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SH reader “LyndaS” attended the AndyCohen/AndersonCooper show!  Thank you, Lynda for reporting back! I went to the Andy Cohen & Anderson Cooper Tour last night, here in Boston. Held in the Wang center (which Miss Andy mocked the name – … Continue reading


RHOBH PRE-REUNION PREVIEWS: Which EX-Wives To Come Back? Trading Places With Which Franchise?

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Which EX-Wives would the present RHOBH like to return?  No mention of CarltonTheDoorman or Joyce… or Scammin’PamDana OR Adrienne!  AND… with which HWs from other franchises are these HWs friends? With which franchise would the RHOBH trade places? Of course, … Continue reading

WHO WORE IT BETTER? Kenyan Or TrickyVicki?

Did TrickyVicki sell Kenyan her old OC reunion dress at her new “clothing boutique” pyramid scheme?

DRESS SH Kenyan TrickyVicki

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On the RHOBH, the phony prince Mario-Max says his AUNT is the Danish queen. Hmmmm… according to the phony prince, he is the COUSIN of the Queen: TV-Presenter, Model, Actor, Dr. Prince Mario-Max son of His Highness Prince Waldemar zu … Continue reading

RHOBH FINALE PREVIEW: Last Day At Palm Springs; Last Ride On SwingSet

HFKyle and Kim finish up their sister talk.  HFKyle says that their mother told them to never air their dirty laundry in public.  Which is exactly WHY they are both on a “reality” show.  HumongousLipsLisa show what a perfect fambly she has, after revisiting the HorrorsInHolland dinner where she lunged at Kim and broke a stunt glass because Kim mentioned her husband, HARRY HAMLIN.  Do her girls look like HARRY HAMLIN or their mother?  How much plastic surgery will they go for in a few years?

RHOBH Finale Preview Part II: HFKyle Shows Off Her Store… Hamlet Impostor Crashes!

The amazing Loada has forgone her “stick an IV in me” selfies to attend the book launch. No HouseHusbands, so MO-ritz-eo’s mother brings a Danish “prince”.  Camille crashes… no one cares if twitter blockers Eileen or HumongousLipsLisa show up. BOOOOORING! 



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The mini-Housewives show, Little Women LA, was so good… we’ll be watching Little Women NY on Wednesday March 25!   LittleWomen have taken story lines directly from the Housewives.  This clip from LittleWomenLA is a dinner scene… where the Women … Continue reading


Mommy’s PR Team Busy Spinning Puffy-Faced “Model” Daughter… Boyfriend Booted; “Model” Now NYC Student

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As expected, puffy-faced “model’s” boyfriend has been booted. “Boyfriend” CodySimpson comes to the defense of puffy-faced “model” Alana by saying… while on the way to catch a flight at LAX (no more private planes for him!!): “She’s a good girl. … Continue reading


MissAndy’s EX-Boss Responsible For FashionPolice Debacle…

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THIS explains the temporary demise of FashionPolice… MissAndy’s ex boss was the decision maker who chose to put FP back on the air with the new losing cast. FashionPolice was JoanRivers show… along with George LongGreekName. Joan and George were … Continue reading

SH EXCLUSIVE!! Messages For DrunkO And NayNay!

George Jefferson has messages for DrunkOtis And NayNay!!

RHOBH Brandi George Jefferson pg

NayNay got herself a big house… with a mortgage! 


It’s HagfaceKyle’s BravoBlog! HFKyle Gives HER Side Of The Stolen House Story… Not Really

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So, our last night in Amsterdam! We spent our last night at dinner, laughing and enjoying ourselves like we should have been all along. Meanwhile, Brandi was on a “date” with Max’s friend. It all seemed creepy and strange, but … Continue reading

IF IT’S TUESDAY, IT MUST BE TERESA! Tree’s New Book Has A Title!!

ALLEGEDLY… Tree is very busy whilst a residence of Danbury writing in her secret pink notebook!  

teresa caption captioned

“CurlyQ” will receive a signed copy of Tree’s book!!  FinePrint:  Winner will be expected to wait at least four years to receive their book, as Tree will be self publishing her prison tell all.  Three of those years will be spent looking up words.

MissAndy Pushes RHONY; Says RHOBH “Smoking Gun” Is LisaRinna

This interviewer chick from E! is a pure idiot.  MissAndy needs to front for the RHONY as the only difference in the sinking show is BFrankel.  MissAndy says that BFrankel NOW loves being a Housewife… of course she does!!  She has to sell her crap!  

MissAndy talks to DullDina about TreeJoodice and the “smoking gun” … as MissAndy calls it… on the RHOBH reunion has something to do with HumongousLIpsLisaRinna.  MissAndy has no idea the meaning of a “smoking gun”!

We give everything MissAndy has to say 9998364633 Kens…

BLIND ITEM: Who’s The Atlanta Housewife??

From CDAN:

This married Atlanta Real Housewife was acting anything but the other night.

It looks like she started hooking up with her ex again which is a much much better choice than her current husband.


peter tweet

(Thanks “chameleon”!!!)



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From AccessHollywood: Joe Giudice, who was expected to lose his driver’s license this week after earlier pleading guilty can legally drive for a few more weeks.  Juicy’s sentencing on driver’s license fraud charges, scheduled for tomorrow, has been delayed because of … Continue reading

RHOBH Reunion Preview…

If these are the highlights from THREE episodes… the RHOBH reunion shows are sure to be another dragged out typical reunion!!

MissAndy brings up Diving With The Stars to Kim ONLY???

kyle diving arrow

From 2013: Danger Diving… With The Stars!!

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GO BACK THROW BACK THURSDAY: “You Stole My House” Explained …

KimRichards With Big Kathy… 2002


July 2014: HagfaceKyle And MO-Reese Buy $2.3 Million Palm Springs House…

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Originally posted July 7, 2014… HagfaceKyle and MO-REESE bought themselves a Palm Springs house for $2.3 million. Kyle says that KimRichards will be detained 500 yards from the front door if she tries to claim half of the house! Kyle … Continue reading