RHOBH Preview: HagfaceKyle’s Kid Goes Away

Oh the drama!  HagfaceKyle’s kid will be imprisoned at an institution of higher learning… where HagfaceKyle assures her that she’s going to have lots of fun!  Both Hagface and Morris are in deep meltdown mode:

NOTE:  This scene was shot before HagfaceKyle’s kid was attacked by Kim’s killer pit bull.  Imagine the hysterics in Kim’s bedroom!



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Kevin Hart was paid $2 million to send out this tweet promoting the Denzel Washington film The Equalizer. NOTE:  Why is KevinHart’s $2 million tweet of any interest to HWs readers?  As an example of WHY the Housewives buy followers. … Continue reading

RHOBH Preview II: PMS Goes To PalmSprings… BalloonLipsLisa Packs… KingD Says Jello’s Arrest “Tragic Mistake”!

HagfaceKyle, Morris, her kids and Yoda eat dinner.  Lisa BLEEEEEECH!! PumpMyStomach does her usual “cutesy” passive/aggressive BS crap.  BalloonLipsLisa is excited to be asked to watch PMS get a star.  KingD calls his non-model step-daughter’s DUI arrest a “tragic mistake”…

NOTE:  KingD hitting Ben Vereen on the PCH at 2 am was a tragic incident.  Bella Jello getting arrested for blowing a .14, underage drinking and driving with a suspended license was NO tragic  mistake.

RHOBH Preview: HagfaceKyle And Kin Take Off In A Rent-A-Jet!

HagfaceKyle fails to mention that “her” jet can be chartered by anyone.  WheelsUp is just another air taxi service for anyone who has the money to purchase aviation time.  WheelsUp is the same as MarquisJet aka NetJets…a taxi in the sky!  Is WheelsUp just another product placement??

If you are unfamiliar with this aspect of private aviation…more info HERE.

RHOBH Premiere Episode: The White Party… Stale, Dull And Moth-Eaten

HagfaceKyle’s WhiteParty begins… and it doesn’t get any better than this:




adrian brody

john turturro







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RHOBH PREVIEW SNEAK PEEK: HagfaceKyle Talks White Party, Her Kids And Mauricio’s RealEstateCompany

HagfaceKyle tries her best to conquer that lizard-lip-licking habit of hers, but she just can’t… as she talks glowingly about her upcoming white party (stolen from Truman Capote) and all of her kids.  Little does her kid Alexia know that she’s months away from being viciously attacked by a pit bull!

We just hope that THIS guest at HagfaceKyle’s annual white party makes it this year!



BLIND ITEM: Who’s The Cheating HouseHusband??

From CDAN… where the consensus is MO-ritz-e-o:

This husband of a Real Housewife still cheats.  He is just so much more careful than he used to be when he got busted before.  

Not Joe or Mario or anyone from the east coast actually.

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HagfaceKyle And MO-Reese Buy $2.3 Million Palm Springs House…

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HagfaceKyle and MO-REESE bought themselves a Palm Springs house for $2.3 million. Kyle says that KimRichards will be detained 500 yards from the front door if she tries to claim half of the house! Kyle Richards of “The Real Housewives … Continue reading


RHOBH Reunion Show Part III Recap by Sandi Duffy

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REAL HOUSEWIVES OF BEVERLY HILLS Reunion Show Part III by Sandi Duffy     I told Ms. SH that I would only do part 3 of the Beverly Hills recap, if she’d let me write about Gwyneth Paltow. She offered … Continue reading


FROM THE SH ARCHIVES: MO-Ree-C-O’s Cheating Rumors… MO-Reese Says “RHOBH Is A Game” VIDEO

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ORIGINALLY POSTED OCTOBER 25 2013… Yes, HagfaceKyle Richards actually said that she was “blind SIGHTED” by rumors of JohnTurturro’s infidelities!  NOTE:  The correct term is “blind sided”…   HagfaceKyle also said: “He did not deserve to be sucked into this, … Continue reading


LOOKIN’ BACK AT THOSE MAURICIO UMANSKY CHEATING RUMORS!.. Toldja That Mo-Reese Cheating Would Be Storyline… Kyle Says That Cheating ONCE Is OK, Just Don’t Tell! VIDEO

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ORIGINALLY POSTED APRIL 3, 2013… RE-POSTED OCTOBER 25, 2013   NOTE:  Let’s take a look back at those MORRIS CHEATING RUMORS… as predicted, Morris’ “cheating” will be HagfaceKyle’s storyline on this season of the RHOBH.   OH, just imagine the … Continue reading


REAL HOUSEWIVES OF BEVERLY HILLS Recap: S4, Ep18 “The Kids Are Alright” by Sandi Duffy

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REAL HOUSEWIVES OF BEVERLY HILLS Recap   “The Kids Are Alright” by Sandi Duffy Part 2 of the vacation from hell.     All the women sit around and talk about Lisa.  Joyce needs to eat a cheeseburger.  Kyle wants … Continue reading


KYLE RICHARDS: HagfaceKyle’s Fence-Sitting BravoBlog… HUH???

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This week is a difficult episode. I think one of the hardest parts of doing a show like this is having to relive difficult times. Mauricio and I were excited to go back to Puerto Rico after having spent our … Continue reading

KYLE RICHARDS: HagfaceKyle On WWHL … ‘Splains LisaVanderpumpMyStomach And DrunkOtis “Spat”

HagfaceKyle was a guest in MissAndy’s Clubhouse and chatted about the PumpMyStomach/DrunkOtis “controversy.”  HagfaceKyle states that her HouseHusband, “Didn’t sign up for this”!  Well, what the hell is he doin’ on the show??  MO-Reese is taking advantage of all the perks, including trips… so, he DID sign up for it!  Who are you kidding, HagfaceKyle??

ADRIENNE MALOOF: New Restraining Order Against EX-Paul Nassif…

Adrienne Paul manhood pg

Really thought all the Adrienne Maloof v Paul Nassif drama was done and over with… but, legal maneuvers are STILL being heaved at Paul by Magoof!

Adrienne Maloof and ex-hubby Paul Nassif are back at it — TMZ has learned, she’s gone to court for ANOTHER restraining order … claiming he got violent with her in front of their kids.

Adrienne raced to court on Valentine’s Day for an emergency protective order, claiming he violently snatched her phone away from her the week before … while she was photographing her kids.  NOTE:  Adrienne probably did NOT “race to court”… in reality, Adrienne picked up her phone and called her attorney.

Nassif claims in legal docs Adrienne was actually trying to film him while he was disciplining one of their kids … to use the footage against him during their ongoing custody battle.  He says she was all up in his face with the camera, almost hitting him.

The judge refused to grant the order because it wasn’t an emergency and felt she didn’t need immediate protection.  A hearing is set for April.   NOTE:  Smart judge!!

NOTE:  Why don’t any of these Housewives take MO-Reeses’ sage advice when it come to dealing with legal matters???  MO-Reese says just pick up the phone and call them… always works for him!!


REAL HOUSEWIVES OF BEVERLY HILLS Preview: It’s Perfectly Clear… Those BH Housewives ARE Stoopid!!

On the next RHOBH… Ken starts the Stoopid!!   They’re all



REAL HOUSEWIVES OF BEVERLY HILLS Photo Recap: Season Four, Episode Fifteen… “Trail of Doubts”

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                  I love Mohamed THIS much!  I love his… um, hair!  And his… um, sweater!  And his… can I put my nose into that basket of carbs???          You’re an … Continue reading

CARLTON GEBBIA: CreepyCarlton’s HouseHusband Jerry Throws A Party…KosherKyle Richards UN-Invited! … YODA Studies To Become US Citizen

RHOBH Preview Part IV:  CreepyCarltonTheDoorman’s husband, Jerry, is throwin’ a par-tay for his clients… HagfaceKyle gets a dis-invite and breaks the news to MO-Reese in the middle of a sweat-inducing basketball game; but MO-Reese is still on the list!

Wait for it!  YODA is doin’ an AmericanHistory quiz with KingDavey…

NOTE:  Yes, YODA becomes an American citizen… and, it’s all filmed for Bravo.

KYLE RICHARDS: KosherKyle and Maurice Give “Parenting” Lessons To Teen Daughter…

RHOBH Preview Part III… NOTE:  What a crock!!  Has this kid of  KosherKyle and MO-Reese been exposed to their niece… Paris Hilton???

RHOBH Kyle Paris Nicky Hilton pg

SH **EXCLUSIVE** Kyle Richards’ Husband In New York To Offer Ramona Singer Real Estate Advice!!

MO-Ree-C-O hopped a bus and headed out to NYC… just to advise Ramoaner!  Allegedly HagfaceKyle is pissed!

RHOBH RHONY Ramona Maurice pg

REAL HOUSEWIVES OF BEVERLY HILLS: HagfaceKyle Is DISInvited To CreepyCarlton’s Party… DrunkOtis Claims That LisaWLIAVDBTR “Manipulated” And “Played” Her

On the next RHOBH:  GASP!  HagfaceKyle gets a DIS-Invite to CreepyCarltonTheDoorman’s party… Hagface breaks this news to MO-Reese whilst playing backyard basketball!  Yes, there is ANOTHER party on the RHOBH… yawn.  Kim Richards is the conduit for DrunkOtis to whine about how badly LisaVPump has used her… “manipulated” and “played” her.



KYLE RICHARDS: HagfaceKyle’s VERY Short BravoBlog… Talks Charity And Jamie Lee… Won’t Talk About CreepyCarlton

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  Once again, I am so sorry for being so behind on my blog! Life has been a little hectic lately. On Monday’s episode, I held a fundraiser for Children’s Hospital Los Angeles at my store. I was more than … Continue reading