RHOBH Reunion Preview: “Professional Pride”… HumongousLipsLisa Made A Million For Depends Ad

Seriously???  Does MissAndy have so little material about these moronic Housewives that he has to resort to extremely obvious set up questions?  MissAndy’s attempt at embarrassing Kimmer didn’t seem to work.   HumoungousLipsLisa claims she was paid over a $1 million for a Depends commercial:

NOTE:  Interesting that HFKyle keeps her mouth shut when DangerDivingWithTheStars is mentioned.

MORE RHOBH “What Are They Doing Now” From Ronnie!!

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NOTE:  If you’re wondering WHY DrunkOtis is “still a triangle ho”… please hop over to Ronnie’s place and read his RHOBH recap at TrashTalkTV!


PumpMyStomach’s RomanticLit BravoBlog

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NOTE:  ‘Tis time to read PumpMyStomach’s romantic novelist take on the RHOBH finale.   Please read with an English accent… the accent seems to make everything acceptable. Well, it’s the final leg of this exhausting race. The sun sets on … Continue reading


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RHOBH … What They’re Doing After The Finale

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RHOBH Finale Preview: PumpMyStomach Has No Use For DrunkOtis…

PumpMyStomach won’t forgive the phony slap.  DrunkO says that Loada calls/texts her every day!  How is that possible?  Wasn’t Loada spending every moment trying to do massive PR work on her drunk driving “model” daughter?  DrunkOtis’ hair extensions are distracting…

RHOBH Finale Preview Part II: HFKyle Shows Off Her Store… Hamlet Impostor Crashes!

The amazing Loada has forgone her “stick an IV in me” selfies to attend the book launch. No HouseHusbands, so MO-ritz-eo’s mother brings a Danish “prince”.  Camille crashes… no one cares if twitter blockers Eileen or HumongousLipsLisa show up. BOOOOORING! 

RHOBH Reunion Preview…

If these are the highlights from THREE episodes… the RHOBH reunion shows are sure to be another dragged out typical reunion!!

MissAndy brings up Diving With The Stars to Kim ONLY???

kyle diving arrow


WHATEVER WEDNESDAY! Whatever Happened To AdrienneMaloof’s New Restaurant?

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From TMZ March 13, 2013.. NOTE:  The story from two years ago was that Adrienne Magoof was to open a new restaurant right close to Lisa VanderPumpMyStomach’s Villa Blanca in Beverly Hills… with Eddie Cibrian! BACK ON MARCH 6, 2013, … Continue reading



“Tum Pluckered” will receive a bottle of DrunkOtis’ new wine, LiquidSkank!  FinePrint:  DrunkOtis taste-tests every bottle of LiquidSkank.  No estimate as to when a non-DNA bottle will be available. 

liquid skank brandi drunk otis

RHOBH Booooring In Holland …

Who wants to watch anyone shop…for knick knacks?  BOOOOORING.  While shopping, all the chit-chat surrounds DrunkO… who just happened to “find” her phony boyfriend in the red light district.  He was riding a scooter when he stopped to talk with PumpMyStomach.  He’s a school friend of PMS’s son.  ****EYE ROLL****

The “slap” was a totally fake stunt slap.  PMS turned her face as DrunkO reached for her.  Had it been a REAL slap, based on the sound effect made, PMS’s face would have a red hand mark.

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SH “HIT AND RUN”… Weekend Edition!

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MissyGorga is really pushing her stuff!   Someone is begging Missy to “write” another book!   And, not to be outdone by any dog-loving Housewife, Missy got herself one! Promise for a brighter day coming our way #SpringTime #HopefulAndDetermined #LymeDiseaseChallenge … Continue reading

“Horrors In Holland” Continues… With “The LoveFest On The LoveBoat”!

Particularly sickening is Loada commanding the sisters to hug… 

RHOBH Filming In Holland…


Watch as the RHOBH are filmed being filmed for the RHOBH.  Walking around in wooden shoes?  How touristy.  Worse than that, is Lisa BLEEEECH! PumpMyStomach’s choice of footwear.

AND… outside of their hotel.  Poor BalloonLipsLisa… she’s just not as fan-friendly as EyeD!  Of course, bleeeeeeeech! PMS just blows off everyone.  Kim promises that she’ll be back:

(Thanks “Conor”!!)


DrunkOtis Has LoveBoat Memories… Slaps PumpMyStomach

DrunkOtis was sharing with PumpMyStomach her “LoveBoat” memories… and then slapped PMS.  The slap was definitely given an extra sound effect and PMS knew it was coming.  DrunkOtis was laughing a bit before her palm landed on Pump’s cheek, simply showing that PMS is a better actress.

Horrors In Holland Continues! Eileen Is A “Homewrecker”

On tonight’s RHOBH:  EyeD gets highly offended when she’s labeled a homewrecker… Loada gets offended by the continuous bickering.  Everyone’s offended by something…  

What is EyeD’s purpose on this show… other than doin’ some soap opera style “acting”??

RHOBH Preview: Horrors in Holland Continues! DrunkOtis Slaps PumpMyStomach

Know that PumpMyStomach is a trained actress and knows how to take a phony “Hollywood” slap from DrunkOtis… 

PMS Pushes Her Stuff… And Explains How She Became Housewife! Where Is PMS’s Shoe Line??

From Bloomberg:

PMS pushing her stuff…no mention of her shoe line!  

lisa  shoes  rhobh

And, how she decided to become a Housewife:

(Thanks “JustN”!!)  


PMS Gets “Woman of the Year”… PMS Was One Of EIGHTY Women Who Received Award

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Lisa Vanderpump was honored by the California State Assembly as “Woman Of The Year” for the 50th Assembly District, which overseen by Assemblyman Richard Bloom, D-Santa Monica. The annual recognition ceremony has been held since 1987, though the Senate discontinued … Continue reading


HagfaceKyle Caught In Big Lie! No Staying In Bed After RHOBH Reunion Show… At PUMP Dining With PumpMyStomach And LipsLisaR!

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From Jezebel: “We take a stroll around the bar because we know Kyle is still in here somewhere. At first I assumed she had been shuttled off to some private room, but in that thought process I ignored the constant … Continue reading


SH “HIT AND RUN” All The Tweets… From The Week! Special “Thanks” To LisaVanderpump!

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MissAndy knows the productions schedule and knew the day/time for the coffee shop shoot… he could have taken Sean with him!!  SeanAvery STILL hasn’t married his “fiancee” HilaryRhoda!  Sean was last seen signing autographs at RiteAid! KYLE RICHARDS… TEEN MODEL … Continue reading

RHOBH Preview: The Slap

One must listen to Loada’s pomposity before the SLAP!