Kim Richards On “Revenge”

Those tour-de-force acting Richards’ sisters!  Kim gets away from playing herself on the RHOBH and displays her REAL acting chops on “Revenge.”  Is there an Emmy in Kim’s future?? 

Just for comparison… HagfaceKyle on CSI…

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RHOBH Girl’s Night Fights… It’s DrunkOtis v HagfaceKyle!

These fights were so much better with AdrienneMagoof and TheRealCamilleG!  Really… how many versions of the same fight will there be?



HagfaceKyle’s fake crying, BigLipsLisa and Eileen’s producer-induced “curiosity” and Kim’s total confusion about her allegiance to her sister or to DrunkOtis was totally overshadowed by a HouseHusband!  All Hail, PeepingVince!!

vince II

vince III

vince IV



Camber gets caught tweeting herself!!  She’s desperate to keep her crap “reality” job…

amber tweet amber tweet

Sorry, Jeana, we like you and all that, but we won’t be watching the RHOC.  

jeana keough

Loada has a full recovery!!  Poor KingDavid… Living with Loada has turned him into an elf!


What the hell is this?  Alana got herself another “modeling” job…



Did Loada remember to tell Alana that Mohammerhead died in 1999??

mohamed dead

Darin Harvey is in Utah…

drunk otis tweet

drunk otis tweet

Vicki’s pushing clothes…

vicki tweet


We’re giving all the above 99848837476633 Kens…because, HONESTLY…

AND, the Housewives will soon be…

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DrunkOtis needs a new story line!!  Were you wondering why KimRichards was tweeting about her love for the show “Revenge”?  Wonder no longer.  Kim is appearing on the January 25 episode.  Let’s take a look back at HagfaceKyle’s guest-starring role … Continue reading

PokerNight Aftermath… Girls In Cars!

HagfaceKyle and LisaLips … “There is addiction going on and no one is willing to talk about it.”  DrunkOtis and Kim are both boozed up when they leave Eileen’s antique store.

HagfaceKyle On WWHL…

On last night’s WWHL, HagfaceKyle went deep into the “friendships” between Yoda/DrunkOtis and PumpMyStomach/DrunkOtis.  HFKyle was also asked about Yoda’s Lyme, which she really had nothing to say other than she hopes she feels better.

Poor HagfaceKyle… she’s still working on her lizard lip licking!


Playing Poker At Eileen’s House… Kim Is Kooky

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  Kim was acting goofy playing poker… or were they just learning to play poker… or was Vince just showing off his knowledge of poker from playing in world poker tournaments… or from being the commentator for the world poker … Continue reading



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DrunkOtis now issuing dates/times of when she’s drunk! DrunkOtis got a name for her wine!! Tamballs’ still selling her used junk on EBay…comes with used kleenex and damp sports towels. Camille gets a cover… HagfaceKyle will be looking just like … Continue reading

RHOBH Preview: PoopyPiggy DrunkOtis Is “Creepy” And Assaults HagfaceKyle!

DrunkOtis is disgustingly creepy… and assaults HagfaceKyle!  

LymeYoda wasn’t with this Cast of Clowns, but was seen in NYC heaving a CA king mattress out of Jello’s new “student” apartment.  Afterward, LymeYoda hopped into her private ambulance for a quick “stick an IV in me” LymeFace photo op!

HagfaceKyle Shares Some Of Her Most Private Items…

Kyle shares how she spent her time instead of going after that law degree!  Watch the dog…

NOTE:  HagfaceKyle is so attached to her kids’ baby items because… she’s adopted!


RHOBH Preview: Kim Faces Her Weakness At Wine Tasting

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Allegedly, HagfaceKyle arranged the wine tasting “lunch”… and her rehabbed sister has to endure the smells and swirling of the wine.  Interesting that the usually vocal PumpMyStomach says nothing.  Kim looks pissed, but accepting of the fact that this is a … Continue reading


Part II: GameNight at AlienShapeShifter PamDana’s house!  DrunkOtis is a “slut pig”!

Part I: GameNight…DrunkOtis calls HagfaceKyle a “b*tch” and Kim goes to the bathroom:

NOTE:  GameNight took place on season two of the RHOBH.  Filming was delayed for several hours waiting for everyone to assemble at PamDana’s rented house.  The only food offered was meringues and bread sticks.  We LOVE how deliciously devilish CamilleGrammer is… she ALWAYS plays the “innocent”, but she knows that she’s anything but! 


WHATEVER WEDNESDAY: Whatever Happened To HagfaceKyle’s Lollipop Kids?

Whatever happened to HagfaceKyle’s favorite “charity”?  WHY did HagfaceKyle abandon her Lollipop Kids?  WHY did Adrienne abandon her “good friend” DrunkOtis? 

HagfaceKyle’s Guilty Pleasure aka Product Placement

HagfaceKyle’s plan to be spokesperson for Pantene didn’t work out and nothing has been heard or seen of her as the Restasis for dry eyes rep…next in line is CoffeMate!!

ONE Year Ago: HagfaceKyle Gets Waxed

What was happening on the RHOBH on this date last year?  HagfaceKyle was getting waxed… and it brought her so much closer to her sister.  If only the Housewives producers could think up more story lines like this…

RHOBH Preview Part I: PumpMyStomach’s Lazy Kid And HagfaceKyle’s Kid Goes To School

PumpMyStomach has a chat with her lazy kid who couldn’t even find a job on his own… but PMS is OK with that.  The BEST part of this preview is HagfaceKyle saying that she doesn’t know why BigKathy didn’t push her in the direction of higher education…

big kathy pg

RHOBH Preview: HouseKids!

On the next RHOBH… the HouseKids take over.  Apparently, the producers have run out of scripted HouseHusband story lines:


The RHOBH Dinner From Hell at CamilleGrammer’s still unsold Malibu house… back when the dinner parties were “suggested” and not scripted.  Camille is such a troublemaker… she’s getting back at them all, but using DuBois to do her dirty work!  Camille is the smartest Housewife… ever.   Being manipulative and knowing that she has the upper hand are just two of her “smartest” characteristics.  

Extra bonus…PumpMyStomach BEFORE plastic surgery!  

RHOBH Preview: HagfaceKyle’s Kid Goes Away

Oh the drama!  HagfaceKyle’s kid will be imprisoned at an institution of higher learning… where HagfaceKyle assures her that she’s going to have lots of fun!  Both Hagface and Morris are in deep meltdown mode:

NOTE:  This scene was shot before HagfaceKyle’s kid was attacked by Kim’s killer pit bull.  Imagine the hysterics in Kim’s bedroom!

RHOBH Preview: LymeDance, UglyCry And A WineToss

Yoda does her Lyme dance, KagfaceKyle does her fake sobbing and DrunkOtis does the expected wine toss in Eileen’s face…

SaintZina And TommyManzo… 2009 BigFatFabulousWedding Audition!

Got caught up in searching for another item… in particular, HagfaceKyle’s tweets to SH…and came across SaintZina’s audition tape with husband-to-be, Tommy Manzo from 2009!   Watch as Tommy practically curls up in the fetal position as he clings to his side of the sofa while SaintZina gushes about their “romance”!  The only time Tommy is animated is when he talks about how big his wedding will be… and he keeps his hands to himself!  

The first clue that Tommy isn’t really interested in SaintZina is when she says that he’s had a crush on her since she was nine years old… he says, “That’s the other way around”!

NOTE:  HagfaceKyle explained her “ManHands” in this 2012 tweet!!  We love you, HFKyle!!

kyle tweet man hands manhands rhobh



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We have written about the decline of the Housewives franchises previously.  It seems that others are now catching on. BYE-BYE… This excerpt from TheGuardian: Redundancy would seem to be another major factor for waning interest in reality TV. When Bravo’s The … Continue reading

RHOBH Preview: DrunkOtis Throws A Party… PumpMyStomach Shows Up

yoda mystery guy

In this RHOBH preview, DrunkOtis has a party… with NO Fatburger stand!!!

All of her friends and family show up… and Leeeeeeeeeeeza Gibbons thinks DrunkOtis with the bad hair extentions has “fans.”  HagfaceKyle shows off her extensive lipo surgery by wearing a cut-out dress.  Yoda shows up with some flunkie guy and does her condescending bit when she talks with DrunkOtis and Drunk’s Dad about how proud she is of DrunkOtis.  And then… part the waters…  PumpMyStomach rudely barges into Drunk’s house party.   The only good part about PMS being there?  Her zinger to DrunkOtis’ mother and father at the end of this preview… after DrunkO’s mother makes excuses for DrunkO’s behavior.  PMS says, “I blame that on the parents.”

More interesting products in HagfaceKyle’s bathroom…Bean-o and Lithium


RHOBH Preview: DrunkOtis STILL Trying To Be Friends With PumpMyStomach

On the next RHOBH, it’s another scene that is overworked, overdone and just plain OVER.   Although, they all look a bit bored and HagfaceKyle tries to not laugh out loud in this preview, DrunkOtis is still trying to get back in BLEEEEECH!! PumpMyStomach’s good graces.  Give it up already.