17 comments on “Real Housewives of ATLANTA

  1. do you people reallly think nene not the biggest hater in the group she a want a be that why she always takling so loud so she can feel like she somebody where i come from, she trash and i take my trash out ever wednesday!! 1 more thing nene should keep her mouth shut about kim kids and how many different dad they have she say 3 i do believe the girls have the same father nene boys have 2 different father balls bitch

    • So true nene got different baby daddy. But that’s Nene ghetto she can’t be relevant if she isn’t bad mouthing someone else I would watch Atlanta with nNene trust me! The other thing when you see strippers Nene stop rolling your eyes and acting funny more than anyone you can relate. That ain’t new to you. Hypocrite. Nene you called the after show to defend your stripping. It’s called stripping you must have shown your ass. Girl please. Trash with some New Cash. Ain’t hating but surely ain’t supporting!

  2. Nene what is the difference between Marlo H. and Kim Z.? Are you nice to Marlo because of her criminal records? Also, why is Cynthia acting like she will do anything to keep Nene’s friendship even if it means tolerating Marlo?

  3. one thing I was always taught RICH PEOPLE don’t have to go around shouting it they let it be seen. Nene sweetheart always remember the same way you got it you can lose it even faster, So u may want to come down a few notches.

  4. I love and admire Nene! But some of the things these ladies fuss about is unreal…I’m glad that I’m normal and don’t have to worry about how to outdo, out smart, dress and all that other nonsense, talk about a waste of time, energy and patience!

  5. I love how NeNe has grown in her career and how she has constructive input on certain aspects. Right on girlfriend. In all honesty I love all of the individuals and their careers. Cynthia the Miss Renenanse pagent is a beautiful choice you made in molding young women. Phaedra you so crazy. Multitalented, a thriving career as an attorney and the funeral business as well. Bravo. Porscha, you a remarkable young woman and I say bravo to your stance with your marriage and how you want to treat your man. Stand on your grown and be strong in your choices. However, I do believe when you are with the girls on a night out, letting you come out to have some fun, wouldn’t be violating your marriage. Honesty and sincerity goes a long way in a marriage. Now, when it comes to Ms. USA; personally she has played out. I percieve her as selfish, wanting the world to revolve around her. She has some serious issues and to have been a Miss USA, I am appauld that she could come onto a show and actually show her true colors. She “don’t” need a man as long as she is conceeded and so self-righteous. In my observation, she should be removed from the show. Her portrial is non-existant as far as the other crew. And her so-call relationship with Walter was bogous from the beginning. They dated long before the show and she believed having him come on the show to make the viewers believe they were an item, was a big fat lie. Yeah Walter! kick her to the curb and move on. Just eliminate Kendra and move on to a bigger and better” Housewives of Atlanta. P.S. I am not the only viewer who feels that Kendra should be taken off the case.

    • With regard to what you said, that’s not going to happen. There’s been some talk in the works that Kenya is coming back for another season and RHOA’s DUMMY Porsha is leaving because her DADDY won’t let her go and play with the girls! LOL! Say what you want about Kenya, but the REALITY of this show AT THIS POINT is that KENYA saved THIS SEASON! Oh and who the heck is Walter??? What 48 year old man you know dates 20 somethings and dresses as he does and then tries to snitch on a woman he AGREED to go along with and then turn around and say she is OLD??? Sounds suspect to me. By the way too, you may like Nene, but some of her fans are getting sick of her over inflated ego as well!

  6. Kordell is divorcing Porsha. He’s a throwback to the Stone Age when humans lived in caves and the men dragged the women around by their hair. I think Porsha will be one thousand percent better off without him. Kenya is ridiculous. She comes across as unhinged, unbalanced, you name it. You get tired of her antics very quickly. Unfortunately, RHOA doesn’t have too many admirable housewives. Kandi comes the closest, but all the others are a bore. Porsha is cute and nice, but she isn’t the smartest.

    • She may not be a stoopid as we think. After all, she may have figured on the divorce coming down the pike and now she has documented proof of how she “gave up her life” to be his wife at his behest… prolly worth a few coins right there.

  7. Nene, you’re georgeous, sophisticated, attractive and ALL THAT. Go ahead girl! I wish all this women will learn from you.

  8. I am amused by this show because these ladies do everything but act like good house wives. They never have a meal on the table; do any type of cleaning nor even washing clothes.
    When Cordell suggested that Portia stay home he was viciously attacked as a male shovelnose.
    The man earned a 10 million plus dollar house for his family to enjoy. If she had a spec of housewife in her she would have wanted to bless him with the one thing he asked of her before what her stupid frienemies wanted. I cannot believe these colored people are in the south and choose to want to hit and punch and slander one another if they simply have a different opinion.
    The black community is being barraged with this garbage to create an even worse generation then the last. Thank you God for giving me the wisdom to know that the satanic Hollywood plot will backfire and all the materialistic garbage will burn in hell. This show certainly is not by itself prepared to slide down the slippery slope. This is our time and word spoken against these behaviors is what must be done. Fake hair, skin and nasty behavior is never attractive to a soldier. Step up guys. Not you punks.

  9. Kenya makes me ashamed for all other women. As a former Miss USA, isn’t sheyo contractually required to behave in a manner befitting a LADY and must not shame Miss USA Pagent, It’s Organization, or contestants. I’m certain the contract also contains a morals clause. Miss Kenya wouldn’t recognize morals if they fell out her disgusting man-made ass. We should start a petition to strip her of her elderly title. She actually believes she sets a good example to empower young Af. Amer. Women. How Shameful

  10. Trying to figure out why Kenya Moore is even on the show first of all she’s not a housewife she not from Atlanta, she’s hater drinking all that hateraid juice, why she jealous of porsha, because she’ll never be that youthful again. With her fake ass, she need to go and get a face lift and a new ass fixed, with her wannabe ass but ain’t no more, time to give that crown to someone else, now troll on that.

  11. Kenya turns my stomach cuz she actually believes she’s a good role model of what a strong, successful black woman should be. DELUSIONAL. Hopefully, she can’t have a baby, some people should not be allowed to reproduce!!

    • Beebs
      I was just reading your comments. Remember this is a show pretending to be reality she probably good person and could probably be good mother. Just sayin!

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