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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Shana “Taylor Armstrong”… UNLEASH THE TIMELINE!…

Posted on January 10, 2012


NOTE:   This particular timeline was developed by a SH reader who wants to remain anonymous.  They did  give me permission to publish… I added and/or included items for further detail… also added photos/videos where appropriate.  

If you are is seeking videos, please check the SH masthead…

Some info from links included have been taken down by the site linked… I did not have time to check every link… just wanted to warn readers if the info is not there…

Born June 10, 1971… Independence, Kansas… per Shana… here.  CORRECTION… from “Kansas Daily Reporter”… Shana’s from Cherryvale…

Independence Kansas Daily Reporter, June 11, 1971 (Friday), p. 2:  “Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hughes, Cherryvale, are parents of a daughter born Thursday at 7:05 a.m. at Mercy Hospital.   The infant weighed 7 lbs and 4 oz.”

June 14, p. 2:  Hospital Notes: Dismissed:  Mrs. Charles Hughes and daughter

June 14, p. 8: Cherryvale News, Birth Announcement:  “Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hughes are the parents of a baby girl, Shana Lynette, born Thursday morning, June 10 at :04 a.m. in Mercy Hospital in Independence.  The baby weighed 7lbs 4 oz and is the Hughes’ first child.
Mrs. Hughes is the former Marla Pugh of this city.
Maternal grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. Gene Pugh and paternal grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. Jim Hughes, all of Cherryvale.
Paternal great grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. M.S. O’Neil of Thibodeaux, La and Mr. and Mrs. M.E. Hughes of Bruce, Miss.”

1/23/89: Shanna Hughes from Tulsa, OK complains to People Magazine that her cheerleading coaching won’t let the girls do any dancing with their legs apart and so there go their chances of winning the championship!,,20119410,00.html

8/9/93: Shana Hughes legally changed her name to Shana Taylor in Delaware County, OK…. here.

HS Classmate wonders when Shana changed her name… wasn’t her reason because everyone in HS called her by her last name???

10/15/95: Russell pleads guilty to tax evasion

5/5/97: Russell is sentenced to 5 years probation

10/11/00: Probation ends… here.

4/30/01: Shana Lynette Taylor files articles of incorporation for SURGICAL SALES SPECIALISTS, INC in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. (Note: same street address but different suite # as her FL realtor license).    (10/4/02: SURGICAL SALES SPECIALISTS, INC dissolved.)

5/9/01: Christy Corino filed a lawsuit (Los Angeles Superior Court, Case Number SC066598) against Russell Lynn Armstrong accusing him of fraud, negligent misrepresentation, statutory securities violations and breach of fiduciary duties.

11/4/02: The Corino case was settled out of court, with Russell agreeing to pay Corino an undisclosed amount.

8/5/03: Russell failed to make the payments to Corino and notice of entry of judgment was filed. This is the lawsuit that involved Mohamed, Lisa’s friend:

9/8/00-3/31/04: Shana Lynette Taylor has a real estate license in FL.

Licensee Information
Name: TAYLOR, SHANA LYNETTE (Primary Name)
(DBA Name)
Main Address: 1010 SEMINOLE DRIVE #1610

License Mailing:      LicenseLocation:

License Information
License Type: Real Estate Broker or Sales
Rank: Sales Associate
License Number: SL693724
Status: Null and Void
Licensure Date: 09/08/2000
Expires: 03/31/2004

Special Qualifications Qualification Effective

View Related License Information
View License Complaint

This license was issued BEFORE her name change……

2004: Taylor meets Russell and they allegedly are trying to scam people already in Boca Raton, FL……ghes-armstrong/

11/18/04: Shana Lynette Taylor files with the Palm Beach, FL court to have her name legally changed to Taylor Ford. She didn’t pay the filing fee so the case was dismissed.

4/5/05: She had to refile for the name change and this time it was granted.

Oct. 2005: Russell files for bankruptcy…y/#.TvqI2VacySo

10/27/05: Russell and Taylor get married in Mexico…ngsandNuway.pdf

Dec. 2005: The Armstrong’s allegedly scam an interior designer out of about $75k…is-wife-taylor/

2/16/06: Corino filed again asking that she be awarded damages equal to the indebtedness, plus prejudgment interest, attorneys fees and “such other relief as the Court may deem just and proper.”

2/26/06: Kennedy born

10/03/2007: Document Taylor signed along with Russell, that she now claims she signed under duress:

10/11/10: Taylor drunk off of her ass at the RHOBH season 1 premier party

January 2011: Russell and Taylor start seeing Dr. Sophy…

Cast of ‘The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ Camille Grammer, Adrienne Maloof, Kyle Richards, Andy Cohen Executive Vice President of Bravo, Taylor Armstrong, Lisa Vanderpump and Kim Richards NBC Press Tour Party held at The Bazaar at the SLS Hotel Los Angeles, California – 01.08.11

January 11, 2011: Russell and Taylor attend the movie premiere of “The Green Hornet” @ Graumann’s Chinese Theatre in Hollywood:…aylor+Armstrong

1/13/11: Taylor attends “Give Back Hollywood Foundation & Fashion Forms Giving Lounge To Honor The Golden Globes And Children’s Miracle Network”…aylor+Armstrong

1/13/11: Taylor @ NBC Universal Winter Press Tour All-Star Party in Pasadena, CA…rty/FTESpU0DnBV

1/21/11: Russell and Taylor at IndieVest Party…aylor+Armstrong

2/5/11: Taylor and Russell attend the Style Icon Superbowl party in Dallas, TX…yle_Icon_a.aspx
According to the National Enquirer, Russell dislocated Taylor’s jaw at/after a Superbowl party (note, this says “dislocated,” not broken, which is what Camille said that Taylor had told her).…se-from-husband

2/11/11: Taylor and Russell at Ciroc Vodka, OK! Magazine & Step Up Women’s Network Women of Music Celebration at The Colony

2/23/11: Taylor and Russell at Global Green USA’s 8th annual pre-Oscar party…rty/u7Yfo4WMz6f

2/25/11: Taylor and Russell at OK Magazine’s Oscar party…als/HaECYqOl0En

2/26/11: Taylor at Los Angeles Confidential Magazine party…ergs-award.html

2/28/11: Taylor and Nene Leakes at Boa…ife-nene-leakes

Feb. 2011 (can’t find the exact date): Taylor being interviewed at some party (she sounds drunk )

Late Feb. 2011??: Colorado trip
The house was listed for sale on 3/14/11 … Camille saying she wanted to take the girls there before it went up for sale.  Bravo would not film there if the house was listed because that could interfere with showings.

March 2011: HW’s trip to Colorado, because it fell sometime after Camille’s show debut party and before Game Night at Dana’s, plus Adrienne talks about possibly moving the Kings and the rumors were confirmed March 7th…to-anaheim-2488

March 9, 2o11:  Shana at Orange County benefit… here:

“The party would not be complete without the star-studded appearance of former “The Real Housewives of Orange County” star Lauri Peterson, who attracted plenty of attention. Moments later, from the cast of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,” Taylor Armstrong appeared wearing a multi-colored sequined mini dress, keeping with the Mardi Gras theme.  When she moved, the dress flashed like a beam of laser light. Of course, she was wearing her Louboutin 5-inch heels.”

3/10/11: Taylor at UK Style by French Connection Hollywood launch party…-by-french.html

3/13/11: Taylor, Russell and Kennedy at the Stuart House benefit…fit/vt0gBPsGzm6

3/15/11: Taylor, Dana, and someone else having lunch…afe/fsBdocHBQ1q

3/15/11: Taylor, Kyle and Faye having dinner at Boa…ong/ONYHEMfIr3K

3/18/11: Pandora and Jason get engaged…-todds-wedding/

3/24/11: Taylor and NeNe Leakes at Boa…ylor-armstrong/

3/26/11: Taylor at Perez Hilton’s Blue Ball (also attended by Kyle, Adrienne and Camille, not sure about Lisa and Kim)… more photos… here.

… same day as RHOBH episode one taped… here.…rty/UUbu55ZpVZ8

3/30/11: Taylor at Bravo’s Upfronts…ion/h-FYPuPko9h

March 2011: Mauricio’s mother has face-lift

4/1/11: Taylor tweets “Night out with the girls” referencing RHoBH cast at what appears to be some event for Bravo:

early April 2011: Skinny Taylor…ini-photos.html

April 2011: Brandi breaks her leg

4/7/11: Taylor and Kennedy at LONG-TIME-LINER Conture Make-Up Salon opening…time-liner.html

4/13/11: Final game for Sacramento Kings for 2010-11 season, the game Adrienne, Paul and Kim went to

4/19/11: Taylor and Dana at STK Steakhouse…STK/sJhjLQ2spK_

4/21/11: Shopping at Stripes, possibly filming for RHOBH…pes/ZODMvvapags

4/24/11: Easter
Found tweets from Camille that show she was in Hawaii from about 4/12-4/26

4/14/11-4/24/11: Kyle’s Lollipop Theater fundraiser (article says Kim was too tired to go after Sacramento trip and Camille didn’t attend because she was in Hawaii with her kids for Easter)…ip-into-an-art/

April 26ish: Brandi moves into her new rental home…-well-soon.html

4/27/11: Adrienne’s BBQ? From DD’s twitter on 4/28/11: went to a great bbq @AdrienneMaloof house yesterday. Thanx Adrienne xo

late April-Early May 2011: Game Night at Dana’s, had to be around this time because Kyle’s clue to Kim was that they’d just attended Perez’s birthday party (the Blue Ball), if they are airing in the order they filmed, game night was after the BBQ and before Camille’s cancer luncheon

Early May 2011: Kyle takes MIL to Paul’s practice for six week follow-up regarding face-lift

5/4/11: Taylor at The Associates For Breast And Prostate Cancer’s Annual Mother’s Day Luncheon (this is the luncheon Camille spoke at with her mother)…y-luncheon.html

5/5-5/10/11ish: Adrienne’s spa party at her house, since it was after Camille’s luncheon but before Paul’s infomercial

5/5/11: Kyle & Mauricio throw Cinco de Mayo party at their house

5/7/11: Taylor and Kennedy at Spirit of Life awards…011/jSIuoI-vghQ
(Her mouth looks weird to me here. I noticed it also in the limo with Russell on the way to Adrienne’s fashion show. I don’t know what it is exactly but it doesn’t look like it normally does).

5/7/11: Taylor, Russell, Kennedy and Camille at Lollipop Theatre Networks 3rd Annual Game Day at Nickelodeon Studios…y-lollipop.html

5/10/11ish: Pandora’s engagement party at Mohammed’s, since it was after Adrienne’s spa party but before Paul’s infomercial

Mid-May 2011 – Per Brandi’s twitter, her cast came off and began wearing the boot

mid-May 2011: Paul’s infomercial…err spa party at his office. Camille isn’t there because Kelsey had just filed for full custody and he did that May 17th.

mid-May 2011: Kyle’s seance (at Paul’s infomercial…err spa party, Taylor starts to tell Paul that she’ll see him “tomorrow” and then catches herself and says “I’ll see you at the seance”, so it must have been the day after Paul’s party).

5/17/11: Taylor at the premier of “The World According To Paris”…ing/d-Fh17u-4-S

5/25/11: Los Angeles Business Journal Women Making a Difference luncheon, where Taylor was nominated and didn’t invite Lisa

5/26/11: Lisa’s tea party, since it was supposedly the day after the awards

late May 2011: Kennedy’s birthday party, even though her actual birthday was 3 months earlier. Taylor was complaining to Kyle that she’d make Camille shovel shit if she was there, so it had to be after the tea party but before the fashion show

late May-early June 2011: Had to have been Adrienne’s fashion show, since it was after the tea party fight with Camille but before the bachelorette party

late May-early June 2011: possibly when Taylor had Lasik, since she said it was a few weeks prior to the black eye beating and since she’s pictured at an event on June 5 in sunglasses the entire time (due to the recent Lasik I’m thinking)

6/1/11: Camille tweeted to DD: I was just thinking about you! U R coming tonight?! DD tweeted back: good to see you on here today ;) see you later!xoxo
Was that maybe the party at Brandi’s friends house in Malibu?

6/3/11: Paul and Adrienne appear on “The Doctors” (“How to Look Like a Million Bucks”)…ection=synopsis

6/4/11: Taylor and Lisa’s luncheon at Villa Blanca … f-6-17-11/

6/5/11: Taylor and Russell at Kidstock To Benefit One Voice Scholars Program

(possibly shortly after the Lasik surgery, thus the reason for the sunglasses)

6/7/11: The TH’s where Camille is wearing the yellow shirt and green earrings was shot.

6/10/11: Taylor’s birthday… here.

6/10/11: Pandora’s bachelorette party, at Planet Hollywood in Vegas.…&type=3&theater

6/11/11: Taylor and Russell celebrating her birthday at Beso…eso/aYPxwwgLAWa…y-party-suicide

This is the night the black eye beating would have occurred. She said that she’d been in Vegas with Lisa the previous night filming and Russell accused her of flirting with another man. Her and Russell and some other friends went out for Taylor’s birthday and when they got home, he made the accusation and hit her. She’d had Lasik a few weeks before and this punch tore her corneal flap and broke her orbital socket. I believe she also said somewhere that she was unable to look down because of this injury. … eo_1363726

6/12/11: Taylor tweets being at Four Seasons:
@TaylorArmstrong Taylor Armstrong
now were pool side at the 4 seasons and i am thinking of never leaving. #neversaynever
12 Jun

6/15/11: Taylor is special guest at opening of Cardio Barre in Beverly Hills:…o-barre-097.jpg

June 16, 2o11… Russell invites Randy Edwards to Shana’s 40th birthday party via email…

From: Russel Armstrong <>
To: Russel Armstrong <>
Sent: Wednesday, June 15, 2011 3:59 PM
Subject: June 16th Event

I look forward to seeing you tomorrow night!
                                  Russell and Randy Edwards… taken at birthday party June 16, 2011

Taylor goes four times a week to the facility in Simi Valley, CA according to her twitter…RT @fluxcapacitored: @TaylorArmstrong cardio barre is the best! I go 4 days a week to the Simi Valley location!
7 Jun

6/18/11: Taylor and Russell at the Liquid Pool celebrating her birthday … -the-bank/
Taylor’s twitter pic of her cake:

6/18/11 @ 12:00 pm (on Shana’s FB page):  Randy Edwards Taylor if you look in my photos from little league though college there are a lot of photos of Russ. They are not public but you will be able to view them. They are in the 1963-2010 files. I couldn’t send you a message so you can delete this when you read it. Good to see you guys Thur.  (Russell email, Invitation and photo above…)

6/18/11: Kyle’s white party
Found a pic on DD’s twitter:…ather-earrings/

6/20/11: Taylor and the other HW’s at the Critics Choice Luncheon…eso/aYPxwwgLAWa

People from Shana’s past try to contact her via her FB page:

6/24/11-ish: All of the HW’s except Taylor go to Hawaii…. here.

6/25/11 weekend: Taylor was away for the weekend in Laguna Beach and Huntington with her assistant Julie and her broFriend Dwight, confirmed via tweets from Dwight and Taylor (such as Wishing gorgeous @TaylorArmstrong And wild @JulieRitchie a great day in the Cali sun! #relaxing and Love dancing the night away at the beach with @TaylorArmstrong @JulieRitchie and the Pumbaa! Fun x1000)

June 25, 2011:  Filming scenes in Hawaii…

june 25th, 2011-The cast of ‘The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills’ film at a beach in Hawaii…here.

6/29/11: Taylor at opening night celebration of “The House Of Windsor”…sor-party.htmll

early July 2011: Russell gives his last interview where he professes his love for Taylor, tells the interviewer how “happy” they are, how he is only playing a character on Bravo, etc.:…rong4011?page=1

Shana tweets July 3 to July 6:

Taylor’s tweets from July to July 6th-TaylorArmstrong Taylor Armstrong
Tini Beauty Straight Up Nail Lacquer on sale now!
6 JulTaylorArmstrong Taylor Armstrong
Don’t miss tonight’s episode of #TheWorldAccordingToParis on @oxygen at 10pm. Check your local listings. Kisses to @KathyHilton @ParisHilton
6 JulTaylorArmstrong Taylor Armstrong
Hysterical! RT @AWenchLikeMe hello @TaylorArmstrong I found this artist’s rendition of you. What ya think?
4 JulTaylorArmstrong Taylor Armstrong
RT @ElisaDiStefano @TaylorArmstrong Thanks for being the BEST tour guide #CircocCabanaClub #News12. Happy 4th to you & Kennedy! http://twitp
4 JulTaylorArmstrong Taylor Armstrong
Happy 4th of July! Sitting by the ocean, waiting for the sky to light up in a few hours. Kennedy is so excited! Independence is a gift.
4 JulTaylorArmstrong Taylor Armstrong
just watched the Morocco episode on the plane. love NYC gals hanging in the Hamptons @jillzarin @sonjamorgan @kellybensimon #RHNY
4 JulTaylorArmstrong Taylor Armstrong
@kathyhilton Hi Love! Home today to watch fireworks w my lil girl. quick trip. call u from airport. hurry home so we can hang out. XOXO
4 JulTaylorArmstrong Taylor Armstrong
@Jillzarin call u this wk. back in august. big kiss to u and @kellybensimon
4 JulTaylorArmstrong Taylor Armstrong
Going home to watch fireworks w my lil girl. RT@Jillzarin@TaylorArmstrong hey!R u here?Call us?Come to beach club.@kellybensimon w us.
4 JulTaylorArmstrong Taylor Armstrong
“CIROCin” in the hamptons tonight! aka @iamdiddy
3 JulTaylorArmstrong Taylor Armstrong
u got that right! RT @MissKaraa Major housewives moments @ciroc bbq with the best of @Bravotv @TaylorArmstrong & @SonjatMorgan x
3 JulTaylorArmstrong Taylor Armstrong
RT @ElisaDiStefano #CirocCabanaClub what a party! @TaylorArmstrong @sonjatmorgan @KathyHilton @RickHilton13 @JonathanCheban @kellanlutz @ke
3 JulTaylorArmstrong Taylor Armstrong
RT @HeavenlyHk Neato. @iamdiddy tweeted my photo of @SonjaTMorgan & @TaylorArmstrong with @ChefSethLevine at the #CirocCabanaClub 2day :-)
3 JulTaylorArmstrong Taylor Armstrong
@KathyHilton I just text my number to you. going outside to call u. dont have Ricks number w me. i will DM you my number too
3 JulTaylorArmstrong Taylor Armstrong
Happy Birthday, Faye!! XO RT @KyleRichards18 Happy Birthday @fayeresnick1 !!! Love you!!!!!
3 JulTaylorArmstrong Taylor Armstrong
@KathyHilton just text u my “digits.” going to dinner now. lets meet afterward. XO
3 JulTaylorArmstrong Taylor Armstrong
its actually a dress :) RT @ninnyof4boys @TaylorArmstrong is that your swimsuit and coverup???
3 JulTaylorArmstrong Taylor Armstrong
RT @CesarGStyles @SonjatMorgan and @TaylorArmstrong at the @CirocVodka and @OKMagazine Hamptons party! So much fun!
3 JulTaylorArmstrong Taylor Armstrong
@BBsmamalinda home tomorrow my dear. fireworks in the BU? love you.
3 Jul

July 3, 2011 photos with Kathy Hilton, Dina Lohan…Photos ranging from April 18, 2010 through November 7, 2011… here.  Shana wearing same White Party dress…

7/4/11: Taylor in the Hamptons over the 4th of July…17_122_66lo.jpg

7/5/11: Taylor states on the Dr. Phil Show… during the beginning of the segment… the reconstructive surgery was performed on July 5th …. here.

July 9, 2011   Housewives of Beverly Hills stars Kyle Richards and Taylor Armstrong were spotted today headed to the park in Malibu with their girls Portia and Kennedy.


July 9 @ 9:30 pm:  Jeannie Hughes Myers Hi Shana Danna. Love and Miss you! Aunt Jeannie  (Comments for July 8 post of a picture of Taylor with Sonja)

Date of Picture: 07/11/2011
2nd Annual Face Forward Gala For a New Beginning held at the InterContinental Hotel in Century City.


July 12, 2011 @ 10:45: Peggy Tanous Hey Taylor! Great seeing you today at lunch! I’ll call you this week to finish our talk! Xo

7/14/11: RHOBH season 2 wrap party filmed at Sur.   Supposedly Taylor had a black eye that was covered with heavy makeup.  (There was a link to a filming permit obtained by the production company… when last ‘clicked’, there was nothing there.  Therefore, the link was deleted.)  July 14 IS the correct date for wrap party.


From: Dave Rupel
Date: Thu, 14 Jul 2011 10:27:10 -0700
To: michael sanchez
Subject: Re: Cedric | “Housewives”

Hey Michael,

So far, everything is still on track for an 8:30 arrival.  As I told you yesterday, Lisa has been told that Cedric wants to offer an olive branch, but is still very apprehensive.  I encourage you to encourage Cedric to be at his most gracious.  Obviously, this is a difficult and emotional moment for both Lisa and Cedric.
We are not telling any of the other Wives that Cedric is coming, so I don’t think any other wives will really talk to Cedric before he reaches Lisa – other than, “do you know where Lisa is?” kind of thing – because honestly, they’ll all be pretty surprised to see him.
However, after he talks with Lisa, and at some point, we do expect her to ask him to leave, we are prepared for Cedric to ask another cast member to talk with him outside (Brandi, Kyle, Bernie, Dwight, Justin.)
Sound okay?
Dave Rupel
Executive Producer, “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills”
office – 818-260-xxxx
cell – 323-356-xxxx

7/15/11: Taylor files for divorce.…g/#.Tv5fCFacySo


  Russell called her an a**hole… wow. 

7/21/11: Taylor tweets: dinner with friends tonight. how would we get through the tough times without them??!! #friendship

7/22/11: Taylor tweets: great lunch meeting at The Ivy by the beach…absolutely gorgeous day!!

7/29/11: MMR vs. Armstrong lawsuit is filed…ngsandNuway.pdf

8/1/11: Taylor at the NBC Universal TCA 2011 Press Tour All-Star Party…rty/FTESpU0DnBV

8/8/11: Taylor tweets: Took a week off and spent time with Kennedy and my Mom…much needed girl time. I’m back and running like crazy to catch up. It was worth it

August 8, 2011… People:

 “I knew I had to break the cycle for my daughter’s sake,” says Taylor, who in 2004, in an attempt to “let go of my childhood and that little girl who had seen too much,” changed her birth name to Taylor Ford-combining her stepfather’s last name, Taylor, and the last name of her idol, designer Tom Ford. “I got a lot of flak for that,” she acknowledges of the name switch (which led some Internet reports to call her a “grifter”)


8/8/11: Taylor tweets: Fav dish @villablanca is the tuna tartar! Try it

From National Enquirer:

National Enquirer reports the physical abuse Taylor experienced was much more brutal — once leaving her with a dislocated jaw and almost blinding her in one eye.

“Taylor and Russell’s on-air arguments were well-documented, but behind the scenes the situation was far worse,” a show insider reveals stating that when producers approached her about revealing the dramatic details on camera, she suddenly “clammed up” because she was terrified of how Russell would react.

“She was finally done being ashamed for a problem that is so near to her heart,” noted the source. “She told her co-stars that during a Super Bowl party, Russell dislocated her jaw and tried to cover it up. Taylor said he wouldn’t even allow her to seek treatment for the injury right away.”

The magazine states that at the final “Housewives” taping for the new season, Taylor shocked her castmates when she showed up with a black eye at Lisa Vanderpumps SUR restaurant in west Hollywood.   “Taylor had on a lot of make-up, but she revealed to the other women that Russell had hit her in the right eye with a closed fist several days earlier,” claimed the source adding that Taylor was rushed to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, where she had a steel plate inserted during an operation to save her eye.

“Taylor has wanted to end the marriage for some time, and the black eye pushed her over the edge and prompted her to file for divorce,” the source added.

8/10/11:  Taylor Armstrong attends The Kendra Scott Jewelry Collection Launch Party. August 10th, 2011 Los Angeles, CA

8/11/11: Taylor/Peggy Tanous at the Majestic Yacht with Pacific Avalon

8/12/11 8pm: Last time Russell was seen alive, by his roommate (per coroners report)

August 13, 2011:  Last tweet before finding Russell… COULD THIS TWEET HAVE SENT RUSSELL OVER THE EDGE???

 Writing my story w a self help book right now! RT @SVILLESHOPGIRL@TaylorArmstrong would love to read your biography. Strong women need to tell their stories!

13 Aug 

8/13/11: Russell was supposed to meet Taylor for dinner but never showed up (per coroners report). However, Taylor claims they were supposed to have dinner 8/15/11. Not only that but Taylor specifically made a huge deal during her sympathy tour about why didn’t anyone go check on him if they hadn’t heard from him for days, never mentioning SHE had dinner plans with him that he failed to show up for. … eo_1363734 at about 2:40

August 13 or 14… Photos of Shana at Voli Vodka House… here.

                                             At Voli Vodka House…

8/15/11: Taylor, her assistant, Kennedy, and that dude who called 911  …Francisco Martin… go to Russell’s house and find him dead

8/16/11: Taylor has a play date for Kennedy per her interview with Dr. Phil…  ENTIRE Dr. Phil Show… here.

August 17, 2o11… from TMZ:

“Taylor’s friends tell TMZ … the injury occurred while she was playing a game of football.”

Photo slideshow.. here.

August 17, 2011… KTLA report…

8/18/11: Taylor at Forest Lawn…n-memorial-park    (Info via link was taken down.. not there!)

8/24/11: Russelll’s CA funeral

8/27/11: Lisa, Kyle, Camille, and Adrienne at Pandora’s wedding, at the Todd’s house (the house across the street from Adrienne’s that they sold).

late Aug. 2011: Finished shooting RHOBH, per Brandi’s twitter
BrandiGlanville @3brownndn we finished shooting late aug

August 29… All gather at Adrienne’s house to speak about Russell…

August 31, 2011:  Shana reported to be dating Jeremy Larner of Malibu CA before Russell’s death…here.


September 5, 2011… What to expect on tonight’s show… RHOBH producer on Today Show…

September 6, 2011…

September 14, 2011… Access Hollywood… Camille says she saw photos… Lisa says that she was with Armstrong’s until 1:30 am

9/16/11: The ladies (sans Taylor and Kim) appear on ANDERSON for interview

9/20/11: ET starts airing the Taylor interviews…. here.

Taylor Armstrong: I wanted to hug Russell one last time
Taylor Armstrong said that when her late husband was found dead she wanted to “hug him” one last time.Taylor Armstrong, Russell Armstrong
Taylor Armstrong, Russell Armstrong

Taylor Armstrong says that she wanted to hug her late husband Russell “one last time” after he was found dead last month.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star has spoken for the first time about what happened when she first realised the financier had committed suicide by hanging himself.

In the interview with Entertainment Tonight, the socialite became emotional as she revealed the sequence of events on the fateful day.

“I did not [see his body],” Taylor revealed. “I asked the… and I’m sure a lot of people won’t understand this… but I asked the emergency workers if I could go in and hug him before they took him away but they wouldn’t let me.”

“I just felt like I needed to see him one last time, but they wouldn’t let me.”

Taylor also revealed that she is still wearing her wedding ring and her late husband’s, despite having filed for divorce shortly before Russell’s suicide.

“I’m now wearing his wedding ring and mine together,” she shared. “Right now I’m still doing anything I can to figure out how to get close to him.”

“I still have the last shirt he wore before the night of and sometimes I sit in my closet with it ‘cause maybe I think I’m gonna get insight or may I just need to feel close to him.”

Taylor says that although their five-year-old daughter Kennedy had come with her to where Russell was staying, thankfully the young girl was not in the house when her father’s body was found.

“Kennedy was [in the car] sitting on Julie’s (Taylor’s assistant’s) lap pretending to steer and she said, ‘Julie, did my daddy do something dumb?’”

Russell also left behind two sons from previous relationships.

9/22/11: Dr. Phil starts airing his Taylor interviews… here.

9/23/11: Sur Restaurant opens per Lisa’s twitter… and per SH commenter:

I responded to that thread already and the only thing I can tell you is there is no way they filmed this party at Sur Lounge on 7/14. I was there through out the Summer and It was under major construction/remodel and if it were ready for opening then why would Lisa Vanderpump keep it closed until 9/22? Makes NO sense! And if I had not seen it with my own eyes I would have trouble believing it as well that Bravo+cast would be involved in such a coverup…but I think at this point they are all just trying save their own a****! It made me sick to my stomach when I saw this preview for the first time!

September 24, 2011 @ 10:37 pm:  Renee Yost Myers I don’t know if you pay any attention to fb but I would love to talk with you

Shana … various videos beginning October 2, 2010… here.

10/5/11: Taylor was served with MMR papers

10/12/11: Tayor’s attorney filed a response…1205J2516/1.pdf

October 16, 2011:  Eyewitnesses watch Shana with Matt Nordgren at Cattle Barrons Ball in Dallas… here.

10/17/11: Taylor’s interview with KTLA morning show Los Angeles:

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October 20, 2011:   In a recent interview with Extra‘s Maria Menounos (filmed after a little shopping in LA’s The Grove, as seen here), Taylor let the emotions flow and put on a pouty face for the camera.  From SocialiteLife.

 October 20, 2011… Shana with asst Julie…

10/28/11: Paul and Adrienne on GOOD DAY L.A.…play/517189742/

10/28/11: Taylor is broke and in debt and she was clueless about it all … eo_1363732

11/9/11: Taylor at SUR for Brittany Gastineau’s birthday party…taurant+Brittny

November 19, 2011… in Vail doing the weather… “COLD HARD CASH”

December 5:  Shana on WWHL… The ENTIRE episode and After Show… here.  Shana states around 7:45 on first WWHL segment that she was kicked in eye by Kennedy.  States that she and RHOBH are “bonded for life”… do the other HWs know that??

Andy talking about Shana’s appearance on WWHL…

12/16/11: status hearing on MMR case… (Shana not required to appear… attys/judge only)