When Taylor Armstrong came forward with allegations that her late husband, Russell Armstrong, abused her, she received flak from his family and others about the validity of her accusations. How does she respond to those criticisms, and specifically, how does she explain a bruise she had surrounding her eye? Taylor’s new book, “Hiding From Reality,” is in stores now.


In Taylor Armstrong’s new book, “Hiding From Reality,” she addresses the alleged abuse she received from her late husband, Russell Armstrong, but what does she say to those who criticize her for releasing the book so quickly after his death? Also, find out what still brings Taylor to tears as she looks back on her struggles with her marriage.


After Taylor Armstrong released her new book, “Hiding From Reality,” which chronicles her alleged abusive relationship with her late husband, Russell Armstrong, some have questioned why she didn’t report the abuse during their marriage. So, why is she just coming out with these allegations now? “Hiding From Reality” is in stores now.



When will Taylor Armstrong be ready to date again after the harrowing experience of her late husband Russell Armstrong’s suicide? Plus, if “The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills” is picked up for a third season, what is the main reason why she would consider joining the cast again?