RHOBH Reunion Preview: HouseHusband, PhonyPrince, Loada’s LymeFace…And MORE!

RHOBH Reunion Preview: “Professional Pride”… HumongousLipsLisa Made A Million For Depends Ad

Seriously???  Does MissAndy have so little material about these moronic Housewives that he has to resort to extremely obvious set up questions?  MissAndy’s attempt at embarrassing Kimmer didn’t seem to work.   HumoungousLipsLisa claims she was paid over a $1 million for a Depends commercial:

NOTE:  Interesting that HFKyle keeps her mouth shut when DangerDivingWithTheStars is mentioned.

MORE RHOBH “What Are They Doing Now” From Ronnie!!

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NOTE:  If you’re wondering WHY DrunkOtis is “still a triangle ho”… please hop over to Ronnie’s place and read his RHOBH recap at TrashTalkTV!


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RHOBH … What They’re Doing After The Finale

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RHOBH PRE-REUNION PREVIEWS: Which EX-Wives To Come Back? Trading Places With Which Franchise?

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Which EX-Wives would the present RHOBH like to return?  No mention of CarltonTheDoorman or Joyce… or Scammin’PamDana OR Adrienne!  AND… with which HWs from other franchises are these HWs friends? With which franchise would the RHOBH trade places? Of course, … Continue reading

RHOBH Finale Preview Part II: HFKyle Shows Off Her Store… Hamlet Impostor Crashes!

The amazing Loada has forgone her “stick an IV in me” selfies to attend the book launch. No HouseHusbands, so MO-ritz-eo’s mother brings a Danish “prince”.  Camille crashes… no one cares if twitter blockers Eileen or HumongousLipsLisa show up. BOOOOORING! 

RHOBH Reunion Preview…

If these are the highlights from THREE episodes… the RHOBH reunion shows are sure to be another dragged out typical reunion!!

MissAndy brings up Diving With The Stars to Kim ONLY???

kyle diving arrow



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KimR breaks her twitter silence to wish her beautiful sister… who is ALWAYS there for her… a HappyBirthday! Tamballs’ son Ryan didn’t last long in Northern California. It appears he and his new family are moving to OC… MissAndy gets a … Continue reading


How Many Days Until Puffy-Faced “Model” Daughter Re-Appears?

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You know that your day was not complete without an item popping up somewhere about that puffy-faced “model” daughter of Loada! It seems that a great steel wall has shut down the puffy-faced “model’s” PR machine.  Not one word or … Continue reading


Puffy-Face “Model” Denies Imbibing In Cocaine… “HouseholdName” Says She’s “Role Model”!

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This would certainly blow Alana’s deluded self-image of herself as a “household name” and a “role model” for teens!   And… all the work her Mommy put into Alana’s perfect model ‘character’!! How will Loada spin this one?? In a … Continue reading

RHOBH Booooring In Holland …

Who wants to watch anyone shop…for knick knacks?  BOOOOORING.  While shopping, all the chit-chat surrounds DrunkO… who just happened to “find” her phony boyfriend in the red light district.  He was riding a scooter when he stopped to talk with PumpMyStomach.  He’s a school friend of PMS’s son.  ****EYE ROLL****

The “slap” was a totally fake stunt slap.  PMS turned her face as DrunkO reached for her.  Had it been a REAL slap, based on the sound effect made, PMS’s face would have a red hand mark.

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RHOBH Boring In Holland Continues… DrunkOtis Gets Lectured By Mom

PumpMyStomach calls Ken for an update on DrunkOtis.  DrunkO gets another lecture from the Dutch mom…


SH “HIT AND RUN”… Weekend Edition!

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MissyGorga is really pushing her stuff!   Someone is begging Missy to “write” another book!   And, not to be outdone by any dog-loving Housewife, Missy got herself one! Promise for a brighter day coming our way #SpringTime #HopefulAndDetermined #LymeDiseaseChallenge … Continue reading


WATCH DrunkOtis Have Her Momentous Meltdown… Loada Co-Stars!

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FINALLY… the required spa scene!! In this upcoming dramatic scene, DrunkOtis goes to some crappy spa and has a mental meltdown. Loada co-stars, playing the part of the concerned “friend” who counsels DrunkO… for free!! Loada claims that she wouldn’t … Continue reading

“Horrors In Holland” Continues… With “The LoveFest On The LoveBoat”!

Particularly sickening is Loada commanding the sisters to hug… 

RHOBH Preview… Featuring AdrienneMaloof!



RHOBH Filming In Holland…


Watch as the RHOBH are filmed being filmed for the RHOBH.  Walking around in wooden shoes?  How touristy.  Worse than that, is Lisa BLEEEECH! PumpMyStomach’s choice of footwear.

AND… outside of their hotel.  Poor BalloonLipsLisa… she’s just not as fan-friendly as EyeD!  Of course, bleeeeeeeech! PMS just blows off everyone.  Kim promises that she’ll be back:

(Thanks “Conor”!!)


Horrors In Holland Continues! Eileen Is A “Homewrecker”

On tonight’s RHOBH:  EyeD gets highly offended when she’s labeled a homewrecker… Loada gets offended by the continuous bickering.  Everyone’s offended by something…  

What is EyeD’s purpose on this show… other than doin’ some soap opera style “acting”??


KingD’s Daughter’s New “Reality” Show On VH1… ‘We never went to rehab, got pregnant or got a DUI!’

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‘We’re not spoofing Housewives, or any franchise. This show is about Hollywood and the desperation to be famous, we’re pulling the curtain back.’ ‘We never went to rehab, got pregnant…  or got a DUI!’ Erin: ‘Our dad is wonderful, he’s … Continue reading


Loada Now Taking LymeFace Selfies For All The Poor People! What A Martyr!

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Loada is NOW changing her LymeFace goal.  Loada now wants to bring awareness and an AFFORDABLE cure for ALL.   Gee, wonder why!?!?! Couldn’t be the fact that Loada’s been called out numerous times on SH for her globe-trotting “stick … Continue reading

RHOBH Preview: Horrors in Holland Continues! DrunkOtis Slaps PumpMyStomach

Know that PumpMyStomach is a trained actress and knows how to take a phony “Hollywood” slap from DrunkOtis… 


SH “HIT AND RUN” All The Tweets… From The Week! Special “Thanks” To LisaVanderpump!

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MissAndy knows the productions schedule and knew the day/time for the coffee shop shoot… he could have taken Sean with him!!  SeanAvery STILL hasn’t married his “fiancee” HilaryRhoda!  Sean was last seen signing autographs at RiteAid! KYLE RICHARDS… TEEN MODEL … Continue reading