Dull-BRO’s BravoBlog… Tired Of Being Vilified and Tired Of Nasty Vicki

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I love Vicki and we have always had a very good relationship. However, I’m pretty tired of the nasty interview bites thrown in my direction.  Nice passive/aggressive statement! Newsflash, it’s not ALL my fault and I’m tired of being vilified … Continue reading

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Lizzie Confronts Tamballs At Dull-BRO’s VDay Party

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Tamballs is still stickin’ to her “my kids were sick” story as to why she was a no-show for Lizzie’s par-tay… even after VapidVicki told Lizzie the REAL reason Tamballs ditched the festivities.  Dull-BRO does her usual passive/aggressive talking head … Continue reading


Heather Dull-BRO’s Total BS BravoBlog…

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Sorry I’ve been MIA! I had an epidural to relieve the pain from my sciatica (I get one every year or so …), and this time had a little complication. They poked a hole, and I ended up spilling spinal … Continue reading

SH WITTY WEEKEND!! What Did Terry Do To Tamballs’ Face? UPDATE: We Got A Winner!!

 NOTE:  There were SO many great captions, it took hours and hours for the 12-member caption panel to stop their fighting over them and choose one!  


“HOOLRAH” is the recipient of a $5 gift certificate to the QuickieQuagmireClinic… good only at the Burbank franchise located right in the 7-11 next to the BigGulp Slurpee machine!


RHOC Preview: Takin’ Down The Beadors

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Everything happens at the required dinner party on every Housewives show.  At this OC dinner party, Quagmire asks ShannyBeador directly if she thinks the Dubrows are out to take the Beadors down.  Tamballs is the spreader of this manure.   … Continue reading


RHOC Photo Recap… “LaBombBa”… By SH… Read It!!

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                                                    Everybody do the Pee-Wee!!   Who the hell set up this crap gym?  It … Continue reading

SH *EXCLUSIVE*… Quagmire Helps Eddie With CUT’s Inferior Fitness Floors!

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Calling All Plastic Surgery Victims!! “Botched” Casting Call…

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E! network has extended Quagmire and Paul’s new show, Botched, and are looking for MORE plastic surgery nightmares to correct!   NOTE:  Didn’t catch the first episode of “Botched” with stretched-to-the-limit, Janice Dickinson, but DID catch the uni-boob episode. During … Continue reading

RHOC Preview: Shanny And Dull-BRO Display Their VERY Bad Acting! Shanny Wants Apology… YAWN

ANOTHER “drop in at my house” yawn-inducing conversation.  A conversation that is VERY badly acted.  Shanny claims that the misdirected email sent by her HouseHusband will damage her children.  PUH-LEEZE!!  Shanny shoulda thought of that overused worn out “my kids” angle before she signed on… but, Shanny gotta sell her house!!  Watch for Dull-BRO’s smirking about the half way mark ’cause she knows what a lame script the OC producers have given her… HER, Dull-BRO… the highly-educated professional actress, to work with.  These chicks all know that they’re following a designed course of phony fakery and it’s starting to deliberately show and they just don’t give a flying frickin’ flippin’ friggin’ fig if their “acting” ain’t as good as it used to be because they can sense the long-overdue demise of the Housewives’ franchises.  There will be no announcement made when each show fades into foggy murky rain puddles stepped into and splashed by thousands of feet attached to the one-time fans of these shows… just like Miami, each show will simply not be renewed.   OH… and the same smirkiness goes for Shanny as she tries her best to remember those “acting” tips given to her by her professional actress co-worker, Dull-BRO, and keep a straight face:

Miss Andy Requests YOUR Assistance!! Which OC Housewives Gotta Go???


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 POLL RESULTS… the winner of da BravoBoot is Dull-BRO!!!

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Vicki Feels Less Than Zero Around Dull-BRO…

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  On tonight’s RHOC:  Reminiscent of the infamous “I’m here and you’re there” conversation between KKKellyB and BBleeeeeechFrankel… Vicki and Heather Paige Kent Dull-BRO discuss their social status differences.  The benevolent Dull-BRO says she’s “every woman”…    


RHOC Recap… “Not A Good Day LA” by Sandi Duffy

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“Not A Good Day LA” by Sandi Duffy   I didn’t recap last week.  By the time I got around to watching it, I realized if I recapped it, it would be about 3 sentences long because literally NOTHING happened. … Continue reading


Lunch With Tamballs And Dull-BRO…

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Tamballs and Dull-BRO chat during their required lunch meeting.  Dull-BRO wants an apology from Tamballs.  NOTE: Could barely pay attention to what these chicks were saying… the dramatic background music was SO distracting!