IF IT’S TUESDAY, IT MUST BE TERESA… Joodice Beach House Auction May 19

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From NYDailyNews: The canal-front beach house on the Jersey Shore owned by Teresa and Joe Giudice will be auctioned May 19 by the Ocean County Sheriff’s office. Bidding for the five-bedroom, two-bath home will start at $100 and increase in … Continue reading


Another Housewife Who Just Won’t Go Away!

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How does a minor Housewife whose main goal is to be an actress get herself back into the spotlight to make sure that she’s not overlooked IF her franchise comes back for another season? The Housewife makes an announcement! An … Continue reading




guess SONJA

Bank Forecloses On Giudice Indian Lane House

Joe Giudice re-listed his marble mausoleum for $2.99 million with a new real estate agent on Wednesday…that same day Community Bank of Bergen County filed a notice of foreclosure on the Indian Lane house.  Their vacation home in Manahawkin and their rental in Lincoln Park are in pre-foreclosure.  Tree just might have to live above the pizza shop!!

NOTE:  As explained here, the Joodice house has zero equity.  The Joodices owe CommunityBank $1.7 million; there are additional liens on the property.

(Thanks “Lisa”!!)


FELONTeresa’s “Haters” … Those Who Believe TwitterGate!

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A bit of pot/kettle humor!   “Not the brightest”??  Tree got herself 1 ‘MILLIONS’ followers!!    Apparently, the “haters” are those who believe the alleged item from the deep font of FELONFeldman’s experiences with FELONTeresa!   The latest in FELONFeldman’s … Continue reading

MessyG “Starring” At “LasVegas-Style” Club… In Connecticut!

MessyG got herself a brand new bag gig and she’s putting out the word a month in advance!!  In addition to selling her junky jewelry on HSN, Messy will appear at a LasVegas-style nightclub in Connecticut!!

melissa tweet melissa tweet

NOTE:  If MessyG had 1/1000000 of the talent found under JamesBrown’s fingernails, she actually could play… COWBELL!

(Thanks “anon”!!!)



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JuicyJoe and Tree Giudice have re-listed their $2.99 million, 10,000-square-foot mini-mansion located in Montville NJ.  The Joodice’s are desperate to downsize their family’s lavish lifestyle since they still owe $214,588 of court ordered restitution and are keeping the asking price to … Continue reading


The MessyG/ChineseBubbaJax “Mystery Source” Weak Link

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These chicks will do ANYTHING to stay relevant in the hopes of keeping their jobs.  According to ANOTHER “insider” mystery source item, MessyG is forging a friendship with ChineseBubbaJax.  Depending on which way the casting for the RHONJ goes, MessyG has … Continue reading


A look at Tree’s four beautiful doorters from 2012!!  “My four beautiful doorters are business women…they play with real money, not Monopoly money!”

In 2011, Juicy says Tree needs to focus on her four beautiful doorters and him…after Tree says that she knows how BradPitt and AngelinaJolie feel!


JUICYJOE: HIs Astonishingly Reckless Driving Record… “I would drive anyway even if I didn’t have a [expletive] license.”

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By the numbers, JoeGiudice was ticketed: Eight times for speeding. Five times each for driving a vehicle with a suspended license, for failing to observe a traffic control device, for unsafe operation of a vehicle and for improper passing or … Continue reading


TREE JOODICE: Sending Hate Mail To Brother JoeyOrgan From Danbury!

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Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in… … back into TreeJoodice’s BS, a day before “If It’s Tuesday, It Must Be Teresa”! A source close to The Real Housewives of New Jersey star tells ROL that … Continue reading



“ROMO” will receive the first copy of MissyG’s next book!  FinePrint:  Missy ran out of money for a ghostwriter.  Missy is still looking up words to use in the first sentence of her book.  Projected release date for MissyG’s book is August, 2028.

SH WITTY WEEKEND II: Caption This… Captioned!


“HBalls” will receive the actual necklace from MissyG’s HSN jewelry collection worn by MissyG during her Jamaica stay!!  FinePrint:  Upon receipt, the fine piece of jewelry may be extremely tarnished and/or in pieces. 


GUESS THE DRIVER!! Who’s Drivin’ MissJuicy??

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MissJuicy was out and about in Montville wearing his snazzy grey velour track suit. There were lots of photos taken of him, but the most important photo… showing who’s behind the wheel… was not taken!!   Cross JoeyOrgan and his … Continue reading

Is MissyG Taking Over Tree’s Food Business?

Is MissyG trying to fill the vacancy left by Tree by selling food?  Will MissyG’s next step be selling ravioli??

gorga gorga

There are already paid PR people “begging” to buy it!!

gorga tweet ravioli melissa

And others who are suspicious…

gorga ravioli

(Thanks “romo”!!!)


TreeJoodice Rules The Roost From Danbury… 10-Minute Daily Phone Calls And Unlimited Email…Joe Giudice Has New Business!

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The BostonHerald has a very sympathetic item re the state of the Joodices. According to the item, Tree commands the TV viewing at Danbury Prison and has banned the RHONJ from the TV she watches with her fellow inmates… ALL with … Continue reading


FRIEND OF GORGA’S EMPORIO MOTORS UPDATE: Bobby Kahn Brother Arrested, Held On $1 Million Bail… Bobby Still A Fugitive

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From CliffviewPilot: The brother of fugitive Afzal “Bobby” Khan, a former Ramsey luxury car dealer wanted by federal authorities for defrauding dozens of customers and lenders, was being held on $1 million bail in the Bergen County jail following his … Continue reading


It’s a win-win situation … JoeyOrgan “Drivin’ Miss Juicy”!!

GORGA CAPTIONED driving miss Juicy!



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These are a few comments from E!Online.  No one wants to see the “I’m a single dad until I get locked up” show!! Any network that would give this low life criminal a show will lose me as a viewer. … Continue reading

Who Is The Other HW Who Turned Down Diving With The Stars?

From January 2013:

MissyG tweeted that she turned down “DangerDivingWithTheStars”… saying she was too skeered!  BigGayGreggy was there to tell her she shouldn’t be sayin’ that!

melissa diving tweet


NOTE:  If offered any “reality” competition show now, Missy would dive for it!!


JuicyJoe Desperate… Now Considering “Reality” Show

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E! News has exclusive details on Joe Giudice’s proposed reality TV plans while his wife, Teresa Giudice, serves a 15-month prison sentence. Joe, who along with daughters Gia, Milania, Gabriella and Audriana, appeared alongside Teresa on The Real Housewives of … Continue reading


JOE GIUDICE GETS MAXIMUM FOR DL FRAUD… Judge Says Juicy Just “Doesn’t Get It”

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Superior Court Judge Adam Jacobs gave JuicyJoeGiudice the maximum in his DL fraud case: A suspension of his license for two years and a $10,000 fine. Judge Jacobs based his decision on Giudice’s “general disrespect for the law,” after reviewing Joodice’s … Continue reading


JUICY JOE’S SENTENCE FOR DL FRAUD TODAY… ONLY $75,000 Paid For Tree’s Prison Photo

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JuicyJoe is back in court today to face sentencing on fraud charges. JuicyJ was charged in Passaic County that he used his brother’s identity to obtain a driver’s license, presenting his marriage and birth certificates. TreeJoodice is already serving 15 months in federal … Continue reading