Laurita Signature Apparel Trial April 21, 2015

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  Judge Grossman has written a 32-page opinion letter; the following is a summary of the 32 pages.  ChrisLaurita is scheduled for trial in his SignatureApparel lawsuit on April 21.  If you need to catch up on this case, please … Continue reading


TreeJoodice Making Enemies In Danbury… What A Shock!!

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Those “mystery sources” keep churning out the very obvious PRISON stories about TreeJoodice.  This time, Tree is the target of the other incarcerated inmates at Danbury!!  This is in direct contradiction to Tree’s newest legal mouthpiece, James Leonard’s statement that … Continue reading

SH EXCLUSIVE! KingD Rushed To ER After Nightmare!

KingD dreamt that Loada got every one of his beloved Grammys in a divorce settlement!  

Downgraded and financially devastated, KingD was forced to work with “vocalists” Missy and Wretched!!   A NIGHTMARE!!

RHOBH RHONJ RHOC Wretched Melissa David Foster pg

Ramoaner Goes To Sex Show…”Runs Into” NJ Twins!

Ramoaner takes her daughter to a sex tips show… Mother/Daughter time!!

rhony ramona

Ramoaner gets involved with the show…

rhony ramona

Look who Ramoaner just happened to run into… it’s the NJ twins!

RHONY RHONJ ramona twins

(Thanks “Arianna”!!)


IF IT’S TUESDAY, IT MUST BE TERESA! No One’s Home When Tree Calls!!

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Teresa Giudice has reportedly been feeling disconnected from her husband Joe and her four beautiful dooters. When Tree calls, her fambly “can’t always pick up,” according to “a source”, which has reportedly led to Tree feeling the reality of the separation that … Continue reading



“romo” will receive the honor of babysitting Juicy’s four beautiful dooters while he’s at work!!  FInePrint:  Winner will be limited to saying, “Don’t do that” when disciplining those four beautiful dooters.


SISTER WIVES: Finale Includes Divorce…

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NOTE:  The first image which appeared when doing a search at SH for a SisterWives media item to include!!   Perhaps Missy and her sisters could be SisterWives!?!?  But, which HouseHusband would play the part of KavemanKody?? On tonight’s finale … Continue reading


WHATEVER WEDNESDAY! Whatever Happened To Tree and JuicyJoe Pushin’ Their Teeth Whitening Scheme?

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WHATEVER HAPPENED TO JUICY JOE’S ENDORSEMENT OF A DENTAL PRODUCT?  NOTE:  Let’s take a look back at what the Joodices were tryin’ to push almost three years ago… SH April 11, 2012!    Who could forget JuicyJoe bein’ trained to … Continue reading


IF IT’S TUESDAY, IT MUST BE TERESA!! The Money Was All Smoke And Mirrors!! Juicy Needs Money!!

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What have Tree’s PR people come up with this week to keep her name relevant?? According to those mystery sources at ROL:  Joe Giudice is looking for money because the family’s finances are not exactly recovering. Teresa isn’t even adding … Continue reading

BLIND ITEM! Who’s The Sneaky Housewife?

This EX-Housewife is attempting to secure her position back on a Housewives franchise which is presently on hiatus.  

This EX-Housewife’s spinoff show is on shaky ground, despite the PR items stating otherwise… and she wants to keep a permanent seat on that easy “reality” show money train! 

How exactly is this EX-Wife trying to weasel back on to the show where she was once a full-timer?  

The EX-Housewife is issuing to her rabid fans images of her cooking skills!  Even asking on one photo:  

“Wanna SANGWICH?”  

The question is a clear message to the rabid fans of the Housewife she wishes to boot off the show and replace.

1)  Who’s the Housewife?

2)  Which Housewife is she trying to replace?

(Thanks “GetOut”!!!)




“OriginalCyn” will receive a chance to review galleys of KomaKathy’s upcoming cookbook to assist KomaKathy in choosing the title for her cookbook!!  

The titles so far: “But RancidRichie Loves My Raw Biscuits!” or “BISCUITS! Bake ‘Em, Stuff ‘Em, Fry ‘Em or Boil ‘Em” or  “KomaKathy’s Komplete Guide To Konkoring Your Fear Of Biscuits!” or  “A Tale of Love And Redemption After Makin’ A Total Ass Outta Myself By Pretending To Know How To Cook On National TV” or “Blindsided By A Biscuit!” or “100 Ways To Use A Biscuit” (ghostwritten by BigGayRosie).

FinePrint:  For your own protection, wearing a ghillie suit is suggested to prevent AlQuedaRancidRichie from being attracted you…he really believes he’s irresistible!

wakile rich pg


BLIND ITEM: Who’s The Cheating NJ HouseHusband?

From CDAN:

He would never leave her because he likes the fame too much…

…but this husband of a NJ Housewife is having sex almost daily with a woman he met at the gym.

The woman is starting to talk to more and more people about it.

(Thanks “chameleon”!!)

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WHATEVER WEDNESDAY… Whatever Happened To “Sexy” MelissaGorga Posing For Record Covers?



KomaKathy Makes Crap On FoodNetwork … Chopped In First Round

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KomaKathy kan’t kook. KomaKathy was given an easy basket: refrigerated biscuit dough, endive, smoked mozzarella and turkey terrine. KomaKathy made a turkey terrine wrapped in raw biscuit dough over an endive “salad” with raw sage.  Needless to say, KomaKathy got … Continue reading


KARMA’S A B*TCH…CLINK, CLINK UPDATE: Teresa Says Not True… “Disgruntled Worker”!

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From TMZ:  “Real Housewives of New Jersey” star Teresa Aprea has been slapped with a huge laundry bill — her employees claim she shorted their checks and made ‘em pay to clean their own uniforms. According to court docs … … Continue reading



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BYE!! I’M GOIN’ TO DANBURY… I KNOW YOU’RE ALL JEALOUS! The latest in the “TreeJoodice in Jail” saga is that Juicy visited her on Valentine’s Day.  Tree and Juicy could only kiss quickly and could not exchange gifts of any … Continue reading

KomaKathy Is STILL Riding The “I’m A Real Chef” Story Line On FoodNetwork!!


KomaKathy will be showing off her recipe memorization skills on FoodNetwork’s “Chopped” tonight…

“Reality stars Renee Graziano (Mob Wives), Travis Lofland (Deadliest Catch), Amy Roloff (Little People, Big World) and Kathy Wakile (Real Housewives of New Jersey) are ready for battle in the Chopped Kitchen.

They’ll have to tackle biscuit dough, vegetable cream cheese and cherry pie filling if they’re going to take home $10,000 for their favorite charity.”

NOTE:  Will KomaKathy’s favorite charity be “The Wakile Fund To Finish Our FranklinLakes House”??  Don’t matter anyway… it’s doubtful that she’ll get past the appetizer round!


SH “HIT AND RUN” All The HWs Items We Don’t Care About!! Did VinceVanP Get Boot From 12-Year Spokesman Job Because Wife Signed On To RHOBH??

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We give these items 99038646535354 Kens… Camber’s big “acting” role was a non-Union bit part on Restaurant Stakeout.  As a non-Union part, she receives a small payment and no residuals. HouseHusbandKen pushin’ PumpMyStomach’s VODKA… KingD is crying!!  Looks like he … Continue reading


WHO’S THE HOUSEWIFE?? It’s EyeD… Who Has Bad Taste In Footwear!!





THIS COULD NOT WAIT UNTIL TERESA TUESDAY! TheBiggest BS Story About TeresaGiudice! Tree’s Exercising THREE Times A Day… And Looks TEN Years Younger!

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Seriously… who is feeding these really laughable PR items about Teresa to media outlets?? Although the Real Housewives of New Jersey star remains imprisoned at Danbury Correctional Facility, the reality star has found a routine that works for her. A … Continue reading

BLIND ITEM: Who’s The Scammin’ Housewife?

From CDAN:

This Real Housewife is running a scam which involves getting old people to leave her everything they own.  

She has them leave the property to a friend of hers who then gives it to the Real Housewife.

Four people so far.

NOTE:  The scammin’ Housewife would have to know legalities and will preparation to accomplish this scam…

(Thanks “chameleon”!!!)


SH “HIT AND RUN” … HOUSEWIVES EDITION! DrunkOtis Out? NayNay “Modeling”? Snooki NOT A RHONJ! Loada Too Tired For Reunion? Countless New Record? MissAndy Q&A “BuyMyBook”! And MORE!!!

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What could be more apropos on Friday the 13th than Housewives items!! DrunkOtis “hints” at leaving the RHOBH.  Don’t get excited… it’s just one of those mystery source PR items!  OR, maybe DrunkO is making tons of $$$$ from selling … Continue reading

WHATEVER WEDNESDAY! Whatever Happened To MelissaGorga’s “Singing” Career?

justin timberlake melissa who

We took a brief respite from asking “Whatever Happened To Melissa Gorga’s Fabulous Singing Career”… but, the question STILL haunts us.  How could Missy, who has a burning desire to share with the entire world her life’s passion… the passion which has been on display since her daddy perched her on a coffee table and made her perform… SUDDENLY and with NO warning, not even warning her rabid fans, just STOP lip synching singing???   Missy says that her fans have stuck with her and she wants to continue to stick with her fans in the talking segment of this not-even-lip-synching “performance” at “Red, Hot And Blue 2013″!  Did JohnnyWright drop Missy from his big-star stable of vocalists??  Did Missy fail to pay her backup dancers? Did JoeyOrgan decide to spend the last few dollars the Gorgas had on black hairspray paint instead of repairing the beaver-gnawed basement recording studio??  We wanna know!!!


IF IT’S STILL TUESDAY… IT’S STILL TERESA IN DANBURY!! Tree Out Of Laundry… Into The Kitchen! Too Many Letters; Can’t Answer!

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Teresa Giudice has settled in to a comfortable routine inside Danbury Federal Prison, staying busy with a packed schedule of working in the clink kitchen and joining a TV watching club with fellow inmates, a source tells Confidenti@l. I’LL VISIT … Continue reading