Apollo’s Cryptic Twitter Message… UPDATE: Apollo’s Instagram Message

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Apollo proves with his tweet and his Instagram message that HouseHusbands have the same intellectual capacity as the Housewives. Q:  Under what circumstances in his everyday real life would Apollo ever use the word “asunder”???  A:  Apollo would use the … Continue reading

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Luannie Can’t Show Her Messy Hamptons House! UPDATE: LuAnnie’s Messy House SOLD! Yoda’s LemonHouse Still Available…

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Another Housewife with renter problems!! From PageSix… Countess LuAnn de Lesseps is having trouble with the tenants in her six-bedroom house in Bridgehampton, which is on the market for $8.9 million. “The place is a mess, and the brokers can’t … Continue reading


Crooks Checked Into Sex Rehab In 2006… Vicki Asked Vodka Partner To “Help” Crooks… UPDATE: Crooks Says It’s Pure Publicity

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What is it with Vicki Gunvalson’s choice of men?   Just like her ex-HouseHusband, Donn Gunvalson, Crooks can also be classified as a sex addict. If you recall, Donn is a member of the sex club, FreedomAcres… see SH February … Continue reading


APOLLO NO SHOW! Bravo Cameras Rolling… UPDATE: Phaedra Makes Statement

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According to TMZ, Apollo Nida did NOT rendezvous with the Bureau of Prisons, as instructed by Federal authorities, to begin serving his eight-year sentence and the Feds will soon be issuing an arrest warrant. Apparently he got cold feet … because we’re … Continue reading


Apollo Off To Jail… Apollo’s Pre-Surrender Interview… Last Few Days Spent Unable To See Kids!

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Apollo Nida has surrendered to FMC Lexington prison in Kentucky today. Before he surrendered, Apollo talked with KellyRichmondPope for ForbesMagazine, and Apollo makes a few telling statements. “I have spent hours interviewing him (Apollo Nida) along with my colleague Dr. April … Continue reading


Tree NOT Looking For Another Home… BUT, Wants Family-Friendly New Place! …Says Tree’s PrisonPrepper

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“I’m excited about this new listing,” Cooney said. “The [Giudices'] home is absolutely gorgeous.”   NOTE:  Listing agent, Frank Cooney, is a retired Montville Township policeman.  Cooney listed the Joodice house at StoneybrookRealty… where the Joodice house is the most … Continue reading


AMBER MARCHESE BravoBlog: Get Gia Outta The Conversation!

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Included in AmberMarchese’s BravoBlog is her opinion re including Gia in adult conversations: OK, OK, OK, on to my most annoying scene to date — my total meltdown when I called Teresa! OH MY Lord! I seriously was annoying to … Continue reading


MeGo’s UberBoring BravoBlog: Visit My Trainer And BUY MY STUFF!! From 2012… MeGo’s Passionate About Her Music Career!

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Hi Everyone!  What happened to MeGo’s old “Hi Lovers!” salutation?? ‎One week without writing a blog seems like an eternity!  Not long enough… besides, we all wanna know about MeGo’s serial squatter in her beaver-infested marble mausoleum and not this … Continue reading

MOVIN’ ON UP… With Crooks… At Vicki’s New House!

VapidVicki and Crooks talk waaaay too confidently about their plans in VV’s new house for them to have not discussed this topic previously!  Of course, the highly-educated Dull-BRO must add her two cents…which VV quickly bats down, reminding Dull-BRO that SHE is a financial advisor!


vicki brooks crooks pg

Three Words To Live By… By Vicki

VapidVicki’s three words required for daily living… you MUST make VV laugh and you MUST contribute to VV’s learning something.  The third word?  VV says she’s too old to remember, but the word probably starts with “Crooks.”  Does the brain go first or the ability to control one’s bladder??


VICKI AND TAMBALLS: What’s Tofu? Who’s Lucy?

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One of the many “secret” scenes from the “lost footage” of the RHOC… which should have been incinerated and never seen, but Bravo must extend the life of these HWs shows somehow!  The “girls” are served tofu whilst traveling to … Continue reading


Da Joodice Towaco House For Sale… Again. Asking $3.99 Million… Again

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Single-Family Home located at 6 Indian Lane, Towaco NJ. The property was built in 1975. This property is in the 07082 ZIP code in Towaco, NJ. The average list price for ZIP code 07082 is $734,806. The off-market estimate for … Continue reading

Tree’s “Coulda Been A Tweet” BravoBlog: Leaves Much Open For Interpretation!


Thank you all so much for your love and support. Joe, the girls, and I appreciate your prayers and well-wishes so much!

Tanti Baci,




NOTE:  Geez… not even a mention of Tree’s “Cash For The Commisssary” tour!!


JoeyOrgan… The Michaelangelo Of Home Builders!

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Is there any further proof needed to show that JoeyOrgan is a victim of his own ShortManSyndrome and NapoleonicComplex?  In this disturbing RHONJ preview, da Gorgas meet with their architect to chat about the plans for their brand new Michealangelo-built, … Continue reading


SH WITTY WEEKEND!! Caption This… PTHousewife FIRED!


“gurlfriend1″ receives a tour of PTHousewife’s house in the Hamptons!!  OOPS… PT doesn’t have a Hamptons house!  “gurlfriend1″ has the option of substituting the house tour with a photo tour of PTHousewife’s JerseyShore vacation rental… 

Poor Tree! “I Can’t Believe This Is My Life”…

Cue the violins…


BubbaJax knew about Tree’s schemin’ in her 2012 tweet:

jax tweet re tree bankruptcy