RHONJ Preview: BubbaJax’ “Spicy” Relationship… The Disconnect With RHONJ… The Reinvention of MeGo!

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There’s a REAL treat on the next RHONJ!!  The conflict in Florida heats up as Jim has a difference of opinion with Dina, Melissa, and the twins as the shocking rumor about the twins’ family is revealed.  Back in Jersey, Teresa … Continue reading

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RHONJ Preview: Marcheses Get Da Boot!

Amber steals Tamballs’ white eyeliner and SaintZina steals the TopChef tagline…when she asks the Marcheses to pack their stuff and leave!

RHONJ Deleted Scene: Amber LocksLips With HouseHusband…SaintZina Picks Her Nose!

The only reason to see this is to witness SaintZenDina pick her nose…

NOTE:  They all watch with amazed looks on their faces, when everyone knows that they would ALL do the same if the script called for it!  Which of these new HouseHusbands will get the required butt shot for MissAndy??  JoeyOrgan is out, as he’s already happily done the butt shot… twice!

RHONJ Preview: Breakfast At The Joodices

Another in a series of the skewed view of da Joodice’s as the happy, caring parents… who threaten their kid with exile to **gasp** the dreaded boarding school!   Do the Joodices have any idea the financial obligation of a boarding school?  Thankfully, Milania’s not old enough for Grier…

As for the Joodices footing the bill for their weekend hotel escape, they stayed in the “DivaSuite” at the Carlton Hotel and dined at Millesime back in February… all comped in exchange for PR.  You’ll be seeing this on next week’s RHONJ…

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RHONJ HouseHusbands In A Tiff

It’s hysterical to see MeGo as the designated “voice of reason” on the RHONJ!  When will she break out her auto-tune machine and resume her lifelong passion of singing?   Would rather watch JuicyJoe tackle JoeyOrgan … or did JoeyOrgan tackle Juicy?  Whatever.  Would rather watch the two Joes go at it than watch this badly acted tripe:

Just for the hell of it… a little reminiscing of MeGo’s singing:


RHONJ KomaKathy Still HouseBuilding

OH… LOOK!  Kevin Jonas makes a guest appearance as KomaKathy’s head overseer of house building.  Kinda like when SuzanneSomers popped into the RHOBH…just a quick cameo to let people know that they’re still around!

Message From RHONJ Phony HouseBoyFriend…

rhonj bobby tweet

Producers are so desperate that they’re now making the HouseBoyFriends engage in twitter wars!!  Shades of JohnnyTheGreek and BulldogBryan!! 

NOTE:  Who cares about these HouseHusbandsBoyfriends… who are looking to jump start their “acting” career??  Supposedly, BobbyBoyFriend got into firefighting two months before filming the RHONJ and was paired up with a twin at a casting call.  All phony.

BubbaJax Exposes Her Kid MORE On RHONJ… Uses Kid For CryFest

MORE of BubbaJax’ BOOOOOOORING story line.  In between waiting for her son to beg for some of that black stuff…

jax tweet

…BubbaJax says that TreeJoodice is “like a sister” to her!  Hmmmm… really, BubbaJ??

jax tweet re tree bankruptcy

The cry fest with Asslee was a nice touch…

GO BACK THROW BACK THURSDAY: KomaKathy Wheels Her Way To Corrados

A never-again-seen phony scene from October 2012:  KomaKathy says that people either love her pig-of-a-husband RancidRichie or hate him… and then KomaKathy hops on her bike and legs it to Corrados where she oohs and aaahs over some free samples.  KomaK waving to neighbors on her way to Corrados is a nice touch.  Watch as the “experienced” bicyclist wobbles when she gets back on her bike with a full basket of groceries.  No one has seen KomaK’s bike since!



Let’s Compare And Contrast: RHONJ At Grocery Store vs Milania At Corrados

Which is worse?  The RHONJ adult subhumans grocery shopping in Florida in early 2014 or Milania ripping it up at Corrados back in 2011??


Screen Shot 2014-09-24 at 10.40.17 AM

RHONJ Preview: More Of The Same BOOOOORING Story Lines

SaintZenDina shows again why she’s no SaintZenDina…BigGayRosie returns… another scene with OrientalBubbaJax…and viewers are supposed to care about the ridiculous HouseHusbands feud:

RHONJ Deleted Scene… Tree Gives Milania An Eye Test

Just last minute Mommy duty before “going away”… an eye test!  Tree isn’t lookin’ too pleased.

RHONJ Preview: HouseHusbands In FL


Who the hell cares about what the HouseHusbands are fighting about?  Have the producers run out of Housewives problems?  It’s hysterical to see MeGo transition from JoeyOrgan’s sex slave to a laughable stab at being the “proper” Jersey wife…

RHONJ Preview: The NeverEnding HouseHusband Cheating Story Line…

Twins begin to question TreeJoodice during a chat with SaintlyZenDina.  How long will this eye-rolling story line of the cheating HouseHusband be drawn out?



From September 2013… How could such talent be denied???  How could she have given up her life’s passion so quickly??

The NJ Subhumans Make Reunion Predictions…

Who will be the Housewife whom the other subhumans think has the most explainin’ to do at the reunion?  It’s Amber!  Poor Tree… can’t even blurt out a simple cliche!

Takin’ A House Tour With Tree Joodice



With all the talk about Tree being forced to move, let’s take a last look at her marble mausoleum!!  Tree points out her pride and joy, her designer plates and glassware from Neiman-Marcus…now paid for by a little legal maneuver.



Watch RHONJ Preview: Tree Goes House Shopping… And More Ridiculousness

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The highlight of this RHONJ preview:  Tree goes house hunting and states that she needs a smaller house.  Just for her and Juicy.  Oh yeah, AND her four kids!   Were there others living at the Joodice’s marble mausoleum?  Maybe several … Continue reading