HAGFACE KYLE Continues The DrunkO Chaos… Sisters Forever!

“Well, you could see all night that Brandi was in her ear and trying to do this ‘No one cares about you, no one gets you except me,'” she told E! News.  

Brandi was “trying to drive a wedge” between her and her sister. “You know, feeding this into her ear and clearly trying to, you know, separate us.”   Look!!  HagfaceKyle is in her store!!

The Richards will NEVER separate!!  DrunkOtis knows this, but anything for a story line!!!

kimr kyle waxing


DRUNK OTIS’ BRAVO BLOG: More Ghostwriting… And Excuses For Kim!! DrunkO Pulls The “I’m A Mommy” Card

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NOTE:  No way did DrunkOtis write this. Hi Everyone, Here we are go again for another weekly round of Housewives. I hope everyone is happy, well, and invested in the season. It’s certainly a dramatic one. This episode plays like … Continue reading


Kim’s GhostWritten BravoBlog…

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NOTE:  There’s no way KimRichards wrote this!  Today’s episode started exactly where we left off, back at Eileen’s poker night. I remember just wanting to leave so badly that I just kept on walking and didn’t even see the physical … Continue reading

RHOBH Preview: It’s DejaVu All Over Again

This is deja vu all over again.  How many of the same scenes with different Housewives can there be?  Cedric crashing the SUR opening was much better…


HagfaceKyle’s fake crying, BigLipsLisa and Eileen’s producer-induced “curiosity” and Kim’s total confusion about her allegiance to her sister or to DrunkOtis was totally overshadowed by a HouseHusband!  All Hail, PeepingVince!!

vince II

vince III

vince IV


RHOBH Extended Fight Scene…

The best part of this extended fight scene where Kim shows her allegiance to HagfaceKyle is Vince at the refrigerator…




SH “HIT AND RUN” … Look Inside!

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  Jeana Keough’s son has had it selling real estate in OrangeCounty.  Sean Keough has ditched OC for bigger real estate horizons in LasVegas…and to be with his girlfriend, MissNevada. SkankyJo does more bikini shots… Speaking of SkankyJo… Mohammerhead is … Continue reading

Kim Richards On “Revenge”

Those tour-de-force acting Richards’ sisters!  Kim gets away from playing herself on the RHOBH and displays her REAL acting chops on “Revenge.”  Is there an Emmy in Kim’s future?? 

Just for comparison… HagfaceKyle on CSI…

(Thanks “PDM”!!)

RHOBH Girl’s Night Fights… It’s DrunkOtis v HagfaceKyle!

These fights were so much better with AdrienneMagoof and TheRealCamilleG!  Really… how many versions of the same fight will there be?



Go Back ThrowBack Thursday… Kim Warns Ken About Her Family

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NOTE TO KIM, the ReluctantHousewife:  From all that has been gleaned from your life, you have not had the best of times. A child star, supporting her entire family, multiple marriages, divorces… only to end up in your forties on … Continue reading



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DrunkOtis needs a new story line!!  Were you wondering why KimRichards was tweeting about her love for the show “Revenge”?  Wonder no longer.  Kim is appearing on the January 25 episode.  Let’s take a look back at HagfaceKyle’s guest-starring role … Continue reading

RHOBH Archives: Kim Gets A New Dog

In light of the fact that Kim ends up in the hospital next week on the RHOBH as a result of her interaction with Kingsley, here’s a look at Kim’s first reaction to her new dog from February 2013.  “When he gets excited, I get a little scared”… says KimRichards about her pit bull. 

RHOBH Preview: Kim In Hospital… DrunkOtis Will Be Drunk If She Wants!

RHOBH Preview:  HagfaceKyle is such a bad actress!  HFKyle knows why Kim is in the hospital.  DrunkOtis tells off Yoda…

Yoda’s words to Shana… not applied to her “friend” DrunkOtis!

NOTE:  Kim was hospitalized August 2014.  Kim entered her bedroom without a 4 lb bone for her pit bull.  (Please note:  The last sentence is just a bit of sarcasm!)



PokerNight Aftermath… Girls In Cars!

HagfaceKyle and LisaLips … “There is addiction going on and no one is willing to talk about it.”  DrunkOtis and Kim are both boozed up when they leave Eileen’s antique store.

Two Actresses In A Car… Which One Is The Best Actress?

Which one in the best actress?  We’re goin’ with Kim…


Playing Poker At Eileen’s House… Kim Is Kooky

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  Kim was acting goofy playing poker… or were they just learning to play poker… or was Vince just showing off his knowledge of poker from playing in world poker tournaments… or from being the commentator for the world poker … Continue reading

RHOBH Preview: PoopyPiggy DrunkOtis Is “Creepy” And Assaults HagfaceKyle!

DrunkOtis is disgustingly creepy… and assaults HagfaceKyle!  

LymeYoda wasn’t with this Cast of Clowns, but was seen in NYC heaving a CA king mattress out of Jello’s new “student” apartment.  Afterward, LymeYoda hopped into her private ambulance for a quick “stick an IV in me” LymeFace photo op!


RHOBH Preview: Kim Faces Her Weakness At Wine Tasting

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Allegedly, HagfaceKyle arranged the wine tasting “lunch”… and her rehabbed sister has to endure the smells and swirling of the wine.  Interesting that the usually vocal PumpMyStomach says nothing.  Kim looks pissed, but accepting of the fact that this is a … Continue reading


Part II: GameNight at AlienShapeShifter PamDana’s house!  DrunkOtis is a “slut pig”!

Part I: GameNight…DrunkOtis calls HagfaceKyle a “b*tch” and Kim goes to the bathroom:

NOTE:  GameNight took place on season two of the RHOBH.  Filming was delayed for several hours waiting for everyone to assemble at PamDana’s rented house.  The only food offered was meringues and bread sticks.  We LOVE how deliciously devilish CamilleGrammer is… she ALWAYS plays the “innocent”, but she knows that she’s anything but! 


ONE Year Ago: HagfaceKyle Gets Waxed

What was happening on the RHOBH on this date last year?  HagfaceKyle was getting waxed… and it brought her so much closer to her sister.  If only the Housewives producers could think up more story lines like this…

DrunkOtis In Bed With Her Gays And KimRichards Watching LeAnn And Eddie


KimRichards is sooo out of place… but one of the BH Housewives had to take the chance of becoming infected.  

DrunkOtis and the dumbass BH producers totally missed the mark re DrunkO’s child support.  Court ordered child support does not come in check form.   AND, if DrunkO has not dragged Eddie through FamilyCourt by now, she should just shut up about any child support she’s getting… and accept the fact that she’s a simple idiot. 



The RHOBH Dinner From Hell at CamilleGrammer’s still unsold Malibu house… back when the dinner parties were “suggested” and not scripted.  Camille is such a troublemaker… she’s getting back at them all, but using DuBois to do her dirty work!  Camille is the smartest Housewife… ever.   Being manipulative and knowing that she has the upper hand are just two of her “smartest” characteristics.  

Extra bonus…PumpMyStomach BEFORE plastic surgery!  

RHOBH Preview: LymeDance, UglyCry And A WineToss

Yoda does her Lyme dance, KagfaceKyle does her fake sobbing and DrunkOtis does the expected wine toss in Eileen’s face…

RHOBH Preview: DrunkOtis Throws A Party… PumpMyStomach Shows Up

yoda mystery guy

In this RHOBH preview, DrunkOtis has a party… with NO Fatburger stand!!!

All of her friends and family show up… and Leeeeeeeeeeeza Gibbons thinks DrunkOtis with the bad hair extentions has “fans.”  HagfaceKyle shows off her extensive lipo surgery by wearing a cut-out dress.  Yoda shows up with some flunkie guy and does her condescending bit when she talks with DrunkOtis and Drunk’s Dad about how proud she is of DrunkOtis.  And then… part the waters…  PumpMyStomach rudely barges into Drunk’s house party.   The only good part about PMS being there?  Her zinger to DrunkOtis’ mother and father at the end of this preview… after DrunkO’s mother makes excuses for DrunkO’s behavior.  PMS says, “I blame that on the parents.”

More interesting products in HagfaceKyle’s bathroom…Bean-o and Lithium



Kingsley “Tried To Kill” Latest Trainer… Trainer Suing KimRichards For Non-Payment… $6,000 Dog Cage In Kim’s Backyard Paid By Bravo… Kim Got Kingsley From Kathy Hilton Son!

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According to Kyle Schwab, he took over training of KimRichards’ killer dog, Kingsley, with Kim in Kim’s home where there is a $6,000 dog cage in Kim’s backyard paid by Bravo..  Schwab could not “tame” KillerKingsley and says that Kim … Continue reading