Kyle Richards

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Kyle Richards

“In a town full of phonies, I’m not afraid to be me.”

Date of Birth:  11 January 1969Hollywood, California, USA Height: 5′ 2″

Mini Biography: Daughter of Kathleen and Ken Richards, Kathleen sadly passed away in March of 2002 and Ken in 1998 – the same year that Kathleen had been diagnosed with breast cancer. Kyle, like her sister Kim, began acting at a very young age. She made many appearances on “Little House on the Prairie” (1974) as Alicia Sanderson Edwards.

Kyle is married to Mauricio Umansky, they have 4 daughters: Farrah, Alexia, Sophia, Portia

Sheltering from the rain, Paris Hilton's Aunt Kyle Richards enjoys a night out at Mr Chows with her husband Mauricio Umansky..

Spouse:  Mauricio Umansky     4 Children

Trivia: Sister of Kim Richards and Kathy Hilton;  Aunt of Paris Hilton and Nicky Hilton;  Sister-in-law of Rick Hilton;  Daughter of Kathy Richards and Ken Richards.

Starred in a short film, “Bunny Bunny Bunny,” with Moon Unit Zappa and Lala Sloatman.

She has four daughters: Farrah, Alexia, Sophia, and Portia.




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8 comments on “Kyle Richards

    • Big New Statement Regarding Fay From Our Kyle Per Kyle “Faye Resnick has been added to the website. She now has her own bio and everything. This could mean we are stuck with her for the rest of the season. Also, I’ve been informed that she had a blog up about the last episode and got tons of negative comments. The blog is no longer there.” So, I think that its you Kyle who is stuck with her cuz she is NO House Wife & I have always felt & agree with Camille she is & will forever be THE Morally Bankrupt Faye Resnick! Enjoy your friend but no friend of mine would gain from my murder & strip 4 playboy…Let me ask does she have ANY contact with her Best Friends Murdered Children? Just saying!


      • Where did Vyle make that statement, Judy? I don’t buy it for a second. Vyle engineered getting Fayke on the show, and now that it’s backfired on Vyle, she’s backpedaling.


  1. I love Kyle, she is so natural and beautiful. She’s also very spontaneous. Since I’m Hispanic, I love that she married Mauricio, who also seems like a nice guy. I adore her little girl Portia, she is very cute. I would love to live with them!


  2. Klye, Miss High an Mighty is such an instigator, always feeding the flames to cause arrguments between the women of whom she stabs in thier backs at every turn. Being so full of herself she needs to stop fanning flames for the other women to attack Brandi. Please someone knock her off that high horse that she is on an stop being so jealous of Brandi.


  3. I wish Brandi would remind Faye of her druging days that was put out there when the OJ trial was going on, no one ever heard of her befor her friend and a young man were murdered . Thats when she popped out of the woodwork. She is a no body and because she knows Kyle she is useing it to act like she is some rich beverly hills housewife. What has she ever realy done as a productive citizen in this world? NOTHING, just been rideing coat tails since the OJ trial. I cant stand to look at her or listen to her calling Brandi (love) . and she would like nothing more then have Brandi talk about her to keep her name out there , Thats why she keept saying she couldnt wait to hear what Brandi was going to say about her now . And said it over and over and im ashamed of every one of the house wifes except Lisa , she was the only one that spoke up in defence of Brandi because all the others are afraid to speak up to Fake Faye and Kyle should be ashamed of her self for haveing that dinner party and knowing it was going to be a beat up Brandi party when she invited Faye. I used to like Kyle but she is a trouble maker and a snick. She gets things started and then stands back and watchs to get her kicks, and Kim does the same . She knew when she told what she did at that event of her brother in laws that she would get to sit back and watch a show. I think both of the Richard girl are mean girls . We have seen it since the show began. Shame on both of them , and they are very jealous of Brandi , they are has beens and Brandi can still make something great out of her life. Take all 3 of them and without makeup and Brandi is the most beautiful of them all and they are stuck back in high school and need someone they think is weak to pick on. But I think they picked the wrong women to pick on this time because she isnt trying to be a mean high school girl. They need to put Faye off the show or block her face out she is a nobody. Brandi just doesent try to kiss ass so she says what she is thinking at the time , So fake Faye and the two has beens should stop picking on her .


  4. I love, love, love Kyle and Kim. I wish Bravo would give them show. Kyle is my absolute favorite of all of the housewives across the entire franchise and her adorable sister is a very close second. Love their attitude, clothes and their kids and I am just crazy about them.


    • This is an old thread I remember reading it, but how can anyone love Kyle and Kim unless Edwina you are really AKA Kim Richards. JMO


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