TreeJoodice Doesn’t Want Bravo Cameras At Court Sentencing… Too Bad, Tree!

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NOTE:  This is the dumb story of the day.  The Bravo cameras will be there, the same as ABC, CBS, HLN, CNN and the local NJ news cameras.   NONE of the cameras are permitted inside the courtroom.   Of … Continue reading

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Tree’s Daughter, LilThief…

This is disturbing on so many levels.


RHONJ Preview: JuicyJoe Has A SitDown With LilGia… The Heirloom Ring Is Gifted

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  JuicyJoe has a sit-down with Gia… and the “heirloom” ring is bestowed upon Gia.  As you all know, Tree’s parents came over on the boat.  They saved their money to bring over KomaKathy’s parents.  We’re to believe that Tree’s … Continue reading


Shanny’s BravoBlog: Warning… Your Head May Hurt!!

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NOTE:  This is one of the most ridiculously intricate HousewivesBravoBlogs ever, which is the only reason it’s getting any atten-shun here!  Get yourself a pen and paper to make a diagram of who did/said what to whom! Amazing that the … Continue reading

Tamballs, The Plastic Cat… Is “Highest Rated”??

Tamballs REALLY believes her own BS!!   A clone of Tamballs??

The question arises… of what exactly on her show is Tamballs the “highest rated”??


Others disagreed with Tamballs…

tamballs tweet

Tamballs… the plastic cat:


(Thanks “Stan”!!)


Guide To Making Great Wine…Behind Bars!

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    Countdown to sentencing … 35 days. As a public service to TreeJoodice… …this all she needs to know about producing wine behind bars: SUPPLY AND DEMAND There is nothing that sells faster in prison than wine and tobacco. … Continue reading

RHOC Reunion Show…

rhoc reunion cast

Prediction:  A YawnFest…



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SUPPORT OFFICE DARREN WILSON… AT GO FUND ME.  Over $200,000 raised in four days. UPDATE:   The original key “eyewitness” DorianJohnson has admitted to LYING and giving false information to investigators.  Per 101.7: 100.7 THE VIPER ***BREAKING NEWS*** Remember, you … Continue reading


RHOC Reunion Show Preview: Tamballs Goes Berserk… Again

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The RHOC season is officially OVER… no time to waste in getting to the OC Reunion Show!  Nothing new here.  The popular topic… the same as last OC reunion… is Crooksy: Last season’s reunion show:  Crooksy says the exact same … Continue reading

RHONJ Preview: JuicyJoe Plays The Blame Game… And A Gotti Gabs

JuicyJoe blames others for ‘taking him down’ when he was at the top… and more slime enters with Tree’s old CelebrityApprentice buddy.  Does anyone care who Rino ‘dated’??  DullDina has used up all of her psychics and has moved on to a Bravo-approved therapist…


MeGo’s Blah, Blah, Blah BravoBlog: Garbage, Pandering AND Buy My Stuff!!

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NOTE:  MeGo’s blah,blah,blah, big nothing BravoBlog… why bother???  MeGo gives no insight into the RHONJ… Hi everyone, ‎OK, OK… Maybe we shouldn’t put wings on the plasma truck, but I really want it to stand out and make a statement! The … Continue reading


TreeJoodice’s Ghostwritten BravoBlog: Her Kids Are All “Sweethearts”… Buy My Stuff!!

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Hello Sweethearts! Thank you all so much for watching week after week. You’ve seen our families go through so much and hopefully you’ve seen us all grow and change for the better. I can’t believe my firstborn baby girl is … Continue reading

RHONJ Preview: Tree and MeGo Are Now Besties…

Tonight’s RHONJ was a buncha garbage.  On the next RHONJ:  We’re now to believe that these two are besties…


SH WITTY WEEKEND!! Medically Speaking… UPDATE: Winner, Winner Chicken Dinner!!

RobinR wins an online “consultation” with Quagmire’s office receptionist!! 

quagmire andy pg ANSWER


The Dull-BROs… Phony Phamily Psychic Phun!!

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The ‘highly-educated’ Heather Dull-BRO is crowin’ about her encounter with phony baloney psychic Char Margolis via twitter.  Not only did both adult Dull-BROs fall for the phony baloney psychic’s BS, but they included their kids in on the con! Like … Continue reading

Tree Explains The Egg… Kinda

Which came first… the chicken coop or the chicken?  Will Tree’s prison prepper be in charge of the chickens after Sept 8??  Or, will the prison prepper already have flown the coop?

RHONJ Preview: The NeverEnding “Who Cares” Married Man Story Line…

Who cares about these chicks and their phony baloney “married man” story line?!?!  Their acting is just so terrible…