SH “HIT AND RUN” Thoughts On Whatever!

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  The items which don’t deserve individual attention!  But, worthwhile nevertheless…or maybe not!  WHATEVER!! PT Housewife has to be thinking that she would do anything to be back on the RHONY!  She and Reid are not being thought of too … Continue reading


SH “HIT AND RUN” BravoTV Desperate… Now Offering Contests! PTHousewife Really Broke! Much MORE!!

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Bravo is so desperate for viewers that they are now offering contests!!  This one in association with the RHOBH is to win a Jeep and a trip to LA: Showcase your renegade spirit by sharing a pic using the hashtag … Continue reading


BLIND ITEM! Who’s The EX-Housewife?

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From CDAN: This former Real Housewife, who is desperate to return, has seen her earnings take a nose dive.  She is taking every gig she can get and is now exchanging appearance fees for sex. I’m sure her kid(s) would love … Continue reading

BLIND ITEM! Who Are These RHONY Housewives?

From CDAN:

This NYC Housewife and “kind of” Housewife share a lover and have shared in the same bed too.

rhony harry

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PT Housewife Newest Quotes…

aviva kid bikini

“In my real life, have I ever thrown anything? Never. Would I ever do that in real life? No. But there were several cameras around me, and was I thinking about making a show and be entertaining? Yes, absolutely.”  NOTE:  Hmmmm… so, the Housewives shows make up scenes for entertainment purposes and not simply showing the Housewives “real” lives??   Someone please tell HagfaceKyle!!

“I can live with not being a good reality star, I’m okay with that. It was a business decision, and I’m sure [Cohen] made the right decision, and it didn’t really change my life one way or another.”  NOTE:  Then why jump into another “reality” show… MarriageBootCamp?   

“There was one sex day at boot camp. And we were asked to take puppets and act out our own sex life. Can you imagine [having your kids see that]?  There was no way that I could have that on Google for my children to see forever. There’s no way, so it’s going to come off like we’re complete prudes and I’m okay with that.”  NOTE:  PT Housewife is only NOW concerned with what her kids can access via the internet… especially with seeing PT’s poopy piggy sex addict daddy!



RHONY New Season BORING! All Housewives On Good Behavior To Protect Their “Brands”!

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NOTE:  The ONLY reason the RHONY was not canceled was BFrankel agreeing to come back on the show.  The RHONY is now officially dead… because of MissAndy’s friend, BFrankel. Sources tell Confidenti@l that the filming of “The Real Housewives of … Continue reading

SH “Hit And Run”…

OOPS!!!  This is going on now!!  Hurry if you want to see the NJ Twins!

rhonj twins

Teresa and her four beautiful dawters hang out with Kim Zolciak NayNay…

teresa naynay

teresa naynay

The CelebrityApprentice PR photo… DrunkOtis totally eclipsed by Kenyan!!!

celebrity apprentice

Tree lighting with the Gorgas… Melissa was not invited to lip sync sing!!

melissa christmas

DrunkOtis hangs out with HeatherT and Tallmark…  WHAT!?!? No EBoost product placement??

rhony RHONY

PT Housewife on the only “reality” show which would take her… and her HouseHusband:

(Thanks “Chris”!!!)

GO BACK THROWBACK THURSDAY: It’s Christmas Dinner With The RHONY… Starring PoopyPiggySexAddictDaddy


MORE BS From MissAndy: Explains BFrankel’s Return And PT Housewife’s Departure (Not Really)… Buy His New Book For The Answers!

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“The thing transpired in her kitchen…I went over there to convince her to come back to the show and she had different ideas about things she wanted to do…I kind of said, ‘I don’t think that those are good ideas.’ … Continue reading


AvivaDrescher Refuses To Pay Agent Who Finds Gigs For “Bottom Of The Barrel” Talent!

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NOTE:  MORE proof that PT Housewife is a wannabe, looking for fame via “reality” shows.  And MORE proof that, as had been pointed out numerous times on SH, that PT Housewife is a wannabe who is a financial flop.  PT … Continue reading


POOPY PIGGY SEX ADDICT DADDY… Blames Miss Andy And CaroleRadziwill For PT Houswife’s Demise

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“They should have never let Aviva go,” Teichner told exclusively. “The ratings were at 2 million, then down to 1.3 million.  And the only reason the ratings went up recently is because Aviva threw her leg.” “The reason Aviva … Continue reading


AvivaDrescher On MarriageBootCamp… Internet Searches, Being “Famous” Causing ReidRift!

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From WE TV… After a dramatic season on Real Housewives of New York, former housewife Aviva Drescher and husband Reid Drescher join the rest of the Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars cast as they work on their marital issues. Her … Continue reading


PT Housewife Jumps To Another “Reality” Show… Couldn’t Squeeze Money Outta Bravo

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DEPRESSED AND TIRED… Where do EX-Housewives go when they want to grab more of that easy “reality” show money? Where do EX-Housewives who are desperate to stay the least bit relevant go? The answer to both questions are simple… they … Continue reading


How PT Housewife REALLY Makes Her Money… She Holds Artwork Hostage!! Being Sued By Artist…

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  When PT Housewife couldn’t push her vitamin crap… she turned to a life of crime!! From NYPost… ​A former “Real Housewives of New York” star, who once chucked her ​prosthetic leg at ​her reality show ​cast​mates, is being accused … Continue reading


SH WITTY WEEKEND!! Caption This… PTHousewife FIRED!


“gurlfriend1″ receives a tour of PTHousewife’s house in the Hamptons!!  OOPS… PT doesn’t have a Hamptons house!  “gurlfriend1″ has the option of substituting the house tour with a photo tour of PTHousewife’s JerseyShore vacation rental… 


MORE On RHONY Cast Shakeup… Ramoaner Demoted… Building Around HollaHeather, Carole And Tallmark

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From NYDailyNews… “The Real Housewives of New York City” has reportedly cast off one of its Housewives.  Aviva Drescher has been fired and her co-star, Ramona Singer, has been demoted to a recurring role, similar to LuAnn De Lesseps, who … Continue reading


Model Helena Christiansen Scoffs At Invite To Be RHONY Housewife! PTHousewife Out!

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From NYPost… Perhaps because Aviva Drescher threw her fake leg across a restaurant last season, supermodel Helena Christensen has turned down a starring role in “The Real Housewives of New York City.” We’re told the Danish beauty and photographer was … Continue reading


MissAndy To Resuscitate RHONY

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From NYDailyNews… After Andy was pushed out of his executive role at Bravo he took a back seat on ‘Housewives’ and focused on his own show. Now we’re told Bravo is begging him to return to the struggling RHONY franchise, … Continue reading


PT Housewife’s Reason For NOT Attending PoopyPiggySexAddictDaddy’s “Wedding” … Carole’s Open Relationship With EX-Russ

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Two items to address before taking off on a sabbatical from these BORING moronic Housewives… both involving PT Housewife.     First, PT’s assertion that Carole spoke of an open relationship with her then-boyfriend-substitute-Aerosmith-member-who-played-Carole’s-boyfriend-to-promote-his-“music”-career is absolutely true. Here are the … Continue reading


PTHousewife’s BravoBlog… Insults Are Flyin’

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Holy Reunion!!! Before we get into the reunion (doesn’t everyone look gorgeous?), I need to touch on a few items mentioned in Carole’s last blog. If Carole only KNEW how long I had been planning this leg throw. . . … Continue reading


Having FUN With PT Housewife’s Loose Leg!!

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  Some very funny and clever repartee going on at an SH reader’s Facebook page! The names have been hidden to protect the innocent! You never know when PT Housewife might whip off her leg again…   Aviva’s final comeback … Continue reading


PT Housewife Ditches The Hamptons For Jersey Shore! PT’s Shortest Ever BravoBlog…

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PT Housewife showed her plunging financial hand at the very end of this interview with TheDish. PT HW first explains the reason for the producer-induced leg toss. The big question: what made you want to throw your prosthesis out into … Continue reading

SH EXCLUSIVE!! We Found Out Who PTHousewife Hit With Her Flying Leg!!

The victim of PT Housewife’s flying leg air strike… is MissAndy!!  Wearing a fashionable SkwisheeSkweezy tank top courtesy of JillZ!!

RHONY ramona pg