Reaction To FelonTeresa’s Sentence… Sobbing, No Tears!

Those brilliant sound effects people at Bravo threw in some major sobbing for ChineseBubbaJax!  Watch as she breaks down after hearing that Teresa will be spending time in the clink… but, no tears!!

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KomaKathy Says To Teresa … “Write My Blurb”!!

As if the RHONJ could not get any more boring than this season… along comes the deleted scenes!  KomaKathy is pissed that Teresa’s having problems writing a blurb for her dessert tome!


RHONJ Deleted Scene… Housewives Go Stripping

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Thank you, Jesus; sign of the cross; kisses to the sky!  The required Housewives-take-stripping-lessons-scene was deleted from this season of the RHONJ.  Besides, how could these NJ chicks top Danielle and KimG stripping?  Besides, who are the brainiacs at Bravo … Continue reading


TwinTeresa Apologies To FelonTeresa

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TwinTa-ress-ah goes all humble and issues the following syrupy sweet apology via her favorite media outlet InTouchWeekly… I feel it is necessary to address the nasty comment which I directed towards Teresa G. First and foremost, I know how important … Continue reading

JimMarchese Makes Ladybug Allegation…

Marchese makes allegation about SaintZina’s “charity”…

marchese zina

Marchese is getting ripped for making this statement on twitter.  What reason would he have to lie about this?  We all know the SaintZina’s “charity” is supported 100% by donations.  However, SaintZina uses almost 50% of those donations on her expenses for her “charity”… including paying for her website.


After Sentencing SitDown With Giudices And MissAndy… The Lost Footage

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Teresa has learned a new word:  malicious.  She’s been throwing that word around in every interview she’s done!  ‘Cause even though she may now admit just a little bit that she may have done something to land herself in a … Continue reading


After Sentencing SitDown With The Giudices And MissAndy… The Lost Footage Part II

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What will Teresa teach her four beautiful daughters from her bankruptcy fraud experience?  Teresa will tell them to READ and understand contracts before putting their JohnHancock on the bottom line.  Once again, Teresa shifts the blame to her being dumb … Continue reading


Lil Gia’s Latest Look… No Dance Competition This Time!

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The last time lil Gia’s girl group was blasted for their makeup and costumes, their rabid fans and their paid PR people blasted back saying that their look was VERY acceptable for 13-year-olds because they were dressed for a dance competition… … Continue reading

SH WITTY WEEKEND!! Caption This…

caption amber

The best caption will receive a copy of LawuitJim’s $1.8 million award for weasely whistleblowing on his own cancer drug.  FinePrint: Not responsible for any threats, lawsuits or harassment you may encounter from LawsuitJim!

FIRST LOOK AT RHONJ REUNION SHOW: TeresaGiudice Walks Off… Says It’s Her Last Reunion Show

The HouseHusbands even have to muck up the reunion shows… what, no BigGayRosie?  Lovely Bride of Frankenstein hair on SaintZina!  Melissa calls out SaintZina on her “family” values…

Will VictoriaGotti crash the reunion show waving the “truthful” results from her polygraph test??



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These are just some highlights gleaned from a 311-page document from the Signature Apparel bankruptcy lawsuit in which CrookedChris and ChineseBubbaJax are named: Under Bankruptcy Court supervision, Christopher Laurita never would have been permitted to abscond with Signature’s proprietary and … Continue reading


TeresaGiudice Using Ghostwriter? Another “Mystery Source” Item! Watch FEBUS And FEBUS Jr Go After Teresa…

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There is an item re Teresa Giudice from an unnamed “insider” … it’s another bombshell from a “mystery source”! This particular **cough, cough** explosive  item uncovers TreeJoodice’s use of … get ready for it, ’cause it’s **SHOCKING** … A GHOSTWRITER!!! It’s been … Continue reading

RHONJ First Look: Teresa/Melissa’s Fake Friendship; SaintZina’s “Charity”

Teresa goes to court… and her PrisonPrepper’s face is blurred out!!  The newly-kind-to-Teresa-Melissa pays a morning visit to the Giudice house, bringing coffee and kids.  The kids are told to “stick by each other no matter what”… totally disingenuous coming from these two!   SaintZina starts arrangements for her “charity”…


RHONJ First Look II: SaintZina’s “Charity”; Camber Cuts Her Hair; More Tears For FelonTeresa

More chit-chat about SaintZina’s “charity”… Camber cuts her hair…and more sobbing over FelonTeresa’s sentence:

RHONJ Finale Preview: Twins Tell TeresaG To Stop Gossiping… And Call Her Stoopid!!

Thank you, Jesus; sign of the cross; kisses to the sky!!!  The RHONJ is finally over!!  SaintZina’s reason for returning to the RHONJ gets some attention… instead of the PoscheFashionShow, the finale brawl takes place at a booooooring Ladybug event where the twins confront Teresa about her gossiping and call her stoopid!!!    KomaKathy and MelissaGorga make their useless cameo appearances…


Camber’s BravoBlog: Hey, If You Don’t Like Her Cancer Story… You’re IGNORANT!!

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NOTE:   ANOTHER HOUSEWIFE WHO IS SAVING LIVES!!   Camber wanted everyone to know why she emphasizes her cancer story line.  That explanation could take one paragraph.  However, Camber thinks she’s Edith Wharton and John Grisham combined and she must … Continue reading


TeresaGiudice Making Videos For Kids To Watch While In Prison… Watch As FEBUS Makes Prediction

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The “Real Housewives of New Jersey” star, who is set to serve 15 months in prison for fraud, has reportedly been working on videos for her four daughters — Gia, 13, Gabriella, 10, Milania, 8, and Audriana, 5. “She wants … Continue reading

JoeGiudice Whacks Courthouse Cameraman


GO BACK THROWBACK THURSDAY… MelissaGorga In A Fat Suit! Scares The Crap Outta Her Kids…

From October 2011:  FAT SUIT MELISSA!

Teresa And Joe Giudice Walk Into Court … Opinions Overflow!

RHONJ Preview:  Everyone has an opinion re the Giudices… RancidRichie and KomaKathy look especially sympathetic!  Noticeably absent from commenting on the Giudices are ChineseBubbaJax and CrookedChris…