Tree And JuicyJoe Throw A “STAY STRONG” Party

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Never let a crisis or an upcoming jail sentence go to waste!  If you’re a Joodice, the best way to deal with a looming lock up or locked down sentence is to throw a going away par-tay!  After all, this is … Continue reading

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RHONJ Preview: Breakfast At The Joodices

Another in a series of the skewed view of da Joodice’s as the happy, caring parents… who threaten their kid with exile to **gasp** the dreaded boarding school!   Do the Joodices have any idea the financial obligation of a boarding school?  Thankfully, Milania’s not old enough for Grier…

As for the Joodices footing the bill for their weekend hotel escape, they stayed in the “DivaSuite” at the Carlton Hotel and dined at Millesime back in February… all comped in exchange for PR.  You’ll be seeing this on next week’s RHONJ…

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LOOK At This 13-Year-Old… It’s GiaGiudice

On her way to becoming a criminal defense attorney…or touring Montville NJ in her very own stripper-on-wheels mobile unit.

gia giudice

HOW do dance moves taken from a Gentleman’s Club and costumes that can fit in your hand benefit pre-teen dancers at a dance competition?  Not only is it NOT age appropriate, it’s uncomfortable for others to watch, including the judges, and it also puts the girls at risk because there is absolutely no one regulating who is watching these performances and/or recording them for their own private, perverted use.

Regardless of whether or not the girls themselves know they are being sexy (which probably some of them do), there is no reason for their ADULT instructors or their parents to sex up these girls with suggestive choreography, music and costumes, especially when there are myriad other ways to show off how talented and unique they are without making it a scene out of Showgirls.  The excuse that this is for a dance competition just doesn’t hold water…


GIUDICE COURT UPDATE: Judge Considering Letters From “Concerned Citizens” In Giudice Bankruptcy Fraud Case

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A telephone status conference was held Wednesday morning regarding the Giudice bankruptcy fraud case.  Part of of this telephone conference was the decision by the Judge to RESERVE a motion made by the Joodice attorneys that would NOT consider letters written … Continue reading


Lil Gia’s Girl Group…

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Apparently, TreeJoodice is firmly behind her eldest daughter forming a girl group… and NOT encouraging LilGia to accomplish her dream of becoming a criminal attorney!  No word on JuicyJoe’s opinion on this… Teresa Giudice unveiled her daughter’s new all-girl singing … Continue reading


ANOTHER Giudice House For Sale…

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Not exactly for sale… but being sold to the highest bidder.  JuicyJoe’s mother’s house is being auctioned less than a week from today.  BUT, don’t feel sad… they have plenty of properties! Filomena Giudice owes $593,374.24 on her house at … Continue reading

Tree’s BS BravoBlog… Too Busy Prepping For “Biggest Day Of Our Lives”

RHONJ teresa juicy clothing pg

Wow. I really have so much to say. I will share, but I’m getting ready for the biggest day of our lives. I will be sharing when I can.

But now is the time when I need to focus on the next ten days and not comment on the episodes.

I love the show. I love my fans. I will be telling you all along with my Bravo family very soon.

Tanti Baci,

Tree should just be honest and say that her REAL ghostwriter didn’t feel like writing this week!


JuicyJoe Asking A Measly $30,000 For RHONJ Reunion Show Appearance

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Joe Giudice is demanding Bravo pay him $30,000 to appear on the Real Housewives Of New Jersey reunion shows, is exclusively reporting. Joe and his wife Teresa are expected to be sentenced in connection with their bankruptcy and fraud … Continue reading


JuicyJoe’s Drivers License Case Scheduled For October 15…

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JuicyJoe’s ongoing drivers license case has been scheduled for a hearing on October 15. Juicy had been charged with using his brother Pete’s marriage and birth certificates to procure his drivers license while Juicy’s was suspended in 2011. The October 15 … Continue reading

RHONJ Deleted Scene… Tree Gives Milania An Eye Test

Just last minute Mommy duty before “going away”… an eye test!  Tree isn’t lookin’ too pleased.


Tree’s GawdawfulGhostwritten BravoBlog…

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   Hi Sweethearts! So who knew this was going to be The Real Housewives of Medical Conditions? I think it’s great that Amber is choosing to share her cancer journey with the world, that Rino shared his colonoscopy adventure, and … Continue reading


Another Joodice House For Sale!

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Remember when TreeJoodice stated that she owns lots of properties? Well, whatever real estate da Joodices could cling after bankruptcy court liquidated their holdings to are being put up for sale.  Along with Joodice’s main residence on Indian Lane and … Continue reading

RHONJ Preview: The NeverEnding HouseHusband Cheating Story Line…

Twins begin to question TreeJoodice during a chat with SaintlyZenDina.  How long will this eye-rolling story line of the cheating HouseHusband be drawn out?


PSA For TreeJoodice! Learn A Skill To Make $$$ While Doing Time!

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This is the second is a series of PSAs aimed at assisting TreeJoodice to assimilate into her new surroundings… What would happen to  TreeJoodice if her prison commissary account dries up?  What if Tree spent all that cash collected from her … Continue reading


Buy Tree’s Shore House… Only $315,000!

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YOU could own Tree’s shore house!!  980 sq ft for only $315,000!!!  CHEAP!! Despite the reports that da Joodices are paying off bankruptcy debts with the proceeds from their house and shore house sales, a more factual report would be … Continue reading

Takin’ A House Tour With Tree Joodice



With all the talk about Tree being forced to move, let’s take a last look at her marble mausoleum!!  Tree points out her pride and joy, her designer plates and glassware from Neiman-Marcus…now paid for by a little legal maneuver.