MissAndy Planned Luannie’s New Dance Song Months Ago!

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If the news creeping out about Luannie’s new dance song is news to you, do not be fooled.  Luannie’s new dance song was MissAndy’s idea! After MissAndy saw Luannie on the RHONY say “Don’t Be Uncool” he “suggested” that Luannie … Continue reading

RHONY Preview: Ramoaner’s Party… Crankles’ Therapy Session

What’s with Carl’s headgear?  What’s with Sonja’s psychic “lifestyle”?  What’s with Crankles decibel breaking voice??

Crankles’ mother is still living… seems like she forgot that fact.


Sonja Blames Cheap Bravo Booze For Bad Behavior On RHONY

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Sonja Morgan has had her fair share of drunken escapades televised by Bravo, but the reality star almost hit rock bottom during last week’s Real Housewives of New York City episode — and she admits it! “It happened, I went … Continue reading

The SO SEXY Event… LuAnnie Shows Up With Harry Dubin!

THE SEXY… at OK Magazine’s “SoSexy” event.  Even Harry Dubin was there!!

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Sonja will gladly work at MickeyD’s for a whole year… but, there’s a condition!!  Sonja will only be a burger flipper if she can pay off her lawsuit..

RHONY Dance Off At The Borgata

If you missed it, this is the required dance scene from last night’s RHONY.  Carl says with the body she has, she should have chosen to be a stripper.  Has anyone told Carl that she can still make that career choice??  And Sonja gets slammed again by Crankles…

LuAnnie Calls A TwitterTruce With Carl … Wants To “Move On” To Be In A “Better Place”

Luannie says that her twitter trash talk with Carl is over.   We knew Luannie and Carl couldn’t keep up the amusing trash tweeting about Carl’s phony baloney fry cook boyfriend… who will be dumped before the RHONY reunion show as all phony HWs boyfriends are… for much longer: 



RHONY Crankles Advises Sonja… Sonja Don’t Need No Advice!

If only Sonja could move on from her Chapter 11 bankruptcy!!  Aside from the bankruptcy, Crankles tells Sonja that she must love herself… gag.

RHONY Preview: Send In The Clowns… And Feed Them!

The clown is bizarre…weird… strange…

RHONY Preview…

Crankles mother didn’t want to have kids…no wonder there are mother/daughter issues:

RHONY Preview: Carole Shuts Down LuAnnie… Crankles Shuts Down Sonja

Carole needs acting lessons and Crankles needs some professional help.  ALL these chicks need more than a Xanax… 

Better than Xanax… here’s the Countess on a camel:




Ramoaner Rattled By Mario Divorce Grab

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From NYDailyNews: “Real Housewives of New York” star Ramona Singer is caught in the middle of a messy divorce from husband Mario, who is trying to take her to the cleaners. But friends of the embattled reality star say not … Continue reading


Crankles Divorce: Must Pay “WhiteTrash” Ex $26K A Month Plus $100K Atty Fees

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From PageSix: Bethenny Frankel is raving mad that she makes 50 times her estranged husband’s salary—because it means she has to pay him more than $26,000 a month plus another $100,000 in lawyer fees. The ruling comes after Frankel and … Continue reading

The RHONY On Who Has The Most Explaining At Reunion Show…

To get viewers to continue watching their sinking ship and to pique interest in the RHONY reunion show, the HWs explain from which HW they want answers: 

The phony boyfriend story line and future reunion questions get 999999444444 Kens!

Tips On How To Pick Up NY Housewife…


Since LuAnnie is trying her hardest to be serious, here’s the Countess On A Camel…


Sonja’s New ‘BuyMySTUFF!’ Lifestyle Brand Site: Selling Fashion And Jewelry… Sonja Don’t Need Crankles’ Help!

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Crankle’s offer to help Sonja with her new fashion business looks like it might backfire, as they go at it in their BravoBlogs… “On the one hand, I’m really grateful to have a girlfriend who is open minded and really wants … Continue reading


The Tweets…

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Isn’t she special?? And such a sophisticate!!  A real woman of letters!   The ridiculous feud between LuAnnie and CaroleR over some guy who can grill a steak.  How cute that LuAnnie hired someone to tweet for her!   LuAnnie … Continue reading

RHONY Preview: Crankles Tells Sonja She Needs Help

It takes a psycho to know a psycho… Crankles tells Sonja that she needs help.   Apparently, Bravo has made Crankles the RHONY therapist!  It’s simply amazing how many character flaws can be ignored when one reportedly has money… 

Takin’ A Tour Of Dorinda’s Apartment…

Dorinda… all furs and glitter!!  And a doorter who “borrows” a lot of her stuff…


CaroleR And AlanThicke On WWHL… And MissAndy’s Agenda

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MissAndy… totally uninformed.  The calls into WWHL are carefully handpicked by Nazi Diedre and her crew; the questions are screened and molded into words which will then be passed on to MissAndy.  Most of the time, the original question is … Continue reading

CaroleR Says Luannie Is A Hater and Liar…

Carole… who definitely had some dental work done… tells her side of the lame LuAnnie’s niece breakup story.  Carole says that LuAnnie is not particular about her dating requirements…

For some needed comic relief waaay far away from the HWs bellicose behavior… LuAnnie on a camel:

RHONY Preview: Stop The Car… Crankles Needs To Pee

The Housewives shows are becoming so utterly boring that the producers aren’t even trying any more.  The Housewives producers delve into more redundancy by replicating Crankles bathroom scene… this time stopping by the side of the road while on the way to Atlantic City.  Ramoaner further denigrates herself or is trying to get on the good side of stah of the show, Crankles, by copying Crankles.

We give this preview 9984994756634333333333 HFKyles…