1. SH,
    Pardon me if I have missed this info, but I can find nothing about Dana’s back story.
    How old is she, who was her father, mother? etc. She put the story out there that her mother died when she was 10 and she then lived with her father until she was 15. Even given the location of Metheun MA, I can find nothing on the webs that refers to Dana other than as a party planner or RHBH. No news articles etc. Anyway to substantiate her back story. Just Curious.


      • No ma’m,
        Just have seen the havoc and recrimination caused on other sites in the past when people give their id’s out and then turn on each other.It made me cautious to post. or even read their sites. I’ve been posting here for sometime now and did not think you minded as I was obvious that it was not a real email addy. I no longer go to other sites. I do not care for their tone.
        I tried to find Dana’s info on this site, but failed. Feeling somewhat inept now that you say it is here. Can I blame it on feeling like a Nyquil commercial today? Suppose not. Glad you found this post, I thought I had posted it under the more recent Dana post, again, blaming the Nyquil. Thanks for responding.


        • Hover: Other commenters do not have access to your information. No one can see your email address or any other info except SH. SH does NOT recommend anyone giving out their personal info to others on this site… if that happens, those comments will be trashed immediately. SH RARELY has time to scan other sites…therefore, SH has no knowledge of what goes on at those sites. When SH DOES have a few moments, a visit to our friends at MobWives, Prairie, TVGasm, Rihanna and the Daily Truffle will take place. TFC!! SH


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