30 comments on “Real Housewives of BEVERLY HILLS

      • Kim is a very sick person and I believe Kyle covers for her entirely too much; Kyle have you ever heard of co dependency?????

        Kyle I do agree with Lisa , I think you do the splits just to get attention, your voice freaks me out lady

        • Kyle sounds like a degenerate cigarette smoker…I voted for Kim as the “stupidest housewife”, b/c sober or not, she still can’t make a complete sentence.

          • Kim has a problem and is facing it. She has a clear head now. Adreann has always been there for kim not Kyle. So ofcourse she’s there fore Adreann now. Leave her the hell alone. BRANDI is the bitch, brandi has a book out that has very little to do with her but bash Adreann. Kim is just returning the favor back to brandi for what she did to her. and now Adreann. It was Adreanne that got in the show. Lisa was soo proud that kandi was kissing her ass that her head is probably still stuck up there. LISA ALWAYS SAYS TELL THE TRUTH……that’s how I see it. I wouldn’t be surprise if Brandi has some nasty secrets of her own. Adreann personal life should stay personal. She can write a book of her life if she wants to. KYLE, she care more for friends then the sister. She’ll defend any one of her friend but when it comes to kim. Nothing good come out of it.

  1. Even though they are only 1/2 sisters (Paris’ Mom w/Kim & Kyle) They share the hook nose funky mouth and pinched head (Paris too). They all share the drug/drinking prob. Didn’t Paris & her bros get caught a few times??… Kyle in my opinion does too…drinking and RX meds I feel. Pull on a new clan of clowns. Kim & Kyle’s time ran out seasons ago!

  2. wish Kyle would buy a dress that fits . She has broken down racks of too tight, black, dresses with funky cut outs that “Morris” buys for her when he’s pissed; “sober” Twitch accompanies him on his shopping excursions. She’ll never get her house back but there’s nothing as satisfying as seeing her sis dressed like a $10 hooker on national TV….. and everyone thinks Twitch is so out of it; nothing like getting your wine & “meds” on while cackling at her broken down sis on TV.

  3. My fingers cannot click into RHOBH, no way. Gave it up with Taylor’s husband hanging himself. No way is that show anything other than a bunch of women on pills or alcohol or lethal drugs from the street. You have Faye Resneck on there and I am done, have never returned. Resneck has lived off the proceeds of the book she wrote about Nicole Brown Simpson, no 2 ways around it. And it was a skanky photo shoot for playboy. Why would Andy really stoop so low to have Resnick around and call her an interior decorator. Only two I ever liked was Camille and I like Lisa’s expertise and work in business, she did not need that show, but is using it to push her bars and clubs. Lines form at all of her places in BH. Must burn Adrienne’s ass as she is almost bankrupt with that Casino with her no business sense brothers in Vegas. No A listers checking in there lately. She can’t give the rooms away. Taking the whole financial empire down with them. Oh well, it was inheritance, not like they worked, is it?

  4. kyle and kim are both so ugly (on the inside), they both resemble trainwrecks, kyle on the chubby side, and kim on the (drunk, mentally challenged side)—they both are so hypocritical and live in their own world of self entitlement and JEALOUSLY OF ALL THINGS LISA VANDERPUMP…… And both are like children who bully others and then cannot handle it when others fight back, they like to play the victim card. SOMEONE, anyone should have told these 2 twits that there is nothing special about them a long time ago…………Get over yourselves idiots………

  5. Anyone notice that brandi has filled in for taylor armstrong in the “drinking dept.”? brandi is a hot mess and should have never turned on Lisa V.. brandi is a foul mouth disgusting (alleged) woman of 40, time to grow up and get over you’re friggin divorce already (it’s old and tired)……Whine much?? The alcohol brings out the mental issues in brandi……….

  6. Bravo is showing America that Beverly Hills has psycho’s (kim), alcoholics (taylor, & brandi), village idiots (kyle), and trampy witches (carlton). The only one worth watching is the divine Lisa Vanderpump & Giggy…….

  7. Anyone notice that kyle is morphing into Lisa Vanderpump—kyle is trying to be a legitimate “businesswoman”, running a clothes boutique, joining the chamber of commerce and even her bedroom furniture is like Lisa’s –(creepy – stalker). I think kyle is sooo jealous of Lisa and tries to be like her-only thing is, kyle’s business has horrible looking clothes and probably brings in pocket change compared to Lisa’s business’ which actually serve a purpose and brings in millions of dollars. kyle has no originality and is soooo bummed that she didn’t turn out to be queen b of beverly hills…….BTW, someone please tell kyle that the “caftans” are for old ladies and not becoming on her…….

  8. Kyle does not have to “TRY” to be a businesswoman, she already is. You are DELUSIONAL if you think anyone wants to be Lisa V or that Lisa’s business is making MILLIONS! LMAO Lisa V is pathetic at her age showing her bra in EVERY episode, talk about being desperate for camera time!

  9. Kyle and her crappy little boutique. yawn. Lisa Vanderpump is far and away a better businesswoman and overall human being. Kyle is vapid, mean, cruel, and all about herself. No wonder she’s friends with people like Faye Resnick and Brandi Glanville. She’s just as low rent as they are. Kyle just lets others do her dirty work and sits back with her doe in headlights gaze protesting how “wronged” and “innocent” she is.

  10. Yolanda is such a shit stirrer. She didn’t want any shit going down at Gigi’s party but its ok to gang up on Lisa while they are on vacation!!!!

    • Haha…first, the notion its everyone’s business to know to private conversation between Lisa and Kyle and their reconciliation is beyond me…meaning Yolanda implied that. Butt out! Second, this middle school mentality of “you don’t call me like before/now you’re calling her” is pathetic and weak. Third, Lisa’s point about never calling anyone a drug addict or a drunk, etc. keeps her out of the pit of trash throwing the others live by so I’d be inclined to believe her. Lastly, if Kyle and her husband want to be angry at anyone for the whole tabloid mag issue they should look in the direction of the person who would even buy them/originally had them in her possession-Brandi.

  11. Brandi is the one that had the mag that kyle is so pissed about.Brandi blew it when she turned on Lisa,she was the only one that had her back.She seems very prone to paranoia.

  12. You know I was just looking at Yolanda she looks very neurotic and alittle disturb. David looks like he bored with her. I bet he having second thoughts. I’m sure his ex-wife looking a lot better to him these days. I mean why is she so close to her first husband I get the kids being close to both fathers but why is Yo still trying to be all in Mohamed who has a beautiful girlfriend. I would not join the cast of the housewives if I were Mohamed girlfriend unless they get rid of YO. HMMMMMMMMMM

  13. brandi is such an envious drunk. what a total looser. but i guess they need he on the show to dislike and argue with everyone. Brandi is so devious.

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