RHOBH Reunion: Max Living In Poverty… Preview Of Next Week’s Episode

 Max is probably hangin’ over at Cedrics house until Mommy pays the electric bill.

Preview of next week’s reunion show:


RHOBH REUNION: Whining About The Phony Slap

The reunion shows will consist of arguments about the most ridiculous story lines, producer-induced slaps and stunt-glass shattering.  

DrunkO and PumpMyStomach are chattering about THE phony SLAP!


HFKyle Brushes Off Her MIL AND “Prince”… What Is Going On At The Umanskys? Watch Video!

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HFKyle’s MIL, the very “professional” Stella, has separated from her husband, Eduardo and is now hanging around the self-proclaimed ‘prince.’   There must be some very contentious discussions around the Umansky house, as Eduardo works with MO-ritz-eo and wife Stella … Continue reading

RHOBH Reunion Preview: HouseHusband, PhonyPrince, Loada’s LymeFace…And MORE!

RHOBH Reunion Preview: Sparring Over DrunkOtis’ Fake Dutch Boyfriend… Who Will Get HermesBoy?

These shows have gone totally fiction.  It just so happened that PMS’s son’s BEST friend just so happened to run into PMS whilst in Amsterdam… and just so happened to “date” DrunkO??  Let’s see the text messages and hear the VM’s etc.  This fake story line was just TOO fake.  MissAndy/Bravo are now simply throwing anything at viewers hoping that something sticks.



RHOBH Reunion Preview: “Professional Pride”… HumongousLipsLisa Made A Million For Depends Ad

Seriously???  Does MissAndy have so little material about these moronic Housewives that he has to resort to extremely obvious set up questions?  MissAndy’s attempt at embarrassing Kimmer didn’t seem to work.   HumoungousLipsLisa claims she was paid over a $1 million for a Depends commercial:

NOTE:  Interesting that HFKyle keeps her mouth shut when DangerDivingWithTheStars is mentioned.

GO BACK THROWBACK THURSDAY: It’s The Morally Corrupt FayeResnick!

Morticia On WWHL: Explains KathyH’s Reaction To Sister Discord


WHATEVER WEDNESDAY: Whatever Happened To HFKyle’s New Hair Product “Nourage”??… Are YOU “Underappreciated… Sad…Overworked”? Take One Of Kyle’s Hair Pills And It Will All Go Away!!!

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Our very favorite splits-maker and hair-tossin’ Beverly Hills Housewife, HagfaceKyle Richards, is now the OFFICIAL spokesperson for her hair product, Nourage! Per Nourage, your HAIR tells all!! “Our hair says a lot about who we are. Happy. Sad. Overworked. Underappreciated. And with … Continue reading

Camille KIsses The Frog Prince… Camille Says “Nothing Happened”

The “huh?” moment from the RHOBH finale… strange encounter between RealCamille and the phony prince.

Camille says that nothing happened.  Sorry, Camille… something DID happen and everyone saw!

camille tweet prince

THE BIG FINALE! DrunkOtis Chats With KimRichards… “Who’s On First” OR What The Hell Are They Talking About?

What a let down…

RHOBH Deleted Scene: ED And DrunkOtis Have A Talk…

BoringEileen was only on this season of the RHOBH to get some atten-shun for her Peepin’ HouseHusbandVince and to increase viewership on her soap.  She tries something in this deleted scene with DrunkOtis… but, we’re not sure exactly what:

vince van peepin

DrunkOtis On WWHL: Biggest Regret? Slapping PumpMyStomach

We all know that the “slap” was as real as PumpMyStomach’s faint on DWTS…

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From 2012: RHOBH In Ojai… Shana Does Bare Butt Shot

Whilst searching for another item came across this from 2012.  The moronic RHOBH are doing flips… and Shana does her bare butt shot for MissAndy:

RHOBH Finale Preview: PumpMyStomach Has No Use For DrunkOtis…

PumpMyStomach won’t forgive the phony slap.  DrunkO says that Loada calls/texts her every day!  How is that possible?  Wasn’t Loada spending every moment trying to do massive PR work on her drunk driving “model” daughter?  DrunkOtis’ hair extensions are distracting…


RHOBH PRE-REUNION PREVIEWS: Which EX-Wives To Come Back? Trading Places With Which Franchise?

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Which EX-Wives would the present RHOBH like to return?  No mention of CarltonTheDoorman or Joyce… or Scammin’PamDana OR Adrienne!  AND… with which HWs from other franchises are these HWs friends? With which franchise would the RHOBH trade places? Of course, … Continue reading

RHOBH FINALE PREVIEW: Last Day At Palm Springs; Last Ride On SwingSet

HFKyle and Kim finish up their sister talk.  HFKyle says that their mother told them to never air their dirty laundry in public.  Which is exactly WHY they are both on a “reality” show.  HumongousLipsLisa show what a perfect fambly she has, after revisiting the HorrorsInHolland dinner where she lunged at Kim and broke a stunt glass because Kim mentioned her husband, HARRY HAMLIN.  Do her girls look like HARRY HAMLIN or their mother?  How much plastic surgery will they go for in a few years?

RHOBH Finale Preview Part II: HFKyle Shows Off Her Store… Hamlet Impostor Crashes!

The amazing Loada has forgone her “stick an IV in me” selfies to attend the book launch. No HouseHusbands, so MO-ritz-eo’s mother brings a Danish “prince”.  Camille crashes… no one cares if twitter blockers Eileen or HumongousLipsLisa show up. BOOOOORING! 

RHOBH Reunion Preview…

If these are the highlights from THREE episodes… the RHOBH reunion shows are sure to be another dragged out typical reunion!!

MissAndy brings up Diving With The Stars to Kim ONLY???

kyle diving arrow

From 2013: Danger Diving… With The Stars!!

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GO BACK THROW BACK THURSDAY: “You Stole My House” Explained …

KimRichards With Big Kathy… 2002

EX-Wives On WWHL…

Camille, Adrienne and Shana playing MissAndy’s ridiculous game.  Only mentioned here for Shana’s answer… she would LOVE to get another Bravo contract and, of course, would never want to offend any BH Housewives that could possibly assist her!  Shana chooses the Housewife most like herself…

RHOBH Finale Preview: More Blah, Blah, Blah

All one can hear is BLAH, BLAH, BLAH… KIM!  BLAH, BLAH, BLAH… KIM!  One would conclude that with all the experience HumongousLipsLisa has had with addiction/sobriety and her being personal friends with HagfaceKyle, SHE would have the upper hand in how Kim’s issues should be approached.  Dear HLLisa:  Great acting… and you remember your lines well.  However, CarltonTheDoorman could have done just as well.   

RHOBH “You Stole My House” Part Deux

On tonight’s RHOBH:  Pull out the checks, HFKyle… let’s settle this house thing.