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Adrienne Maloof

From Wikipedia:

“Money is what I have, not who I am.”

Adrienne Maloof-Nassif is the third child and only daughter of the late entrepreneurGeorge J. Maloof, Sr., and his wife Colleen who, along with Adrienne, co-owns the holdings of theMaloof Companies with her brothers George J. Maloof, Jr.Joe MaloofGavin Maloof and Phil Maloof. Born and raised in AlbuquerqueNew Mexico, where her father owned a Coorsbeer distributorship, Adrienne was awarded a full scholarship to the University of New Mexico, where she earned a degree in political science and was a member of Pi Beta Phi.[7]

She is married to Dr. Paul Nassif, a rhinoplasty specialist and cosmetic surgeon who appeared on E!‘s Dr. 90210. The couple and their three sons, aged 7 and 4 (twins), reside in Beverly HillsCalifornia.[7]

Adrienne is NOT the godmother to Taylor’s child, Kennedy.

The following was taken From ‘Maloof Family Biographies': (

Adrienne Maloof-Nassif is co-owner of Maloof Companies, which include the Sacramento Kings; The Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas; Maloof Productions; Maloof Music; and Maloof Money Cup, a professional skateboard park franchise and competition event. As head of Marketing and Promotions for the Maloof brands, Adrienne has utilized her innate creativity and marketing prowess to successfully advance Maloof Companies’ many interests across multiple entertainment platforms.

Renowned for her business acumen, Adrienne received her first lessons in business from her father and entrepreneur George J. Maloof, Sr. From an early age, George Sr.—who owned a number of enterprises, including the Houston Rockets—groomed his children to become business leaders, introducing them to his hotel, trucking and banking businesses in their formative years.

After receiving her degree in political science from the University of New Mexico—where, as one of the country’s top tennis players, she received a full scholarship—Adrienne worked in Sales, Advertising and Marketing for the family’s liquor and wine business. In that role, Adrienne was responsible for all sales and promotion of Gallo Wines, expanding the look and appeal of the brand. After a few years of success in this part of the business, Adrienne’s role in the Maloof Companies organically took an integrated role into all aspects of the Maloof industries.

For over two decades, Adrienne has led Marketing and Promotions for numerous facets of the Maloof family business—both past and present. Her approach to marketing is one focused on ensuring that her customers feel a ‘personal touch’ during every interaction with the Maloof brands. In addition to traditional marketing, Adrienne is also developing and producing numerous films and several reality shows to be released next year for Maloof Productions.

Philanthropic work is one of Adrienne’s many passions. Due to her love and concern for animals and children, Adrienne joined forces with the Sacramento SPCA to serve as an honorary spokesperson. Her financial contributions allowed the SPCA to complete a new shelter in February of 2002 and develop the Adrienne Maloof Camp Kindness program, which allows underprivileged youth to learn the proper care and handling of animals. Her Camp Kindness program was so successful in Sacramento that she is currently in the process of developing a similar program for the Los Angeles SPCA. Additionally, Adrienne also endorses School on Wheels, a nonprofit aimed at enhancing the educational opportunities for homeless children from kindergarten through 12th grade; and the Good News Foundation, a group geared to promoting the good works of non-profit community organizations.

Adrienne presently lives in Beverly Hills, California with her husband, Dr. Paul Nassif, and their three sons.

Business Bio:

Adrienne Maloof serves as Secretary and Treasurer of Maloof Companies. Ms. Maloof is involved in all aspects as well as the overall leadership of the Maloof Companies. Her marketing and promotional contributions have been invaluable in the Sacramento Kings becoming one of the most recognizable franchises in all of professional sports. In addition, her lifelong interest in competitive professional dancing has allowed her to lend her expertise to the Kings’ widely popular Royal Court Dance Team. Her financial contributions allowed the SPCA to complete a new shelter in February of 2002 and develop the Adrienne Maloof Camp Kindness program, which allows underprivileged youth to learn the proper care and handling of animals. Her Camp Kindness program was so successful in Sacramento, that she is currently in the process of developing a similar program for the Los Angeles SPCA. Because of her love and concern for animals and children, Adrienne has joined forces with the Sacramento SPCA as an honorary spokesperson. Growing up in Albuquerque, New Mexico, she was one of the country’s top ranked junior tennis players and went on to play collegiate tennis at the University of New Mexico, where she earned a bachelor’s degree in political science. She resides in Los Angeles.


The Maloof Companies owns and operates hotels and casinos. It also engages in banking, food and beverage, and transportation businesses in New Mexico, Colorado, and Nevada. In addition, the company operates gaming properties; owns interests in NBA basketball team Sacramento Kings and the WNBA basketball team Sacramento Monarchs, as well as ARCO Arena; and distributes beer and liquor in New Mexico.                                             The company is based in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  523 Commercial NE, Albuquerque, NM 87102  United States;    Phone:  505-243-2293     Fax:  505-768-1552


President and Director
Age: 54
Chief Financial Officer and Executive Vice President
Age: 49
Executive Vice President
Executive Vice President


Twitter:!/adriennemaloof Blackjack:!/AdrienneMaloof/status/20320698761224192

Maloof Music Facebook:

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September 18, 2010    Albuquerque Journal:

Albuquerque native Adrienne Maloof is about to get real — as in Bravo TV’s “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.”
Maloof, 49, has been named as one of the cast members of the newest edition in Bravo’s “Real Housewives” reality TV franchise.
The Beverly Hills show, which debuts Oct. 14, follows six of Beverly Hills’ affluent, pampered and privileged women, all heiresses and entrepreneurs, letting the drama unfold amid gleaming mansions, shiny jewelry, fanciful outings to Rodeo Drive and other accoutrements of a lavish lifestyle, according to the Bravo website.
The show’s producers, who have already begun a promotions blitz, say the cast members will “deliver the star power and the drama.”
Maloof and her brothers, George Jr., Joe, Gavin and Phil, are the children of Colleen and the late George J. Maloof Sr., who operated a Coors beer distributorship in New Mexico, the original source of the family’s wealth.
The Maloof family’s sports and entertainment holdings now include the Sacramento Kings basketball team; the Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas, Nev.; Sweeping Palms Entertainment, which produces film, television and music projects; and the Maloof Money Cup, the world’s largest skateboard competition.
Adrienne Maloof was one of the nation’s top-ranked youth tennis players and later earned a full scholarship to play tennis at the University of New Mexico. She graduated with a bachelor’s degree in political science but had a knack for marketing and promotions.
She has controlled much of the Maloof Co.’s marketing operations for more than 20 years and is credited with making the Sacramento Kings one of the most recognized NBA franchises and turning the Palms Casino and Resort into a destination on the celebrity circuit.
Maloof moved to Beverly Hills 15 years ago and has championed a number of charitable organizations and causes including the School On Wheels program, the Good News Foundation, and the Camp Kindness program that works with the Sacramento SPCA to provide education and resources for economically disadvantaged youths to care for their pets.
She is married to prominent Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Paul Nassif and they have three young sons.
The other cast members of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” are Taylor Armstrong, wife of venture capitalist Russell Armstrong; Camille Grammer, soon-to-be ex-wife of actor Kelsey Grammer; Lisa VanderPump, a transplanted British restaurateur and designer; and Kim and Kyle Richards, former child stars and aunts of Paris and Nicky Hilton.

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21 comments on “Adrienne Maloof… Bio and Links

  1. SHW—-when you have a chance you may want to fix the Godmother refrence!
    Also, doing research for one of your commenter’s questions, I found this.(below)- From the way they act on TV, you would think they were married 4-eva, but she didn’t marry ’till around 2002!
    Sep 2002
    Sep 22, 2002 – Adrienne MaloofNassif an owner of the Sacramento Kings and the Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas has listed her Wilshire condo at just under $1.7 million. MaloofNassif is selling her home of about five years because she recently married Dr Paul Nassif a Beverly Hills surgeon who owns …
    From Hot Property; Recurring Roles as Remodelers – Related web pages …


  2. Adrienne said on the reunion show that her and Paul have been married for 9 years. What reference to the godmother story is wrong? I assumed she was not going to be Kennedy’s godmother.


    • Mycat-in Wikipedia it states that Adrienne is Godmother to Taylor’s daughter.
      One of these days I’m going to learn how to play on Wiki, but I don’t know how or I would fix it myself.
      Watching Taylor tell Kim how she should have acted to defend Kyle just burns me up-what an ingratiating, conniving, trouble-making, backstabber-its so obvious.
      (what business is it of Taylor’s?)
      Trying to hurt Kim so she could get in with Kyle-ick.
      I sure hope that Kyle’s eyes were opened when she watched it on television.


  3. MS.SH, Please comment on The Taylor (Christine) Armstrong Fanclub. Have you seen it? I’m still in shock that Taylor (Christine) has a fanclub. Now everyone can read up on that famous Taylor (Christine) and see a million pics of her and all the events that Taylor (Christine) attends.


    • cc/mc: Shana/Taylor’s ‘fan club’ site has been included in Shana/Taylor’s masthead info since RHOBH began. IMO, Shana/Taylor probably created and maintains the site… that’s just my own opinion… but, my own opinion is usually right! SH


  4. I really like Adrienne. She definitely does not look 50 years old. Even if she had work done, (probably considering that her eyes have that cat look and slant upwards). Of all the women she is really smart and has a prominent career that she deserves and works hard at, regardless of the fact that she was born into a dynasty. Since she has an important job and is so busy with work and family, she comes off as a very strong and mature grown-up, and not the nasty gossip most of the other housewife’s are.


  5. Kyle’s sister Kim has a substance abuse problem, it is very evident. At the “game nite” at Dana’s house, Kim was either drunk, or snorted something up her nose, she needs help, the program should stop putting her on the show without addressing her alcohol/drug problem.


    • I think Kyle LIKES having a sister that has issues. She tries to make like she “protects” her sister. but the truth is Kyle is addicted to the martyr role that she insist on cloaking herself in. People like her frustrate me 10x more than the addicts. Its a sick type of Munchhausen by proxy. The co-dependent person thrives on the “aww bless your long suffering heart” feedback. Whereas sister Kathy just distances herself from the issue all together and its not about tough-love its about being so over the bs. That’s the way I see it.


  6. what the heck is wrong with Adrienne’s voice? Has she had surgery on her voal chords? And why does BRAVO show these women driving while on their phone……… bad behavior on both parties!


    • I’ve wondered myself and this probably isnt what it is…but I had a good friend who took hydrocodone for his back and he occcccasionally overmedicated and his voice would get hoarse….I don’t know the physiology….but just sayin’. I did notice that she seemed a little groggy when she had breakfast that morning with Paul in Hawaii. Maybe just jet lagged but she was a bit slurry.
      The girls on the hills used to get a raspy voice occassionally too and they are all quite young. I wondered what they were taking as well.


  7. I’m a big fan of Adrienne’s and you’ve done great work collecting terrific info on her, Ms.SH. What I get my panties in a bunch over is when people automatically assume that people with money don’t work hard. From my personal experience, I know how hard some people with money work…..they are driven to constantly work and when they do play, they play hard. Adrienne’s going to school on a Tennis Scholarship is a pretty good indication that she is a committed person and doesn’t let things just come to her because she has a rich daddy.


  8. I just don’t understand her face, it would be interesting to know what she would look like without the excessive plastic. She barely looks human :( And she seems really lost, dating such a younger guy, and so quickly after divorce. At least she was smart enough to get off the show finally. Don’t want the world knowing your business? Don’t let cameras follow you around for money (i still don’t get why anyone goes on those shows, unless they honestly just enjoy engaging in arguments)


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