TAKIN’ A SH DETOUR! What You Might NOT Know…

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You don’t know what you don’t know… but, you might already know somma THIS stuff!   HOW DOES ONE TOTALLY FORGET A PAST EVENT… LIKE WATCHING AN EPISODE OF THOSE MORONIC HOUSEWIVES?   THE ALIENS ARE ON RECORD AS DESCRIBING … Continue reading

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LET’S TALK TV! Penny Dreadful, Hannibal, Dr. Phil by SK DeWit

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  This week I’ve got some great shows to review and one goose egg! I want to apologize for one thing first. Last week I promised to review “The Art Of” from Ovation. I never did and for that I … Continue reading



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Clay Aiken’s opponent in the North Carolina Democratic primary race for Congress died today from a fall in his home.  If Clay wins, you can be sure to see Yoda and KingD poppin’ up in photo ops with Clay.  KingD’s … Continue reading


STERLING “Baited”… Barbara Walters on SNL

  Doesn’t anyone THINK?  Is there anyone in the media or anywhere, for that matter, who can THINK for themselves??? The latest example of pouncing before thinking is the reaction to Donald Sterling’s words.  Sterling appeared with MissAndyCoop to chat about … Continue reading

PT Housewife’s “Leg Left In Wal-Mart” … Best Captions!!

NOTE:   PT Housewife has been MIA from the last few episodes of the RHONY… PT was delayed at her favorite shopping mecca.    Enjoy the captions by very funny, witty SH readers!!

The BEST captions for PT’s Wal-Mart leg!  

THANK YOU to all who submitted their captions!!

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For those of you unfamiliar with “PT Housewife”:  PTHousewife is AvivaDrescher.    A-“VIVA” Paper Towels… Aviva, the totally self-absorbed paper towel (PT) Housewife!   And where did that self-absorbed name come from????  PTHousewife was makin’ demands on SH… waaay back in August 2012.


LET’S TALK TV! “The Inbetweeners” “Luther” “Lindsay” by SK DeWit

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Hello, I hope everyone had a chance last week to check out some of my recommendations (here)! If those weren’t to your liking or if they were I have a few more for this week! I want to start this … Continue reading


TAKIN’ A SH DETOUR… Time Reflections

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  Photographer Tom Hussey created an amazing and thoughtful series of pictures that will speak to you, no matter your age, race, beliefs or occupation.  Makes ya wonder not only what those moronic Housewives will look like in ten years, … Continue reading


LET’S TALK TV!!! “Orphan Black”… “Killer Speaks”…”Salem”

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NOTE:  In the quest to expand beyond the moronic Housewives phony “reality” shows, SH reader “SK DeWit” has reviewed for your consideration three shows which she has found worthy of watching.  Please read and give your thoughts.   Thank you, … Continue reading

GUESS THE HOUSEWIFE!! Housewife Revealed!




Congratulations to those of you who recognized TAMBALLS’ lower limbs!!


DISRESPECTING MISS WEDNESDAY… Amy Phillips’ New Movie! Go Amy!!!

amy phillips movie

Amy Phillips is keeping herself real busy!!  Amy’s been filming “Disrespecting Miss Wednesday”…

“Nick, a New York City Party monster and former “teenage douchebag”, has been kicked out of his Ivy League school, forcing him to return to his dysfunctional family in Orange County, California. From his jumpsuit wearing plastic-surgerized mother Ursula, starring on the hit reality show EX Trophy Wives of Orange County, to his medicinal marijuana trimming younger sister, and her teen dad confederate flag sporting boyfriend Karl; Nick isn’t quite ready to head back to Orange County. A place he spent his entire adolescence trying to escape. In this comedic short, Disrespecting Miss Wednesday explores the relationship between a dysfunctional family and son, while managing to still find humor in all the wrong places.”    MORE at DisrespectingMissWednesday’s FacebookPage and Twitter!

Opree Shares The Wealth!!

Opree tells TMZ that people hit her up for money based on how much they think she makes, which is now up to $50,000.  Being that Opree makes (on the LOW side) around $80 million per annum just from her TV shows and OWN network, you would think that the amount would be somewhat higher!


If you could, and if you had the burglar balls… would YOU ask Opree for a loan??  If so, how much???  Would you repay the loan to race-baiter-Affirmative-Action Opree?? 



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Could someone please explain how this… a tweet by a 20-something living in his parents home… promotes any intelligent debate, solves any problems or makes one want to align themselves with this person’s political views?   Your thoughts come first… … Continue reading


REAL WORLD WEEKEND FtHoodSurvivor PaulerDeen CommonCore AND MORE!

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  A female military police officer is being hailed a hero after she bravely approached the Fort Hood gunman who had just killed three people and injured 16 more in a horror shooting spree.  The cop, who has not yet … Continue reading



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Am having some issues with the Real Housewives franchises.  Interest in these moronic Housewives has fallen to a new low. To be perfectly honest, am much more excited about the new season of “Life Below Zero” on April 17 than … Continue reading


MISS ANDY COOP… “MONEY MARTYR”… He AND His Mother Are “Work Ethic” Jokes

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  In a chat with Howard Stern, MissAndyCoop reveals that he doesn’t expect any inheritance from his mother, Gloria Vanderbilt.  MissAndyC says that he was expected to work from an early age and learned his work ethic from his mother. … Continue reading