Watch As PumpMyStomach Fondles Her Swan!!

Lisa BLEEEEEECH! PumpMyStomach goes full-on wacko as she fondles her pet swan… after doing her usual “oh stop it!!  But, don’t stop adoring me and my pet-rat-which-is-mistaken-by-many-as-a dog”!

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BigLipsLisa Is TOO Fabulous For Medford, Oregon

Geez… why did BaboonBalloonLipsLisa even bother to step foot back in Medford OR?  She’s just too fabulous for such a boondocks town!  BBLL was there to help her mother sell her house… it must have been an ordeal for her.  We find nothing attractive or interesting about this chick.

(Thanks “Sloan”!!!)

RHOBH Preview: Yoda Nags PumpMyStomach

rhobh yoda feet

At the required Housewives get-together… this time taking place at HagfaceKyle’s house… Yoda jumps all over BLEEEEEEECH! PumpMyStomach about not getting an invite to PumpMS’s PalmSprings “star” ceremony.   Maybe if Yoda got her really good friend, DrPhil, to come along with her, maybe PMS would have invited her!!


Kim Gets A DJ…

Deleted scene from tonight’s RHOBH:  The DJ gets interviewed… Kim just wantsta have fun! 

RHOBH Preview: HagfaceKyle Makes Kim Cry Before Daughter’s Wedding!

Kim’s daughter fulfills the required wedding/recommitment ceremony story line on this season’s RHOBH!  MO-ritz-eo feigns stupidity by asking what he should wear to Brooke’s wedding.  During a phone call, HagfaceKyle comforts her sister and tells her not to cry and THEN tells KimR that their mother, BigKathy, AND their dad are watching over!  Cue the tears!!   Lil Milania FrontPorcha is also featured...

rhobh kimr kyle father

kimr kyle kathy rhobh

RHOBH Filming In Holland…

These people are simple morons.  Watch as they are filmed being filmed for the RHOBH.  Walking around in wooden shoes?  How touristy.  Worse than that, is Lisa BLEEEECH! PumpMyStomach’s choice of footwear.

AND… outside of their hotel.  Poor BalloonLipsLisa… she’s just not as fan-friendly as EmmyWinningEileen!  Of course, bleeeeeeeech! PMS just blows off everyone:


(Thanks “Conor”!!)


RHOBH Preview: Yoda SugarCoats Non-Model Daughter’s Arrest… Eileen Davidson Reads Lines

dui drink

Oh, the little lies that Yoda would love for all to believe!  Yoda says in this RHOBH preview that her non-model daughter was just having some summer fun at a beach house where she had ONE glass of wine, which is something that all girls do during the summer.  Unfortunately, for her excellent non-model daughter, she was driving to a gas station where …. this is where it gets all confusing…Yoda says that KingD picked her up at the gas station. HOWEVER, the LAPD says that they arrested her for DUI, underage drinking AND driving with a suspended license after she reportedly ran a stop sign at 4 a.m., and almost hit a police cruiser in the process.  KingD had to bail her out.  Do they have satellite jails at gas stations in LA for quick bailouts??  Hmmmmm….

The yacht conversation between Yoda and KingD was probably re how to sugar coat this incident…

The non-model daughter had much MORE than a glass of wine… she blew a .14 on the breathalyzer.  According to this breathalyzer chart, the non-model daughter imbibed at least FOUR glasses of “wine”:


The non-model daughter was driving under a suspended license; therefore, SOMETHING happened within the last five months for her license to be suspended.  Yoda had to know that her non-model daughter’s run-in was not the first one.


RHOBH Preview II: PMS Goes To PalmSprings… BalloonLipsLisa Packs… KingD Says Jello’s Arrest “Tragic Mistake”!

HagfaceKyle, Morris, her kids and Yoda eat dinner.  Lisa BLEEEEEECH!! PumpMyStomach does her usual “cutesy” passive/aggressive BS crap.  BalloonLipsLisa is excited to be asked to watch PMS get a star.  KingD calls his non-model step-daughter’s DUI arrest a “tragic mistake”…

NOTE:  KingD hitting Ben Vereen on the PCH at 2 am was a tragic incident.  Bella Jello getting arrested for blowing a .14, underage drinking and driving with a suspended license was NO tragic  mistake.

DrunkOtis Hates Kenyan… What Would DrunkO Be Doing If NOT A Housewife?

After DrunkO calls Kenyan a horrible, horrible person, Sandra Bernhard asks DrunkOtis THE question:  WHY do you put yourself in these circumstances?  

DrunkO’s response was the expected response of a Housewife:  To make money.

NOTE:  Like the majority of her counterparts, DrunkOtis has no education and zero marketable skills to command earnings elsewhere.

brandi ad drunk otis

PumpMyStomach Matches RHOBH With Dogs… Except Yoda And Herself!

PumpMyStomach matches her fellow Housewives with their canine counterparts…except Yoda and herself!



DrunkOtis Says HagfaceKyle Is To Blame For Everything!

DrunkOtis is making the media rounds to garner support for her actions against HagfaceKyle and, most importantly, to gin up some interest for viewers to tune in to the RHOBH!  Interesting that the words “story line” are now freely said re the HWs “reality” shows.  We at SH have been chatting about the obvious story lines on Housewives shows for years, despite the many Housewives who claim that everything on their show is all REAL!  The Housewives’ “reality” is created, planned, scripted and agreed upon with the Housewives long before the cameras start filming…  

NOTE:  WHY does KimRichards need DrunkOtis to defend her against ANYONE, let alone HagfaceKyle? 

MORE About RHOBH Eileen “AshleyAbbott” Davidson…

Ironic that a soap actress is playing a soap actress on a “reality” show which took over the soaps and are blamed for their demise…


YODA’S Imperfect Daughter’s Arrest… Yoda Does NOT Know Her Depressed Non-Model Daughter!

This gallery contains 3 photos.

A trip aboard a yacht with HagfaceKyle turned into a nightmare vacation for Yolanda Foster on last night’s RHOBH when she learned her second “model” daughter had been arrested for a DUI.  All was going swimmingly on the yacht vacation before … Continue reading

Tonight’s RHOBH Sneak Peek II: HagfaceKyle Packs For A Trip

NOTE:   The booooorrrring “packing scene” has been used as filler in every season of every franchise.

Three minutes wasted as you watch HagfaceKyle scurrying around packing for a trip in this required packing scene…while Milania FrontPorcha gets into fake nails and makeup.  HagfaceKyle has no idea that she can actually purchase the perfect beach hat or yacht hat in Spain.   Really… they really do sell beautiful items in Spain!!


The Warped Mind Of A Housewife… BlowfishLisa Wants To Look 12 Years Old!

After BloatedBigLipsLisa bloviates about how great her WEN hair care has been for her, you get a glimpse into the warped mind of a Housewife…. a Housewife who does her best to look and act the part of someone years younger, as they ALL do.  However, after BlowfishLipsLisa mentions how sexy the bottle of makeup looks which HagfaceKyle recommended, she takes her wishful image one step further at the 1:20 mark … she actually says that she’ll do anything to look 12 years old.

GO BACK THROW BACK THURSDAY: GMonty And KimRichards Together At RHOBH Premiere Party!

Four years ago… October 2010!  KimRichards’ escort to the RHOBH premiere party at the Trousdale was her ex-husband, G. Monty Brinson.  Some chick gets all huggy with Monty at the 1:00 mark:

THE REAL REASON WHY YODA WAS UPSET… When Hearing News About Arrested Daughter

Poor YODA!  It wasn’t even a year from the time she uttered these words until her daughter-Jello-who-doesn’t-want-to-be-a-model was arrested for underage drunk driving!  Yoda’s “holier than thou” pride was crushed.  It’s hard to live down these words she spoke to Shana:


RHOBH Preview: YODA Gets Call About Daughter Jello’s DrunkDriving Arrest

This gallery contains 1 photo.

Yoda gets “devastating” news about her other “model” daughter, Jello. Bella Hadid — the daughter of Yolanda Foster — who appears on “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” — was arrested early Tuesday morning for DUI … July 22, 2014. Bella … Continue reading

Thanks, Michael Bolton!

Tonight’s RHOBH: No Bratty Kids Allowed!

The fact that HagfaceKyle is making her kid a story line is contributing to her brattiness… 

However, HagfaceKyle may be overcompensating with FrontPorcha because HagfaceKyle was adopted!!

HagfaceKyleRichards Tells MissAndy “Don’t Talk About Milania” When Talking About Her FrontPorcha!

From November 2012:  HagfaceKyle is caught whispering to MissAndy “Don’t say that” at the :22 mark when he says that FrontPorcha might be the “Milania of Beverly Hills”!  Ironic that FrontPorcha is taking over Milania’s “character” as the BrattyBravo kid…

BigLipsLisa On Her Career… Is She Wearing Depends?

BigLipsLisa says she will do anything… proven by her being a Housewife.  Won’t even remark about her low-level agent:

In her BravoBlog, she explains her justification for her Depends ad …  “And c’mon ladies, don’t tell me you can’t relate… We’ve all peed a little at some point in our lives after sneezing, am I right?”  Did she hear that one from Vicki??

DrunkOtis Tours Her Rental House

DrunkOtis cannot get by without mentioning Eddie… and her constant quest for men has been overdone.  We all know that her true love is Darin.  DrunkOtis’ running after JR was as phony as Shana’s Birkin bag!! 


DrunkOtis blames her Stella addiction on PumpMyStomach…

What BH Housewives Think Of “BigLipsLisa”

These opinions on new Housewife BigLipsLisa were obviously filmed prior to PumpMyStomach’s plastic surgery.  Translation:  blah, blah, blah… blah, blah, blah… big lips… blah, blah, blah

We give this opinion piece 736499374364,33333333 Kens!