FIRST LOOK!!! RHONJ POSCHE FASHION SHOW…Tree’s CASH Only Signed Books (Old News To SH Readers!)



The annual RHONJ Posche Fashion Show took place at the Venetian in New Jersey on Wednesday night.    NOTE: All the fights will be saved until the RHONJ airs!



Tree Joodice was there selling signing her THREE cookbooks.  Gotta do that final pre-prison money grab!!  $25 for a signed book… CASH only!!!


RHONJ Teresa money

NOTE:  Tree’s preference for CASH only is pretty OLD news to SH readers.  Tree has been demanding CASH ONLY for years!      

MORE details about Tree’s CASH ONLY demands from SH December 4, 2012…  back then, the signed books and bottles of wine were sellin’ as “collector’s items”!!!

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MISS ANDY: Answers All Those Teresa Questions!!!

MissAndy explains how Bravo will film Teresa after her guilty plea, possible prison time and possible house arrest.   Actually, MissAndy weasels out of ALL the questions… MissAndy KNOWS all the answers!!  MissAndy’s facial expressions give him away…


We dedicate this to MissAndy!!!




BUBBA JAX Explains WHY She Skipped RHONJ Reunion Show…Does NOT Mention Signature Lawsuit!

BubbaJax tweets the reasons WHY she there was an empty space on the sofa at the RHONJ reunion show: “Wasn’t at season3 reunion bc I was upset w/some people that I couldn’t discuss at reunion&was also during the height of … Continue reading

TERESA GIUDICE: Summary Of The Joodice Case…Your Questions Answered… Charges, Jail Time, Kids…

Judge Esther Salas has the FINAL word re the Joodice’s jail time fate… everything you’ve heard is simply logical conclusions and guesswork until Judge Salas hands down her sentence to the Joodices on July 8!

Watch and listen to this summary of the Joodice case from ABCNews… your questions will be answered!!

TERESA GIUDICE, JOE GIUDICE: Walkin’ Into Federal Court March 4…


JUDGE MORRIS STERN DIED… Bankruptcy Judge Who Wrote Scathing Joe Giudice 2011 Opinion Letter … JuicyJoe Untruthful… VIDEO Joodice’s Visit Their Attorney

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New Jersey Bankruptcy Judge Morris “Mickey” Stern, died Wednesday after battling cancer for more than a year. He was 72. Judge Stern became a judge in 2001 in the US Bankruptcy Court in Newark NJ, where he presided over the … Continue reading


FROM THE 2011 SH ARCHIVES … TERESA GIUDICE: Da Joodice’s Are “Leaving The Bankruptcy Behind Us”… VIDEO

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While searching for something else, found this from 2011! TreeJoodice is tryin’ to convince viewers and herself that all the bankruptcy stuff is behind her and Juicy… nice try!!!  Interesting to find items from years ago which don’t turn out … Continue reading

MELISSA GORGA: Takin’ A Look Back At MeGo’s Christmas Party Preparations… With “FabulousFred”

Let’s take a look back at MeGo’s preparation for her 2011 Christmas party… with “FabulousFred.”

“Fabulous Fred stops by to review Melissa Gorga’s Christmas party/event… FabFred said that the party would be at least $50,000… and that was with schlubs for servers.

If Melissa goes with attractive servers who can speak, FabFred’s gonna add another $10000…  Like who has a step and repeat at a Christmas house party???”


MELISSA GORGA, JOE GORGA: “I Don’t Wanna Go To Tree’s For Christmas Eve”!!!

The Real Housewives of New Jersey is filming now, so we’ll be getting the Christmas dilemma… the same one faced by JoeyMarcoGorga two seasons ago:


Even more bizarre… from two seasons ago… was the FEBUS crew sittin’ around talkin’ about what Tree was wearin’!!


TERESA GIUDICE, MELISSA GORGA: The “Thanksgiving Saga”… How Long Will They Keep This Going???

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We all know that to keep relevant, these Housewives must constantly make themselves a topic of conversation.  How interesting that the person keeping Melissa Gorga’s recent ‘Thanksgiving in Jamaica’ is Shuter at VH1!   We all know that Shuter is … Continue reading

WHATEVER HAPPENED TO… “MELISSA GORGA: MeGo’s Back From Jamaica… Now Pushin’ Coffee!.. VIDEO”??

While looking for something else… stumbled upon this!  Around this time last year, Melissa Gorga was pushin’ COFFEE!   Whatever happened to that endeavor??

From November 29, 2012:   “Melissa Gorga is as useful as a car crash dummy in this infomercial for Tyler’sCoffee.  Oh, you never heard of Tyler’sCoffee?  By the looks of MeGo’s body language, it appears that she hasn’t either!   Take the appearance fee money and run, MeGo…

Really… is anyone gonna buy this coffee simply because a Housewife shows up?  Poor Tyler!”



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JuicyJoe has stated on many occasions that he shared all of his knowledge of the building trades with his brother-in-law, Joe Gorga (Teresa’s brother). If Joe Gorga was taught his building lessons by Juicy… how to obtain mortgages and deal … Continue reading


REAL LIFE NEWS: YAY Costco!! Closed ThanksgivingDay… Bad Reviewer Fined… HOA Sues For Small Trees… Don’t Take My Cannon!!… Man Sets Another Man’s Junk On Fire “Burnt Guy Goes To Laundromat”… UPS Driver Drives Seven MILLION Miles “Without A Blemish On His Record”!… JuicyJoe Giudice Needs To Get Driving Lessons From UPS!

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We LOVE Costco… and this is just one more reason!  Costco will be closed on Thanksgiving Day… Costco believes that Thanksgiving is a time for people to rest and give thanks for simple blessings in their lives like families and … Continue reading

TERESA GIUICE, JOE GORGA: Joey Cryin’ and Cryin’…Does He Ever Stop Cryin’???

Just cleaning up and clearing out loose ends from the dreck that was the RHONJ.  In this scene, Tree and her brother, JoeyMarcoGorga get all teary-eyed over their “relationship”… the “relationship” with which they’ve spread out over THREE damn seasons!   Have noticed that it’s always JoeyMarcoGorga doin’ all the cryin’… never his wife, Messy!





RHONJ: Lost Footage… Joe Gorga Has a “Talk” With Teresa Giudice…

On last night’s “LostFootage” episode… JoeyG “talks” with Tree.   JoeyG throws in Tree’s soft spot… their parents.   Another piece of lost footage that should have been kept lost!

RHONJ: Lost Footage… Lookin’ For A Roomie

In case you missed the FINAL episode… FEBUSJrs were lookin’ for a roomie.  They should have kept this lost footage LOST!



FROM THE SH ARCHIVES, JUNE 2012: TERESA GIUDICE Says… Tree, Joe and Melissa Gorga Were ALL Speaking At The Time Of The Christening… VIDEO

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June 20, 2012  7:45 pm  RE-POSTED October 20, 2013 12:50 pm  While looking for something else… an item pertaining to Sonja Morgan no less… came across this interview which Tree gave while promoting her latest cookbook at the time (Fabulous and … Continue reading

REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NEW JERSEY: Lil Milania On “Lost Footage” Episode… “Milania’s World”

AAAWWWWW… included in last night’s RHONJ “lost footage” episode was lil Milania’s world… school, boys, report cards…


From last night’s “lost footage” episode…somma this “lost” footage should say lost.

ONE word:  PIGS.    KomaKathy apparently approves…



Could this be the LAST of the RHONJ episodes?  YAY!!!   Once again, FEBUS rules… and BigGayRosie shows her quick temper.  KomaKathy just…is….there.