RHONJ REUNION: What Did Everyone Learn?

MissAndy asks them all what they’ve learned from this season of the RHONJ.  Teresa recites her memorized lines… and apologizes to fans saying that she’s going to be a better person.  SaintZina claims that she would not do it again…

SaintZina tweets that she’s now “not sure” about her return!  Zina’s tweet is an excuse to use when she does return for another season… she will blame her return on her millions of “fans” who couldn’t live without her!

dina tweet

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Tweeting LawsuitJim…

LawsuitJim talks about his twitter experiences… and then asks if he’ll get paid to stop tweeting.  PUH-LEEEZE!  We all know that these “reality” people are on FB and twitter to get followers to get paid to tweet about the products they’re pushing!  They’ll never stop tweeting!



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FERGUSON.  That one word is immediately associated these negative words: violence race baiting terror rioting idiocy destruction burning revenge stupidity no leadership entitlement unfair It was clear from the start that the leaders who are in office to protect the … Continue reading

RHONJ Reunion Part III: It’s A Teresa Battle!

The show is all about Teresa!! Watch as SaintZina tries to butt in…and Teresa uses some new words!!

Will the twitter wars end after this final reunion episode airs tomorrow???  They always do…

RHONJ Reunion FINALE: What’s Bobby Doin’ In The Bathroom?

On the very last RHONJ Reunion Show…thank you, Jesus; sign of the cross; kisses to the sky…the HouseHusbands take over again.  LobbyBobby and LawsuitJim reveal what really happened with the bathroom scene:

BLIND ITEM: Who’s The Housewife?

From CDAN:

This still fairly new East Coast Housewife has learned a little something from Taylor Armstrong Shana.  All of our Housewife’s expensive bags are knockoffs and her jewelry is all fake too.

The good news is she doesn’t have to turn tricks any longer because she is making a decent living on the show.

EAST COAST:  New Jersey, New York, Atlanta…

(Thanks “chameleon”!!)

RHONJ Reunion Preview… Part II: HouseHusbands Speak… Teresa STILL Says She Didn’t Understand Plea Agreement!

Teresa is sticking by her story that she didn’t understand her plea deal.  The ONLY part of her plea deal that she didn’t understand is how, after her guilty plea, the Judge could give her prison time!  Camber is just as vile as her HouseHusband…

TeresaGiudice Walks Out Of RHONJ Reunion…

Teresa better get her “rebellious” side out of her system before January 5.  She won’t get away with walking out or calling the shots in Danbury.

SaintZina says that she has a b*tch reputation… what happened to all her phony baloney “zen” crap??

Is LawsuitJim Abusive?

RHONJ Preview: LawsuitJim Brings Evidence!



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The article from EntertainmentWeekly asking if we’re tired of “reality” TV is not at all surprising.  We’ve been saying the very same, but specifically about the Housewives franchises for at least a year. With the Bravo debacle, the RHONJ, wrapping up … Continue reading

RHONJ Reunion FirstLook… Part One: Melissa Hasn’t Seen Teresa Until The Reunion

Teresa blows off Melissa’s text message…SaintZina butts in to divert attention after Melissa says she called Teresa, too!  SaintZina says Teresa is such a good girl…

RHONJ Reunion FirstLook… Part Two: SaintZina Blames Show For Breaking Up Her Family! Teresa Learns A New Word!

rhonj cast

SaintZina explains her delay in divorcing… she uses the lame excuse that she had to get a dorm room ready.  Teresa keeps butting in on MissAndy’s questions to SaintZina.  Zina says ChineseBubbaJax is “toxic”.  MissAndy says that “you don’t want to be on a reality show with your sister-in-law”… Melissa doesn’t want to talk about Teresa, she’s sitting out this one!  Interesting, as Melissa had no problem going after Teresa in past reunion shows before Teresa was sentenced!

Teresa’s new word:  insinuating!


Who are these TWO Housewives?