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75 comments on “CONTACT SH

  1. Randy Edward issued a challange to Taylor about a ROL story about her drinking. Sounds like he hasbrun out of patients.

  2. Hello SH. A month or so ago I had read on your blog something about quitting your blog…..At the time it seemed like people were attacking you and said some mean comments about you selling out….At that time I was going through some medical issues and probably a little bit on the spacey side so I might have misunderstood what was going on. I actually felt that you were leaving and it upset me so much I took you off my email list. I felt if you were not doing this site that no one could possibly take your place and do such a wonderful job. So, for sometime now i HAVE BEEN REALLY bummed out every time I would read my email and not have SH emails about the housewives. Like many others I have not been watching as much as I used to do to the reoccurring garbage they had been feeding us viewers. I decided to check it out and see if you were still here. OMG! You are! I cant tell you how excited I am that you are still here and right on spot as always. Now I don’t have to choke down watching NJHWs as much because everyone here are so good about updating and commenting for real. I was wondering also if since hadn’t been here do I have to re-register? I think gravatar was the site to connect or wordplace? Not sure. Would love to get back on with all you great real HWs. I thank you again for giving someone like me(who has no life) daily entertainment.Laurie I see that I am still here..YAY!

  3. MsSH, Have you seen these dolls? The company just made a doll of the tanorexic NJ mom.
    They’re Their ad for RHONJ Conniving Evil Witch:
    “Get Real Housewives of New Jersey Doll – The real housewives of New Jersey Action Figure ONLY 1000 units will be made Of this Big Lipped, Implant Wearing, Botox faced Conniving Evil Witch. $39.95. “

  4. Interesting! I was shocked at the dirty fuzzy 3. Eek. Hope they didn’t catch fleas or something worse touching that gross thing.

  5. Is this why their feuding?
    chris stark (@stark3923)
    #rhonj FACTS ON THE DINA MANZO CAROLINE MANZO FUED. Hard to forgive and move on when you (Dina) ask your Brother (Jamie) to film his wedding on your tv show (Dina’s Party HGTV) and Jamie agrees ONLY to have Caroline wooo Jamie with the Bravo filming and exposer to HELP give Caroline a boost…

    This is a fact and this is WHY Jamie said he had to throw a wedding together in less than a month! Caroline stole Jamies wedding from Dina. Caroline was angry with Dina. Caroline blames Dina for Caroline losing out on her book deal and that book deal went to Teresa. I do not know what Dina did to help Teresa but this is what the real feud is about..Caroline is angry that Teresa stole her business deal with the help of Dina so Caroline stole Jamie wedding from Dina = facts!! Jamies siblings where so appalled by this that they boycotted the wedding and refused to be filmed on Bravo. = fact

    Another fact – Bravo only agreed to film Jamies wedding if Teresa was invited…. Teresa is the star and this kills Caroline = that is why Caroline is filled with contempt.

    • Of course they want Teresa there along with Juicy because its guarantee one of them will make some bonehead comment and guess what we were not disappointed were we.

  6. I don’t know what is behind the new wallpaper but I just know you twisted the stick up the butt of Mrs. Dubrow’s behind. Heehehehehehe.

      • Maybe they need to check she doesn’t have one of them “mickey mouse” license. I hear they may or may not be available in California.

  7. Ms SH I have been reading old post and I am curious what do we know about Albert and Tommy Manzo other than they are brothers, in business together, married sisters and their father was found stuffed in the trunk of his car? Are there any other siblings? And what happened to the mom? I watched Dina and Tommy’s wedding and I can’t believe a catering hall makes so much money they could afford a $1.1 million dollar wedding. I am sure some of it was comped through vendors and such but still that is a large chunk of money. Just wondering.

  8. Ms SH, which is correct when emailing you…on the “contact me” page the S and the H are lower case and on the web page itself they are both upper case..just file this under goofy question #1025. ;-)

  9. SH, I used to really enjoy the all the Housewives and your blog, but recently they have both just gotten to negative. I understand that most readers probably don’t agree, but I think your negativity has set a poor standard for your audience and the amount of hate is not warranted for the events and people covered by your blog. So sad that there is so much hate. I am taking your site off my favorites list and I won’t be back. Hope things improve. Life has much positive to offer.

  10. Follow you on twitter great stories you have . I’ve been off twitter for awhile phone problems. Got back on very surprised I have nt seen or I missed your stories about RHONJ new cast ,Caroline gone etc…can yotu fill me in big RHW fan (xcept. Atl.)

  11. Miss SH,

    Where is your Brandi Glanville page? You put a Yolanda page in, there’s even a Dana Wilkey page and she is totally gone, but there is no Brandi, and she has a ton of good drama! I don’t mean to be pushy, you have the best Housewives site ever.

    • sass: Cannot believe that the Brandi page is not there! I also just noticed that Lisa Vanderpump’s page is not there! Will correct immediately! Thank you for pointing this out. TFC!! SH

  12. Dear Ms SH, not sure if you heard, but it is official – Bethenny & Jason have split. she issued a statement & a brief comment on Twitter. BTW: thanks for this site!! Keep up the good work : )
    I thought I was logged in to comment here as “hugitout” but then something led me to WordPress… then I had to create a new name… then a new password…. and I am sick in bed with only my iPad, so….. I guess I have to stick w/Skunkadunka. When I am feeling better I can go downstairs, retrieve my laptop and post a pic to mt avitar, but wanted to get this news to you now : ) thanks again!!

  13. I can’t get MP off my mind. Is there a way to give Made a post like you have for Gab? A not so public forum her to talk and her SH friends can support her?

  14. Okay, so now when I try to enter my comment I am told it is a duplicate. I am wondering where in the heck my duplicated comments are going. If found please drop in nearest mailbox. Argh, I remember why I stopped commenting. I am way too stoopid for this fancy place. I will return to lurking. Since I am “in here” at the present I want to THANK YOU for all you do, Ms SH, it is very much appreciated. And now back to my lonely little lurker corner. Take care! Elizabeth

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