. Let’s see… ”
    – So she comes up with Josh Powell… Is this NOT going to be uncomfortable for Kennedy later on if & when she hears this is how her mother described her father?
    – People who claim they will never have any kind of perspective on a certain situation should not write a book about said situation.
    – “Love Addiction”? That’s a Dr. Drew diagnosis. He had someone in his Celebrity Rehab for being one. Good job Drew for putting that pseudo psycho-babble in her vocabulary.
    – “Lighting bolt kind of love where you just see each other and can’t be away from each other?” She admitted she had to chase Russell for 3 months cuz he didn’t want to be with her. Also, she said this marriage was created mainly for business purposes. And he didn’t marry her until she was 5 months pregnant…
    – Re the fingerprints…. that was cuz of her own decision to give herself various name changes which led to sticky legal issues. It wasn’t done due to relationship issues.


    • good rundown Anne. Her pr team must have told her to drop the blue footy pajama story, Too bad they didn’t tell her to drop the murder-suicide. Love Addiction, this one will be around a lot, I don’t think chasing someone that is running from you for three months falls under the lightning bolt category, so again to her pr people reading, tell her , sorry not buying that either, In fact, they can tell her the only thing I buy is that it is a suspicious death and that Taylor was on the scene, found the body, but is not anywhere on the report, Not even as having been there when 911 call was placed, That is suspicious to me.


      • @ gail – Thank you. And iirc I think it was you I would have to credit for remembering that she had a date with Russell on Saturday, but then said nothing about it afterward. It makes me wonder if she found the body on Saturday or at least suspected something, but then didn’t report it and went back there on Monday surrounded by that man who called 9-11, Julie, and Kennedy.


        • The more that comes out, the more I find Taylor of doing anything to get where she wants to be. Russell was in the way, maybe she thought if he went away so would the lawsuits. fact is, she has been building her defense in that case for a while now. I want to know why NO ONE has called into account that Taylor is in the background on the 911 call yet she is mentioned no where on the report of his death, That she was suppose to meet with him Saturday, does she have an alibi for Saturday. They did a shoddy job and did no justice for Russell when they found him dead.


    • Traylor’s lack of empathy…for both Kennedy and Russell’s other children is mind boggling. Her sociopathic tendencies have come to the forefront in her life in such a startling way that it shocks me when so called experts continue to support her mythologically abuse stories.


  3. She is acting like this is 1990 and no one has ever brought up Domestic Violence. We went through this whole saga with Nicole Brown & OJ. Why is she recycling it? Such a brave little trooper offering herself up to get that DV conversation started. That woman is selfless and such a giver….


  4. She asked Taylor 3 different ways if it were too soon to put her book out bc, hello? Normal people take longer than 6 months to completely go through the grieving process. Not to mention she has a little girl to focus on who’s also grieving her father and trying to make sense of all the thoughts that must be going through her mind. That was her point. Why now? The timing is really bad with putting the book out, now! The tour, interviews… now?! Priorities! I know… Taylor SAID Kennedy was her #1 blah, blah, blah… she says a bunch of stuff. She’s a coo coo bird.


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