All posts are based on MY opinions and thoughts on what may already be reported in the media.  I am just someone who created this site… for ME…and yes, I am biased!!!I only report on the Housewives who I find interesting and relevant… and I can say what I want.   You are free to disagree… and if you don’t like what I have to say, kindly find another site where you will be happy!  Thank YOU for reading SH!  SH

There are ‘Real’ Housewives and then there are Stoopid Housewives…

This site will call out the STOOPID HOUSEWIVES of ALL the Bravo franchises and write about the other Housewives as necessary.  They are all stoopid,  just the degree of stoopidity varies.

                                                      2011 STOOPIDEST HOUSWIFE… It’s KKKelly Bensimon!!!  Close your eyes… open your eyes… you’re weird… weird… go back and come in again… just do it over.

                                Tamra Barney, Vicki Gunvalson, SH’s original Stoopid Housewife (Lynne Curtin), Alexis Bellino and Gretchen Rossi… Real Housewives of Orange County.

                                  KKKelly Bensimon from the Real Housewives of New York… the 2011 STOOPIDEST HOUSEWIFE… SH is now looking for her replacement as Kra-Kra Kelly has been booted from the NY franchise by Bravo…

                                                   DAMN!!! That girl got the biggest flippin’ feet ever!  Hey, maybe we could do a new category… “Fired Housewife With Da Biggest Feet Ever”…                                                                        

Kelly’s replacement HAS been found!!!!


For MORE about Cynthia’s title of 2012 Stoopidest Housewife… HERE.

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  2. To MS. SH, Now I have a face to go with your website. And NO, I’m not a stalker. “How ya doin..”

  3. Great find Mycat! I wish I looked that good when I woke up! SHW–I’ve been fixated on fake cheekbone jobs lately–do you mind if I ask, have you had any work done? If not, you have that facial structure that everyone tries to imitate, lucky you.

  4. You are an ugly trailer-trash look-a-like whore who has no right in making fun at anyone. You must have never seen yourself in the mirror since you are still alive. Jealousy is a bitch.

    • trento: Thanks for commenting! And, thanks for the laugh! Uh… ‘trailer-trash look-a-like’… whom do I remind you of?? Jealous? Please inform me of whom I am jealous. You are welcome here to express your views, but are you sure you’ve got the right person??? Geez, remember, the photo was taken in the morning… I just got up… SH

    • Trento,
      You’re an idiot. Leave my fave blogger alone!

      You look beautiful in your pic! I think that Trento may be another alias for Shana/Christine/Traylor Trash/Hughes/Ford/Armstrong. She knows she is going dooooowwwwwnnnnnn!!!!!!!! ;)

  5. To trento, Why the hate? She’s got the best sight on the web, so who is she jealous of? Are you friends with getalife/Chisty Hilton? Oh MS.SH, she’s started a web war. I’m glad to see you cleaned up your language. Cuss words only make you look trashy.

  6. ToMS.SH, Thank God that lunatic hasn’t launched her tirade on this site. What is wrong with that person. You have the e-mail. I’d take it down and not give them the satisfaction of having it posted.

  7. To Giggylover, That comment came right after MS.SH, had put up an article about Christy Hilton. Go to that site. That person got very ugly about the article. The other person was using the name getalife, hence my comment. Glad you told Trento off.

    • Thanks click click/mycat! I am still confused though. I think I somehow missed all of this! I’m looking now (back at SH’s postings regarding Hilton & Hyland or Christy Hilton) but I am not sure what site to go to? Can you help?
      P.S. I don’t like people who leave obnoxious and rude comments like trento did above so I feel the need to assist in backing up Ms. SH by giving just a small piece of my mind! ;)

  8. To Giggylover, MS.SH had put the article up around the same time she had the article up on Kyle and Kim’s mother. getalife was very foul mouthed about it. The article had to do with the Hilton realty co. and Christy marrying another rich Hilton. I was very upset, as you were when you read that idiot trento. I’ll see if I can find it.

  9. I think I remember what you are talking about now! It was a long, nasty comment with lots of grammatical and spelling errors, right? I think I told that one off too! LOL
    Thanks for the info!

  10. To Giggylover, Glad to help. I will also defend my favorite site and MS.SH. That’s why I added the part about they had cleaned up their filthy mouth. It was vile. Oh yea, it’s not illegal in S.C. to use cell phones while driving either. Should be.

    • I don’t know the right name to call that little bar on top of the computer screen, but it was one pic I didn’t recognize. Now it is your smiling face. You just woke up pic is now there.

  11. I see you have changed your blogroll. This should be the site for people to get direct things to you, that don’t pertain to housewife stuff. Maybe you could make a special spot for that. If not, I always just use this.

  12. Oh No. I am totally housewife. I just go here to ask you certain things or comment on things that aren’t on your current post. I don’t mind using this site. Maybe a site where commenters can feel like they are leaving you a special message.

  13. To MS.SH, I saw on Frontline tonight, PBS or ed. TV, they were doing a story on the White House photograper. I got all excited thinking it would be Charles, Cat’s ex, but no. It’s Pete Souza.

  14. MS.SH, Another site has a trailer to the RHONJ. Check it out, and get it to us. I’ve got chills just from watching. I’m that excited and it looks that good. Tree is insane. Caroline tells someone, to go ahead and kill each other, but not in her house. WOW!

  15. Jacquline tells off Ashley. You see her ex. Caroline, looking like Alice Cooper, tells a male stripper to take it off, “Mama wants some eye candy”. It just gets better. Not dull, like RHOM.

    • cc/mc: IMO, the RHOM were given a bad rap by Bravo. They did not set out to be Bravo Housewives, but were picked up by Bravo after they had filmed their ‘audition’ series which was called ‘Miami Social Club’… then Bravo came along and changed the title to RHOM. If I were Lea Black, I would demand that ‘get out of jail free’ card back from Andy…. especially after his treatment of them at their ‘reunion’ show. Talk about shabby treatment!!!

  16. MS.SH, I watched the show about Miami Social. I can’t remember that one guys name. He was on Big Brother, and that girl put his toothbrush in the tolit. I don’t mean to be offensive, but Adriana is not a nice person. She has a filthy mouth. I then will not comment on your site anymore.

    • cc/mc: That was a totally different show… the RHOM was called ‘Miami Social Club’ and there was another show called just ‘Miami Social,’ which is the one that you’re thinking of… I’m not saying that I like Adriana or any of them or that I dislike any of them. I’m saying that how they were treated by Bravo was pretty despicable…

  17. Ms. SH,
    Are you on facebook? Or would you consider creating a Stoopid Housewives fan page on facebook for us to “like”?
    Your pal,
    GiggyLover :D


  19. Hey MS SH!…So glad to finally see pic’s of you…so, here’s the deal…we all have been making fun of our beautiful sexy beast selves in the past few days….it’d be fun sometime to have some sort of contest on who used the most Aqua Net pile it High hair back in the Day, eh????…I bet we are all about the same age and we all have the those photos…although, we were not the Meineke girl…your highness!…It’d be fun to remineisce (sp–sorry)…aboud how we did pile it…I can guarantee you that my friends and myself could not walk through the doorway at the same time or we’d get STUCK! :)

    • duffy: Personally, never used Aqua Net; nor do I have any idea what my hair dresser used on my hair at my every Thursday appt. I’m not one to do an entire spread of my modeling days. You all go ahead and knock yourselves out, though… TFC!!! SH

  20. I finally got my laptop to see you! Your beautiful, no make up or with make up! Thanks for the site, I sure appreciate all the goodies you get for us! Keep up the great work!

  21. Ahhhhh my dear friend for you to even know that my dopey site exist is crazy to me. Stoopid Housewives has to be one of the top 10 sites on WP. i DON’T KNOW WHO RULES THE BLOG WORLD BUT THEY NEED TO LIKE; IMMORTALIZE YOUR SITE. And that’s not how you spell GIANTS! It’s Go Giants! come on say it after me Goooooooo Giants!

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