SH EXCLUSIVE! We Found Tamballs’ SuperSecret Beauty Regime! She Uses ONLY TerryDull-BRO’S Special Formula!

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COURT UPDATE: AlienShapeShifterPam Dana Wilkey Will Get Her $25,000 Bond Money Back

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The sad exploits of AlienShapeShifterPam Dana Wilkey.  September 24, 2014 the first hearing was held at which all three accused individuals in PamDana’s fraud case appeared in court. There is some VERY interesting reading in the Court documents pertaining to … Continue reading


KomaKathy… Bad Influence On College Students

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KomaKathy is expanding her cookbook audience and invading the minds of the under-21 group when she drops in at Rider University on October 3.  KomaK will be there to sign copies of her collection of dessert recipes… BUT, you must … Continue reading


RHONJ Car Dealer Ripoff…

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Remember those high-end automobiles in which MeGo was posin’?  The dealership owner thought that having a Housewife associated with his wheels would bring in customers.  He was wrong.  In fact, BobbyKhan, the owner of Emporio Motors in Ramsey NJ not … Continue reading


Who is the blurred out “reality” star who dealt with EmporioMotors?  IT’S KIM G!

“CaseyJ” the mystery “reality star” resides on the UWS of NYC and has had swimming pools installed, according to her YELP reviews… HERE.  All signs point to the mystery “star” as KimG!

kim granatell


Potential Replacements For Joan Rivers On FashionPolice…

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You have got to be kidding.  NayNay has the fashion sense, the ability to hold viewers’ interest and write jokes as much as George Clooney is going to dental school. “Fashion Police” will continue on despite the death of its … Continue reading


LeAnn And Eddie Divorcing… AGAIN! DrunkOtis Heartbroken!

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LeAnn Rimes an Eddie Cibrian are rumored to be getting a divorce because Eddie got caught cheating.  LeAnn & Eddie’s “reality” show was LeAnn’s last hope at adding a steady cash flow to her income, and now that news of the alleged … Continue reading

GO BACK THROW BACK THURSDAY: KomaKathy Wheels Her Way To Corrados

A never-again-seen phony scene from October 2012:  KomaKathy says that people either love her pig-of-a-husband RancidRichie or hate him… and then KomaKathy hops on her bike and legs it to Corrados where she oohs and aaahs over some free samples.  KomaK waving to neighbors on her way to Corrados is a nice touch.  Watch as the “experienced” bicyclist wobbles when she gets back on her bike with a full basket of groceries.  No one has seen KomaK’s bike since!




Amber’s Historical/Hysterical BravoBlog… Her “Nouveau” Shows Big Time!

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OK, so where can I start? “Breast cancer is the most common malignancy among American women, with more than 200,000 new cases diagnosed each year. In recent years mortality from breast cancer has declined in the U.S., likely as a … Continue reading


DrunkOtis Wants To Change Her Kids’ Last Name!

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Brandi Glanville from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is now revealing that she wants to change the names of her sons, because she did all of the work in raising them. Her sons, Mason and Jake, carry the name … Continue reading


Lil Gia’s Girl Group…

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Apparently, TreeJoodice is firmly behind her eldest daughter forming a girl group… and NOT encouraging LilGia to accomplish her dream of becoming a criminal attorney!  No word on JuicyJoe’s opinion on this… Teresa Giudice unveiled her daughter’s new all-girl singing … Continue reading


Wretched And Slimey Baby Quest…Another “Reality” Show?

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Don’t be surprised if Wretched and Slimey make their baby quest into a “reality” show…     “As we begin to age, we want to make sure that we’ve done everything possibly to ensure a healthy baby,” Smiley, 40, tells … Continue reading


ANOTHER Giudice House For Sale…

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Not exactly for sale… but being sold to the highest bidder.  JuicyJoe’s mother’s house is being auctioned less than a week from today.  BUT, don’t feel sad… they have plenty of properties! Filomena Giudice owes $593,374.24 on her house at … Continue reading

Whatever Wednesday: Whatever Happened To Sex Tips From Da Gorgas?

Whatever happened to da Gorgas being the sex couple on the RHONJ???   Watch as da Gorgas give their personal sex advice back in September 2013 on Dr Oz… a far cry from this season’s MeGo being the innocent know-nothing when it comes to raunchy sex:


Let’s Compare And Contrast: RHONJ At Grocery Store vs Milania At Corrados

Which is worse?  The RHONJ adult subhumans grocery shopping in Florida in early 2014 or Milania ripping it up at Corrados back in 2011??


Screen Shot 2014-09-24 at 10.40.17 AM

Tree’s BS BravoBlog… Too Busy Prepping For “Biggest Day Of Our Lives”

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Wow. I really have so much to say. I will share, but I’m getting ready for the biggest day of our lives. I will be sharing when I can.

But now is the time when I need to focus on the next ten days and not comment on the episodes.

I love the show. I love my fans. I will be telling you all along with my Bravo family very soon.

Tanti Baci,

Tree should just be honest and say that her REAL ghostwriter didn’t feel like writing this week!


The Miseducation Of KomaKathy And BubbaJax… RHONJ Ratings Celebration Premature!

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KomaKathy and BubbaJax are givin’ each other high fives for a slight jump in ratings for Sunday’s RHONJ. Viewers tuned into the RHONJ this Sunday for one reason and one reason only: CURIOSITY   Viewers wanted to see for themselves … Continue reading