PIT BULLS: Banned in Britain…

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This item re pit bulls is from April 2013.  KimRichards’ dog is banned in Britain: Great Britain has a DangerousDogAct… The top banned dog?  The Pit Bull. Banned dogs In the UK, it’s against the law to own certain types … Continue reading


UPDATE On VA Tech’s Dr. Kelly McBride … Presenting Housewives Academic Paper In Singapore!

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Our friend, Communications Professor at Virginia Tech, Dr. Kelly McBride, has some GREAT news.  As you all know, Dr. McBride has been using this site as part of her Social Media Communications curriculum, teaching students in her classes at Virginia Tech. Before … Continue reading


CASEY KASEM Dead At 82… The Battle For Casey’s Care And Money

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Casey Kasem has died.  ABC News confirmed that the radio personality died yesterday in a California hospital. He was 82. Born Kemal Amin Kasem in Detroit, the disc jockey began his career in nearby Flint before becoming an announcer on … Continue reading



SH reader “whodothesepeoplelooklike” is the caption winner and will receive THREE free visits (at their own expense) to the Federal prison in which TreeJoodice might be held… whether she’s there or not!   




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 Earl of Taint   BaghdadBob Bergdahl, UPS driver and father of “alleged” traitor/deserter, Bowe, stalked and harassed neighbor twins in Hailey ID… TraitorBowe was rejected from joining the CoastGuard; Army took him despite knowing he was not psychologically all there… … Continue reading


“Is THIS The World We Live In?”

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Who could ever forget that one-season “friend” of the OC Housewives who sputtered her drunken line… the line which questioned not only the Housewives world, but the world all around us??  Let’s never forget Sarah’s famous line and Dull-BRO’s “acting” … Continue reading



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NUTHIN’ ABOUT THOSE MORONIC HOUSEWIVES!! The following illustrations are a reminder to know your history.  Will some of these eye-opening scenes happen again??? SOME THINGS TO THINK ABOUT!!! Photos taken throughout history…  Testing football helmets in 1912… the NFL has … Continue reading


The ESPN Sports Quiz For Employment… CommieCore Style

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  This is a pre-employment test given to potential employees of ESPN.  If you have a bit of sports knowledge and some basic sixth-grade math, you can answer these questions quickly. BUT… what’s gonna happen to those misguided CommieCore students … Continue reading


HOLLYWOOD MASACRE: The Housewives Connection…

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Ya just knew it… didn’t you?  As soon as some bizarro warped mind takes another’s life, ya knew that the first thing that would be blown up from ALL the facts involved is the fact that the murderer used a … Continue reading



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SH readers/commenters are very intelligent… and witty… and funny… and, of course, bee-yoo-tee-full!!   Hopefully, SH readers actually read more about OTHER topics than the moronic Housewives!  Therefore, the well-read SH reader/commenter may already know this stuff!! Some items, such … Continue reading


Can you answer this simple math question???

CommonCore became of interest after a cashier had to pull out his calculator to make change for a 75 cent pack of gum. The cashier could not figure out in his head that the correct change was a quarter! When the cashier was questioned as to why he could not do without his calculator, he didn’t seem to care! Just gave one of those “I just work here… you got your change, so leave” looks! How the hell did these kids become do damn dumb???? If CommoneCore is not stopped, the US is doomed to be competiting with third-world nations.

If you cannot devote two hours to the following expose of CommonCore by Dr. Duke Pesta, PLEASE watch and listen to as much as you can and return to hear ALL of it.  The foundation of CommonCore was created by TWO people, backed by Bill Gates.  OH… there’s much more! Did you know that the major college tests like the SAT are now aligned with Common Core?

Here’s the freakin’ scary expose re the dumbing down of America via CommonCore, which is simply producing mindless, unthinking, sound-bite-all-hail-commrade-robots… a must watch:


NOTE:  This is the site mentioned at the end of Dr. Pesta’s talk:  It is a CommonCore-free education site.   

What can parents do?  Parents are their kids’ ultimate educators and protectors.  Our kids are being pimped out to data predators by the very people we entrusted with the safety of our kids, their schools and State Departments of Education, without parental permission or notification.  Parents can call their children’s schools and check to see if their child will be involved in these field tests. They can then ask that their kid be “opted out” of taking the test or they can simply keep their kids home the day of the test.

If your kid has already taken the test, ask to see the data taken from them and how it is being used. Ask also to see the actual surveys that every kid will take at the end of the test, not a “sample” one. I already know what the answers to your queries will be.  “It’s the Common Core, get used to it.”  That’s their dirty little secret.   Details at EAGNews.

A continuing question is this:  WHY are there no people in power doing anything about the obvious dismantling of not only the education system, but of numerous other issues which the American people have voted AGAINST??  Someone in power has to start taking a stand… and sticking by their words.


TAKIN’ A SH DETOUR! Please Pause To Gaze Upon Some Dazzling Flora…

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The most beautiful, bodacious, splendid, stunning, elegant, magnificent and breathtaking specimens in the world are gifts from God.  And, they are free… Here are just some examples of the most exquisite of God’s gift to us.  The only thing we … Continue reading


TAKIN’ A SH DETOUR! What You Might NOT Know…

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You don’t know what you don’t know… but, you might already know somma THIS stuff!   HOW DOES ONE TOTALLY FORGET A PAST EVENT… LIKE WATCHING AN EPISODE OF THOSE MORONIC HOUSEWIVES?   THE ALIENS ARE ON RECORD AS DESCRIBING … Continue reading


LET’S TALK TV! Penny Dreadful, Hannibal, Dr. Phil by SK DeWit

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  This week I’ve got some great shows to review and one goose egg! I want to apologize for one thing first. Last week I promised to review “The Art Of” from Ovation. I never did and for that I … Continue reading



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Clay Aiken’s opponent in the North Carolina Democratic primary race for Congress died today from a fall in his home.  If Clay wins, you can be sure to see Yoda and KingD poppin’ up in photo ops with Clay.  KingD’s … Continue reading


STERLING “Baited”… Barbara Walters on SNL

  Doesn’t anyone THINK?  Is there anyone in the media or anywhere, for that matter, who can THINK for themselves??? The latest example of pouncing before thinking is the reaction to Donald Sterling’s words.  Sterling appeared with MissAndyCoop to chat about … Continue reading