RHOBH Preview Part I: The DrunkOtis/PumpMyStomach Sit Down Continues


NOTE:  DrunkO wasn’t totally off the mark about PMS living in the Valley, info allegedly told to her by HagfaceKyle.  PMS and HouseHusband owned property in Calabasas, but didn’t live there.  There were never any bankruptcy filings found.  See February 13, 2014.


Tree Pushin’ Her Fabellini In Last-Ditch Desperate Commercial

It all makes sense now!  Tree had shipping containers full of her Fabellini, which is why she made this last-ditch effort back in March 2014 to sell her wine in this excruciatingly horrible commercial where Tree fails at her attempt to be sexy:

NOTE:  Why didn’t Tree ask Melissa to make the commercial… ain’t she supposed to be the sexy one? 

RHOBH Preview Part II: Yoda Still Dealing With Daughter’s SHAME!




“Jello is still dealing with the shame of getting a DUI”

No, YodaHead… Jello is NOT dealing with the shame.   YOU are.

Jello is no more model material than CrooksAyers; but, Yoda is dead set on forcing her kid to follow the path of her older non-model sister, Alana.  Jello is now ready to be formed by her nervous mother… into whatever her mother wants her to be!   Yoda is holding Jello’s “bad mistake” over her head and because she’s under age at 17-years-old, she is tightly under Yoda’s thumb and must obey!

Yoda is so extreme in this preview that she holds Jello while walking her to the photo shoot with BeverlyHillsMagazine… which OCLydia must have sold to this guy to sell mattresses.

Yoda also explains how her strict punishment has affected Jello.  Jello is REALLY feeling the wrath of Yoda after she took her phone away for 21 DAYS!!  And, the REALLY painful punishment doled out to Jello?  Jello has to pay her attorney… from her SAVINGS!!  OUCH!

The second segment of this RHOBH preview is more of the DrunkOtis/PumpMyStomach sit down.

TERESA HAS “GONE AWAY”… Finally In Danbury Lockup



Teresa Giudice slipped away from her Montville Township home shortly after midnight in the back of a black SUV driven by her lawyer and arrived at the at the Federal Correctional Institution ahead of her scheduled reporting time.

James J. Leonard Jr., her attorney, told ABC News that the drive took 90 minutes and they arrived at at the Federal Correctional Institution in Danbury, Connecticut, about 2 AM, ahead of her 3 AM reporting time.

He said Teresa ate at a diner before reporting to prison, but added “Teresa’s only concern is and has been that of her four children.  I know that she was anxious to get in and get this entire nightmare behind her so that she can return home to her family.”

The attorney said his client had been mentally preparing for her time behind bars by corresponding with recently released female prisoners who told her to be ‘friendly but guarded’ during her sentence.

“She was ready,” her lawyer, James J. Leonard Jr said.

“Teresa is a very strong woman, she won’t have any problems in there.”

NOTE:  As long as Tree keeps making pruno, she won’t have any problems while in Danbury….

teresa's pruno





“Jeckyll and Hyde” will receive a sample of Tree’s first attempt at a prison cake!  FINE PRINT:  You must be an approved visitor, so start writing those “fan” letters!!


Lil Gia… At The Breaking Point?

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LilGia is a KID.  A kid who has been given too much responsibility for a 13-year-old.  A kid who has been permitted to be involved in ADULT situations.  A kid who has been forced to act and look like a … Continue reading


ANOTHER BS ITEM! TreeJoodice Tells Her Kids She’s Off To Prison For RESEARCH!

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  Reality TV star Teresa Giudice has reportedly lied to her daughters about why she’s going to prison — claiming she’s going for work.  While Giudice and the public know she’s getting locked up for fraud, the tough-talking TV temptress … Continue reading


“LittleMissEverything” MelissaGorga Schlepping At Home Shows…

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Poor MelissaGorga!!!  Since her “singing” career has fizzled, she’s been relegated to taking any job that is willing to pay her… along with pushing her junk jewelry! Missy’s now schlepping around local HomeShows…where she’s known as “Little Miss Everything”!  Whatever … Continue reading


ORIGINAL BeverlyHillbilly Dead At 81

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   The Beverly Hillbillies star Donna Douglas has died at 81. The actress, who played Elly May Clampett on the beloved 1960s TV series, passed away Thursday at her home in Louisiana surrounded by her friends and family. NOTE:  The RHOBH … Continue reading


bamboozled by bravo

We’ve read the items about Tree’s last meal (an egg sangwich), her ability to buy anything she wants from the Danbury commissary (absolutely not true), her decision to not allow Bravo to film her last days before prison (that remains questionable!  That footage would not be aired until AFTER she’s out of prison.  Reportedly, Bravo offered her chump change of $50,000…she probably makes more than that for her GLAM videos).

We’ve read the items about Tamballs’ unborn grandkid needing medical attention (MEH) and we’ve read Tamballs FB statement about feeling sorry for the Joodice kids (great way to get more followers).

We’ve read the items about the RHOBH and the continuous chaos with the RHOA (extra security at their reunion taping?  Anything for more viewers!).

We’ve seen the latest naked photos of Alana aka YodaJr.  (Thanks romo for the new name!)

We’ve read the about friction between DrunkOtis and Kenyan on Celebrity Apprentice. (These scenarios are pre-arranged…)

We’ve read about Wretched’s insistence that Bravo offered her and Slimey a wedding.  (Total BS, but anything to stay relevant!)

We thank everyone who took the time and was thoughtful enough to have sent in some of these items…

BUT… we have a question:

Are there others who could give 899342999966535534 Kens about these phony baloney people and these phony baloney items?


TreeJoodice Cruisin’ Around Town… With JuicyJoe At The Wheel!

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Tree made sure to be the driver…last week.  NOTE:  Tree is scooping up as much cash as she can… selling her life-before-lockup to any media outlet who is willing to pay!! Teresa Guidice took time out from her last hours … Continue reading

Girl Group’s Performance…

gia girl group

13 years old… 

Pre-performance interview…


BLIND ITEM! DrunkOtis Personal Friend Says DrunkO Is “Raging Alcoholic” “Cheated On Eddie”

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NOTE:  In a bit of a blind item twist, the Housewife has been named… BUT, who is the “friend”?? “I know Brandi personally. She was never more than a small time local runway model who was lucky to of found … Continue reading

CON ARTIST FELONFeldman To Write About Intro To Prison Life… Info Which Can Be Found Directly From New Inmate Prison Manual!

ConArtist FELONWendy has alerted her gullible clingers that she’ll be “writing” about the first days in prison and what new inmates go through.  

wendy tweet

NOTE:  FELONWendy’s “inside” info can be found directly from Federal prison sites like this one “Danbury Prison Inmate Admission and Orientation Handbook” or from the numerous former inmates who have written about their experiences… “What It’s Really Like Inside Danbury.“  ALSO, see “WENDY FELDMAN CON ARTIST“…

There are numerous items re the REALITY of prison life on SH… including this October 2014 item “Teresa’s New World Of Incarceration “, which includes the DanburyPrison Commissary list!

(Thanks “cybraxis”!!!)


SH “HIT AND RUN” Yoda with Freakishly HUGE FEET Fights With “HollywoodFriend” PumpMyStomach… And MORE!

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NOTE:  These people are truly idiotic.  This group from BH is no better than the lowest of the low crew from New Jersey.   DrunkOtis thinks this is a “resume boost”…   Yoda’s total BS tweet…  Yoda = EuroTrash with … Continue reading


How To Decide When The RHONJ Will Return… ANOTHER Total BS Item!

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NOTE:  This planted item paid for by KomaKathy! “Production is currently holding focus groups about moving forward without Teresa. They are trying to determine what the public perception was of the new cast and if any casting changes need to … Continue reading


TAKIN’ A SH DETOUR: Some of These You May Have Already Seen… Some You May Not!

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These photos have been sent to SH from several readers…. so, a big “ThankYou” to SH readers “PDM” “PMG” “cybraxis” and “Jule”!!! Saving the BEST for last!!  AND… something to think about: The federal government, which has ” Tomahawk” cruise … Continue reading

WHATEVER WEDNESDAY: Whatever Happened To MelissaGorga’s Dream Of SuperStardom?

Another example in our continuing quest to find the answer to “Whatever happened to Melissa Gorga’s dream of being a singing superstar?”  Missy’s superstar dream may have been trampled by STATIC!!  Watch for the eye rolls…

How could Melissa just quit her life long passion? How could Melissa leave the many fans of her lip syncing singing in the dust?