FROM THE SH ARCHIVES: It All Started With ‘Big Kathy,’ Kim and Kyle Richards’ Mother… The “House of Hilton”

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ORIGINALLY POSTED FEBRUARY 2011… NOTE:  The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills‘ Kim and Kyle Richards often speak of their mother, ‘Big Kathy,’ as their role model.  ‘Big Kathy’ died in 2002, and after Kyle spoke of herself as ‘being the … Continue reading

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GoBackThursday: JuicyJoe Dumped TreeJoodice … But She Crawled Back To Him!

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NOTE:   Let’s go back to August 2011.  Juicy told Tree that he didn’t want nuthin’ to do with Tree or her bruther… imagine where the Joodice’s would be now if Juicy had kept his word and stayed away from … Continue reading


MORE GoBack Thursday!! From 2011…Missy And JoeyOrgan Eatin’ and Greetin’… Still “On Display”!… VIDEO

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FROM DECEMBER 2011…look at how far those Gorgans have come since this item from 2011!  They no longer make those crappy appearances at local spaghetti restaurants to sell MeGo’s CDs for $10! Melissa and Joe Gorga of the Real Housewives … Continue reading

REAL HOUSEWIVES OF BEVERLY HILLS: Preview… CreepyCarlton Puts A Hex On DumbJoyce…

On the next RHOBH… CreepyCarltonTheDoorman has her pool party. LisaWLIAVDBTR cancels an invitation to Yolanda’s house at the last minute…Yolanda questions their friendship.  DumbJoyce says she doesn’t believe in witchcraft, so CreepyCarlton warns her to see what happens once she gets home.


NOTE:  OK… we get that you’re a real badazz witch.  CreepyCarlton’s story line is a real yawnfest.   Let’s move on.  


The Snugg Mini iPad… Protect Your iPad With TheSnugg!

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NOTE:  The following is a review of TheSnugg.  A black mini iPad case Snugg was sent to SH; however, there are many colors from which to choose for whichever version iPad you may own. also has Tablet, SmartPhone, Kindle covers, … Continue reading


FROM THE SH ARCHIVES… RHONJ RECAP: Season Three, Episode 18 … “Blood Is Thicker Than Guccis”… HAS ANYTHING CHANGED IN TWO YEARS?

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ORIGINALLY POSTED OCTOBER 6, 2011… TWO Years Ago!! HAS ANYTHING CHANGED????                                                            … Continue reading


FROM THE SH ARCHIVES…TWO YEARS AGO TODAY!! “Watch What Happens Live: Andy Cohen… Now We KNOW That Bravo Reads SH!”

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NOTE:   While doin’ some research, got lost in the maze of the now just under 10,000 Housewives items on SH!  So, let’s take a look at an item dated September 27, 2011!   Wonder where the commenters from two … Continue reading

ANDREA SNEIDERMAN UPDATE: Sentenced To Five Years… Andrea Wins “Best Internet Actress” Award… “Don’t Send Me To Jail, Judge… I Got KIDS!”

Before sentencing her to five years for her participation in the murder of her husband, Andrea Sneiderman read a statement to the Judge… hoping that her words would sway the Judge to be lenient.  Andrea got on the stand and put on a stunningly-can’t-help-but-watch stellar acting job.   Andrea’s acting is amazingly astonishingly Academy Award Winning material…

(Thanks to SH reader “StellaStarlite”!!!)


AMY PHILLIPS: Amy Does Real Housewives of Orange County’s Heather Dubrow!

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Our talented friend, @AmyPhillips_ performed another spot on impersonation of the RHOC’s Heather Dull-BRO on last night’s WWHL!   Amy’s first Heather impression is also included… Wretched BLEEEEECH! Rossi was screeching talking over the first HeatherD impression on WWHL which … Continue reading


TERESA GIUDICE: Tree’s “What A Crock” BravoBlog… Don’t Look At The Past!…Tree’s Blog Filled With PR Moves…

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Bravo… Another ghostwritten BravoBlog! Thank you all so much for your support this week. I appreciate it more than you will ever know. xx I loved seeing my girls get to play with their cousins this episode. I love them … Continue reading


Real Housewives of New Jersey: Teresa Giudice… Says She Owns LOTS of Properties

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      ORIGINALLY POSTED ON SEPTEMBER 4 2011…                                                             Yeah, I … Continue reading

ROYAL BABY… Waiting For Name…

“We would like to thank the staff at the Lindo Wing and the whole hospital for the tremendous care the three of us have received.

We know it has been a very busy period for the hospital and we would like to thank everyone – staff, patients and visitors – for their understanding during this time.”

Keep up with all the latest updates at and @ClarenceHouse!   See the full royal baby video via

TAMRA BARNEY: “Gretchen Rossi Sounds Better With Auto-Tune”…

Bravo Tamballs assesses Wretched singing on last night’s WWHL.


THE LATEST “IT’S TV”… With Ronnie and Carrie!

Love ma boo, “flipit/Ronnie” and his partner, Carrie Locklyn!  Their latest “It’s TV!”  from … Ronnie does the best ever Lindsay Lohan impression… EVER!!  And if you haven’t already, give Ronnie a follow at @TrashTweetTV and subscribe on YouTube!


PAULA DEEN: Paula’s Book Scrubbed… Paula’s Producer On Mute…Paula On “Dancing With The Stars”??

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Paula Deen is getting body slammed from all angles at once.  Her sponsors have been dropping her one by one since news of her “scandal” broke approximately two weeks ago.  The latest to join the scaredy-cat bunch is Random House, … Continue reading


Ma boo, “flipit/Ronnie” from TrashTalkTV, has created a brand new TV review with Carrie Locklyn… “It’s TV With Ronnie and Carrie!”  Vicki Gunvalson’s face changes are simply amazing…


FROM THE SH ARCHIVES: Lookin’ Back At TWO Years Ago Today!… Lil Manzoids Moved To Hoboken To Git Away From Mommy!… Caroline Manzo, Teresa Giudice, Marlo Hampton, Camille Grammer… And MORE!!!

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ORIGINALLY POSTED JUNE 3, 2011… Why stop at ONE year???  Let’s take a look at what was goin’ on TWO Years Ago Today! NOTE:  Whilst perusing the many posts from two years ago, caught an item from yesterday, June 2.  The … Continue reading


MORE AMY’S BAKING COMPANY: Waitress Katy “Is That The Right Table?” Spills It About Amy and Samy… ABC Hires PR Person… Grand Re-Opening May 21… PORTION of Proceeds Benefit Charity

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The waitress who was fired by Amy Bouzaglo for asking a simple question of Amy re a patron’s order took all and every question on Reddit re her experience at Amy’s Baking Company… and about owners, Amy and Samy Bouzaglo. … Continue reading



Check out “Only Idiots Think Jodi Arias Is Innocent“!!


TRAVIS ALEXANDER MURDER TRIAL: Jury Questions For DV “Expert” Alyce LaViolette… UPDATE: The Woman Behind Jodi Arias Twitter Account…

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The Travis Alexander MURDER trial will resume Friday at 9:00 am… 12 noon EST.    Am sick of mentioning JA’s name… and Travis’ murders seems to have become secondary to JA’s state of mind, psyche, intentions, excuses. Watch on your … Continue reading



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ORIGINAL POST JANUARY 7, 2012    RE-POST APRIL 9, 2012 NOTE:  Has anything changes in 15 months??  Dr. Drew Pinsky… Kyle Richards Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ Kyle Richards made a stop at HLN to visit with Dr. Drew to … Continue reading


Bravo  Poor lil Porsha… Kordell will NOT be da BabyDaddy!!

BS OF THE DAY!!: From “flipit/Ronnie”… Kim Richards, Snooki, Jessica Simpson, Tim Tebow, Jesse James…

From ma boo over at TVGasm, “flipit/Ronnie”… the latest “BS of the Day”!!!