PAUL AND SONJA: Sonja Says, “There’s Just Something About Him…”

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An insider tells Us that Sonja Morgan was at NYC hot spot No. 8 with a group of her fellow Bravo stars including N.Y. veteran Countess LuAnn de Lesseps, RHOC’s Shannon Beador and Vicki Gunvalson, Flipping Out’s Jenni Pulos, and … Continue reading


GO BACK THROWBACK THURSDAY: Sonja Sees A Psychic… See Psychic’s Lousy Predictions

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One of the predictions from the “psychic” … he told Sonja that her businesses would explode. ThomasJohn is simply another in a long line of scammer psychics. Thomas John predicted the following for 2014… among many other garbage predictions on … Continue reading


ONLY TWO DAYS LEFT! YOU Can Bid On Lunch With SonjaMorgan! Be Careful And Bid At Your Own Risk…You’ve Been Warned

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Only TWO days left to bid on being in the company of fashionista businesswoman Sonja… with a J… Morgan at BidKind! “You and a guest have the opportunity to meet Sonja Morgan, star of The Real Housewives of New York, … Continue reading


Housewives Guide To Their Day Off Looks…

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Jeffrey Slonim from AllureMagazine asked the Housewives about their preferred look during their down time.  The answers from these “highly educated” low IQ Housewives showed that some of them didn’t even understand the question. Bethenny Frankel (The Real Housewives of New … Continue reading

RHONY Preview: The Neverending Bad Story Line… Carole’s “Sonja Young” Boyfriend

Last season the neverending phony story line was Carole’s ghostwriter.  This season it’s Carole’s “boyfriend.”  Will Carole’s “boyfriend” stick around longer than Carole’s former phony boyfriend, Russ Irwin?  Can’t you see the immediate chemistry between the two as Carole reached for the refrigerator??  No?  Can anyone see the chemistry?? Anyone??    


ALL RHONY Housewives Are Delusional And Desperate!!

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WOW!!!  SonjaMorga is not the only allegedly delusional character on the RHONY. MissAndy and the rest of the NewYork ensemble are truly delusional. In this EOnline interview, Sonja talks about her clothing line and her vacation plans; Crankles talks about … Continue reading

RHONY Preview: Ramoaner’s Party… Crankles’ Therapy Session

What’s with Carl’s headgear?  What’s with Sonja’s psychic “lifestyle”?  What’s with Crankles decibel breaking voice??

Crankles’ mother is still living… seems like she forgot that fact.


Sonja Blames Cheap Bravo Booze For Bad Behavior On RHONY

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Sonja Morgan has had her fair share of drunken escapades televised by Bravo, but the reality star almost hit rock bottom during last week’s Real Housewives of New York City episode — and she admits it! “It happened, I went … Continue reading


Sonja will gladly work at MickeyD’s for a whole year… but, there’s a condition!!  Sonja will only be a burger flipper if she can pay off her lawsuit..

RHONY Dance Off At The Borgata

If you missed it, this is the required dance scene from last night’s RHONY.  Carl says with the body she has, she should have chosen to be a stripper.  Has anyone told Carl that she can still make that career choice??  And Sonja gets slammed again by Crankles…

The RHONY On Who Has The Most Explaining At Reunion Show…

To get viewers to continue watching their sinking ship and to pique interest in the RHONY reunion show, the HWs explain from which HW they want answers: 

The phony boyfriend story line and future reunion questions get 999999444444 Kens!

Tips On How To Pick Up NY Housewife…


Since LuAnnie is trying her hardest to be serious, here’s the Countess On A Camel…


Sonja’s New ‘BuyMySTUFF!’ Lifestyle Brand Site: Selling Fashion And Jewelry… Sonja Don’t Need Crankles’ Help!

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Crankle’s offer to help Sonja with her new fashion business looks like it might backfire, as they go at it in their BravoBlogs… “On the one hand, I’m really grateful to have a girlfriend who is open minded and really wants … Continue reading

RHONY Preview: Rinda’s Groping BF…

Rinda’s boyfriend gets some Sonja action.  Hasn’t this scene been seen before with Sonja and PoopyPiggySexAddictDaddy and Sonja with Mario?  It’s telling that Sonja’s phony son boyfriend just stands by and watches…


Sonja’s Breaking Up With Ramoaner… Or Vice Versa… Whatever

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Ramoaner’s grown closer to the other divorced NY Housewives and newbie Dorinda Medley as opposed to Sonja because Sonja’s just too self absorbed to be the rock of a friend she needs during this time in her life.  Every time they … Continue reading

RHONY Preview: Sonja’s Confused… ‘Rinda’s Bemused… Tallmark Schmoozed… Carole Boozed

Sonja is confused about her ‘brand’…and then there’s the required sex talk:

‘Rinda says Crankles is “different”…

RHONY Preview: Sonja’s New Clothing Line…



RHONY Preview: Carole Pukes To Attract BoyMan… Sonja And LuAnnie Are BoyManMagnets

Sonja’s “boyfriend” brings date to party.  Carole was fit model for Jordache jeans… they only needed her from the waist down.

We give the RHONY 39398736300404047 HFKyles…



RHONY Trading Places…

Crankles is the only RHONY who doesn’t want to hop over to the hills of Beverly.  Crankles choice is ATL…

We give this very boring video 9983377634393937 Alec Baldwins…

boring gif

RHONY Preview: The NeverEnding Prepubescent Poaching

Will Sonja’s attractiveness to twenty-somethings ever fade? Will the twenty-somethings ditch Sonja after they learn that Sonja is broke?  Does anyone know what is attracting twenty-somethings to Carole? The voice, the face, the overall look… is there something that these twenty-somethings see that no one else sees?


RHONY Preview: Look Who “Just Happened” To Show Up… It’s KellyBigFeet! WATCH!

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CountessLuAnnie just happened to run into KellyBigFeet and just happened to invite her to the long-running RHONY “girls night out”…  BFrankel just happens to have also accepted an invitation. Interesting that they are not gathered at Ramoaner’s new place. The … Continue reading


Blind Item REVEALED! It’s Sonja Morgan…Ramoaner Singer

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From CDAN July 21, 2012:  What Real Housewives wife has gloriously backstabbed her fellow co-star by sleeping with her husband. The thing is these two Housewives are actually friends so it is a true back stabbing. Of course he is … Continue reading

RHONY Preview: Dueling Brunches


RHONY Preview: Bashing Sonja!

On the next RHONY, it’s time for some Sonja bashing!  Warning:  After effects of listening to Cranckles’ squeaky squealing voice include, but not limited to, broken bloody ear drums.


SERIOUSLY, SONJA? Sonja Defines Trashy In See-Through Blouse

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NOTE:  A few weeks ago, Sonja demanded that an item on SH be taken down because she was concerned that her daughter would see it.  We asked Sonja when her daughter started to read SH, but Sonja never replied to … Continue reading