SH “Hit And Run”…

OOPS!!!  This is going on now!!  Hurry if you want to see the NJ Twins!

rhonj twins

Teresa and her four beautiful dawters hang out with Kim Zolciak NayNay…

teresa naynay

teresa naynay

The CelebrityApprentice PR photo… DrunkOtis totally eclipsed by Kenyan!!!

celebrity apprentice

Tree lighting with the Gorgas… Melissa was not invited to lip sync sing!!

melissa christmas

DrunkOtis hangs out with HeatherT and Tallmark…  WHAT!?!? No EBoost product placement??

rhony RHONY

PT Housewife on the only “reality” show which would take her… and her HouseHusband:

(Thanks “Chris”!!!)

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MORE BS From MissAndy: Explains BFrankel’s Return And PT Housewife’s Departure (Not Really)… Buy His New Book For The Answers!

This gallery contains 2 photos.

“The thing transpired in her kitchen…I went over there to convince her to come back to the show and she had different ideas about things she wanted to do…I kind of said, ‘I don’t think that those are good ideas.’ … Continue reading


MORE On RHONY Cast Shakeup… Ramoaner Demoted… Building Around HollaHeather, Carole And Tallmark

This gallery contains 12 photos.

From NYDailyNews… “The Real Housewives of New York City” has reportedly cast off one of its Housewives.  Aviva Drescher has been fired and her co-star, Ramona Singer, has been demoted to a recurring role, similar to LuAnn De Lesseps, who … Continue reading


Model Helena Christiansen Scoffs At Invite To Be RHONY Housewife! PTHousewife Out!

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From NYPost… Perhaps because Aviva Drescher threw her fake leg across a restaurant last season, supermodel Helena Christensen has turned down a starring role in “The Real Housewives of New York City.” We’re told the Danish beauty and photographer was … Continue reading


HollaHeather Adds Another Line To Girdle BRAND

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HollaHeatherThomson achieves another milestone in her reasoning for signing up as a New York Housewife.  HollaHeather’s YummieTummie BRAND will be launching a new fitness and sportswear collection next month to go with her already-on-QVC girdles. Holla’s new collection will include … Continue reading


RHONY Recap: “There’s Something About Harry” by Sandi Duffy

This gallery contains 7 photos.

“There’s Something About Harry” by Sandi Duffy I missed last weeks episode because I was on vacation in Long Beach Island, NJ.  I didn’t run I into Teresa or Joe Guidice thankfully. Carole is throwing herself a big birthday party. … Continue reading


RHONY Finale Preview: PTHousewife Whips Her Leg!

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After being swooned and then ditched at Carole’s birthday party, Sonja must confront both Harry and LuAnn about their alleged “night together.” Meanwhile, Kristen pulls some matrimonial strings to get a modeling job. Then, when Aviva returns to the group … Continue reading


RHONY Preview: Tallmark Outnumbered And Overtaken By Entrepreneurs!!

RHONY Preview:  It’s three entrepreneurs against one ex-model.  Tallmark gets no support whilst dining with HollaHeather and the two Joshes.  Tallmark just wants a little bit of understanding…   NOTE:  Why would anyone get into the energy boost business when … Continue reading


RHONY Preview: Goin’ To A Rodeo… A High Fashion Flop!

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On the next RHONY:  Anyone with an iota of a working brain cell would know that dressing like these “fashionable” rodeo visitors will definitely get one noticed.  These chicks live in NYC and know how to spot a tourist in a … Continue reading

The Bossy Battle In Montana!

ANOTHER RHONY TIFF… She called me BOSSY!  Too bad PT Housewife has her life-threatening asthma to contend with… PT coulda whipped off her leg and beat the crap outta both of these Miserable in Montana moronic Housewives!

CountlessLuAnnie Displays Etiquette Techniques For Proper Peeing In The Woods…

What every klassy womin should know… how to properly pee in the woods.  First, take all your friends with you.  What a shame that PT Housewife has such a bad case of asthma… she would have benefitted greatly from a proper peeing lesson!


RHONY Recap … “Go Yell It On The Mountain” by Sandi Duffy

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“Go Yell It On The Mountain” by Sandi Duffy Part II of the NY Housewives degrading the state of Montana. Luann is sporting some major cameltoe.   Did someone say “camel”??   Sonja is rearranging the refrigerator.  Sonja tells the … Continue reading

Sonja’s Phony Phight Scene… Accuses LuAnnie Of Eating Chips!! BigBags Fulla Chips!!

On tonight’s RHONY:  The “fight” scene between LuAnnie and Sonja was so fake that even the Montana snakes stopped wiggling on the ground and bust out laughin’.  Despite Sonja mentioning a person who will remain unmentionable on SH, this “fight” scene will be a classic for its obvious phony baloney fakery!   Sonja blabs to everyone that camel-ridin’ Countless LuAnnie eats super-sized bags o’ chips!!


RHONY Recap “Ten Gallon Spats” by Sandi Duffy

This gallery contains 7 photos.

“Ten Gallon Spats” by Sandi Duffy   The ladies are going to terrorize the beautiful state of Montana. Why Montana, why are you letting these women into your state?  I love Montana and a big part of me wants to … Continue reading


RHONY Recap “Sex Lies And Facials” by Sandi Duffy

This gallery contains 14 photos.

“Sex Lies And Facials” by Sandi Duffy So far, Sonja is drunk in Saratoga, Avery learns to drive, and Miss USA is at Luann’s charity fancy show. Apparently George slept with her. Raise your hand if you believe that story. … Continue reading


RHONY Recap “Win, Place or Sonja” by Sandi Duffy

This gallery contains 6 photos.

“Win, Place or Sonja” by Sandi Duffy Omg! I just can’t with George and his “fiancé”. Aviva has his “engagement” party at the Museum of Sex.   If I were Kristin, I would have slapped him in the face. And … Continue reading

RHONY Preview: PT Throws Engagement Party For Her PoopyPiggySexAddictPervertDaddy

On tonight’s RHONY:   Viewers are privy to the well-known NYC tourist destination known as the “Museum of Sex”… the establishment chosen by PT to celebrate her PoopyPiggySexAddictPervertDaddy’s engagement to phony fiancee, Cody.  Sonja lets everyone know that she and Harry were once “together” and watch for Mario to exhibit behavior only shared with his mistress…  BLEEEEECH!!

RHONY Preview: Sonja Talks Too Much; Tallmark Assaulted By PoopyPiggyPervert

On tonight’s RHONY:  Romaner tunes Sonja out… PT’s PoopyPiggySexAddictPervertDaddy seeks out his next assault victim, Tallmark.  Why didn’t Tallmark slap the crap outta him???

HollaHeather On WWHL AfterShow: Ramoaner Shoulda Stayed One Day

HollaHeather cleared up the HUGE mystery **insert sarcasm button** about Ramoaner ditchin’ the Berkshires on the WWHL AfterShow.  If ONLY Ramoaner woulda made it an overnight visit, everything woulda been OK.  NOTE:  Oh, puh-leeze!!  As if Ramoaner had any control over where she goes and what she does… she has an iron-clad Bravo contract!


RHONY Recap “The Ramona Trap” by Sandi Duffy

This gallery contains 4 photos.

“The Ramona Trap” by Sandi Duffy   Is this going to be another Aviva-free episode? SCORE! The Berkshires are a lot more fun when Ramona leaves. Watching the ladies, especially Sonja, try to do yoga hungover is hilarious. Thankfully Aviva … Continue reading

RHONY: Ramoaner Forced To Listen! … Ramoaner’s Hair Survives…

Ramoaner is blocked in at the restaurant and is forced to listen, as the NY Wives repeat the story of the alleged assault on Tallmark and Ramoaner’s flight from HollaHeather’sHouse.  Note to Ramoaner:  You coulda gone all Oklahoma on their azzes!!

NOTE:  The Tallmark assault was totally PHONY.  Where was the blood?  Where was the cut lip?  Watching the “Ramoaner hits Tallmark with Wine Glass” episode frame by frame, there was NO evidence of injury… NurseLuAnnie misdiagnosed!




RHONY Preview: Wakin’ Up In The Berkshires

On the RHONY:  Everyone awakens somewhat hungover at HollaHeather’s house in preparation for a yoga class.   NOTE:  PT Housewife was at the yoga class, but was forced to leave while showing off during the “Limbs Akimbo… for prosthetics ONLY Yoga,” as PT was … Continue reading

RHONY Preview: HangoverYoga

On the RHONY:  Another “filler” scene showing these goofballs doin’ yoga.  They coulda just done the “Tree” pose… or the “Cobra”… or a quick “Salute To The Sun” if they’re so damn hungover!   Seriously, why do these HWs producers think that scenes like these are watchable OR funny?


RHONY Preview: HollaHeather Snatches Ice Cream From Tallmark’s Kid!

On the RHONY: HollaHeather, on her way to somewhere else, diverts her excursion destination to see Tallmark in Central Park and chats about one of the most idiotic story lines and most dragged out story lines ever… Tallmark’s busted lip.  Excuse moi, but where the hell IS Tallmark’s busted lip?  There was not one drop of blood.. and no proof of even a fat lip.  BUT… before the chit-chat goes to the NY Housewife elected this season for the bad edit, Ramoaner, HollaHeather starts lickin’ lil “Cashy’s” ice cream cone.  UH, hello HollaHeather… couldn’t you buy your own???


We’re givin’ this preview 99373634,38364623652 HagfaceKyle’s: