SH WITTY WEEKEND!! Caption This… Captioned!


“roho” will receive one of MessyG’s newest “BuyMyStuff!” beaver products!  FinePrint:  Winner must bring their own sledge hammer to capture beaver living inside the Gorga’s marble mausoleum walls!


From The SH Archives 2012: AN “INSIDER” SPILLS IT…About The Bravo Housewives! WHY HFKyle Kept Kim Filming When Kim Needed Help… MessyG Got Advance From Bravo To Look Rich

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While looking for something else, came upon this little gem from January 28, 2012! POSTED JANUARY 28, 2012 2:15 pm  Received this in an email from a SH reader… YIKES!!!            Adrienne Maloof… “There’s nothing about … Continue reading


Sonja’s Breaking Up With Ramoaner… Or Vice Versa… Whatever

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Ramoaner’s grown closer to the other divorced NY Housewives and newbie Dorinda Medley as opposed to Sonja because Sonja’s just too self absorbed to be the rock of a friend she needs during this time in her life.  Every time they … Continue reading

PMS Hasn’t Contacted Kimmerz; No Butt Implant; DrunkOtis Bad Tipper

From YahooStyle:

Another HW who swore she wouldn’t be back for another grueling season, but found that the monetary gains were too easy to give up!  The cutesy PumpMyStomach says that she doesn’t have a butt implant (who cares?); she hasn’t contacted Kimmerz (who cares?) and DrunkOtis is a bad tipper (who cares!!??!?)…

Kimmerz not fond of PMS either!

RHONY Preview: Sonja’s Confused… ‘Rinda’s Bemused… Tallmark Schmoozed… Carole Boozed

Sonja is confused about her ‘brand’…and then there’s the required sex talk:

‘Rinda says Crankles is “different”…


KimRichards’ EX-Boyfriend Ken Says Kim Is “Best Actress He’s Ever Met”! AND… RHOBH Allegedly Looking For Kim’s Replacement

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Kim Richards made several shocking confessions in her Dr. Phil interview, but can she be believed? Her ex-boyfriend weighed in during an exclusive interview with ROL. Before the show aired, Ken Blumenfeld said he wasn’t going to be fooled by … Continue reading


Fellow Inmate Of TreeJoodice In Danbury Calls Her Sentence “A Spiritual Retreat”… Husband Also Found Guilty Of Mortgage Fraud, Serving Time

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This chick gets 30 months in Danbury… PLUS three years of supervised release.  Her husband was also found guilty and is now serving time.  They also have four kids who are living with friends.  Tree got off easy… A former … Continue reading


SEVEN Untruths About Tree Joodice… According To Her Lawyer: No Prison Difficulties; No Foreclosure; No Problems With MessyG!

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EVERYTHING IS JUST PERFECT FOR TREE… according to her atty!!  The same atty who negotiated MessyG and KomaKathy’s Bravo contracts. The lawyer for Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice has had it with rumors flying around about his … Continue reading


KIM RICHARDS: Gold Digging Mother Forced Her To ‘Perform’ For Male Friends

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Many of Kim’s issues can be attributed to her upbringing by a driven, dysfunctional stage mother, the late Kathy Dugan, who drank heavily, had many men in her life, several marriages, and was considered a ‘gold digger’ who demanded that … Continue reading


Kim’s First Days In Rehab: Detox Hard… Let Me Out To See Kingsley!

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Kim Richards has reportedly grown frustrated with her rehab stay … after being in treatment for less than one week.  Kim is unhappy with the rules of her rehab facility, and wants to be reunited with her killer dog, Kingsley. … Continue reading

RHONY: Dorinda’s Doorter

On ROHNY: DM lays down the law about her doorter…


Crankles Explains Her Talk Show Demise: She Can’t Be Shackled…

OH!  This is a gem!  Crankles says she can’t be shackled by no crummy talk show! 

bfrankel copy

“Real Housewife” Bethenny Frankel says her Ellen ­DeGeneres-backed talk show failed because she couldn’t let loose.  “It was way more constricting — it was like directing traffic,” she tells Haute Living.

“It was way more filtered and edited than I like to be . . . I have a mouth for nighttime and I can’t be shackled.”  Frankel’s show was axed after one season, and she rejoined Bravo’s franchise.

“I felt that people had lost touch with me and thought that maybe I had lost touch,” she said of rejoining “Housewives.”

Get lost,Crankles… go hole up in the Hamptons and cry 96 tears.

RHONY Preview: Sonja’s New Clothing Line…



RHONY Preview…

How long will Carole’s new phony baloney for-the-show boyfriend last??


KIM RICHARDS ON DR PHIL: The Aftermath! Top Five Revelations… Tweeters Are Mean!!

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From ABCNews: Here are the five biggest revelations from KimRichard’s interview: 1. The show’s fans are “hard” on her. Richards said she had not seen the most recent season, or even read comments about her, until she went on Twitter … Continue reading

RHONY Preview: The Birthday Party Arguing Aftermath… Scares Dorinda!

Crankles devolves the conversation about her birthday party into another who invited whom.  How could MissAndy have thought bringing Crankles back was a good idea?

We’re giving this preview 998464635353 LuAnnie on a camel… one of the rare enjoyable scenes from the RHONY!


CAMILLE GRAMMER LAWSUIT: Dimwitri Says Camille Hired Lookalike To Pose As Him! Camille Asked Stella About Security…

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From DailyMail: Dimitri Charmabopulous *whatever* filed new legal papers in the case claiming new evidence he obtained during discovery proves that Camille concocted a massive scheme to defame him in the press. According to the court docs, Dimitri obtained text … Continue reading


MissAndy Says The Housewives Shows Are Not Staged… No One Believes Him!

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MissAndy is going full-on HFKyle and is insisting that the Housewives shows are NOT staged!  (NOTE: In every interview she’s done, HFKyle would be asked if the RHOBH is real.  Of course, HFKyle would respond that HER show is really … Continue reading