BLIND ITEM… Who Is The EX-Housewife??


 From CDAN

This former Real Housewife finds out where Real Housewives Beverly Hills is going to be shooting and tries to get in the shot or get herself involved in the filming almost every day.   NOTE:  Money is on SkankyJo!

(Thanks “chameleon”!!)


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“Lisa The Irish Dragon” will receive a personal tour of Tree’s prison cell…by Tree herself!  FinePrint:  There is no guarantee of your safe return after stepping into the 9 x 6 space…you may wake up as prisoner #77364837-03!

BLIND ITEM REVEALED! Who’s The Pill-Poppin’ Housewife??

phaedra rhoa

From CDAN...

This Southeast based Housewife is popping pills almost constantly and rarely shows up for work and when she does show up just sleeps on the floor for an hour or two before leaving.

Phaedra Parks

(Thanks “chameleon”!!!)


Is GiaGiudice To Be Protected… By Everyone BUT Her Parents?

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Rec’d the following from “CB”: I respectfully disagree on allowing the children of the Stoopid Housewives be fair game if they are part of a story line. The parents are low life ameoba. Let them get the barrage of comments … Continue reading

BAD ACTING!! MeGo’s DanceMoves… Ambien’s Cancer Scare!

The funniest scene on tonight’s RHONJ:  MelissaGorga spent all that money on those dance lessons with Chris Judd!!  Watch as MeGo does some choreography before Ambien lights up.  Ambien gets the “BEST ACTING” award for her flailing, wailing and all-around subjugating herself to her cancer-causing cigarette!!   For someone who is educated on cancer, Ambien should know that lighting up one smoke is not going to instantaneously reignite her cancer!  ACTING!!

RHONJ PREVIEW… The Fun Just Never Ends


MartyrSaintZina’s DisgustinglyPathetic BravoBlog… SaintZina Wants All To Send Her Felon Friend “Warm Thoughts And Positive Energy”

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Going to keep this week’s blog short and to the point. Amber, you are so off with last week’s blog; you play the victim so well, I’m surprised you don’t carry around your own body chalk. Body chalk??  A sure … Continue reading

RHONJ Preview: Battle In Boca

The shameless bad acting by Ambien is obviously producer-induced!  Has anyone informed DumbassAmbien that the chances of cancer occurring or recurring from smoking one cigarette is infinitesimal?  MeGo takes on the role of “Mom”… which is waaaaay outside of her realm.  JoeyOrgan tries to take on the “Daddy” role for these subhumans…and the RinoRumor story line just won’t die.

RHONJ Preview: Battle In Boca II

Ambien’s acting is over the top as she tries to mimic AngelinaJolie in “Girl Interrupted”… the Marcheses are obviously the couple told by producers to “bring the drama”! SaintZina is just there to observe, as she does nothing.  She’s probably thinking about how to increase the charge for shipping her t-shirts.   MeGo goes full-on “Mommy” mode when she scolds everyone for talking about mothers! NO! NO! You don’t talk about mothers!  NO!


COURT UPDATE! Vicki’s Vodka… Motion To Dismiss Crooks’ CounterClaim… Was Crooks Working For Vicki??

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Vicki’s vodka Crooks third party suit Crooks Ayer’s involvement in the Vicki’s Vodka lawsuit has taken a normal legal turn.  A motion to dismiss a counterclaim which Crooks filed against AngelaTorres has been filed. Here’s a brief update on Vicki’sVodka … Continue reading


“Insider” Painting Tree As “Poor Victim”!!

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MORE total BS from those mysterious “insiders”(PrisonPrepperFelonFeldman) who are “close” to Teresa and JuicyJoeJoodice (PrisonPrepperFelonFeldman)!!    The “insiders” are trying to convince low intelligence readers that Juicy is to blame for everything when it comes to the Joodice’s fraudulent life… … Continue reading



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From DAILY MAIL… An obese mother-of-two who lives on benefits WELFARE says she needs more of taxpayers’ money to overhaul her unhealthy lifestyle. Christina Briggs, 26, from Wigan, says she hates being 25 stone (35 LBS) but she can’t do … Continue reading


TeresaGiudice PrisonPrepper Speaks… BEFORE Taking Tree As Client, PrisonPrepper Said Tree Needs “Psych Evaluation” And Would Pull Tree From RHONJ! UPDATE: Feldman Denies ALL!!

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Been waiting for Tree’s prison prepper to start blabbing about how unfair Tree’s sentence was!   From Radar… “Sadly, our justice system has yet to find a balance between punishment and rehabilitation,” Wendy Feldman said of the ruling handed down … Continue reading

MORE Soft Peddling Of TeresaGiudice Thanks To Lil Gia!

Bravo is really pushing the “I’m a MOM!!” version of TeresaGiudice with an item featuring Tree’s 13-year-old daughter… HERE.

teresa gia

Lil Gia’s twitter account is polluted with fake followers…

gia audit twitter

What 13-year-old writes stuff like this??   Read the replies to Lil Gia’s ghostwritten tweet… all very supportive of her “ordeal”!  Tree’s rabid fans, no doubt!!

gia twitter teresa



Teresa And JoeGiudice On WWHL With MissAndy Monday, October 6

Never one to let a crisis go to waste, MissAndy will be chatting with the Giudice felons on Monday!

“On Monday, October 6th at 9pm EST there will be a special “Watch What Happens Live: One-on-One with Teresa and Joe” with host Andy Cohen, who sits down with Teresa and Joe Giudice for their first interview post-sentencing.”

Screen Shot 2014-10-04 at 2.26.32 PM



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Teresa Giudice’s teary act and laments about her wish to be with her four beautiful daughters lasted until she hopped in her car outside of the Federal court house! The Mommy will be pushing her Fabellini on Wednesday October 8 in … Continue reading


Bravo LOVES TeresaGiudice … Their VERY Slanted View Of A Criminal Housewife

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The following is BravoTV’s whitewashing of Teresa Giudice…written with a huge sympathetic bias toward Joe and Teresa Giudice: Teresa and Joe Giudice appeared in a federal courthouse in Newark, New Jersey Thursday to receive sentencing, after pleading guilty to conspiracy … Continue reading