LIST OF CREDITORS GIUDICE’S DID NOT PAY FROM 2009… Doctors, Lawyers, Other Lawsuits

















JANUARY 2011… Joodice’s claim they have ZERO assets:


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61 comments on “LIST OF CREDITORS GIUDICE’S DID NOT PAY FROM 2009… Doctors, Lawyers, Other Lawsuits

  1. What about the attorney who did the closing when Joe forged his partners signature to discharge his partners $586000 mortgage to net one million dollars.John Testa of the firm of Testa and Mizzone whos father in law is a judge was part of the fraud what happens to him

  2. There was a court decision published in radar online, finding that the lawyer was not involved. Giudice claimed that Testa had heard Masterpole give his permission to discharge the mortgage, but the lawyer testified he did not. Giudice forged Masterpole’s name, then used Giudice’s secretary’s notary stamp (she no longer worked there by that time) and forged her signature.

    A purported witness to Masterpole signing his name also testified that she did not recall him doing so.

  3. I can not believe the Giudice family is running up this type of debt. The American public will be paying off the bankruptcy debt for them, as they continue to spend. I do not understand how they can even qualify for any type of credit. This seems to be a criminal act, if this is all true, I find it hard to believe they are not being stopped. What about those children? Theresa, I am sure is a good mom, but they live in a very unstable environment,and I feel bad for them because their world is going to come crashing down very soon. Their father has already been to jail, and it seems that he may be heading back. ( I hope not) I no longer enjoy watching the show because I find it offensive and sickening to watch this train wreck.

    • Kathi… Joe went bankrupt on 1 business transaction, & they both have untouchible assets! Plus (and), as for the children… they are set for life through insurance policies that they can buy out of when they become of age, and their old school Grandparents, who also have them to be taken care of as well, and that’s not considering the fact that they are also obtaining
      stipends & royalties… let
      alone any future products that may arise from their fa

        Anyway… let alone any products that may arise from them, due to their fame. As well as any scholarship’s & other contributions that may be given in their name. Daddy Joe is a really good man, but he is also a very grateful & gracious father, but he is responsible and loyal. He has made sure that his family will be & remain well, far beyond his lifetime. Teresa is also instilled with the old-school honor, pride, & loyalty that is common amongst the typical Italian bride, mother & wife. Her “friends” that have been portrayed on the show are embarrassing as she encourages them all too often only to be met with jealousy and opposition, while they constantly bark behind her back! Don’t you worry about this family, when the heat came on, Teresa got out of the kitchen and ensued her career. They stand firm & catch each other while being PUSHED DOWN BY THE ONES THEY TRUSTED!!!

    • What do you expext?
      They not only defraud there Partners, the Banks and anyone else they come in contact with including the IRS. This is what they do…
      Expect the worst from them, you will not be disapointed.
      These People are Criminals!

  4. I will never understand the fans who comfort Teresa on a weekly basis for her money problems.Each and every blog Teresa or her publicist writes, results in many fan’s telling her to keep her head up.i do not get it!
    Teresa and her Husband, went on a mindless spending spree.They lived the high life buying everything in site.They built a home that most of us (whose income is more than theirs) only dream of.They threw the most extravegant parties, went on vacation’s, cars, jewelry and so on…………….
    Now, we find out they are 11 million dollars in debt, forged a signature to the tune of 268,000.00 and we the responsible ,little people will have to pay for their mindless spending.
    People are waiting in long lines to pay this woman for a cook book that at best is basic Italian Recipes.30.00 per book is being given to this theif along with sympathy messages to both of these thugs.
    We the public are “ENABLER’S”.Think about this Pleeeassssse, They are not going to have to pay for their irresponsible, ignorant,selfish spending, We are. Now, We, the responsible People, are out purchasing cookbooks for $30.00 so that they can continue to live the selfish, ignorant, and irresponsible way that they were living.We, (the responsible people) are to blame.Think about what we are doing!! These people need to be accountable for their mindless, irresponsible spending. Would we ever consider living that lifestyle?Remember the annual income for the gudices was around 100,000.00 year.11 million in debt. Let’s all try it!! See if we can get away with it and then get the responsible people of the world to buy our cook books, lip gloss, teeshirts,caps etc….. A DISGRACE!!

  5. Okay, I read about nine pages of the court documents. Joe Giudice needs to go to jail! Forgery is a serious matter. Not only that, he may have ruined his secretary’s chance of ever getting a decent job now that her reputation’s been tarnished.

    Teresa needs to leave Joe. He’s kept her in the dark about his business dealings (however legit they are needs to be determined), he’s left her high and dry financially (he’s mostly to blame although her spending is OC) and he’s a thug.

    I feel sorry for their four girls. They’ll never have a normal life because of this. They might end up in financial straights when they get older and the cycle will continue.

    What Teresa Gorga Giudice sees in Joe is WAY beyond me. He’s got no conscience what so ever!

    • Its interesting that you bring up the girls because i wouldn’t put it past them later on to use those little girls ss numbers to apply for credit. scandalous

    • Neither does Teresa! My husband owns the largest Real Estate company in our city, you don’t sign a partner’s signature if you’re an honest person! Joe the dumba$$ needed the money to support Teresa’s uncontrollable spending and also because he’s too lazy to get a REAL job and to look like the big spender and real estate mogul among the others.

    • Does Joe even work or lay in the bed…GROSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! I hope they never show him in the bed with black briefs on again as Tre pulled back the covers to wake him! It’ll scar you for life!

    • I don’t think Joe’s troubles are anywhere close to being over. I also don’t think those four girls ever stood a chance. Teresa was doing a deplorable job with them, even before all this; she was grooming delusional narcissists and trophy wives. My heart aches for Gia, who has already surpassed her mom in emotional intelligence and shoulders way too much mental burden. I agree with Caroline’s assessment of “tragic.” That situation–not Gia, herself–is tragic. If anything, this will be good for the girls’ character, not any worse than the Crazyland they had before. Hopefully, Teresa will wake up and be a better mom and role model.

      Yeah, I said it.

  6. WOW! It sickens me that the Giudices get to be bailed out by all of us, while spending, Spending,
    SPENDING! As a single mom who pays ALL my debt off every month by working two jobs, It really astounds me that people are willing to put up with the Giudices and FAWN all over them, as if they were gods! Also, with Joe’s driving record, it is a wonder that he hasn’t killed somebody. I’ve heard that in the last 20 years, he’s lost his license for about half that time. SCARY. And, I think there is much too much alcohol involved with both the Joes. Alcoholic much, boys?

    • I am PO as you are! We are paying their taxes while they drive a NEW CAR and keep spending what they do not have! I also pay off my debt every month so I know what you mean. I will never understand how so many people even LIKE them? Joe GIUDICE makes me want to throw up, along with his driving record ( should of been revoked!) I think he is an alcoholic and a abusive husband! Look how he speaks to his girls… and to his in laws!

      • Amen sister!!! Get a real job Joe and Tre!! It drives me crazy how TRE repeats things a million times…she’s a real piece of work!

      • These people don’t pay income taxes until the IRS and/or state sends them a Notice of Delinquency and Lien. Not kidding. Same with Laurita and Manbozo.

        I think all those guys are either womanizers, abusers, or both.

  7. It so amazes me today that people still talk about Tre like she is some kind of great person!!!!!!! Its ridiculous to me! Never does she own up to the nasty things she says about anyone. It was if everyone on the show was a liar BUT her…She really from season one until now, has let this attention swell her head so big, she’s the nastiest, ugliest, person I’ve ever seen on TV….I feel most sorry for her daughters who have this legacy for the world to see how their parents truly act…..its shameful….Melissa is 100 times the lady she is…without trying……

    • I respectfully disagree about Melissa being a lady. Rubber pants on a 30+ years old does not a lady make. A tramp? yes but a lady no.

      • I think it’s a lack of authenticiy that makes them gross on her. Because Tina Turner–that girl could work the rubber pants. Or Cher. Or Adam Lambert, at any age. Melissa is just . . . ew, and shouldn’t leave the house. Unless she’s going out to buy those air-freshening Glade candles.

  8. Hilarious when Caroline said she felt like she was in a whirlwind of stoopid on the reunion show discussing Teresa’s financial mess!

  9. Kathy W. is the only lady in the bunch. Tre is a strega (witch). She’s a self-centered shrew and an ignoramus. ….the decor in her home is laughable—-pure jumped-up bordello! I feel sorry for Melissa, who is not at all evil or nasty–just a bit self-deluded. Jacqueline is not a bad person, either, but she lets that horridly selfish and immature slacker Ashlee walk all over her…..I do rather like Jacqueline’s husband, as he has some sense and acts rationally, unlike the 2 Joes. Albert Manzo has his head on straight, as does Mr. Wakile. Too bad the show is not focused more on them! I have never warmed to Caroline—nothing against her, but nothing for her, either. I don’t find her particularly wise, either. It’s only that compared to the rest of the lackluster intellects, sheis older, and has more life experience to draw on. I wouldn’t mind if the whole bunch were never seen or heard from again.

    • I totally agree. I love the Wakiles. I find the Lauritas sooo boring. I did not care for Caroline until she started giving it to Tereasa. Joe and Melissa are entertaining in a strange way. The Guidices are disqusting vile ignoramuses. Who are the people that are paying money for that bad Cookbook? Save yourself the money and try the internet for some great Italian recipes. Then make a donation in Tereasa name of the $30 you saved to the Literacy Foundation.

    • Try googling “Laurita and Komen” and let me know if you still think the Laurita’s are sweetie pies!!!!

  10. Does any one have any information on the scheduled Bankruptcy Hearing on December 22nd ????? Is it still on or has there been a delay? Who is representing Teresa? Did they finally file all the years of missing Income Tax Returns? Anybody got any info?

    • I thought they had to withdraw it, due to allegations of Bankruptcy Fraud. The attorney is/was THE KRIDEL LAW GROUP ATT AT LAW (James Kridel). Still looking, but here’s part of what went on:

      Re: Giuseppe Giudice and Teresa Giudice; Mastropole v. Giudice
      Case No. 09-39032 MS, Adv. Pro. No. 10-1116 MS
      January 3, 2011, Decided

      SUMMARY: PROCEDURAL POSTURE: Plaintiff creditor brought an adversary proceeding against defendant bankruptcy debtor seeking a determination that a debt to the creditor was nondischargeable under 11 U.S.C.S. § 523(a) based on the debtor’s fraudulent conduct and willful and malicious injury to the creditor.

      OVERVIEW: The debtor and the creditor were formerly associated in real estate ventures and the creditor contended that, after termination and settlement of their business affairs, the debtor fraudulently discharged a mortgage held by the creditor against a property. The bankruptcy court held that the debt to the creditor was nondischargeable. The debtor admitted that he signed the creditor’s name on the mortgage discharge and used the notary seal of a former employee to authenticate the signature, and the debtor’s testimony that the debtor had oral authority from the creditor to discharge the mortgage to allow rehabilitation of the property was not credible. It made no business sense for the creditor to release collateral which was specifically referenced as security for the creditor in the settlement by discharging the mortgage on the day after the settlement agreement was executed. Further, while the debt to the creditor arose from the settlement rather than the debtor’s forgery, the debtor’s virtually immediate dishonor of the settlement indicated that the debtor intentionally misrepresented the future status of the mortgage and intentionally inflicted injury to the creditor’s property.

      OUTCOME: Judgment was entered declaring the debt to the creditor nondischargeable.

      Giudice signed the DISCHARGE [of Giudice’s debt! Come on, Teresa; we ain’t buyin’ what you’re selling!] of Mastropole’s mortgage without his knowledge or authorization.

      J. Giudice was not being truthful when he averred that Mastropole had authorized the signing of his name on Exhibit P-6. 29 The signing of Mastropole’s name was a forgery, made with business motives (i.e., to garner funds through refinancing transactions), exhibiting willfulness and malice toward a former friend and current adversary. The extraordinary web of lies and misrepresentations woven by Giudice to implement and cover his misconduct reflects on his approach to business matters, and suggests his disregard for legal restraints which would bind others.

      [In the court record, here, is a VERY long list of Giudice’s actions that led the court to his conclusion.]

      The Giudice forgery under the circumstances established in this proceeding leads to the clear conclusion that J. Giudice defrauded Mastropole. That conclusion justifies excepting Mastropole’s claim from any bankruptcy discharge of J. Giudice which might eventuate.
      This court finds that J. Giudice knowingly deceived Mastropole at the outset of the recast deal in June 2007, and knowingly deceived him when he dishonored the continuing representation that the stated collateral would remain without modification until payment.. . . This representation (both as originally made and as the obligation continued) was essentially immediately dishonored by virtue of the forgery, leading this court to conclude that Giudice had misrepresented what was to transpire, knew when he initially made the representation and as he continued making that representation that it was false, and intended to deceive Mastropole at outset of the settlement and as events put in motion by the settlement unfolded. Mastropole, believing that he had the protection and benefit of his mortgage, was justified in relying on Giudice’s representation that the mortgage would remain of record as to Webster Place until the debt was satisfied. Giudice’s act of forgery was an unforeseen event and one which would not have been anticipated by business people similarly situated to Mastropole. That event denied Mastropole two opportunities for payment: once when Webster Place was refinanced in June 2007, and then when it was refinanced again on December 27, 2007. Therefore, Giudice’s forgery and overall fraud through misrepresentation were the proximate cause of Mastropole’s loss. Mastropole’s claim embodied in J. Giudice’s judgment debt of $255,000 plus interest (Exhibit P-11) thus fully qualifies for the § 523(a)(2)(A) exception to discharge.

      • Ms: You are GOOD, girl!! Further to your findings, Judge Morris Stern’s Opinion Letter is on the SH masthead and it is quite damning re Juicy’s actions.

        Also, Tree keeps saying that Joe Mastropole has been paid. I know for a fact that Joe Mastropole has yet to receive one penny from the Joodices. Tree’s plain lyin’ about that! TFC!! SH

        • Wow, SH–about the non-payment and pathological lying. Oh good, I’m glad you have that list of findings; it IS quite damning. This forgery was not, by any stretch, a simple “misunderstanding.” I believe that the entire Bankruptcy petition has been withdrawn; I can’t find anything else. Is that your understanding too, SH?

          I came back to add this (below), because it’s pretty telling of Juicy’s character. Doesn’t get more deliberate and malicious than this (from the decision):

          “Ms. Gomez [the notary] said she believed J. Giudice had on occasion signed Mastropole’s name to papers, but she was otherwise nonspecific in this regard. She had no knowledge of whether such Giudice acts were authorized by Mastropole. She disclaimed authorizing J. Giudice to use her seal or sign her name. Ms. Gomez testified that she had called J. Giudice some time after her March 2007 departure from J. Giudice’s employ, asking him about her notary stamp and seal which she had left in her desk. J. Giudice told her he had thrown everything out.”

          What a nightmare Tree is living in.

          • MsSub: It is really a pleasure to watch you work!! You obviously enjoy the hunt and have an impressive array of tools at your disposal! As for the trials, they are still scheduled for the end of December. They involve the trustee objecting to Tree being discharged in bankruptcy because of the misrepresentations of income and assets in their original filings as well as amendmets. Joe had to take a voluntary dismissal of his bankruptcy because he refused to answer questions from the trustee, preferring instead to take the fifth. Consequently, he is out of bankruptcy and the trials in December are proceeding against Tree only.

            What you have been quoting is the trial judge opinion in the “business partner” litigation which was decided this past January. You are correct that Juicy’s treatment of the poor notary is particularly reprehensible–telling her he threw away her notary stamp, but going ahead and using it to notarize forged signatures!!

            • PS, The judge in the Mastropole case did buy what Tree was selling and concluded that she did not know about Juicy’s fraud, so only Joe is on the hook for that debt. This is why Tree was actually being sharper than we have given her credit for when she said that they won that case. As long as they stay married, Juicy’s sole creditors cannot attach their joint property.

            • Its wicked wicked stuff indeed. Thank you for the breakdown who. So she could hang him good if she decided to divorce him for his infidelity

            • Thanks for the update on that. So the BK is still open, huh? I didn’t locate the docket; just assumed that Andy knew what he was talking about on the reunion. Guess he didn’t get the facts exactly right.

              Regarding not buying what Tree’s selling, I’m referring to her story about the forgery being a “misunderstanding,” or something like: They signed each other’s names all the time. Joe had his permission to sign for him, and then he [the partner] went back on his word and claimed he never gave permission.

            • Oh it’s good none of you was here watching that finale with me!! Miss Andy so deliberately misrepresented the status of the case to try to make her look bad–I was screaming at the TV–what little use I had for him disappeared that night–he makes me sick! The reality is that bankruptcy judges don’t put people in jail for bankruptcy fraud–they dismiss cases or deny discharge. The US attorney investigates the criminal side of the matter and decides whether to prosecute. So Tree was absolutely accurate when she told Miss Andy he was wrong about her going to jail.

            • Playing devil’s advocate: Maybe he was genuinely confused. ? In theory, if Giudice was able to discharge the debt BEFORE the forgery/fraud was discovered, then there would be quantifiable damages (and clear victim(s)) which he/they could be prosecuted for–not BK fraud, but Fraud/Theft through Forgery. I think that Andy was combining the facts of the two separate cases, when he concluded that they withdrew the BK petition to avoid prosecution. He may have thought that one discharge exception meant that the whole petition was moot. Miss Andy’s no legalologist. :)

            • He was confused, but the problem is that he argued with her and even went so far as to be condescending. He’s such a narcissist it never occurred to him that as someone who works in TV and is not a lawyer she might know the case (her case) better than he. He really thought he had his head around this complex and extensive situation. What a moron. But the most annoying type of moron…the moron who thinks he’s smarter than anyone he comes across no matter what.

              But, no. I don’t think he did it on purpose, however there is that saying: ignorance is willful.

            • I have to completely agree with you on all that. It was the second time I felt sorry for Teresa–the first time being when her brother berated her at her book signing.

            • thats not true someone in my state just went to jail for bankruptcy fraud on top of a very stiff fine so yea you can and do go to jail for lying to the government in bankruptcy fraud

  11. And of course it’s easy to not understand the nuances when your agenda is to pile on Tree!! I hadn’t thought of a state court prosecution for forgery, theft by deception, whatever–that’s an interesting wrinkle. The settlement agreement that withdrew Juicy’s petition of course said that no representations were made that there would be no prosecution, but even if that was an unspoken condition, it would not necessarily bind a state district attorney.

    I moved this reply out so we don’t have those little ribbon comments that go on for three or four feet!

    • Yeah, it was underhanded. You got it. Not only can the contract not bind a prosecutor, no one can make a promise not to prosecute as a condition of a civil contract: That’s extortion.

      Thanks for moving it! :)

      • people keep confusing the fraud with the business partner with the fact juicy and tree hide assets and Teresa lied about her advance on her cookbook and hide that from the Trustee Teresa may have been cleared with the Businesses fraud but she is still facing court time over the lying about assets

  12. Teresa giudice needs to get Off her high horse and put the crack pipe down. She’s confusing herself with a real television star. 11 million in debt so you’re filing bankruptcy. And you get to keep the big house and a new set of credit cards. And you don’t pay any body back. I think you and your family need to take a lesson on

  13. I agree with all of you. I wouldn’t buy a cook book off of that nasty woman Teresa. What we need to do is boycott the Show. It’s not lik they are real stars and can’t be replaced. They can and will be replaced. And the new families will probably be so much better and classy. And the best part is that they won’t be related. I can’t wait. So let’s not watch the house wives of new Jersey until they are replaced. OK. Done! ! !I agree with most of what you all have said. They are getting sickening and I’ve already stopped watching them. I especially can’t stomach Teresa. She’s stupid and so freaking ugly. I just hope Bravo t.v. is reading what we have to say
    So lets just boycott the wives of new Jersey. We deserve to watch better. After all without us theydont make a dollar.

  14. Wow what a lying bunch of SCUMBAGS. I swear I saw that reunion and as Jacqueline stated, make sure you get your rehearsed lines straight. You, I, The entire world can see Joe is a lying, manipulative hack, cheater, would steal your last dime to screw over, anyone and he and Teresa live a life of bullshit denial. It’s disgusting. I hope he does serve time for the DMV rap and I know they had the goods on him because you don’t just indict someone for the hell of it. He brought in his brothers papers thinking he was going to get by BECAUSE WE ALL KNOW HE’S A MEMEBER OF THE MENSA CLUB OF HARVARD.. yuck, yuck… oh sick!! he makes me want to hurl with the lies that just fly so freely out of his mouth. Not that I give a damn if he cheated on Teresa, I wouldn’t blame any man because she’s psycho, but the ” I was talking to a friend of mine named Albie” and groaning in a very what sounded like sexual manner, so don’t give me that shit unless he’s about to come out and tell us all he’s gayer than the day is lsong.. I mean really. WTF?? Like we all believe that crap he layed on Andy when he asked who he was speaking to…ugh.. liar.. and dumb ass green pageant horrendously dressed Teresa goes along with it.. Make me hurl people. Such denial on both ends and so damned stupid they couldn’t save their lives if the Lord depended on it.. Pathetic. Her words and the way she and joe speak made me want to toss my cookies every time they opened their IGNORANT MOUTHS.. PURE CRAP.. CAN’T FORM A SENTENCE… UGH… and he has to pay his ex partner or maybe Teresa did with those joke of cookbooks she’s made. Why the hell is anyone publishing this numbskull who can’t even write, speak, or act correctly. I feel like as Mr. Manzo said very eloquently, “I speak to Joe Guidice, that makes me stupid.” That makes anyone stupid to speak to either one of those losers. Losers, Frauds, fakes, Liars you name it.They’re together because they’re pretty much f’d at this point. They disgust me. I get sickened to see that Dina would even think to befreind such a piece of garbage such as Liar Teresa.. disgusting woman. I found out she received a little 2 year, may have not even finished it, degree in fashion., I do believe there’s got to be another lie there. We look back at her transcripts and I guarantee she never passed any core classes, such as English, (definitely not that) to sum up some of the most ridicuous and stupid things she’s said, “She hurted me” exact words used to describe that JL had hurt her feelings when she was just trying to help. How do you say C ink i dink… as she was trying to put together coincidence. I don’t feel sorry for people like her and her husband who are living so far beyond their means it’s insane. I don’t see the judge letting go of this and discharging their bankruptcy. They created all that debt, didn’t pay their bills, they should be held accountable. They make me sick. I was praying they would get rid of her because she is one toxic person to be around. You have to be one of those people that agree with everything she says, walk on eggshells, listen to her constant bullshit on everyone who has tried to help her and she turns her back on them. Once they had enough of her, they turned their backs on her and I would never look back and heed way if I ever saw her because she’s one toxic broad.. bad news, get away you crazy sociopath who can’t admit a damn thing she’s done wrong because she’s so delusional and in such denial and she makes all the more crap up as time goes on… caught in so many lies.. she sucks and her husband is beyond DISGUSTING.. what the crap does juicy stand for? Like a butterball turkey and the butter squirts out when you cut it because it’s soooo fat?? he’s gross ..unattractive and he’s a loser… he can’t do anything right and he’s a terrible businessman because he closes down every damn thing he opens up. He’s not stable. and he’s not bringing in any income. Lidia Bastianich is the only great Italian cook that anyone would buy as far as her cookbooks and authenticity. Teresa is using her mothers recipes and I’ve never seen her cook.. She lies.. This was brought up by the fact that because she’s maybe 5’6, Italian and somewhat slim, a good deal of Italian food is very heavy and very fattening.. the point is, I know this is why she was offered the book deals. Never have seen her books anywhere I live at any bookstore… purposely looked to see if there were any.. zero, nothing.. they didn’t even have her in their systems on line.. how bad is that? People have gotta be crazy to feel sorry for that idiot.. she has no smarts about her.. but she and her husband know how to screw the public. I hope Joe goes to jail and we’ll see, Teresa, since you have to lie about everything, if you stick by him…. laughable….

  15. I hesitate to call anyone out over matters of spelling or intelligence but cannot resist such blatant stupidity. Mensa is an organization based on IQ scores and doesn’t have any association with Harvard University. Also intelligence is not necessarily any indication of morals , values or criminality. I always get a chuckle out of posters who have atrocious spelling and poor grammar and yet condemn Juicy as ignorant. Really? It waters down the argument considerably . Very amusing when others throw around diagnoses like an amateur Freud. Everyone who posts an opinion should recognize that their opinion can easily stand on it’s own merit without resorting to armchair psychology. Charles Manson is a sociopath. Juicy Guidice is on a reality show. As far as I know he hasn’t murdered anyone. As for Teresa she must have some ability or the publisher would never have contracted books 2,3 & 4. Many reality stars receive book deals but how many publish multiples? Bethenny and Snooki ? Teresa Guidice.

    • Aint, you make a logical and reasoned argument (and one that I’ve tried to make more than once, myself), but I almost wouldn’t waste my breath at this point. I’ve noticed that there are so many here who seem to truly believe that an IQ score and/or level of education are a measurement of one’s character.

      • Maybe we can agree they are all idiots who often confuse their IQs to their shoe size and lets call it a day.

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