19 comments on “SHANA DECLARATION and ’93 NAME CHANGE

  1. So Shana basically lied under penalty of perjury that she had never been married prior to Russell Lyn Armstrong. Nice……. And she wants us to believe her tall tales of abuse because…?


  2. So confused! So if she was ALREADY married to Russell, why not just have her married name??? It says she was already MARRIED!!!!??? Why change to Ford-after?


  3. Did Shana know Russell in April, 2005 when she changed her name to “Ford?” They were married seven months later – when did they meet?

    Names are powerful tools. Kennedy Caroline………………………………….


  4. The real question is, why would a 9 month pregnant woman be dealing with name changes through the courts? Was she desperately trying to change before Kennady was born. Her birth is 2-26/06. Something fishy here. Nine months pregnant isn’t the time to be clearing up otherwise small matters. Seems like she was trying to beat the clock on something.


  5. Is “submitting your fingerprints” a normal adult activity? If so, I am severely immature.

    I have a funny: Tonight I was finishing up my kitchen cleaning and had RHOBH on. ShanaTaylorLyn…..Whatever was sobbing her, “It got physical and I got hurt” line. I mumbled, under my breath, “Liar”. My ten year old mumbled, “and a half”. :D (To my people I like that fib, I call them “a liar and a half”, jokingly, all the time) I looked at him and said, “times two.” He took a minute, did the math and said, “So she’s a liar, by 3?” I said, “Yep! Good job, liar and a half times two = 3, that’s her.” (sorry if that’s not funny to anyone else, I found it giggable and wanted to share.)


    • i have been finger printed about 6 times.. im s federal worker so we get fingerprinted every time we switch agencies plus give prints when i renew my state id
      is it a normal activity not really but some people do it more then once


    • It is if involved with public in some way like a federal or state worker.

      But I am not seeing the reason for the Declaration or the fingerprints in the first place.
      It transpired right after the bratty kid’s birth.


      • bingo–if I remember correctly it had something to do with the fact that he was in BK already and the trustee wanted to take her deposition because she was listed in his schedules as having received some money from him. They came up with the declaration to satisfy the trustee and she didn’t have to give a deposition.

        And yes, she was pregnant when they went down to Mexico to get married.


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