Miss Andy Lets TeresaGiudice Slide… Makes Teresa Look Innocent! She’s Guilty As Sin…

There are no words for this farce which MissAndy has created.  MissAndy knows very well that Juicy was not alone in the Giudice’s bankruptcy fraud, yet he allows Teresa to dump the blame on Juicy!   This is a blatant example of how Bravo is encouraging their lying Housewives to LIE!  Teresa was every bit involved in the activities that led them to file for bankruptcy as Juicy was…

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TeresaGiudice Explains Possible Deportation… It’s In “God’s Hands”

Giudices explain that everything is “in God’s hands”… they’re not even thinking of living in Italy!  Who knows what could happen five years from now??

TeresaGiudice Explains How Fabellini And MilaniaHair Go Bust… Since Pleading Guilty

What the hell is Teresa talking about?  Notice how Juicy downplays the amount of money involved in that big container of Fabellini…


Everyone Wants To Know!! The Best Questions For MissAndy…

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A few of the VERY best questions for MissAndy at BravoTV… I only watched 5 minutes of the one one one with The Guidices. It’s disgusting­. They still accept NO responsibi­lity for what’s happened to them. I’m tuning out what … Continue reading

Prison Etiquette Tips For Teresa And Juicy!

Another public service announcement for the Joodices!  RickRoss tells TMZ some very inside tips on prison etiquette!  Keep your hands off the TV!!  Rick failed to discuss what would happen to the channel changer…

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NAPOLITANO TWINS’ BRAVO BLOGS: Both Touch On Marchese, Both Admire SaintZina And Both Mention Giudices!

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NOTE:  Nicole and Ta-ressa’s BravoBlogs are so similar, it’s like they’re… twins!   NICOLE’S BRAVO BLOG: Hello Everyone, These past two weeks the episodes in Florida were not easy to write about. As a matter of fact I’m going to … Continue reading

GO BACK THROWBACK THURSDAY! JoeyOrgan Discovers His Wife’s Wenchy “Singing” Talent!

June 2011:  “Some of these singers can’t even sing!”… amazingly, JoeyOrgan does not include his wife in this category!!  Watch as JoeyOrgan, wearing one of his wigs, suddenly discovers his wife’s wenchy “singing” talent!!

BLIND ITEM REVEALED!! Camille Says Source Is Incorrect!!




“This long ago C list mostly movie actress turned A list reality star for an A list franchise has been trying to hook up with the ex-husband of a former cast mate to add to her story line for the upcoming season.”


Screen Shot 2014-10-09 at 4.20.33 PM Screen Shot 2014-10-09 at 4.20.44 PM

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BubbaJax “Crazy” Says SaintZina

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BubbaJax not only didn’t participate in the NJ reunion show, but was not even mentioned during the RHONJ reunion???  How did ChineseBubba swing that one??  Those Lauritas slip by again…   Teresa_RHONJ is finally speaking about the phony baloney MOM story … Continue reading


What Happened Inside The Courtroom…

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From HamiltonSpectator: The Giudices complained about their sentences in the interview that aired Monday on “Watch What Happens Live,” a show on Bravo, the channel that produces “Housewives.” Teresa, who was hoping for probation, got 15 months in prison; Joe … Continue reading

Juicy’s “Drinking Problem”

On Part II of the Giudice’s “I’m Innocent Tour”:  Juicy explains that he started really drinking after the RHONJ started.   He now drinks five bottles of wine a day.  NOTE:  Judge Salas can remand Juicy to an alcohol treatment center if she concludes that he actually has a drinking problem.  As for Juicy’s drinking beginning when the RHONJ began, a “reality” show is a great way to uncover and highlight their crimes!

Juicy Takes All The Blame… Teresa STILL Didn’t Do Nuthin’

In Part II of the Giudice’s “I’m Innocent Tour”:  Teresa STILL does not take any blame for her part in their bankruptcy fraud… despite standing in front of Judge Salas and admitting to the crime; despite signing documents that detailed her part in the crime!

teresa juicyjoe bankruptcy documents


Further details re Teresa’s plea agreement, in which she admitted her guilt, can be found at March 5, 2014 on SH.


KomaKathy Lures RiderU Students To Book Signing… 100 Dessert Cookbooks Given Away!

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KomaKathy’s PR team was in major MAJOR overdrive publicizing her October 3 book signing at Rider University… KomaKathy and her purse carrier, RanciRichie showed up at the appointed 8 pm time and had a short Q & A with all … Continue reading


Watch NayNay Bob And Weave When Asked About TeresaGiudice’s $7,000 Hermes Wedding Present… Denies Pay Raise Rumor

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NayNay stops by to chat with BillyBush and KitHoover… and BBush has clearly lost his mind as he acts attracted to the seductive and ravishing NayNay. NayNay says that she deserves her pay raise on the RHOA because she’s the … Continue reading


DanielleStaub’s Two Cents About TeresaGiudice

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BillyBush and KitHoover should moderate the Housewives reunions… they don’t let Danielle Staub slide in this interview about Teresa Giudice. Just like LisaVanderPumpMyStomach, Danielle is looking for some attention by commenting on Teresa.  Danielle’s face is over-botoxed and her monotone … Continue reading


YOUR WEEKEND READING PROVIDED BY AmberMarchese’s BravoBlog… Eye Masks Necessary For Naps!

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Florida…well let me start by reminding you I was there to celebrate being 5 years cancer free! Did I ever mention that I was diagnosed with breast cancer?  Who could forget??  How much of those millions that LawsuitJim received in … Continue reading


LisaVanderPumpMyStomach No More Support For TeresaGiudice

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LisaVanderPumpMyStomach hedged her bets by hooking herself up with Teresa Giudice… she would grab some of Tree’s rabid fans and some badly needed attention for herself by publicly sympathizing with Teresa BEFORE Teresa’s sentence.  Apparently, VanderPMS actually believed those mystery … Continue reading

CAPTION THIS! How Crooks REALLY Spends His Money…


Best caption will receive a five-minute conversation with Crooks!!  FinePrint:  Warning! Conversation may include plans to hire a hitman, impregnate a paralegal or how to embezzle funds from Coto Insurance!  Your chat may result in charging you as an accessory!