It’s Over Between Tamballs And Vicki… Dull-BRO Butts In

The Tamballs/Vicki lovefest is over… watch as Dull-BRO horns in… if you can take your eyes off of Vicki’s humongous boobalage!

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RHOC Preview: Vicki And Crooksy…

PUH-LEEZE!!!  VapidVicki has no plans to “find someone better” than Crooksy!


RHOC Pre-Reunion Question: Who Would Play YOU In A Movie? Vicki Is Lucy??

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Taking an interesting pre-reunion psych question from the RHONY, MissAndy asks the OC Housewives who they would cast in the lead role if a movie was to be made of their life.   The answers given by the Housewives to … Continue reading

RHOC Reunion Part II Preview: Vicki Calls Tamballs A Liarface!

Part two of the OC reunion:  Shocking accusation… BigBoobsVicki calls Tamballs a liarface!

RHOC Reunion: It’s All About The HotHouseHusband…

Tamballs gets a little tooooo excited about David’s “hotness”… has MissEllie’s “hotness” cooled?  Vicki’s heaving breasts are huge!


RHOC Reunion: MORE Tamballs/Crooksy Talk With Vicki

Just the thought of being with Crooksy… SHIVERS!  Good God, Vicki’s heaving boobs are huge…



WATCH As MissAndy “Grills” Tamballs About ‘Takin’ Down The Beadors’

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It’s the never-ending saga of one of the top ten dumbest story lines:  “takin’ down the Beadors”…  just another example of the upcoming yawnfest aka the RHOC Reunion Show. Where’s Ellie???  Maybe MissEllie is hard at work at his adoptive … Continue reading

RHOC Pre-Reunion Preview: Vicki And Shanny Lovefest…

Promises to be a super yawnfest…

RHOC Reunion Show…

rhoc reunion cast

Prediction:  A YawnFest…


RHOC Reunion Show Preview: Tamballs Goes Berserk… Again

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The RHOC season is officially OVER… no time to waste in getting to the OC Reunion Show!  Nothing new here.  The popular topic… the same as last OC reunion… is Crooksy: Last season’s reunion show:  Crooksy says the exact same … Continue reading


Tamballs’ Pot-Meet-Kettle BravoBlog… Backstabber Tamballs Calls Vicki A “Backstabber”

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  After the shock of Ryan moving away and getting married to a girl he doesn’t know, I thought it was a good idea to talk with Vicki. Vicki and I have been through so many of the same life … Continue reading


Vicki’s New Money Book… Will You Buy?

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VapidVicki is pushin’ a book… about money!  There are no customer reviews on Amazon for this latest diatribe from a Housewife. NOTE:  Postema is an insurance guy who wrote a VERY similar book published in 2012, which is also available … Continue reading


Vicki Selling Coto de Caza House… Quick Price Drop!

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What’s the rush, Vicki? VapidVicki really wants to sell that dump of a house in Coto de Caza! Vicki unsuccessfully tried to sell her house back in 2012 for $2.3 million. Vicki re-listed the property on July 4 asking $2.8 … Continue reading

MORE “Buy My Stuff” Junk… VapidVicki Selling Products With Her Name Scrawled On Them!

Look what YOU can buy from VickiGunvalson… products with VapidVicki’s name scrawled on them!!   You can also get a phone cover not only with VapidV’s name on it, but the phone cover has a photo of Vicki, too.  Who’s buying this crap??

Screen Shot 2014-07-20 at 11.33.47 AM        Screen Shot 2014-07-20 at 12.29.04 PM


NOTE:  Other HWs have put their initials on their stuff and AdrienneMagoof designed a purse with letters of  her name scattered on it, but never put the item up for sale.  VapidVicki is in a class all by herself.

(Thanks to SH reader “Dave”!!)

Vicki And Briana’s Therapy Session… All Problems Point To Crooks!

We’re givin’ this OC preview 8387463463 NancyKerrigan’s… WHHHHHHHHY??  WHY is this Crooksy story line still goin’??





Vicki’s Short BravoBlog: Tamballs Is A Sh*t Stirrer… Don’t Forget To Call For Insurance!!

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Tonight’s episode really made it difficult for me to watch. Although I actually “lived it” five months ago — reliving it again made me sad. Seeing people that I care about be hurt by one another is brutal. I have … Continue reading