MORE HOUSEWIVES NEWS DrunkOtis’ Kid “Allergic” NayNay DWTS Feud LisaV Tweet AND MORE!

  A source tells E! News: “Brandi’s son did have a bad ALLERGIC reaction to something, obviously bad enough to put him in the hospital, but all is well now.”  NOTE:  “Put him in the hospital”????  An hour in the ER … Continue reading

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A SH “LookBack”! RHOBH Adrienne Maloof New Restaurant…A Magoof Update!!

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From TMZ March 13, 2013..   NOTE:  The story from a year ago was that Adrienne Magoof was to open a new restaurant right close to Lisa VanderPumpMyStomach’s Villa Blanca in Beverly Hills… with Eddie Cibrian! BACK ON MARCH 6, … Continue reading


LISA VANDERPUMP: Don’t Cry For Me, Housewives Fans!

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Lisa Vanderpump…. VINI, VIDI, VICI  Lisa VanderPumpMyStomach has been declared the epitome of the Beverly Hills lifestyle and the BH Housewife whom all adore.  The BH Housewife who, if she departs from her “reality” on the RHOBH, will take down … Continue reading

Inside DrunkOtis’ Closet!

DrunkOtis says she has TWO closets… one for clothes already worn and the other for clothes not worn yet.  DrunkOtis must REALLY be poor, because her second closet is just shoes!

LisaVanderpumpMyStomach Would Rather Fight Mike Tyson Than Go Back To RHOBH!

On last night’s “Hello Ross!“… LisaVanderPumpMyStomachTodd begins her farewell to the RHOBH tour!

Later in the interview, when asked if she plans to come back to the show, Lisa says:

“I would rather go into the ring with Mike Tyson.”



PumpMyStomach also said recently about leaving the RHOBH:

“If it becomes about a b*tchfest then it is not something I signed up for; but if it becomes about documenting my life, which is the show I signed up for and having fun and supporting women that is something I want to do.  I have a lot to consider I am opening a new business.”

NOTE:  PUH-LEEEEEEEZE!!   LisaPump has taken this whiney quote “I didn’t sign up for this… blah, blah, blah” directly from all the other Housewives on their way out!  BUT, just like the other EX-Housewives, they are not complaining WHILE playing along with all the producer-induced “b*itchfest” while filming!  LisaPMS agrees to her character’s story line BEFORE the season starts filming,  knows what’s in store and PMS is well aware that the Housewives shows are NOT documentaries!     

We’re givin’ WhiningLisa 398374743,30384373 laughing DrEvils…  ’cause we’re laughin’ AT you for the very bad “I signed up to support other women”  excuse!

dr evil gif



AND… an “off the charts” for her total BS!! 


bullshit BS GIF


HagfaceKyle’s Suspicious Tweet… Is Camille Coming Back? UPDATE!

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The most suspicious photo ever tweeted! HagfaceKyle tweeted CreepyCarlton havin’ drinks with even creepier “psychic” Allison DuBois.  Allison was the catalyst for the commotion during the  “dinner party from hell” at Camille Grammer’s Malibu house. WHY is this suspicious???  Nothing … Continue reading

CreepyCarlton Met Husband Fighting In Bar… Husband-To-Be Urging On Her FistFighting. Romantic.

We’d like to see CreepyCarlton and Drita from MobWives in a “to-the-death” cage match!  Big, bad CreepyCarlton brags about how she spotted and snared her husband-to-be back in those heady New York days!  Back when CreepyC was better known as the “actress” Carlton Lynx…

How elegant and admirable… more apropos for the Tamballs category of Housewives.


Carlton’s “Very Personal” BravoBlog… Blasts HagfaceKyle! Says She’s “Overbearing” “VILE” “Angry”

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  Hi sorry for the delay, but on holiday with my gorgeous family and got started late. Watching this week’s episode was exhausting to say the least, and obviously very personal to me. I refuse to start a shouting match … Continue reading


HOUSEWIVES NEWS Radziwill Apollo LisaVPump BFrankel Yoda RHOA Brawl… AND MORE!

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  Carole Radziwill tells the CharlotteObserver that Housewives pay for their own hair and makeup… Do you have to do your own hair and makeup for Real Housewives? “Yes, we have to do it ourselves. I mean I have a … Continue reading

MESSAGE FROM TRUMP!! WHY The Donald Hired DrunkOtis For Celebrity Apprentice…

Celebrity Apprentice has more unknown, desperate and Z-list “celebrities” than DancingWithTheStars!

 DrunkOtis fits the category!

RHOBH drunk otis donald trump celebrity apprentice


Joyce Giraud BravoBlog… “Venom And Desperation”

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    Hola Mis Amores! First of all: THANK YOU!!!! Thank you so much for voting for me as the Loveliest Locks. It was very sweet, and I’m so honored to have been chosen by all of you — as … Continue reading


RHOBH LisaVanderTodd BravoBlog… Tells HWs “Get Off My Back”!! VIDEO

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    And we are back. I thank you in advance for your comments, which I always read. I take the time to blog, and I respect that you take the time to comment. So we are now returning to … Continue reading

RHOBH Reunion Part III Preview Ad: Here Come The HouseHusbands! VIDEO


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KingDavid was not about to wrangle with these clowns!!!




RHOBH Reunion Part III Preview: DrunkOtis Wants LisaVanderTodd To Choose! VIDEO

Is this chick for reelz???  DrunkOtis REALLY has some problems!  DrunkO throws out the “who you gonna save in a fire” dilemma question to LisaVanderTodd!  LisaVTodd skirts the question and makes DrunkOtis produce tears!  Yes, LisaVTodd is a big bossy meanie for making DrunkOtis cry!!!

Here’s a suggestion for DrunkOtis:  DO NOT watch VPumpRules!  What a moron.  DrunkOtis is cra-cra… but, that’s her role!!



RHOBH Reunion Part III Preview: Texts And Tabloids… The NON-Story! VIDEO

When will this torture end?????

It’s HagfaceKyle v LisaVanderTodd talkin’ about texts and tabloids… the entire season’s NON-story!


LisaVanderTodd Tells KimRichards… Don’t Talk About My KenVanderTodd Behind His Back!

RHOBH Reunion Part II:  KimRichards ‘splains the dinner party when she snapped at KenVanderTodd.  LisaVanderTodd snaps at Kim!


HagfaceKyle’s BravoBlog… Done With CreepyCarlton!

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    For last week’s Reunion I didn’t write a blog because I feel that the Reunion IS where we explain everything. It’s also not to easy go back (almost a year now) and keep rehashing these issues while trying … Continue reading

RHOBH Reunion Part II: DrunkOtis Need Rehab? Joyce Says DrunkOtis Calls The Paps…

RHOBH Reunion Part II:  DrunkOtis is whinin’ that she only drinks wine.  Joyce says that DrunkO calls the paps; DrunkO denies and says that the paps stalk her ONLY because of her relationship with Eddie.  UH… OK…  Let’s get this straight:  they ALL have PR people and they ALL call the paps!!    AND we’re callin’ some real big BS on DrunkOtis’ “wine only” claim!



Did DrunkOtis forget that she takes roofies???

RHOBH Reunion: HagfaceKyle And DrunkOtis Talk Botox? Fillers?

RHOBH Reunion Part II:  What did you do to your face???  DrunkOtis says she don’t wanna FACELIFT, but will wreck her face with fillers! Dumbazz…