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The AlaskanBushPeople have found that they prefer their accommodations in Hoonah much better than their TrapperShack… …or their plastic apartment! As you can see, the bear-infested Alaskan Bush is not their permanent home!   The BrownClowns love the comforts of … Continue reading

BLIND ITEM: Who’s The RHOBH Housewife?

rhobh lisar kimr wine glass

From CDAN:

Apparently this Real Housewife was given a choice.  If she wanted to stay on the show then she had to say the story was made up (it wasn’t) otherwise she would be fired.

The producers wanted the accused on the show more than the accuser.

Look for one big name to be gone next season though.

(Thanks “chameleon”!!)

Hopefully, the “big name” departing the RHOBH is LymeFaceLoada…she needs a rest.  HOWEVER… LisaVanderpump barely agreed to return for this season of the RHOBH.   Look for PumpMyStomach to say “Ta-Ta, Cheerio” to her BH cast mates for good this time.

DrunkOtis Gives Her Useless Lingerie Opinion…

rhobh drunk otis lingerie brandi in amsterdam

The Housewives shows used to be enjoyable and a fun diversion… they are now neither fun nor enjoyable.  Someone at Bravo needs to hit the “EXPIRED” button and let these shows RIP.


Tamballs and Ellie’s Latest Fitness Ad… Enter At Your Own Risk

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This is Tamballs and Ellie’s answer to all those rumors… which they probably started… of a sex tape.  They are pushing their fitness center via YouTube, where you can see more HERE.  Apparently, their discounted classes weren’t bringing in the … Continue reading


It’s been three years (February 2012) since Kim spoke with MissAndy about AA and rehab.

Who’s the actor who never showed up at AA again??  Could it have been HARRY HAMLIN?  Is this the big secret about HarryHAMLIN which prompted the shattered wine “glass”??


Kim Made Up “Accusations” About HARRY HAMLIN!

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TMZ reports that Kimbecile’s knowledge of HARRY HAMLIN’s past and/or present “secrets” are all smoke and mirrors.   Kim made up the entire “accusation”… whatever that may be… and Kim will admit the phony BS about HARRY HAMLIN on the … Continue reading


TreeJoodice Making Enemies In Danbury… What A Shock!!

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Those “mystery sources” keep churning out the very obvious PRISON stories about TreeJoodice.  This time, Tree is the target of the other incarcerated inmates at Danbury!!  This is in direct contradiction to Tree’s newest legal mouthpiece, James Leonard’s statement that … Continue reading


DrunkOtis’ Ghostwritten BravoBlog: Talkin’ Hypocrisy…It’s Us v THEM!

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Well, you fans like drama, and you got your money’s worth tonight. So let’s dive in. Tonight’s blog focus: hypocrisy and double standards. I’m going to touch on the double standards of some of our Housewives. No need to name … Continue reading


FRESH ALASKAN BUSH PEOPLE PHOTOS! Preparing To Drive To Bush For Filming…

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 (Thanks “Hoonahnon”!!)

RHOBH Preview: The Slap

One must listen to Loada’s pomposity before the SLAP!


Lisa’s BravoBlog…

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NOTE:  Whilst still awaiting word from Kyle and Kim via their BravoBlogs, will add LisaPumpMyStomach’s… mainly because she takes to task the comment made by Loada re her BS stance on being a prostitute to feed her kids. Hello again. … Continue reading


WHATEVER WEDNESDAY! Whatever Happened To HagfaceKyle’s Dry Eyes?

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Originally posted November 2014:   WHATEVER HAPPENED TO HAGFACE KYLE’S RESTASIS DEAL?   DOES SHE STILL HAVE DRY EYES…OR, DID HER FIBROMYALGIA PREVENT HER FROM MAKING A COMMERCIAL? You just KNEW this was coming!  HagfaceKyle has FINALLY gotten herself a … Continue reading


HumongousLipsLisaRinna’s BravoBlog: loves, Loves, LOVES Loada… Not So Much KimR

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NOTE:   While awaiting HagfaceKyle and Kim’s BravoBlogs, found HumongousLipsLisa’s BravoBlog.  After reading, there is one question:  Could HumongousLipsLisa be any more up Loada’s LymeFace *ss??  Perhaps Harry needs a job and could use one of KingD’s connections?? Have you … Continue reading

SH EXCLUSIVE! KingD Rushed To ER After Nightmare!

KingD dreamt that Loada got every one of his beloved Grammys in a divorce settlement!  

Downgraded and financially devastated, KingD was forced to work with “vocalists” Missy and Wretched!!   A NIGHTMARE!!

RHOBH RHONJ RHOC Wretched Melissa David Foster pg

HagfaceKyle Calls MissAndy To Explain Why She Ran! Says Harry Mystery Will Be Explained On Reunion…

In a planned call to WWHL last night, HagfaceKyle explained why she ran after the phony restaurant drama!  Of course, Kyle’s reasons are very obtuse and she doesn’t explain a damn thing!  Kyle also does a bit of PR for the RHOBH reunion show when MissAndy asks about the mystery surrounding HarryHamlin.  HagfaceKyle says that the mystery will be discussed during the reunion… as if MissAndy didn’t know that already!  At this point, who really cares!?!?   

NOTE:  LippyLisa is married to Harry Hamlin.  HARRY HAMLIN!!



Ramoaner Goes To Sex Show…”Runs Into” NJ Twins!

Ramoaner takes her daughter to a sex tips show… Mother/Daughter time!!

rhony ramona

Ramoaner gets involved with the show…

rhony ramona

Look who Ramoaner just happened to run into… it’s the NJ twins!

RHONY RHONJ ramona twins

(Thanks “Arianna”!!)

RHOBH Deleted Scene: Let’s Go To The RedLightDistrict… And EAT!!

A visit to the red light district in Amsterdam … and a longer visit to eat at a vending machine restaurant!

As for Loada’s claim that she would prostitute herself… all BS talk.

RHOBH Preview: Leen Whispers That Lips Don’t Have Her Back!

Bravo has changed scenarios somewhat.  These conversations used to take place with the Housewife who did not attend the event.  Leen wants to know why LippyLisa didn’t “have her back.”  The conversation itself is also changed, as they discuss their issues in WHISPER TALK!


Kim/Kyle Nephew “Banned By Other Airlines” … Said Flight Attendants “Taking The Peasants Side”!

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Conrad Hughes Hilton, the 20-year-old black sheep brother of Paris, 34, and Nicky, 31, may serve up to six months in jail after pleading guilty to one count of a simple assault after throwing a reported tantrum on a 10 … Continue reading


BruceJenner UPDATE: New House, New Name! But, What Will Happen To JennaBruce’s Balls?

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Jenna Bruce bought himself a new house in Malibu.  The house sits on 11 acres and has 360° views… so JennaBruce can see all those paps following him/her around.   DETAILS at ABCNews… AND… after Bruce Jenner officially becomes Jenna … Continue reading


IF IT’S TUESDAY, IT MUST BE TERESA! No One’s Home When Tree Calls!!

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Teresa Giudice has reportedly been feeling disconnected from her husband Joe and her four beautiful dooters. When Tree calls, her fambly “can’t always pick up,” according to “a source”, which has reportedly led to Tree feeling the reality of the separation that … Continue reading

PumpMyStomach Addresses The UN… About EBOLA!

PumpMyStomach brings down the real threat of this man-made disease to that of laughable.  Will PMS put her money where her mouth is?  She may not have the billions allegedly required to wipe out Ebola, but PMS DOES have enough money to save several of those poor little West African Ebola orphans by adopting them and bringing them to live with her and GeriatricKen at VillaRosa!  

PMS has no idea what the hell she’s talking about re Ebola… she needs to read “TheHotZone” before she keeps flapping her mouth. 

PMS could also demand that all of her Housewives cast mates do the same!  Loada could show off her adopted Ebola kids posing with her as she snaps her “stick an IV in me” selfies.  KimRichards has room for at least two Ebola orphans!  HagfaceKyle and BlockerEileen are whining about how empty their houses are since their kids are off to college… adopt ten Ebola orphans!!   BigLipsLisa could prove how much of a great person she is and adopt three Ebola orphans… but, that would never work, as adopting would take the focus off of BigLipsLisa’s main concern.  She’s married to HARRY HAMLIN!!!!

(Thanks “Mike”!!!)


SH “HIT AND RUN” Tamballs Loses Custody… Wretched/Slimey Left RHOC Because They Didn’t Like The “Drama”!

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ITEMS FROM THE PAST WEEK…which have been overlooked until now.  All get a big MEH!   Tamballs has been officially and legally separated from her eldest daughter, Sidney.  Tamballs’ EX-HouseHusband, SimonBarney, has been petitioning the court to retain full physical … Continue reading

RHOBH Fight In Holland Aftermath! Kim Got Glass In Her Pants!!

Per the standard Housewives script, after the arguing and the glass breaking, the Housewives huddle in their own corners, taking sides.   BigBeefyLipsLisa threatens to go home and DrunkOtis says to Loada:  “These women just don’t know how to drop something when you ask them to drop it. So it sent Kim into a rage and I get it.”

You can see the vicious scripted bellicose belles at their feuding fighting finest… HERE!