Joyce Giraud BravoBlog… Not Likin’ Yoda Too Much!!

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  Hola Mis Amores, I can’t believe it’s finally the last Episode. So before I dive into my thoughts on tonight’s Episode, I want to once again THANK ALL of you for the support, the love, encouragement, and the messages … Continue reading

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HagfaceKyle’s BravoBlog… Pump Is Not The ONLY One To Feel Attacked!

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    Well, this is my last blog for Season 4. This Reunion was a particularly difficult one. I had kept so much in for so long that when I finally said what had been on mind for so long, … Continue reading


Lisa Vanderpump BravoBlog… Puppets On The Couch!

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    Well, as we come to the final conclusion of this tumultuous season, I wonder have all the questions been answered?   You have been promised and assured that the many things would come to light and the puppeteer … Continue reading

RHOBH Reunion Show Part III: DrunkOtis Cries And KenVanderTodd Forgives


RHOBH Reunion Show Part III Recap by Sandi Duffy

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REAL HOUSEWIVES OF BEVERLY HILLS Reunion Show Part III by Sandi Duffy     I told Ms. SH that I would only do part 3 of the Beverly Hills recap, if she’d let me write about Gwyneth Paltow. She offered … Continue reading


Everyone ganged up on LisaVanderTodd…

RHOBH Reunion Part III Preview Ad: Here Come The HouseHusbands! VIDEO


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KingDavid was not about to wrangle with these clowns!!!




RHOBH Reunion Part III Preview: DrunkOtis Wants LisaVanderTodd To Choose! VIDEO

Is this chick for reelz???  DrunkOtis REALLY has some problems!  DrunkO throws out the “who you gonna save in a fire” dilemma question to LisaVanderTodd!  LisaVTodd skirts the question and makes DrunkOtis produce tears!  Yes, LisaVTodd is a big bossy meanie for making DrunkOtis cry!!!

Here’s a suggestion for DrunkOtis:  DO NOT watch VPumpRules!  What a moron.  DrunkOtis is cra-cra… but, that’s her role!!



RHOBH Reunion Part III Preview: Texts And Tabloids… The NON-Story! VIDEO

When will this torture end?????

It’s HagfaceKyle v LisaVanderTodd talkin’ about texts and tabloids… the entire season’s NON-story!


LisaVanderTodd Tells KimRichards… Don’t Talk About My KenVanderTodd Behind His Back!

RHOBH Reunion Part II:  KimRichards ‘splains the dinner party when she snapped at KenVanderTodd.  LisaVanderTodd snaps at Kim!

RHOBH Reunion: HagfaceKyle And DrunkOtis Talk Botox? Fillers?

RHOBH Reunion Part II:  What did you do to your face???  DrunkOtis says she don’t wanna FACELIFT, but will wreck her face with fillers! Dumbazz…

RHOBH Reunion Part II: DrunkOtis Likes Yoda Better Than LisaVanderDump!

DrunkOtis has decided that her new HollywoodMommy will be Yoda… and NOT that meanie, LisaPumpMyStomach!



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REAL HOUSEWIVES OF BEVERLY HILLS REUNION RECAP   by Sandi Duffy Let’s see if I can recap The RealHousewives of Beverly Hills without even watching it. Brandi:  Lisa is evil.  Lisa is the devil.  Lisa made me do and say … Continue reading

RHOBH REUNION Part II: KosherKyle “Discusses” Pentagrams With CreepyCarlton!

KosherKyle appears on Part II of the RHOBH Reunion to discuss with CreepyCarlton religion and pentagrams… KosherKyle throws in that she knows what a pentagram looks like because she’s seen one on RichardRamirez (Night Stalker Killer)!  Nice, KosherKyle… you just gave everyone nightmares!

REAL HOUSEWIVES OF BEVERLY HILLS Reunion Show: Kim Richards Says Lisa Vanderpump Is “Full Of Sh*t”!

On The RHOBH Reunion Show Part II… LisaPumpMyStomach says why she doesn’t take KimRichards seriously; KimRichards gets pissed and says how much of her life she’s missed, not just one of Pump’s parties.  Kimmer then tell Pump that she’s “Full of sh*t right now”…

RHOBH Reunion Show Preview: MissAndy Wants Some LipLocking! Yolanda Foster Complies… DrunkOtis Says She And RHONY’s Tallmark Kissed A Lot!

There could not be a Housewives reunion show without MissAndy prodding the Housewives to do some ridiculousness.  This time MissAndy wants to see some lip-lizard-lip-locking; however, his request is pooh-poohed by all except for Yoda.   DrunkOtis says that she and RHONY Housewife, Tallmark, have kissed lots of times…

Note to Tallmark:  Do you know where DrunkOtis’ lips have been???


RHOBH Reunion: Mean Tweets!!

To get the Housewives “loosened” up before the REAL questions begin… MissAndy asks them about the mean tweets they get!  How interesting that not one of these Housewives talk about the mean tweets they issue!

WHAT!?!?  MissAndy didn’t ask them how big their boobs are… as he did the OC Housewives???   NOTE:  If you missed MissAndy’s questioning of the RHOC’s boobs… see SH June 27, 2012.

NOTE:  The worst we ever called HagfaceKyle, besides “lizard-lip-lickin’ HagfaceKyle,” was “Manhands”… but, never tweeted that to her!  HagfaceKyle got the “Manhands” tweet from someone who obviously read “Kyle Gotz Da Manhands” a 2011 SH item and sent it on to her!    

AND… MissAndy does not like it when you ask him a question!  When MissAndy does not like the question, MissAndy blocks immediately!  After SH asked MissAndy about what was wrong with a DailyNews item, he never answered and blocked SH back in 2012… too close for comfort apparently!!

REAL HOUSEWIVES OF BEVERLY HILLS REUNION SHOW Preview: DrunkOtis Defends Against Joyce Giraud’s Allegations! CreepyCarlton Amused…

RHOBH Brandi

DrunkOtis is defending herself against the **cough, cough** totally absurd accusation by Joyce that DrunkO “dates” ugly short men.   The accusation SHOULD be:  Does DrunkOtis have one night, one hour, one minute “meetings” with ugly short men… as there is plenty of evidence to prove that accusation!!


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REAL HOUSEWIVES OF BEVERLY HILLS REUNION Preview: The Horror Of “Living In Calabasas”!!!

The Calabasas mystery was solved on SH early last month.   Ken Todd owns property in Calabasas…

The question should NOT be if PumpMyStomach ever LIVED in Calabasas, but if the Todd/PumpMyStomach’s  OWN property in Calabasas, which they do!

NOTE:  As stated in the reliably researched link above (please scan over and click the underlined link), there is NO record of a bankruptcy.  Cannot verify if the Todd/Pump’s ever filed for bankruptcy in England… something that could be possible, especially in respect to filing for a business reorganization bankruptcy and NOT a Joodice-type personal bankruptcy!  The operative word here is “COULD”…


CreepyCarlton is always the epitome of a lady…