Allison DuBois COMPLETELY DeBunked

8 comments on “Allison DuBois COMPLETELY DeBunked

  1. If debunked means she’s a phoney, you’re absolutely right. She had the audacity to say that if that woman’s child went missing she wouldn’t help. She’s so full of herself. After that hills tv program ,I can’t stand her. I used to be one of her biggest fans. She acted like a moron,and was an embarrassment to our species.


  2. THAT’S Who she is!! When I saw her and that smug smile – not to mention smoking at a dinner party! I couldn’t place her, what a COW! And what the hell is Fay Resnick – the orginal publicity whore – doing on the show?

    This is WAY off topic – sorry if I post on another page – but I REALLY like Real Housewives of Miami! I am glad that Scotty Pipin has moved his family up to Chicago – so hopefully they can replace his bitchy wife with someone that can handle her own1


    • @Bambis46
      Yes, she is nothing without him and she knows it! He definitely did not want to be on the show. He just spoils her and that is all she knows. She probably can’t write or spell.


    • So, agree Scotty’s wife is a real bitch.when I remember all ths shit she would say when refereing to nannies,I’d get so mad I wanted to punch the tv.May karma come back to bite her in her skinny lipo sucked ass.


  3. @Karen
    Oh she was talking like that because it was television and she was a little too tipsy. If she was sober, Faye Resnick, Kyle Richards could not hold an intelligent conversation with her. Now, the only one that would be able to hang with Allison in a REAL conversations with meaning would be Lisa Vanderpump and surprisingly Camille. Danielle Staub has more sense than Faye Resnick and Kyle.


  4. Did I miss something? I clicked on the story’s link yet there’s no actual story to read!?!? I am able to read the comments tho… Odd…

    As for A.D., she’s a pretty sick individual. Karen, her statement about the missing kid bothered me as well. Who says shit like that and then expects to be taken seriously, much less, looked as upon as a human being??


    • allison what ever her name was must hang with camille,lisa kyle a lot whos camille trying to be now the unconcieted look at me nowEXWIFE OF KELSEY GRAMMER. oh kyle stop with those stupid biting comments everytime someone leaves the room u are defitately not all that and once and for allLEAVE KIM THE F ALONEU BITCH. LISA 2 MUCH TO SAY NO TIME


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