MORE HOUSEWIVES NEWS DrunkOtis’ Kid “Allergic” NayNay DWTS Feud LisaV Tweet AND MORE!

  A source tells E! News: “Brandi’s son did have a bad ALLERGIC reaction to something, obviously bad enough to put him in the hospital, but all is well now.”  NOTE:  “Put him in the hospital”????  An hour in the ER … Continue reading

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A SH “LookBack”! RHOBH Adrienne Maloof New Restaurant…A Magoof Update!!

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From TMZ March 13, 2013..   NOTE:  The story from a year ago was that Adrienne Magoof was to open a new restaurant right close to Lisa VanderPumpMyStomach’s Villa Blanca in Beverly Hills… with Eddie Cibrian! BACK ON MARCH 6, … Continue reading


RuPaul’s Drag Race Preview… And A Look Back At Last Week’s “SnatchGame” With Tree Joodice!

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  Are you watching RuPaul’s Drag Race???  You better… ’cause it’s funny and we love the funny here at SH!! Last week’s episode featured Joslyn Fox as Tree Joodice playin’ the “SnatchGame”!  Tree finally put to rest exactly how to … Continue reading


RHOA Preview… AND Anonymous Letter About BigDummyCynthia’s HouseHusband, has received an anonymous letter from a woman who claims to have gotten intimate with BigDummyCynthia’s HouseHusband: “My name is Courtney and at first I was gonna keep this to myself as I promised peter but … Continue reading


REAL HOUSEWIVES NEWS: Models Ghostwriters Ramoaner Alana AND MORE!!

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  What happens when you’re a “model” and your mother is no longer a Housewife???   You are no longer an “international” model and have to send out “selfies”!     SkankyJo poses in ANOTHER see-through dress.   NOTE:  It’s … Continue reading

BigDummyCynthia Finds BarOne Info From “Blogs”!! UncleBen Didn’t Tell BigDummy For FOUR Months!

On the next RHOA:  BigDummyCynthia confronts her HouseHusband at his place of work, BarOne, to ask him about what’s goin’ on with BarOne!  BigDummyCynthia finds her information from the “blogs”… and HouseHusband says that he’s been dealing with this issue for FOUR months!  OK… how did BigDummyCynthia not know this for FOUR months??????  Here’s how:  Because she’s a BIGDummy!!!



NayNay “Apolgizes” To HouseHusband UncleBen!

On last night’s RHOA:  All this over the word “biatch”???  NayNay “apologizes” to UncleBen… love the hand-holding at the end.





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  She’s MORE than a Housewife… she’s GOOPY!!!  And, according to GOOPY, she has it really, REALLY hard!   GOOPY would much rather have one of those “normal” office jobs than being an “actress” that lounges around movie sets waiting … Continue reading

RHOA PREVIEW: BigDummyCynthia And NayNay Are Talkin’ About Havin’ Words!

On tonight’s RHOA:  Just some filler until the REAL “discussion” happens between NayNay and BigDummyCynthia…

RHOA PREVIEW FrontPorsha Missin’ Kandi’s Audition…Kandi Not Happy

On tonight’s RHOA:  FrontPorsha don’t show up for Kandi’s audition and is plannin’ on skippin’ out on more audition days… Kandi wants to boot FrontPorhsha:


LISA VANDERPUMP: Don’t Cry For Me, Housewives Fans!

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Lisa Vanderpump…. VINI, VIDI, VICI  Lisa VanderPumpMyStomach has been declared the epitome of the Beverly Hills lifestyle and the BH Housewife whom all adore.  The BH Housewife who, if she departs from her “reality” on the RHOBH, will take down … Continue reading

Inside DrunkOtis’ Closet!

DrunkOtis says she has TWO closets… one for clothes already worn and the other for clothes not worn yet.  DrunkOtis must REALLY be poor, because her second closet is just shoes!


KENYA MOORE: How DUMB Is Kenyan??? Kenyan’s PR People Say That Kenyan APPROVES Of Bellicose Behavior!!!

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Kenya Moore denies that a brawl broke out between her and her “Real Housewives of Atlanta” co-star Porsha Stewart during a taping of the Atlanta reunion show. “A fight broke out that had to be broken up,” a source was … Continue reading

LisaVanderpumpMyStomach Would Rather Fight Mike Tyson Than Go Back To RHOBH!

On last night’s “Hello Ross!“… LisaVanderPumpMyStomachTodd begins her farewell to the RHOBH tour!

Later in the interview, when asked if she plans to come back to the show, Lisa says:

“I would rather go into the ring with Mike Tyson.”



PumpMyStomach also said recently about leaving the RHOBH:

“If it becomes about a b*tchfest then it is not something I signed up for; but if it becomes about documenting my life, which is the show I signed up for and having fun and supporting women that is something I want to do.  I have a lot to consider I am opening a new business.”

NOTE:  PUH-LEEEEEEEZE!!   LisaPump has taken this whiney quote “I didn’t sign up for this… blah, blah, blah” directly from all the other Housewives on their way out!  BUT, just like the other EX-Housewives, they are not complaining WHILE playing along with all the producer-induced “b*itchfest” while filming!  LisaPMS agrees to her character’s story line BEFORE the season starts filming,  knows what’s in store and PMS is well aware that the Housewives shows are NOT documentaries!     

We’re givin’ WhiningLisa 398374743,30384373 laughing DrEvils…  ’cause we’re laughin’ AT you for the very bad “I signed up to support other women”  excuse!

dr evil gif



AND… an “off the charts” for her total BS!! 


bullshit BS GIF