DINA MANZO: Spewin’ The Same Stuff Since September…


Dina Manzo will be makin’ all the MissAndyMediaMafia rounds… spewin’ all the same things she’s been spewin’ the last FIVE months!!!

Dina on BFrankel Show:



Dina on Opree Show… September 2013:



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REAL HOUSEWIVES NEWS: Kim Zolciak… Manzoids… OC Housewife… LisaVPump’s New Restaurant…Sheree… Kenya Moore… DuckDynasty …MamaJoyce… UPDATE: KimZ Says ATL Housewives Are “Useless”

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KimZolciak’s new kids… very cute!  (The above from BrielleBiermann Instagram.) Despite reports to the contrary, Dina and FEBUS have not made nice… Dina on WWHL in 2012 says that RHONJ has changed everyone: New OC Housewife, Lizzie Rosvek, is a … Continue reading


HOUSEWIVES NEWS… “SH HIT AND RUN” SUNDAY: SkankyJo “Naked In Poland”… KomaKathy At BakingShow…Kim Zolciak “PregnantPhotos”…Cynthia Bailey “Calling All Wal-Mart Shoppers”… DrunkOtis Brandi Glanville “Carried Out Of Party”… Adrienne Maloof And Daniel!

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For God’s sake!  Just have those twins already!  KimZolciak tweeting more pregnant picture of herself… KomaKathy and SladeSlimey RancidRichie attending North America’s first and biggest baking and sweets event, America’s Baking and Sweets Show, takes you on a gourmet grand tour of … Continue reading


HOUSEWIVES NEWS: LumpyLapBand Engaged… DrunkOtis And SkankyJo “BikiniWars”… CouplesTherapy… Lisa Vanderpump “Eats McRib”…MissAndy Forms Own Production Company… Dina Manzo, Teresa Giudice “ProjectLadybug”… Sonja Morgan

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MissAndy loved that DrunkOtis played along on WWHL… YAWN.  It’s bikini wars… this time the war is between DrunkOtis and SkankyJo Krupa.  BikiniWars are boooooooooring… what exactly are they trying to prove?  NOTE:  For any of these Housewives who are … Continue reading

WINNER, WINNER… CHICKEN DINNER!!! Winner Of The Dina Manzo Caption Contest!

rhonj dina caption winner arrow

SH reader “maryannchubb” came up with the winning caption for the DinaCaptionContest“She took in our white trash sister Moo… errr, Fran!”

Thanks to all who entered!!  “maryannchubb” gets a big “ThankYou” and a huge round of applause!!


SH CAPTION CONTEST!! Wake UP… It’s DinaTime!

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As you all know, Dina **YAWN** Manzo is a definite for next season of the RHONJ (the other three mentioned as sure-thing Housewives are in the “ClaireSueDecoy” don’t count your chickens before they’re hatched”category!  Dina has made it clear her … Continue reading


HOUSEWIVES NEWS: Dina’s A Definite… BubbaJax… Camille Grammer… BFrankel “A Twit”… Tamballs Decorates “Funeral Style”!

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Dina Manzo confirms she will be back on “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” for Season 6.   NOTE:  The other three proposed NJ Housewives have yet to be confirmed… AND… Dina is already back in Housewives mode…makin’ appearances… and makin’ … Continue reading

DINA MANZO… Why She Left The RHONJ… Allegedly

Originally posted on September 1… Dina Manzo on Oprah.   Still think Dina’s full crap…



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Was not going to make any big deal about today, as after hitting the ONE MILLION mark milestone quite a while ago, stopped with the self-aggrandizement. However, since it was pointed out in comments by SH readers… today IS the … Continue reading


OTHER STUFF… and SOME HOUSEWIVES BS: BreakingBad “Alternate Endings”…Terry Dull-BRO Joins Paul Nassif…Dina Manzo “Teaching PlaceSettings”…PTHousewife “I’m Lame”… Michaele Salahi “Where’s Sparkle”???

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Creator of BreakingBad, Vince Gilligan talks about five alternate endings for Sunday’s finale.   One was “Walter Goes Rambo”… read the rest at TheWrap. BRAVO MEDIA DELIVERS BEST THIRD QUARTER EVER AMONG TOTAL VIEWERS, UP DOUBLE DIGITS ACROSS ALL KEY … Continue reading

DINA MANZO: What Dina’s Been Up To…

Dina’s fulla crap…


DANIELLE STAUB: Back On The RHONJ And WWHL September 8… DonCaro’s Tear-Filled Reunion Show Scene… Will Danny Pro “Da Manzos Are Punks!” Be Back?

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Yes, it is true… as mentioned on SH two days ago, Danielle has returned to the Real Housewives of New Jersey. Danielle will be on WWHL to chat with MissAndy after the RHONJ episode airs earlier the evening of September … Continue reading


** SH EXCLUSIVE**… Manzoid’s Bravo Spinoff… There Is Already A SECOND Season!… SuperSecret Episode Outline Revealed!

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YES!  It’s true!!!  DaZoids are getting their very own spinoff.  And, YES… we have found even more info from our insider from the 46th floor at 30 Rock!   MissAndy really should find new help… someone who at least knows … Continue reading


SH “HIT AND RUN” THURSDAY: Dina Manzo “SoapStar”… Bravo Ratings “July Ratings Down”… Teresa Giudice “Another Guesser”!!

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Dina Manzo got herself a part in “Tainted Dreams,” filming today at the Sushi Lounge in Totowa, New Jersey August 8. “Tainted Dreams” began its two-week shoot July 29 and has filmed in studio and on location throughout New York … Continue reading

REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NEW JERSEY REVIEW: From Closet Confessions!… Caro Is Fulla Crapola!!

RHONJ review from our friend at @ClosetConfessTV… RHONJ Review!   Language!  LOL!!!  Yes, BigAl has checked out… and so has Caro…




MORE “SH HIT AND RUN” TUESDAY: Dina Manzo Gets Her Own “Reality” Show… Yolanda Foster’s Daughter, Gigi Hadid, “New Face of Guess”…Shana Says “Everything Is Fake”… Adrienne and Rihanna At Grammys… POOR Brandi Glanville “Eddie Don’t Pay”… Kim Richards’ “Dog Story Doubtful”… Fat Tuesday

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From Deadline.com… Dina Manzo has signed on for her very own “reality” show.  Al OOPS! I had an accident Roker is producing Dina’s show… “This collaboration will be an opportunity for Dina’s fans to go behind the scenes into her … Continue reading


REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NEW JERSEY: Dina Manzo Separated “Since October”… Melissa Gorga “Who Is Butch”?

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The reason why Dina Manzo was so expressive re Brandi Glanville’s marital issues last month… Dina confirmed what has been rumored for quite a while… from SH January 8, 2012. Dina and Tommy Manzo are over, according to @DinaManzo. ***********************************    … Continue reading


DINA MANZO: Dina’s Advice For Cheating Men… And The Women They Cheat On… Dina Tweets Her Thoughts… About Cheaters And Brandi Glanville’s Story Line

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Dina Manzo was a very busy girl last night on Twitter! Dina took particular interest in the “discussion” which took place on last night’s Real Housewives of Beverly Hills between the SUR waitress (whatever her name is… just too irrelevant … Continue reading


SH “HIT AND RUN” THURSDAY: Paul Nassif Apologizes To Brandi Glanville… Adrienne Maloof Shoots Back At Brandi Glanville… Dina Manzo… BS of the Day… Kyle Richards “Who Wears The Pants?”

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********************************** Paul Nassif made a few phone calls to Brandi Glanville and he and Brandi are now all made up.   Paul apologized to Brandi after realizing that he was being goaded by Adrienne in the attack on Brandi. ROL: … Continue reading