Which Mob Guy Will Win? DannyPro Files Lawsuit Against Sopranos Actor

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How very int-errrr-esss-tink!  Two mob guys in a lawsuit!  One from the RHONJ… From CourthouseNews: Vincent Pastore, best known for his role as Big Pussy on “The Sopranos,” didn’t show up for a film project, a film director and former … Continue reading


BLIND ITEM! Who’s The EX-Housewife?

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From CDAN: This former Real Housewife, who is desperate to return, has seen her earnings take a nose dive.  She is taking every gig she can get and is now exchanging appearance fees for sex. I’m sure her kid(s) would love … Continue reading


MELISSA GORGA: Talks WackyJackieChan And Danielle…

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Another telling little tidbit from MelissaGorga’s HomeShow appearance in March 2014. At the :30 mark MeGo explains that WackyJackieChan will NOT be on this season of the RHONJ. At the 1:10 mark, MeGo states that she never met Danielle. WackyJackieChan … Continue reading

SH EXCLUSIVE!! DanielleStaub’s REAL Reason For Wanting To Come Back On RHONJ!!


It’s too bad that the BravoBrainiacs chose Gotti over Danielle for just this season to “bring the drama”…

danielle pg

NJ Wives Want Danielle Back!!

Pretty sure that Danielle is the ONLY NJ Housewife who hasn’t been back… not many EX-NJ Wives to choose from!!  Watch as MelissaGorga says that she doesn’t know too much about Danielle ’cause she wasn’t around.  Soooo… MeGo is claiming that she didn’t watch the RHONJ?


DanielleStaub’s Two Cents About TeresaGiudice

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BillyBush and KitHoover should moderate the Housewives reunions… they don’t let Danielle Staub slide in this interview about Teresa Giudice. Just like LisaVanderPumpMyStomach, Danielle is looking for some attention by commenting on Teresa.  Danielle’s face is over-botoxed and her monotone … Continue reading


UPDATE: The Supporting Housewives Cast…

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Supporting players in a production are sometimes more interesting than the “stars” of the show. Let’s take a look at what’s goin’ on with people who were six degrees from the main players on a Housewives show… Danny Provenzano has … Continue reading


Danielle Staub Bashing BubbaJax And DumbDina … Wants To Return To RHONJ

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It’s a Danielle Staub frenzy!!  Danielle is spouting off via Twitter and calling out that phony “zen” DumbDina and BubbaJax. Danielle’s twitter fans, the ones that aren’t fake, are demanding her return to the RHONJ… @DanilleStaub: “That was not a … Continue reading


Danielle Says Dina’s On Show Because She Turned Role Down

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Danielle Staub says that she “declined several offers”… but turned them down. NOTE:  PUH-LEEEEZE!!!  Danielle may have been in discussions with MissAndy/producers with the hopes of returning to the RHONJ, but nothing came of it.  Danielle’s house was in foreclosure … Continue reading


DANNY PROVENZANO: Danielle Staub’s “Friend” Says That New Jersey Don’t Get No Respect!! NewJersey Mayor Can’t Get S-Bowl Tickets!!

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Look who shows up on an item about the Mayor of North Rutherford NJ!  It’s Danielle Staub’s BFF… Danny Pro!!!  Danny says to get respect, ya gotta shoot ’em!! NOTE:  Danny Provenzano is also featured in the longer version of … Continue reading


SH “HIT AND RUN” … Atlanta Casting Calls…Kenya Moore… Danielle Staub… CONGRATULATIONS COLTS!!

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If you’re livin’ in Atlanta and your job title is  “Celebrity Assistant” and you’re lookin’ for “reality” show fame… Hello, Sweetie!!… …CarlosKing, RHOA exec producer and friend to ALL Housewives, is looking for YOU!  NOTE:  If you don’t know who … Continue reading


RHOBH and RHOM: Merging?.. Which Housewives Would Jump At The Bravo “BigBrother” House??

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Was sent a message stating that the Real Housewives of Miami were merging with the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills! After checking the source of the item, it is nothing more than another “guessing” splash for attention.  There is absolutely … Continue reading

SH “HIT AND RUN” FRIDAY: Danielle Staub… Kim Zolciak…Kyle Richards… Tamballs…”flipit/Ronnie’s” BigBrother In TWO Minutes…And More!!

anderson andy pg

Oh, how cozy!!  MissAndy celebrates with MissAndyCoops at the opening of MissAndyCoop’s boyfriend’s bar.  All of MissAndy’s NYMediaMafia were there…where was Sean Avery???

Who got the best ratings for sitting next to MissAndy in the BravoClubhouse?  If you guessed Danielle Staub, you would be correct!!  Danielle beat out LadyGaga and BFrankel.   We’re givin’ all three of them (Danielle, BF and LadyG) 378,388 Kens!


Brielle Biermann walkin’ the runway… hope she didn’t fall off her shoes!

Tamballs tellin’ how she has to stay in shape… how interesting that Ellie, 12 years younger, insists that Tamballs share the same healthy “lifestyle” as him.   Hmmm… what’s gonna happen when Tamballs is 57 and don’t give a crap about goin’ to the gym every damn day?  What will Ellie do???

Some moron, with actual Emmy voting rights, says that the Housewives shows should be nominated for Emmys… ’cause they are comparable to other cable shows like “MadMen” and “BreakingBad”!  Not even including the link to this delusional diatribe.  Here’s one huge distinction between any Housewives show and the Emmy-winning shows mentioned:  SCRIPTS!  The other distinction which was not mentioned in comparing the shows:  PAID PROFESSIONAL ACTORS… actual experienced card-carrying SAG members!  The diatribe writer is a total idiot.

RHOBH Kyle Paris Nicky Hilton pg

Poor HagfaceKyle!  “I really want to be one of those people that laughs about the process of aging but… it’s just not funny.”  LLLHagfaceKyle tells of her aging woes and shows how much getting that full body lipo has helped

Right next to the item re HagfaceKyle… poor Johnny Galecki!!!  Sara Gilbert says that dating Johnny Galecki make her realize that she was gay.   WOW!  Maybe Sara shoulda kept that one to herself…

Been asking this every time John Kerry pops up on TV or in mags… What the hell happened to John Kerry’s face!?  The guy literally looks like an avatar!

Now there is MexicanIndependenceDay, which is supposed to be celebrated in the US… !?  Preparing for celebration is the Maricopa County restaurant where county health officials believe an E. coli outbreak sickened 74 people, who ended up with bloody diarrhea.  They hired an AA Opree-approved cleaning “specialist” to assure customers that the place is now E.coli free!

What do you have to do get your own “reality” show???  Well, just like those two stooges on that totally phony Jungle Gold show… all ya gotta do is fill out an online application, complete with photos, and YOU could have your own show on the DiscoveryChannel!!  Just be sure you’re over 13!  Oh… you really think JungleGold is for real???

YELP! is fighting back!  It’s usually YELP! that is getting sued… this time, YELP! is suing a SanDiego  law firm claiming the firm’s employees are submitting GREAT, but phony, reviews.  Oh, that’s a good way for any LAW firm to get clients…

Well, good for Gene Simmons!  In defending TimTebow, Gene says that if Tim were wearin’ a burqa, no one would be sayin’ nuthin’!

A loyal family dog saved a young boy from a baby sitter’s physical abuse… the dog was NOT a pit bull.

“flipit/Ronnie’s” latest!  BigBrother in TWO minutes!!

NicCage as MileyCyrus…

HOUSEWIVES NEWS: Hat Wearin’ Gorga… RHONJ Plastic Surgeon…Brandi Glanville… Adrienne Maloof… Teresa Giudice

 Bravo RHONJ Andy slumdog pg

If you didn’t know by now… the whole Penny “thing,” which includes @Aarater and @bulldog_NJ (think @RoxyPoxyGirl) is to draw more atten-shun to the chaos of the RHONJ.  Clearly, Bravo has oversight of the Housewives BravoBlogs, their tweets, and other social media.  Is it any wonder that so many are BOOOOORED with these people?

It’s pretty obvious that JoeyMarcoGorga is copying DiCaprio with all the fancy hat switchin’

kassir jax

The first runway show of its kind, a showcase for the plastic surgery of plastic surgeon Dr. Ramtin Kassir, premiered with celebrities including Danielle Staub and BubbaJax of Bravo’s Real Housewives of New Jersey to unveil their latest “work.”

BubbaJax now has some competition!  @BrandiGlanville is in the running for MasterTweeter!    OH… and according to Brandi BLEEEEECH! Glanville’s tweets, she continues her lovefest with YolandaFoster and LisaVanderpump is enemy #1.  Ridiculous… just more junk put out for the purpose of drawing attention to the RHOBH before their season premieres.  Just BOOOOORING…and so predictable.

One of our fave Housewives, Adrienne Magoof, has a brand new boyfriend.  Yes, Adrienne and Rod’s kid have called it quits.  OH, the news like who didn’t see that coming that those two are no longer an item is just heartbreaking!  BUT… Adrienne’s NEW boyfriend is Andy Hnilo, a model and “actor”!!!  A VERY BAD ACTOR… wonder if he’s used any of these lines on Magoof…a bit hard to watch the entire way through…

Tree Joodice attended the “Just Dance with Boy Meets Girl” fashion show at STYLE360 at the Metropolitan Pavilion last night with Gia and Milania…  Tree don’t take that little Appolonia… oops, Gabriella… anywhere!  We all know that these **cough, cough**  “stars” don’t go nowhere unless they are compensated in some way… did Tree get her preferred method of payment CASH or maybe some dance clothes for Gia?

DANIELLE STAUB: Danielle On WWHL… Wants BubbaJax To “Put Down The Wine”…

On last night’s WWHL

DANIELLE STAUB: Danielle “Feels Bad For Teresa And Joe”…

On last night’s WWHL


DANIELLE STAUB: Danielle On WWHL Tonight… Who Said What To Whom… Danielle’s Tweets

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Will Danielle provide any insight into the goings-on between the RHONJ on tonight’s WWHL? OR… will Danielle only give MissAndy the info necessary to keep viewers interested in the plummeting interest of the NJ subhumans? We all thought that Danielle … Continue reading


DANIELLE STAUB: Back On The RHONJ And WWHL September 8… DonCaro’s Tear-Filled Reunion Show Scene… Will Danny Pro “Da Manzos Are Punks!” Be Back?

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Yes, it is true… as mentioned on SH two days ago, Danielle has returned to the Real Housewives of New Jersey. Danielle will be on WWHL to chat with MissAndy after the RHONJ episode airs earlier the evening of September … Continue reading


TAKIN’ A SH DETOUR!!… A Long OverDue Detour!!

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 NOTE:  We’re takin’ a detour… a detour away from those moronic Housewives!  A detour which has been long overdue!  Let’s visit those Wal-Mart people!!  BUT, before visiting… Personnel  Manager:  “What is your greatest weakness?” Old  Man:  “Honesty.” Personnel Manager:  “I … Continue reading


DANIELLE STAUB: Danielle Back on RHONJ… Chatting With MissAndy On WWHL

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Danielle Staub to be the first guest on “WatchWhatHappensLive” when MissAndy returns from vacation September 8… … which means that Danielle will be chatting it up with MissAndy about the RHONJ episode aired earlier that evening! Not surprised.  Danielle met … Continue reading


SH “HIT AND RUN”: Joanna Krupa… Camille Grammer… Danielle Staub… Sonja Morgan… Adriana de MouraMarc… JohnnyTheGreek… Lisa Vanderpump… Oprah… Gold Rush… JAY MOHR Reunion Host!!

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Camille Grammer and boyfriend, Dimitri on Greek Vay-cay Sonja Morgan’s August Newsletter… poppin’ outta her burlesque costume! RHONJ JohnnyTheGreek Wants To Add Extra Charges to BeautyShopBrawl Miami’s Adriana Marc does PETA ad… just like PierogiePrincess JoannaKrupa did last year! If … Continue reading


TERESA GIUDICE: Tree’s “What A Crock” BravoBlog… Don’t Look At The Past!…Tree’s Blog Filled With PR Moves…

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Bravo… Another ghostwritten BravoBlog! Thank you all so much for your support this week. I appreciate it more than you will ever know. xx I loved seeing my girls get to play with their cousins this episode. I love them … Continue reading