Heather Dubrow …Maybe People Don’t Like Me

The highly-educated Dull-BRO finally says something smart… “maybe people don’t like me”

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RHOC Preview: Vicki And Crooksy…

PUH-LEEZE!!!  VapidVicki has no plans to “find someone better” than Crooksy!

RHOC Reunion Preview

The first laughable moment is Dull-BRO stating that she “cares” about Lizzie… it gets funnier from there… and once again, Tamballs takes over with her role of top screecher:


RHOC Pre-Reunion Question: Who Would Play YOU In A Movie? Vicki Is Lucy??

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Taking an interesting pre-reunion psych question from the RHONY, MissAndy asks the OC Housewives who they would cast in the lead role if a movie was to be made of their life.   The answers given by the Housewives to … Continue reading

RHOC Reunion Part II Preview: Vicki Calls Tamballs A Liarface!

Part two of the OC reunion:  Shocking accusation… BigBoobsVicki calls Tamballs a liarface!

RHOC Reunion: It’s All About The HotHouseHusband…

Tamballs gets a little tooooo excited about David’s “hotness”… has MissEllie’s “hotness” cooled?  Vicki’s heaving breasts are huge!


RHOC Reunion: MORE Tamballs/Crooksy Talk With Vicki

Just the thought of being with Crooksy… SHIVERS!  Good God, Vicki’s heaving boobs are huge…


RHOC Reunion: DavidBeador’s Email… And The Aftermath

DavidBeador gets suggestions from the highly-eduated Dull-BRO on what to do the next time he’s thinking about sending Shanny an email… Shanny blasts Tamballs for stoking the fire… Tamballs counteracts by bringing up Shanny’s love for liquor… and Vicki’s heaving boobs are huge:


WATCH As MissAndy “Grills” Tamballs About ‘Takin’ Down The Beadors’

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It’s the never-ending saga of one of the top ten dumbest story lines:  “takin’ down the Beadors”…  just another example of the upcoming yawnfest aka the RHOC Reunion Show. Where’s Ellie???  Maybe MissEllie is hard at work at his adoptive … Continue reading


ShannonBeador Says Her Kids Are On RHOC To “Toughen Up”… RHOC Reunion Was Brutal

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(Originally on SH July 25)  In this interview with KTLA, Shanny says that being on a “reality” show is good for her kids… ’cause they need to learn to toughen up and further explains that being on the RHOC has … Continue reading

RHOC Pre-Reunion Preview: Vicki And Shanny Lovefest…

Promises to be a super yawnfest…

RHOC Reunion Show…

rhoc reunion cast

Prediction:  A YawnFest…


Tamballs’ Pot-Meet-Kettle BravoBlog… Backstabber Tamballs Calls Vicki A “Backstabber”

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  After the shock of Ryan moving away and getting married to a girl he doesn’t know, I thought it was a good idea to talk with Vicki. Vicki and I have been through so many of the same life … Continue reading


Lizzie Confronts Tamballs At Dull-BRO’s VDay Party

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Tamballs is still stickin’ to her “my kids were sick” story as to why she was a no-show for Lizzie’s par-tay… even after VapidVicki told Lizzie the REAL reason Tamballs ditched the festivities.  Dull-BRO does her usual passive/aggressive talking head … Continue reading


What Happened On Tonight’s RHOC Episode… The Bad Acting Award Goes To Tamballs

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On tonight’s RHOC:  Tamballs wanted to call an ambulance for Shanny after Shanny left Lizzie’s beach house par-tay in a screaming, frenzied state.  Cooler heads prevailed as Christian canceled that call and Shanny/David returned to the dinner par-tay to say … Continue reading

RHOC Preview: Ryan Leaves Tamballs For Instagram Girlfriend… Tamballs Says She’ll Have No One!

RHOC Preview:  After FitLion drops the bomb that he’s resigned from CUT and moving to Auburn CA to be with his girlfriend whom he met via Instagram, Tamballs says that she’ll have no one!  Hey, Tamballs… didja forget about Ellie?


Tamballs Says BFrankel Is “Begging For Attention”… Blasts AlexMcCord!

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A real “pot callin’ the kettle black” moment…Tamballs is getting atten-shun just by blasting BFrankel and FallDownAlex!  Tamballs slammed BFrankel and her recent pajama controversy during a live appearance on Veria Living TV Network’s The Juice on Tuesday. “She’s begging for … Continue reading

Vicki And Briana’s Therapy Session… All Problems Point To Crooks!

We’re givin’ this OC preview 8387463463 NancyKerrigan’s… WHHHHHHHHY??  WHY is this Crooksy story line still goin’??




Vicki And Crooks Talks About Vicki’s Best Part

Crooks is asked about Vicki’s best body part… Oh, Crooks!

We’re givin’ Crooks 33873643,3383864646633 HagfaceKyles:






RHOC Preview: Takin’ Down The Beadors

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Everything happens at the required dinner party on every Housewives show.  At this OC dinner party, Quagmire asks ShannyBeador directly if she thinks the Dubrows are out to take the Beadors down.  Tamballs is the spreader of this manure.   … Continue reading