HollaHeather Is Gonna Deck Amanda!

On tonight’s RHONY:  The WORST EVER storyline of any Housewives show, GHOSTWRITER, continues at Luannie’s house.  HollaHeather takes on AzzAmanda.  DECK her, HollaHeather… DECK HER!!


REAL HOUSEWIVES NEWS: Models Ghostwriters Ramoaner Alana AND MORE!!

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  What happens when you’re a “model” and your mother is no longer a Housewife???   You are no longer an “international” model and have to send out “selfies”!     SkankyJo poses in ANOTHER see-through dress.   NOTE:  It’s … Continue reading

HeatherT, Tallmark And PTHousewife Talk About What’s To Come On The RHONY…

Could there BE any more BLEEEEEEECH! coming from PT Housewife??? PT ‘splains that her LEG will be gettin’ more air time on the RHONY when she goes back in time to catch up with the girl who was playing in the barn with her when PT wasn’t being looked after by her PoopyPiggySexAddictDaddy… and got her leg caught in farm machinery.  PT also says that her PoopyPiggySexAddictDaddy will be on more episodes of the RHONY with his “I’m engaged to my maid” story line.    NOTE:  Actually, PoopyPiggySexAddictDaddy is “engaged” to a 25-year-old Miami nail tech!… DETAILS at SH August 2013.


PT HOUSEWIFE’S BIZARRO BRAVO BLOG…Warning: Will Give You A Headache!

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NOTE:  Am really at a loss for words after reading this bizarro view from PT Housewife!  Was she watchin’ the same show???       I know, I know, I’m supposed to act out violently and respond in kind to … Continue reading


DRUNK OTIS Book Reviews… BravoTV Shows/Books No Longer FUN

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    There are some interesting reviews of DrunkOtis’ second book over at Amazon.com.  The reviews are on the same level as those reviews of MeGo’s gutter book.   “I read the first book and was entertained. It didn’t change my … Continue reading


RAMOANER’S DRUGGIE BROTHER …PTHousewife Got Druggie Brother, Too!

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 From TheDailyMail…  (Thanks to SH readers “romo” “GF” “OMG” “anon” and “FLPhil”!!)       LOOKS LIKE A STORY LINE!!!     ‘Yes. She [Ramona] did,’ he said. ‘Everyone in my family knew what I was doing.’  However, he claims … Continue reading

RHONY: “Ghostwriter” Gets Gutsy, Gritty And Gross

On tonight’s RHONY:  The ghostwriter story arc bumps up to a higher level.  Carole Radziwill (Gutsy) calls PT Housewife “self absorbed”… Hmmmmm, where’d THAT come from??   Alliances are made as Sonja sympathizes with PT!  HeatherT (Gritty) moseys on over to Ramoaner’s (Gross) place to let her in on everything she missed after she bugged outta PT’s par-tay.  Tallmark seems dazed.


NOTE:  PT needs to take a few bottles of her own “medicine”…

RHONY Ramona PT pg


PT Housewife Using Old PR Photos… Is PT The Poorest NY Housewife?

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PT Housewife tweeted herself holding a puppy… in a BIKINI, of course! The strange part of PT’s puppy-holding was that she recycled old PR photos!  Remember PT’s paps photos of her lounging on the beach while her daughter is wearing … Continue reading

**SH EXCLUSIVE** Wretched Begs MissAndy “Put Me Back On TV! I Have Story Line!”

Wretched will do anything for that easy “reality” show money!!!

rhoc rhony poopydaddy wretched pg




BFrankel tells fraudster Reid’s cousin, Fran Drescher, how she got PT Housewife on the RHONY.

The funniest part of this interview… describing PT Housewife as “cultured”!!!

PT Housewife’s “Leg Left In Wal-Mart” … Best Captions!!

The BEST captions for PT’s Wal-Mart leg!  

THANK YOU to all who submitted their captions!!

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For those of you unfamiliar with “PT Housewife”:  PTHousewife is AvivaDrescher.    A-VIVA Paper Towels… Aviva, the totally self-absorbed paper towel (PT) Housewife!   And where did that self-absorbed name come from????  PTHousewife was makin’ demands on SH… waaay back in August 2012.


PT HOUSEWIFE’S Ghostwritten BravoBlog… Backs Offa Carole “Stoopidest Fight EVER”!

The centerpiece of this episode is my fight with Carole about the use of ghostwriters. First of all, in the history of all the Real Housewives, everywhere, I officially declare this the STUPIDEST FIGHT EVER. Nothing will change what’s on the … Continue reading


PT HOUSEWIFE Scathing Personal Book Review… PiggyDaddy Has Druggie Kid

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PT Housewife has a few customer reviews at Amazon.com for her book… THIS review seems to have some personal information re PT Housewife… the writer states they’re from Washington DC, where Harry Dubin’s family is from. Harry Dubin is the son … Continue reading

GhostGate Continues With Carole Radziwill And PT Housewife!

On tonight’s RHONY:  MORE of the ghostwriter!!

NOTE:  ANOTHER Housewife book!  Heather Thomson says that she, too, had a book deal, but after meeting numerous times with her ghostwriter, put her book on the backburner… for now:  “Writing a book is not like writing a long email. I’m not doing it for a reason to go on the Today show. I would want to do it because I want to share my story. I want to share pointers about business. There’s too many angles. It’s almost more than one book!”



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This Blog Was Ghostwritten by Stephen King If you happened to read my Twitter feed over the weekend, then you know — a lot happened between seasons. Life keeps rolling after the cameras stop, and it impacts our relationships on … Continue reading


REAL HOUSEWIVES NEWS!! FrontPorsha Apollo PTHousewife Ramoaner NayNay

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FRIENDS OF KORDELL are keepin’ the FrontPorsha Divorce Saga Alive:  “She used him and took advantage of the situation in hopes that it would get her to the next level financially and professionally,” the tipster claimed. “Honestly, if she hadn’t … Continue reading

RHONY Preview: Who’s Been Sleepin’ In Harry Dubin’s Bed?

On tonight’s Real Housewives of New York:  PT Housewife is STILL usin’ Harry Dubin’s bed!

REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NEW YORK Preview: Carole’s Carefully Guarded Ghostwriter Gets Outted!! YIKES!!!

On tonight’s RHONY:  Carole’s ghostwriter is outted!!!

NOTE:  Don’t believe for a second that Carole has a ghostwriter.  Carole would have written about her ghostwriter in one of her books!!  Bytheway… we’re givin’ this “ghostwriter” story line a HUGE eye roll!