TAYLOR ARMSTRONG COMPANIES… Dwight Coates, Jennifur Diamond, Jennifer Walhgren,

http://www.sunbiz.org/scripts/cordet.exe?action=DETFIL The following Business all have something in common, I am trying to figure out what.

I know they are all have a known association with Taylor Armstong and when you go into each of the corporationwiki.com profiles, they all have visited each of the other websites.

Just an interesting sidenote:
Acryslics Plus – Owner Jeremy Sites
Eimplement, Inc. – Owner Dwight Coates and Taylor Armstrong
10 Diamonds LLC – Owner Jennifur Diamond
Armstrong Real Estate Investments, LLC – Owner Russell Armstrong
Nusport, Inc. – Mult Owner’s including Taylor Armstrong and Sean Weiss
Diamond Productions, Inc. – Owner Jennifur Armstrong
Surgical Sales Specialists, Inc. – Owner Taylor Armstrong
Shana L Taylor aka Taylor Armstrong
Jennifer Wahlgren aka Jennifur Diamond
Taylor Ford-Armstrong
Sean Weiss Associated with Nusport Inc
Diamond Taylor My assumption is AKA Jennifur Diamond
Jennifur T Diamond
Anicia L Bragg — A new name that has come up in my searches, she seems to have lived in Boca Raton with Taylor and Jennifur. She has somehow ended up with Taylor and Jennifur in Beverly Hills.
Gary K Salomons Listed as “Agent of Service” for Eimplement, Inc

The following business have listed Taylor as playing as playing an important role w/in her company:
This company has been in business since 2004.
This company actually won the “Do Good” award by the Ladies Home Journel
Nusport, Inc – This company license has been revoked.
TAODesign and TAOEntertainment


(Thanks to SH reader “Henry”!!!)

One comment on “TAYLOR ARMSTRONG COMPANIES… Dwight Coates, Jennifur Diamond, Jennifer Walhgren,

  1. Jeremy Sipes might be an innocent bystander in Traylor’s disastrous drama. I remember that Shana said Jeremy was her “cheer partner” in high school. There are rumors that they might have been married, but no proof has been found to that rumor. He lives in Oklahoma City, OK and his business probably pops up with searchers looking for any connections to Taylor Armstrong’s shady businesses.


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