Ghost Tweeting By FELONTeresa!!

ANOTHER totally delusional ghost tweet from FELONTeresa!!  By “success” FELONTeresa must mean her successful 15-month prison sentence!!

Being that FELONTeresa is quoting from “IAmPoopsie” says it all…

teresa tweet

(Thanks “BR/anon”!!)

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Conflict Between Giudices Over Gia Video…

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Gia, 13, recently shot the video covering Britney Spears‘ song “Circus” with her all-girl band, 3KT, which also includes Alex Maetta, 16, and Cristianna Cardinale, 14.  The band was cobbled together in a rush over the summer, when the other … Continue reading

GO BACK THROWBACK THURSDAY: RHONJ Reunion…Stripper ChineseBubbaJax … Go Scratch!

Not once during this exchange about where she and CrookedChris met, does ChineseBubbaJax ever deny that she was a GlitterGulch stripper in LasVegas!

RHONJ Reunion: Bringing Families Together

So full of hypocrisy… don’t know where to start!


LAURITA GOT $2,335,000 For “Walking Around The Office”

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  This first paragraph summarizes the gist of the SignatureApparel lawsuit: In sum, a debtor does not have the discretion to waive the automatic stay, particularly at the demands of its creditors and any “acquiescence” to a creditor’s demands to … Continue reading

The First Ebola Housewife!

You just KNEW it was coming!  A Housewife getting Ebola!  ChineseBubbaJax had to be the first… she will be miraculously “cured” by drinking that black liquid!

jax tweet

NOTE:  When will we EVER see that kid of hers grabbing a bottle of black stuff?

jax tweet


SIGNATURE APPAREL UPDATE: Motion Puts The Brakes On Joseph Laurita $1 Million Settlement

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Iconix Brands has filed a motion basically saying “hold on there”!!  Why is Joseph Laurita getting out of this SignatureApparel mess with just a $1 million settlement??   NOTE:  This $1 million settlement was mistakenly said by other sites was a … Continue reading


Please Shut Up, FELONFeldman!!!

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THIS is what FELONFeldman … who just cannot quit talking about her most famous client… had to say about FELONTeresa via LifeAndStyle.  Describing it as a “violent brawl” is misleading: Just four days before Joe and Teresa Giudice were given … Continue reading

Miss Andy Cries For Teresa At RHONJ Reunion Show… Will MissAndy Visit FELONTeresa In Prison?

MissAndy says that he cried while saying his good-byes to his money maker Teresa at the RHONJ reunion show.  MissAndy will go to Danbury only IF there are cameras allowed in the prison (which he knows they’re not permitted!) Teresa asks him…

Please visit Bravo if you’re interested in MissAndy playing the HalloweenGame…


Will Bravo Pay Extra To Film TeresaGiudice’s Last Hours? HeatherDull-BRO Is Right! FELONFeldman Still Hanging Onto Teresa

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Teresa Giudice only has a couple more months with her family before she has to surrender to serve her 15-month prison sentence — and Bravo may be there to catch it all on film. In the new issue of Us … Continue reading


WHATEVER WEDNESDAY: Whatever Happened To ChineseBubbaJax’ “Miracle Skin Care Line”?

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Back in 2012, ChineseBubbaJax was whining that every little pore on her face could now be seen on HD TV, so she developed a skin cream!  Whatever happened to that?? ChineseBubbaJax was pushing her skin cream in her BravoBlog… but, … Continue reading



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These are just some highlights gleaned from the most recent 311-page document from the Signature Apparel bankruptcy lawsuit in which CrookedChris and ChineseBubbaJax are named: Under Bankruptcy Court supervision, Christopher Laurita never would have been permitted to abscond with Signature’s … Continue reading

CAPTION THIS! ChineseBubbaJax Is The Most Relatable Housewife…

caption jax

The best caption will receive a copy of ChineseBubbaJax’ new cookbook.  FinePrint:  ChineseBubbaJax’ cookbook consists of recipes stolen from Teresa’s upcoming cookbook, “The Art of Prison Cakes… Making Do With a JuiceBox And A HoHo”!


Son Shoots Father To Delay Prison! Don’t Give TeresaGiudice Any Ideas!!

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Teresa Giudice is trying her very best to hide from her own reality and is just now realizing that her reality will be inside a dank, dark institution.  As much as she tries to put on a “my life is normal … Continue reading

SaintZina Spills It On Her Feud With FEBUS And BubbaJax

It’s obvious that SaintZina doesn’t really care about her brother’s wife!  It’s obvious that SaintZina is still boooooring…





SaintZina Says Teresa Is Taking Her Situation “Seriously”

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SaintZina was on WWHL…where she was asked about her BFF, Teresa Giudice.  It’s very telling that SaintZina says that FelonJoodice is spending every second with her daughters… no mention of JuicyJoe!  And, that FelonJoodice is just NOW taking her upcoming sojourn … Continue reading

Camber’s Very Bad Acting … With TEARS!

Camber using the RHONJ as a jumping-off point for her “acting” career is a huge fail.  Watch as Camber’s fellow Housewives laugh at her phony tears…

Being a Housewife did wonders for Heather Dull-BRO’s acting career!

heatherD pg


THE CRAZY TRAIN IN BUBBA JAX HEAD Has Left The Station! SaintZina Tells BubbaJax To BUTT OUT! Jax Says She’s “Relatable”…

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  ChineseBubbaJax has been her usual busy self on twitter. It is SOP for the Housewives to drum up as much chaos as possible, as the chaos-creating incites more interest in watching the Housewives shows… presumably! The chaos-creating intensifies about six … Continue reading