SH appreciates all SH readers and SH commenters!  

This site would not be SH without all of YOU…

…especially the wonderful, intelligent, humorous readers who take the time to write their comments/views re the various topics/posts on SH!  

If you have decided to set yourself free from “lurkerville” and begin to comment on SH, please read the rules first…

Rules of Conduct

  • Keep it Clean. 
  • Please avoid obscene, vulgar, lewd, racist or sexually-oriented language. 
  • Don’t Threaten. Threats to another commenter will not be tolerated.
  • Be Truthful.  
  • Be Nice.  No racism, sexism or any sort of -ism that is degrading to another person.
  • Share with SH!  We’d love to hear eyewitness accounts… 
  • CHILDREN are out of bounds on SH… please no bashing the kids!!  This doesn’t mean you can’t MENTION them, just no BASHING!
  • LINKS:  Please check the SH blogroll on the right of the page for the site you wish to link.  If the site is NOT on the SH blogroll, do NOT include the link… it will be trashed.  
  • Don’t bother asking SH questions… do your OWN research!  Continual questioning via comments will result in being “poofed”… no questions asked!
  • DON’T bother writing emails re your comments!  You will not get an answer!  
  • There is NO “SH” bashing… you will be immediately POOFED. 

The above is a more formal notice; the rules on SH have been the same from day one!  These are the two basic rules:

NO foul language and NO attacking fellow commenters.  Neither is necessary to get your point across.

AND… NO attacking Ms SH.


CREDIT ON SH:  SH loves giving credit where credit is due… especially to SH readers!   If you have sent SH an item, you will see a “thank you” at the bottom of the post.  This applies even if SH has already seen or is aware of the item sent by the SH reader.  

If the item is something mentioned by an SH reader via “comments”… no credit is given.  


SH is extremely appreciative of SH commenters and has always thanked them… from day one!


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  1. Great rules… Thanks for the welcome… Have something to do on my down time Now…

  2. I just read the rules (after I finally stopped lurking lol) glad I didn’t violate any (although don’t think I would as I don’t like to use racist/derogatory slurs) as I would hate to be “poofed.” Ms. SH- this is the BEST site for getting accurate, up-to-date HW info, and I thank you. Also, most entertaining comments ever.

  3. You violate the “truthful” guideline every day. Your conjecture about the shows is laughably stupid, but you never bother to point out when you were wrong.

  4. WHY Does someone have to always be a housewife when they challenge SH?!?!?!? I just don’t understand… Smh…

  5. We all have our opinions & I don’t agree with yours as you may not with mines.. That’s life!!! TFC

  6. Off topic but nowhere else to post I guess. I was just thinking it’s a shame we don’t have a private forum board associated with the SH website. Obviously HW’s are discussed here with current topics but, often I have wanted to ask other posters certain questions regarding topics that have or haven’t been covered, or just a question with regard to other people’s thoughts on a HW subject matter.

    Additionally, there is alot of personal communication between posters which is always nice to see and read. A private forum would have a board to make this more expandable. Anyway, it’s just an idea, I have never run a forum so I have no idea if it’s an easy thing to pop up or a pain in the derriere.

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