October 24, 2011 ACCESS HOLLYWOOD VIDEOS… Ciroc New Year’s Eve Commercial

This is a series of videos Shana made with Shaun Robinson from Access Hollywood filmed October 24, 2011 while Shana was on a break from shooting the Ciroc vodka New Year’s Eve commercial.

Shana has mentioned in other videos that she has/had a “reporter friend”… the “reporter friend” to whom she was/is referring is Shaun Robinson.

In viewing this videos series, Shaun Robinson allows Shana to spout her very rehearsed answers. As with other interviewers, Shaun Robinson accepts the answers Shana gives her without further questioning.

Shana talks about her black eye:

Does Shana Feel Guilty About Russell?   Shana states that she and Russell started seeing Dr Sophy in Jan… Was supposed to see Russell the day he was found… Says she and Russell were extremely close… She loved Russell more than she loved herself…

What Russell Was Really Like…

Why Russell Killed Himself…

Is Shana Broke?

Ciroc commercial: