RHONJ Preview: The NeverEnding HouseHusband Cheating Story Line…

Twins begin to question TreeJoodice during a chat with SaintlyZenDina.  How long will this eye-rolling story line of the cheating HouseHusband be drawn out?

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From September 2013… How could such talent be denied???  How could she have given up her life’s passion so quickly??

The NJ Subhumans Make Reunion Predictions…

Who will be the Housewife whom the other subhumans think has the most explainin’ to do at the reunion?  It’s Amber!  Poor Tree… can’t even blurt out a simple cliche!

Takin’ A House Tour With Tree Joodice



With all the talk about Tree being forced to move, let’s take a last look at her marble mausoleum!!  Tree points out her pride and joy, her designer plates and glassware from Neiman-Marcus…now paid for by a little legal maneuver.



Watch RHONJ Preview: Tree Goes House Shopping… And More Ridiculousness

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The highlight of this RHONJ preview:  Tree goes house hunting and states that she needs a smaller house.  Just for her and Juicy.  Oh yeah, AND her four kids!   Were there others living at the Joodice’s marble mausoleum?  Maybe several … Continue reading

ROHNJ Preview: BubbaJax Sends Support Message To Tree


What a buncha bullsh*t… 


Here’s the message BubbaJ sent Tree November 2012.  Now everyone is supposed to believe Bubba’s animosity is swept under the rug?

jax tweet re tree bankruptcy

Gia’s Advice To Tree…

Lil Gia gives Tree some advice… and JoeyOrgan cries:

WHY Tree rolls wearing pajamas and full makeup…

tree teresa no makeup

The RHONJ Continue To Slaughter Language…

Eggmit it… these NJ citizens are subintelligent subhumans… and not one iota entertaining:


RHONJ Preview: Heathen Tree Grilled By AshWednesdayAmber


SO many things wrong with this RHONJ preview…


JoeyOrgan… The Michaelangelo Of Home Builders!

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Is there any further proof needed to show that JoeyOrgan is a victim of his own ShortManSyndrome and NapoleonicComplex?  In this disturbing RHONJ preview, da Gorgas meet with their architect to chat about the plans for their brand new Michealangelo-built, … Continue reading

RHONJ Mid-Season Preview…

Not much new in this RHONJ mid-season preview, which is a first for any Housewives franchise.  Apparently, SaintDina didn’t the draw in the viewers, so in the hopes of bumping up those sagging ratings, the new-OrientalBubbaJax is back with her same story line…and still not a word about SignatureApparel!

RHONJ Preview: TreeJoodice In Prayer Mode


RHONJ Preview: Fraudsters Hang On Every Word… Rino And Rolexes

WARNING:   This RHONJ preview offers nothing new re the moronic who-cares-about-whom-Rino-cheated-with story line.   You have been officially warned… view at your own risk.  (It was revealed on the RHONJ by Gotti that the twins’ mother was involved with Rino.)



RHONJ Preview: The NeverEnding “Who Cares” Married Man Story Line…

Who cares about these chicks and their phony baloney “married man” story line?!?!  Their acting is just so terrible…


RHONJ Preview: Scammin’ HouseHusbands Meet!

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On next week’s RHONJ… JuicyJoe don’t care what he wears to a “first responder” party thrown by Nicole and her bad-gifting boyfriend, Bobby.  Juicy dons a suit so others can determine his occupation.  How original.   The most interesting part … Continue reading

TreeJoodice: The Fabellini Photo Shoot…

Aren’t those kids just the cutest??  Tree doesn’t know what “anxiety” means… and who is buying this stuff??

RHONJ… More From The Phony “Psychic”…

The phony “psychic” told Tree and DullDina everything they wanted to hear…



MeGo Is Saving The Sanctity of Marriage… One Gossipy Rumor At A Time

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MeGo tries to redeem herself from those nasty rumors started by BulldogBryan by sharing gossip she heard from the chick who’s married to the ScammerEmbezzelingPhonyWhistleblower about one of the twin chicks.  After those twins go after Amber, all three of them … Continue reading


RHONJ “Psychic” JamesVanPraagh Debunked…

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In an upcoming episode of the RHONJ, TreeJoodice is provided a reading by “psychic” James Van Praagh.  VanPraagh tells Tree that he sees trouble for JuicyJoe and that Tree will be OK.   It doesn’t take a phony baloney “psychic” … Continue reading

RHONJ Preview…

ScammerJim can’t be around FelonJuicy and it doesn’t take a “psychic” to know that da Joodice’s aren’t getting off on their charges.  If you don’t know about new-to-RHONJ ScammerJim, read about him HERE.