The Rumors: EXes Coming Back … The Fact: RHONJ Has Flatlined And Cannot Be Resuscitated

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Good god!  Who is circulating these rumors about EX-cast members being lured back to the RHONJ??  Let’s stop for a second and analyze these preposterous claims. The RHONJ is done filming.  Their season is over.  The episodes are now airing.  There … Continue reading

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DullDina To Appear At Aluminum Store… She’s Now A “Philanthropist”

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DullDina has taken a cue from her really-good-friend-for-life, TreeJoodice, by making an appearance for a local Jersey aluminum company!   If you recall, TreeJoodice did some slumming waaay back when for a local electronics store… FEBUSDina says that it’s all … Continue reading

RHONJ… More From The Phony “Psychic”…

The phony “psychic” told Tree and DullDina everything they wanted to hear…



RHONJ Recap… “O, Christmas Tre”… by Sandi Duffy

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“O, Christmas Tre” by Sandi Duffy   So did Bravo look for the most unattractive couples in NJ to cast this show? It’s Christmas and everyone is putting up their trees. Teresa 2 wants her son to work in the … Continue reading

RHONJ Preview… TreeJoodice Pushin’ Her New Dessert Line

RHONJ Preview… TreeJoodice’s kids memorized their lines and Tree’s pushin’ her new dessert line:

Danielle Lays The SmackDown On DumbDina… Danielle Is “Ready To Talk”!

Danielle wants to talk..she’s been talking a lot lately!  Would think that if Bravo or Harvey wanted to hear anything from Danielle, they woulda already gotten in touch with her.  What “legal problems”??

danielle tweet

(Thanks to SH reader “cmhr”!!)


RHONJ Recap… “What A Difference A Plea Makes”… by Sandi Duffy

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Real Housewives of New Jersey Recap “What A Difference A Plea Makes” by Sandi Duffy The season premiere of The Real Housewives of NJ!   What is Bravo going to do when Teresa and Joe go to prison?  Teresa’s tag … Continue reading


RHONJ Twitter War Featuring “Zen” Dina

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NOTE:  Cannot stand the phony facade of “zen” DumbDina.  We all know that DumbDina is only on the RHONJ to push her stuff… and to probably get herself another show.  Another FEBUS… During last night’s premiere of The Real Housewives … Continue reading


DumbDina Proves Just How Dumb She Is…

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DumbDina proves her idiocy and pure ignorance in this interview from TheWrap… total BS: Q: All eyes will be on Teresa’s legal problems this season. How do you handle your relationship with Teresa while she’s dealing with this stuff? Do … Continue reading


RHONJ Season Six Synopsis… PhonyFreedom…Gorga’s Garbage… Backstabbing!

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This season, Teresa and her husband, Joe, fight to keep their family intact as they embark on a very public legal battle for their freedom.  NOTE:  “for their freedom”????  Are they locked up somewhere???  How dramatic…and MessyGorga says” “Obviously with … Continue reading


Tree, MeGo and DullDina On “TheView”

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Can TreeJoodice complete a sentence??  Just ONE sentence?  Tree says she is intent on focusing on her family, after being asked about her legal problems.  We all know Tree’s very focused on makin’ as many pit stops at NJ dive … Continue reading


RHONJ On TodayShow… Amber, TeresaA, Nicole, DullDina NOTHING NEW!

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Don’t get all excited thinking that these chicks are gonna spill anything re Sunday’s Season Six premiere of the RHONJ… ’cause they don’t!  DullDina clams up when asked about TreeJoodice.  We all know that Dina is smack in the middle … Continue reading


RHONJ Season Six, Episode One… “What A Difference A Plea Makes”… Premieres Sunday

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RHONJ Season Six, Episode One “What A Difference A Plea Makes”… premieres Sunday: Teresa Giudice and her husband, Joe, fight to keep their family intact as they embark on a very public legal battle for their freedom. Fortunately, Teresa has … Continue reading


RHONJ $100 PremiereParty Tickets…Order Now!… It’s For CHARITY!

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HURRY!!!  Get your tickets for the Real Housewives of New Jersey premiere party.  ONE ticket will cost you $100… oh yeah, there’s that Housewives fee of $5.99.  So, that’s $105.99.  That amount includes one glass of Fabellini and an hors … Continue reading


Tree Joodice Hitting Another $2 Beer Joint To Push Her Stuff!! … And A Look Back At Tree And Dina… UPDATE: Tree Off To Another Bar!

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  TreeJoodice is SO scared and frightened at the thought of being shackled and thrown behind bars that she’s spending every second of her precious time in seclusion with her four young daughters and Juicy, of course, at her RE-DONE … Continue reading

DumbDinaManzoid “Was Asked Back To RHONJ Every Season”

tree dina fabellini

DumbDinaManzoid chats with MichiganAveMag and says that she was asked back to the RHONJ every season, but says that she was “thrown in at the last minute”…HUH???   DumbDina calls RHONJ a “game” and “contrived”:

Fans of The Real Housewives of New Jersey are very excited to have you back on the show. What prompted your return?
DM: There are so many reasons. There are lots of changes going on in my life, definitely. Lexi, [my daughter], is 18 and going out on her own now. She’s not that impressionable little 12-year-old, so she understands the game a little better these days. Teresa [Giudice] and I got closer this past summer. Friends kind of drift apart and come back together and when somebody’s going through something they are always there for each other, and that’s the kind of friends Teresa and I are. We got closer this summer because both of us are going through a lot. It was kind of organic and, to be honest with you, I was thrown in last minute. I’m always welcome back every single season and this year it kind of felt good.

What can viewers expect from this season of The Real Housewives of New Jersey?
DM: It’s really a different vibe, but I think people are going to love it. Everyone who was a part of it is saying they think this is going to be the best season ever. It’s just new energy—a lot of really funny times that were not contrived because the new girls don’t realize how funny they actually are. I know it’s a lot of change [with the cast], but I think fans are really going to enjoy it.

DumbAzzDina Manzoid… The Naked White Witch… She Ain’t No “Crazy” Wiccan!

“I’m not Wiccan or anything crazy. I do rituals with the sun and the moon and the seasons. I’m usually naked,” says DimbulbDina. “And I do it at night. And depending on where the sun and the stars are and everything, you do different rituals to bring on good things.”  NOTE:  Watch out Dina… CreepyCarlton gonna beat yer azz.


We’re givin’ DumbAzzDina and her mystical spiritual crap 383846354,388364543 eye rolls:

eye roll gif