Carole Radziwill’s Ghostwriter AGAIN…

On last night’s RHONY:  THIS is an example of why so many are tuning out of these phony baloney Housewives shows.  The “ghostwriter” story line is resurrected and dragged out for its last few gasping seconds.  The RHONY producers seem to want to squeeze every last second from their totally unbelievable scenario…


We’re givin’ this 398273,0009475 Kens!


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Sonja Gives Ramoaner A Verbal Barrage of Bellicose Verbiage!

On tonight’s RHONY:   Ramoaner wouldn’t last a day in Sonja’s shoes.  Can someone ‘splain who the hell asked PT Housewife to butt in?

Ramoana And Luannie Play Doubles; Kristen Wears Wrong Shoes

On tonight’s RHONY:  The Singer’s play doubles; Kristen shows up wearing *GASP* the wrong footwear!  yawn.


What’s Goin’ On With Sonja! Houses, Interns…

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Sonja Morgan set the record straight after a “fact-challenged” site reported that she is renting her NYC townhouse for $25,000 a month: “The reason I wasn’t at [co-star] Heather [Thomson]’s anniversary party was because I was listing my house in … Continue reading

RHONY Preview: Housewives Float By At Mermaid Parade…

On tonight’s RHONY:  It’s the required Mermaid Parade… and Sonja broke another tooth.  Time for Sonja to get that PR with her dentist  lined up for some free dental work!!

SH **EXCLUSIVE** It’s DrunkOtis, DirtyHarry And MissAndy!!

DrunkOtis, DirtyHarry and MissAndy TOGETHER… for ANOTHER “cause”!!  THEIR OWN!

rhobh rhony andy brandi harry pg reality exodus

Ramoaner’s Delusional “Divorce”




NOTE:  Allegedly Ramoaner didn’t visit her ill mother, says her druggie brother.   NOTE:  Ramoaner probably didn’t wanna visit because her druggie brother was there!  Who could blame her????  Ramoaner’s brother tells PageSix that RAMOANER WAS ALSO CHEATING:

“Ramona had a lot more affairs than Mario did during their marriage.”  Mazur alleges that “men were always lining up” to be with Ramona, and that Mario would beg his wife to stay with him. “He would cry at her feet, ‘Please, don’t leave me. Please, don’t leave me,’” Mazur adds.

NOTE:  Find this VERY hard to believe!!  Let’s hear from all those men who were after Ramoaner!




CAROLE RADZIWILL BravoBlog… You Can Lead A Horticulture…

    You Can Lead a Horticulture but You Can’t Make her Think It is a truth universally acknowledged that a delusional Housewife in possession of an audience must be in want of a ludicrous storyline. Fine, I’m mixing Parker … Continue reading

SONJA Does Her Caburlesque Act… The Bank Is Closed!

On tonight’s RHONY:  Sonja does her thang…


Compare and contrast to Sonja’s 2011 WWHL burlesque act on the WWHL AfterShow… when the AfterShow was only available online!

HollaHeather Is Gonna Deck Amanda!

On tonight’s RHONY:  The WORST EVER storyline of any Housewives show, GHOSTWRITER, continues at Luannie’s house.  HollaHeather takes on AzzAmanda.  DECK her, HollaHeather… DECK HER!!


RHONY Recap: “Holla In The Hamptons” by Sandi Duffy

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  REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NEW YORK Recap “Holla In The Hamptons” by Sandi Duffy   I just want to let you people know that I swim at the YMCA every Tuesday night from 8-9 pm and then come home and … Continue reading

RHONY Preview: Housewives Surfing In the Hamptons…yawn

On tonight’s RHONY:  How exciting. Heather gets product placement mentions for her girdle company. The only good things to say about this preview is that there are NO HouseHusbands involved and Somoaner were absent.  OH… wait!  Perhaps watching HouseHusbands cramming themselves into wetsuits might be more interesting.  Can’t wait until Tallmark shows off her greeting card organizers.   TIP:  Set a timer while watching the RHONY. The sound from the timer will prevent head injuries and will awaken you to watch the rest of the yawnfest.  

RHONY Preview: Sonja Has No Hot Water…

On tonight’s RHONY:  In one of the more preposterous sentences spoken by any of the Housewives, Sonja stating that she has no hot water in her UES townhouse might take the spot as the NumberONE most unbelievable!  Does Sonja turn off the hot water tank when her daughter is visiting her father?  Or, are we supposed to believe that Sonja is even poorer than DrunkOtis… so poor that she cannot afford hot water in her home?  Git the hell outta here, Sonja!  What’s next??  That Sonja is a Freegan?  FREEGAN:  Freegans get free food by pulling it out of the trash a practice commonly known as “dumpster diving”… freegans glean their food from the garbage thrown away by grocery stores and restaurants.  Did we just give ShedMedia another story line… “Sonja Shops: The Freegan Way”??


REAL HOUSEWIVES NEWS: Models Ghostwriters Ramoaner Alana AND MORE!!

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  What happens when you’re a “model” and your mother is no longer a Housewife???   You are no longer an “international” model and have to send out “selfies”!     SkankyJo poses in ANOTHER see-through dress.   NOTE:  It’s … Continue reading

HeatherT, Tallmark And PTHousewife Talk About What’s To Come On The RHONY…

Could there BE any more BLEEEEEEECH! coming from PT Housewife??? PT ‘splains that her LEG will be gettin’ more air time on the RHONY when she goes back in time to catch up with the girl who was playing in the barn with her when PT wasn’t being looked after by her PoopyPiggySexAddictDaddy… and got her leg caught in farm machinery.  PT also says that her PoopyPiggySexAddictDaddy will be on more episodes of the RHONY with his “I’m engaged to my maid” story line.    NOTE:  Actually, PoopyPiggySexAddictDaddy is “engaged” to a 25-year-old Miami nail tech!… DETAILS at SH August 2013.

Tallmark’s HouseHusband Joshy ‘Splains… He’s NOT Arrogant!

Joshy says… Just BUY MY EBOOST Stuff!!

RHONY kristen josh taekman tallmark pg


HOUSEWIVES NEWS Radziwill Apollo LisaVPump BFrankel Yoda RHOA Brawl… AND MORE!

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  Carole Radziwill tells the CharlotteObserver that Housewives pay for their own hair and makeup… Do you have to do your own hair and makeup for Real Housewives? “Yes, we have to do it ourselves. I mean I have a … Continue reading