BLIND ITEM: Who’s The Housewife?

From CDAN:

This still fairly new East Coast Housewife has learned a little something from Taylor Armstrong Shana.  All of our Housewife’s expensive bags are knockoffs and her jewelry is all fake too.

The good news is she doesn’t have to turn tricks any longer because she is making a decent living on the show.

EAST COAST:  New Jersey, New York, Atlanta…

(Thanks “chameleon”!!)

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Look Who’s Hangin’ With WackyJackyChan!

MelissaGorga hangin’ out with WackyJackyChan at Halloween.  No mention of this from Gorga… but from Gorga’s PR team sisters!  Why the secrecy, Gorga?   

melissa halloween

melissa jax halloween

jax melissa

WackyJackyChan took time out from crying and tweeting about her autistic son to spend time with the Gorgas…

melissa jax sisters halloween

NOTE:  Dr. Kassir held the very FIRST EVER plastic surgery runway show featuring his work on DanielleStaub and WackyJackyChan last year… mentioned HERE.

(Thanks “BlueIvy”!!)

PSA For TeresaGiudice… Prison Food!

As a public service for FELONTeresa… and those future criminal Housewives… several great tips from actual inmates for concocting some delicious delectable prison food!

WHATEVER WEDNESDAY: Whatever Happened To MelissaGorga’s Singing Career?

WhateverWednesday’s question:  whatever happened to the phoniest ever “career” on a Housewives show… MelissaGorga’s phony baloney singing?? 

Apollo Goes To Jail…

This is one screwed up preview.  If you’re not a murderer, your crime isn’t that bad?  Would Apollo would still be committing crimes if his co-conspirator hadn’t brought him in?  If, as Phakedra says “going to court won’t change anything”… why didn’t she go to court for Apollo?  Doesn’t Phakedra think that her kids WILL be subjected to the disaster going on eventually?

Teresa and Juicy’s pre-prison sob story will involve their kids.

LisaVanderpump Talks RHOBH… Same Old Stuff!!


LisaVanderPumpMyStomach is raving about the RHOBH.  Don’t forget that PumpMyStomach is an actress, too… that slap is ACTING!!

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Yoda And HagfaceKyle Saying The SAME OLD BS About The New RHOBH Season

This gallery contains 1 photo.

Yoda talking about new cast members, LisaRinna and EileenDavidson: “They’re awesome.  We’re so blessed. I love both of them and I’m really excited to have two very intelligent, strong women that you know really make a difference in our group.” … Continue reading

SH EXCLUSIVE! WhackyJackyChan Calls SaintZina Lazy And Crazy!!

@dinamanzo · 21h21 hours ago
I’ve never taken this to social but I have my breaking points. I’m human. Leaving for a retreat 

dina jax pg

RHOBH Preview Ad…

SaintZina Explains The RHONJ Reunion… Against BubbaJax Using Her Kid As A Story Line

SaintZina is against BubbaJax using her kid as a story line.   It’s obvious that CrookedChris doesn’t mind…

DO ANY OF THESE HOUSEWIVES KNOW HOW TO SPELL??  (It’s “clique”, not “click”…it’s “than” not “then”.)

Screen Shot 2014-11-03 at 2.42.31 PM



UPDATE On Chateau Sheree…

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  The ONLY reason this is posted is that we feel that Sheree got herself shorted on the RHOA and we’d love to see her back. Sheree was the ONLY ATL Housewife who could stand toe-to-toe with NayNay and shoot … Continue reading


WHY TeresaGiudice Wasn’t Quite Sure… WHY Does SaintZina’s Charity Still List FEBUS As “Director”?

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A quick reminded of the dates which the RHONJ reunion was filmed from “Sandra”: I think posters do not realize that the reunion was filmed 2 days after sentencing and it explains a lot.  Teresa’s amazing strength came from expecting … Continue reading

Behind The Scenes At The RHONJ Reunion … Producer Jacob Huddleston Is Back

Jacob Huddleston has gone full circle and is back producing the RHONJ, after his stint producing the canceled Miami franchise.  He’s asked to pick up the fig bar left on the coffee table.  If you forgot how chummy Huddleston is with certain NJ subhumans, please read THIS.  

SaintZina Ain’t Telling The WHOLE Story… Hasn’t Been At Family Function For Five Years!

FEBUS gives her side of the never-ending family discord amongst those lovely Lauritas and says that SaintZina has not been to ANY fambly functions for the last five years…

FEBUS Explains Her Grown Adult “Children”… SaintZina Tweets In

There are SO many things wrong about this: FEBUS sheds light on her grown ADULT “children” by saying that they are grounded people… and if they weren’t, she would slap them upside the head.   SaintZina sends a tweet to explain her no-shows at those lovely Laurita gatherings… she’s just not “in” with that group:

RHOBH New Season Preview…

KingDavid makes an appearance with the clowns of Beverly Hills, who are just as ridiculously disgusting as their NJ subhuman counterparts.  Not even interested in watching this dreckish garbage…

KingDavid has said numerous times that his wife is ONLY on the RHOBH to slide into her own lifestyle show and that she is the voice of reason among the clowns with which she’s forced to appear.

RHOBH david yolanda clown pg mags

RHONJ Reunion Preview… Part II: HouseHusbands Speak… Teresa STILL Says She Didn’t Understand Plea Agreement!

Teresa is sticking by her story that she didn’t understand her plea deal.  The ONLY part of her plea deal that she didn’t understand is how, after her guilty plea, the Judge could give her prison time!  Camber is just as vile as her HouseHusband…